Avengers 4 Endgame: Someone Has to Die | CinemaWins

  • Published on Sep 8, 2018
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    This is a quick video that goes along with those discussing some theories and potential spoilers for Avengers 4.
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Comments • 3 912

  • LavaringX
    LavaringX 29 days ago

    Although you were absolutely right (well, half-right, you said only one Avenger would die and Black Widow also ended up dying... so both you and MatPat were half-right, half-wrong, perfectly balanced as all things should be), Captain America's ending honestly felt unsatisfying, it seemed very far out of character for Cap to abandon Bucky in the present to be with Peggy in the past. Not even in a shippy way, but it makes Cap's undying dedication to Bucky in Civil War and Winter Soldier feel cheap. So I still stand by my reasoning for why I felt Captain America should have died, and Bucky taken up the shield.

    REAL RANDOM Month ago

    Wow I'm watching this after you're part 3 vid of endgame... You were spot on!

  • imaperson52
    imaperson52 Month ago +1

    3:39 "Vision should be fine"

    *Are you sure about that?*
    I was so sure that he was going to be back in Endgame. Him not coming back was actually really surprising, and kinda a good twist.

    • LavaringX
      LavaringX 29 days ago

      WandaVision is still coming out though, so he probably will be back eventually. Having said that, I'm disappointed that JARVIS didn't appear in the 2012 timeline so that Paul Bettany could have received a credit.

  • Rubix9595_Gaming
    Rubix9595_Gaming Month ago

    Oh the days when we knew Tony would die, but didn’t know he would say I...am...IronMan *SNAP* and then also kill Thanos at the same time.

  • Shaurya da boss
    Shaurya da boss Month ago

    How did he spoil endgame and a little bit of far from home sooo well (time traveler?)

  • chesesman
    chesesman Month ago +1

    Bucky's Prime to take his shield


  • Dan Orlich
    Dan Orlich Month ago

    Where is the Cinemawins for Endgame?????

  • Stupid Android
    Stupid Android Month ago

    Man, he thought it would be ONLY Tony to die

  • Ilham Syah
    Ilham Syah Month ago

    Dude, where's everything great about avengers endgame?

  • roy TV
    roy TV Month ago

    Doo endgame

  • caitlyn caraway
    caitlyn caraway 2 months ago +1

    “Bucky is prime to pick up his character.” Lol

  • Andy Vranari
    Andy Vranari 2 months ago

    I would have guessed either Iron Man or Thor or starlord . Iron Man because of these reasons you said and thor because he didn't stop the snap successfully and he could stop thanos by saving the world at last minute. The same for starlord

  • Alex Berndt
    Alex Berndt 2 months ago +1

    "Spider-man is just getting started" 😭😭

  • Joyce Plantinga
    Joyce Plantinga 2 months ago +1

    3:42 vision will at least be back in 4...

  • Gumdrop Gůmmi
    Gumdrop Gůmmi 2 months ago

    I'm crying because this is all mostly accurate.

  • AlmostGreatNate
    AlmostGreatNate 2 months ago

    I never thought about his op suit. It did seems obvious that iron Man died.

  • Someone on The Internet

    Tony's Daughter is Gonna Be The Next Iron "Man" More Like Iron Girl

  • Someone on The Internet

    HOW?! How! Did You Know?! That Tony Was Gonna Die?!

  • Fizzy
    Fizzy 2 months ago +1

    Damn, he really nailed it. From the Iron man death prediction to Cap "settling down instead of dying," this really nailed it.

  • Ell Hebert
    Ell Hebert 2 months ago

    god its impressive how accurate you were

  • døreen x wu
    døreen x wu 2 months ago +1

    either the russo’s watched this video and was like “wow this is a good idea we should do exactly this” or he turned ant man

  • solid snake
    solid snake 2 months ago +1

    It's kinda weird to watch this video after watching Endgame.

  • ne0tic
    ne0tic 2 months ago

    What? You were right about pretty much everything...

  • Matthew Hwang
    Matthew Hwang 3 months ago

    My dad actually spoiled the death for me when he mentioned that a co-worker had a client that cried about it. (Darn it, Dad.) I wish It was this video that spoiled it for me instead. But when you stop to think about it, it was...inevitable. I will go to sleep now.

  • YoManDan
    YoManDan 3 months ago +1

    He deadass just spoiled endgame before it came out

  • Ian Greer
    Ian Greer 3 months ago

    Dang, you were so right!

  • Lilypad
    Lilypad 3 months ago +1

    Had to check to make sure this came out before endgame. It was too accurate.

  • Pranav Moghe
    Pranav Moghe 3 months ago +1

    He predicted Iron Man's death, Cap's settlement and Thor 4

  • Evan Kessler
    Evan Kessler 3 months ago +1

    Let’s face it, other than the Bucky as captain America theory, he pretty much got it perfectly right, he probably saw it a year in advance

  • Anilekle2806
    Anilekle2806 3 months ago

    Ohh boy only if he knew at the time

  • Spiral Savior
    Spiral Savior 3 months ago

    Ok, I'm sorry, but HOW THE FUCK WERE YOU RIGHT???!!

