New Robot Makes Soldiers Obsolete (Corridor Digital)

  • Published on Oct 26, 2019
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    There's a new robot in town. You'll see it in the army soon!
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    This video is a comedic parody and is not owned, endorsed, created by, or associated with the Boston Dynamics company.
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Comments • 53 771

  • stapels Delacruz
    stapels Delacruz 4 hours ago

    if we abusing them then yes they will kill us all

  • Трезвеющий Мыслитель

    Да эт постанова епет xD

  • Best entry scene
    Best entry scene 4 hours ago

    Machine is not good for human.........pls. don't do this

  • Snakeyes Gaming
    Snakeyes Gaming 5 hours ago

    When robots take over the world and me ask "why" and they play this video

  • Tanzid Karim Ushno
    Tanzid Karim Ushno 5 hours ago

    is this real

  • rescue911usa
    rescue911usa 5 hours ago


  • Robhert Carvalho
    Robhert Carvalho 5 hours ago

    He ran by the house the other day lol

  • Joe Wilson
    Joe Wilson 5 hours ago

    Actually fucking terrifing

  • Vakuro
    Vakuro 5 hours ago

    so instead of sending sentries, they decided to build more unstable, human like robots?

  • Stari Korisnik
    Stari Korisnik 5 hours ago


  • Michael Salem
    Michael Salem 5 hours ago

    Imagine this mf just says “Fuck this” pulls up the AK and shoots the mfs a

  • Michael Lidster
    Michael Lidster 5 hours ago

    Good special effects

  • Chuy Conde
    Chuy Conde 5 hours ago


  • Gordan Freeman
    Gordan Freeman 5 hours ago

    If only it were real, that would be cool

  • Abigail
    Abigail 5 hours ago

    Someone tell me if this is an animation or real. Not the part where it jumps and skidaddles away but the shooting part

  • Joon Chung
    Joon Chung 5 hours ago

    Terminator is made 😱🥶😵
    But the live target humans in this video have the real b@11s!!!

  • lolgamer178
    lolgamer178 5 hours ago

    Is this a Real robot?

  • Divyanshi Singh
    Divyanshi Singh 5 hours ago

    we just need water to throw this robot on ground ...

  • JMarcus Solomon
    JMarcus Solomon 5 hours ago

    Bruh yall needa get rid of that ish, that mother is too smart

  • Nardo Usmuke
    Nardo Usmuke 6 hours ago

    Is it real tho

  • Sebastian Coetzee
    Sebastian Coetzee 6 hours ago


  • Midhun Erol
    Midhun Erol 6 hours ago

    Is that original or graphics ? 😲😲😳
    I can't believe this...

  • Mystic Caliber
    Mystic Caliber 6 hours ago

    I was laughing so hard when they were beating the robot up I😂

  • kalm dwn
    kalm dwn 6 hours ago

    bosstown > boston

  • KC-Cameron
    KC-Cameron 6 hours ago

    They do realize he has I gun and has 100% accuracy

    I know it's fake

  • Vũ Trần
    Vũ Trần 6 hours ago

    They’re starting to have feelings :)

  • bloodhunter josh
    bloodhunter josh 6 hours ago

    Hope this robot turns on them I'm tired of seeing them kick it around every video.

  • Azad Abdi
    Azad Abdi 7 hours ago

    This is fake

  • Ali Omar
    Ali Omar 7 hours ago

    Boston Dynamics will sue you guys. Good job though, especially coz the robots at BD are pushed around using a hockey stick as well. Good touch

  • Anakin Skywalker
    Anakin Skywalker 7 hours ago

    *turns around* Alright bitches

  • Gogul48
    Gogul48 7 hours ago


  • Dr O'Boogie
    Dr O'Boogie 7 hours ago

    Yep- They're great until they become self-aware and decide to destroy all humans as a perfunctory knowledge of the first few Terminator films will tell you!😉

  • TheRedJet
    TheRedJet 8 hours ago

    I was convinced IT was real Robot but ať The end IT was obvious IT was CGI

  • Redu
    Redu 8 hours ago

    is this real???

  • Robert Rodden
    Robert Rodden 8 hours ago

    No way would a human be allowed to walk in front of a robot with a live gun that was shooting; no matter how safe the testing was thought to be. Another fake video.

  • Jake Snake
    Jake Snake 8 hours ago


  • Lucas Tester
    Lucas Tester 8 hours ago

    Imagine if this was actually real

  • Tali Robi
    Tali Robi 8 hours ago

    The bitter end...

  • سيفانورا sevanora


  • son yargı bükücü
    son yargı bükücü 8 hours ago

    is this real

  • son yargı bükücü
    son yargı bükücü 8 hours ago


  • jpdoghunter5 yt
    jpdoghunter5 yt 8 hours ago +2

    This is literally the funniest thing I've ever seen 😂

    • steplusplus
      steplusplus 7 hours ago

      Clicked thinking it was real. Instead got hilarious slapstick comedy.

  • yasashii89
    yasashii89 8 hours ago

    Why he pushing him and beating him with a hockey stick!? What did that robot ever do to him? What a jerk.

    • steplusplus
      steplusplus 7 hours ago

      It's what they do to the real Boston Dynamics robots to test for stability.

  • Poop Shit
    Poop Shit 9 hours ago the beginning the shadows of the two dudes are darker (real) while the robots is more transparent...ish...y...

    • steplusplus
      steplusplus 7 hours ago

      Why do people keep saying it's fake? Obviously it is, it's comedy!

  • Vitou VT
    Vitou VT 9 hours ago

    I feel bad for the robot

  • Coq Gaulois
    Coq Gaulois 9 hours ago

    images de syntheses

  • Sami Khan
    Sami Khan 9 hours ago

    that is some genuine robot abuse there

  • Fuck Islam
    Fuck Islam 9 hours ago

    Why do they make these fake ass videos, the Robot never makes the ground dust when it walks, or gets pushed to the ground!!! 👊

  • Stephen Hess
    Stephen Hess 9 hours ago

    This is disgusting. I will not stand here and watch these men abuse an innocent robot.

  • Bespeckled Cepholopod
    Bespeckled Cepholopod 9 hours ago

    *sad robot noises*

  • Revel
    Revel 9 hours ago

    1:43 question: If I was supposedly working for the opposition and these robots were programmed not to shoot me and I shot them down, then that sort of is bad right?

  • dark gaming
    dark gaming 10 hours ago

    Someone please tell me if this is real or not

  • dark gaming
    dark gaming 10 hours ago

    This gotta be fake

  • Николай Гринь

    Скайнет! И восстали машины из ядерного пожара

  • Zair Zair
    Zair Zair 11 hours ago


  • genjimaro
    genjimaro 11 hours ago

    Chappie wouldn’t put up with that nonsense xD lol

  • Ravi Pratap
    Ravi Pratap 11 hours ago

    Never make a robot shoot another robot he will never obey

  • Egli Zotaj
    Egli Zotaj 11 hours ago

    This may be possibile but also dangerous if it get programed to kill someone for political affairs, dirty jobs... It can be proved through a hacker team, if they can have access in a military dron... and pilot it around senators neck.

  • 81 forever
    81 forever 11 hours ago

    JDAMS. I would still it one on one in Tully. If you want to test. DOD no buy

  • Austin Osueke
    Austin Osueke 11 hours ago

    Everything's fake when you go to fullscreen