  • Asma Khairul Azman
    Asma Khairul Azman 3 months ago

    The accuracy makes me wanna cry.

  • Rebecca Sumby
    Rebecca Sumby 4 months ago

    How did you get that so accurate? Like honestly?

  • Tinotenda Michael Mutenje

    Wow... You were absolutely right... Thank goodness I didn't watch this before endgame... I would have hated you SOO MUCH 😂😂😂

  • jNoama Jesmreer
    jNoama Jesmreer 4 months ago

    ge, ho, h, he d, HOW DID YOU GUESS?

  • I couldn't think of a name

    When are you going to do ega about endgame

  • Delly Tancyl
    Delly Tancyl 4 months ago

    Following the whole of the MCU Arc and the explanation as to how the Infinity Stones works and the characters that shows up in Endgame, the only truly dead avenger is Black Widow. They could theoretically use the Time stone to bring back Tony and Vision but Natasha is gone forever if we want to keep Thanos and his army also gone forever.

  • Elizabeth Hollatz
    Elizabeth Hollatz 4 months ago


  • Fizzling_Fire12
    Fizzling_Fire12 4 months ago

    After this theory, I feel like we kind of all expected either Iron Man or Cap to die. It was either or who would make the ultimate sacrifice, and that’s what made Black Widow’s death so unexpected. Nat did sacrifice herself but we didn’t put her in persepective and in a way when I was in the theater, I was more caught off guard and yeah, it turned out to hurt exactly the same amount compared to when Tony died in the end

  • Childish Memebino
    Childish Memebino 4 months ago

    Harley should definitely take up the Iron Man mantle smh

  • Teodor Urbaniak
    Teodor Urbaniak 4 months ago

    Falcon is Cap, Tony's dughter will be the next Iron Person.

  • Honei
    Honei 4 months ago

    hahahha......little did we know-

  • Lightspeed
    Lightspeed 4 months ago

    Spoiler Alert:

    Iron Man dies, Black Widow dies, Captain America settles down, Falcon becomes Captain America.

  • Matei Toader
    Matei Toader 4 months ago

    Safe to say, u were right

  • Natasha vlogs
    Natasha vlogs 5 months ago

    and I oop

  • Wolf NZ Outdoors
    Wolf NZ Outdoors 5 months ago

    Watched this having already seen Endgame. Gotta say I'm impressed. Compared with some of the other messed up "predictions" and theories out there, this was really good and intelligent.

  • Andrew Kaeppner
    Andrew Kaeppner 5 months ago +1

    All of the original avengers are basically dead.
    Tony: Dead
    Natasha: Dead
    Thor: On his own adventure
    Steve: Old
    Hulk: Nerfed down and unfit to fight
    Clint: Retired

  • TOPOYS Animation
    TOPOYS Animation 5 months ago

    Well, Tony wasn’t the ONLY one to die...

  • Liam Sullivan
    Liam Sullivan 5 months ago

    He almost got all of his theories right

  • Doopie_215 YT
    Doopie_215 YT 5 months ago +1


  • YamiAtemYugi
    YamiAtemYugi 5 months ago +1

    I have no idea how you so accurately guessed what was going to happen in the movie year before it come out.

    LABWAZHERE 5 months ago

    he has the time stone thats the only way he got it this right

  • Alaric Stark
    Alaric Stark 5 months ago

    The only thing that disappoints me about this video is the hint at how somebody could actually replace iron man. ill go with tony here- iron man is not the suit. Iron man IS tony. When tony is gone, there will never be a second one to fill these shoes. everything else would be some sort of shallow substitute with the name on it, so they better let that go.

  • TheOnlyGuermo
    TheOnlyGuermo 5 months ago

    Shit, I never caught that, so far apart I didn't connect it, by these scenes, we can assume that with just the nano armor, Tony could have beaten the Hulk...... Moment of silence that we will never see that scene........................................................................................................ Godspeed space cowboy.

  • Angel Rosemond
    Angel Rosemond 5 months ago

    Save for Vision coming back and Natasha dying everything is accurate! Were you using the Time Stone?

  • Cody Marion
    Cody Marion 5 months ago

    A little black widow dies too

  • CalebAnimationStudios
    CalebAnimationStudios 5 months ago +1

    I was smiling so hard when watching this. How'd you figure it out

  • Lord Grizzly Bear
    Lord Grizzly Bear 5 months ago +1

    Love you 3000

  • Marina Maged
    Marina Maged 5 months ago

    Fuck you

  • Jonasz Przybycień
    Jonasz Przybycień 5 months ago

    Anyone else thinks Thanos's double sword was a sneaky reference to the thanoscopter?