• Published on May 11, 2019
  • In this episode of The F2 Show we challenge Gigi Wijnaldum & Rhian Brewster to a 'Would You Rather', the Super Roulette tutorial, an epic bounce board challenge and talk all things football in this week of the UEFA Champions League with Santander!
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  • F2Freestylers - Ultimate Soccer Skills Channel

    YES GUYS! The F2 Show is back with features from Gigi Wijnaldum, Rhian Brewster, tekkers tutorial on the super roulette and every UCL! Let us know in the comments section what your favourite segment of the show is! Love, peace & tekkers! Billy & Jezza!

    • MS7
      MS7 Day ago

      gini not gigi ffs

    • Alessio Gheorghiu
      Alessio Gheorghiu 2 days ago

      Jesus has power to forgive the sins. There is power in the blood of Jesus to take your sins away and clean you from all your sins. Belive in Jesus and be saved in His beautiful Name

    • Norwich City fan
      Norwich City fan 2 days ago

      F2Freestylers - Ultimate Soccer Skills Channel can you come to Dereham so I can get a selfie 🤳 because you’re my favourite you tubers

    • XuMrH
      XuMrH 3 days ago

      YoI came to our school it was gas

    • Andrew Aceves
      Andrew Aceves 5 days ago

      F2Freestylers - Ultimate Soccer Skills Channel Love your videos, continue the hard work and dedication👌

  • Dalia Mahyub
    Dalia Mahyub Day ago

    Do you would you rather messi

  • Yasmin Bi
    Yasmin Bi Day ago

    Jezza and billy are on fire and I've got a challenge
    Do an around the world with a sock.

  • talha khan
    talha khan Day ago +1

    were are you now

  • talha khan
    talha khan Day ago +1

    is this london tigers

  • Bryan Webster
    Bryan Webster Day ago

    I agree with you both

  • Adriatik IS A mfing sk

    Am i the only one who wants to see Ronaldo and F2 tekkers

  • Habtamu Ayele
    Habtamu Ayele Day ago


  • Devika Gounder
    Devika Gounder Day ago

    Kimmich right back

  • Legendary Adam
    Legendary Adam Day ago


  • Harry Buxton
    Harry Buxton Day ago

    Liverpool vs Barcelona

  • Yanni Razoki
    Yanni Razoki Day ago +1

    From netherlands rip ajax😭

  • King Jacko 777
    King Jacko 777 2 days ago +1

    Spurs's come on win the champions league

  • Ross Fairclough
    Ross Fairclough 2 days ago

    I think kw is better:)

  • Gaming with MS
    Gaming with MS 2 days ago

    The best cb's ever is nemaja Vidic and Rio Ferdinand

  • Bongaerts anthem
    Bongaerts anthem 2 days ago

    please don't call you'r channel Ultimate Soccer Skills Channel but Ultimate football Skills Channel

  • Kenzi Kiff
    Kenzi Kiff 2 days ago

    Liverpool beating barća 4-0

  • Finnan Ball
    Finnan Ball 2 days ago

    Well done on 10m are u doing a special 🥳

  • Ladi Jakupi
    Ladi Jakupi 2 days ago

    Yes alexander-arnolf is the best right back in the world

  • Mo Abdi
    Mo Abdi 2 days ago

    Ha Tottenham vs liverpool like to see Billy’s reaction

  • Αγγελος Σ.
    Αγγελος Σ. 2 days ago

    Kimmich plays baseball huh?😂

  • Richard Dick
    Richard Dick 2 days ago

    yo, brewsters trim is dead af 🤣🤣

  • Brendan Fox
    Brendan Fox 3 days ago

    Gini not Gigi

    ROSE SKY 3 days ago

    اكو عرب بالطياره

  • Alfie Sheridan
    Alfie Sheridan 3 days ago


  • mark timmins
    mark timmins 3 days ago

    Spurs all the way come on you spurs

  • Adam Bøttger
    Adam Bøttger 3 days ago

    Trent is surely the Best right back in world

  • Aaron O'Neill
    Aaron O'Neill 3 days ago

    kirrean Tripper is much better than Trent

  • fifa jarne
    fifa jarne 3 days ago

    Wijnaldum pro

  • Robert Scott
    Robert Scott 3 days ago

    If trents not the best full back in the world Robertson is

  • Noah Leppänen Gröndal

    Can you guys make a video when you play with the new nemeziz 19+

  • Taody 1st
    Taody 1st 3 days ago

    Trent is best

  • Acidic_Flamez Ismail

    8:22 i got scared

  • Yashraj The great dhindaw

    Bro barca should have won

  • KoketsoHappy Magashule

    Liverpool game

  • Cr42y W4rri0r BG
    Cr42y W4rri0r BG 3 days ago

    Trent is the best full-back

  • Talha champ
    Talha champ 3 days ago

    Kyle Walker

  • Coaster Maniac
    Coaster Maniac 3 days ago

    Recreate Vincent Kompanys goal against leicester city

  • Jeremia
    Jeremia 3 days ago +1

    I got a Messi Dubai ad.

  • Lea Latina
    Lea Latina 3 days ago


  • فارس سعود
    فارس سعود 3 days ago

    واو يعرف يلعب

  • Yanz
    Yanz 3 days ago +2

    U lot r joker man I can’t, I’m dead out here 😭😭😂😂😂

  • Joseph Fayek
    Joseph Fayek 4 days ago +1

    I think if you compare alexander arnold with a right-back it would be kimmich

  • Hagopian JR10
    Hagopian JR10 4 days ago

    Dani alves

  • Paula Wilson
    Paula Wilson 4 days ago

    knuckleball half volley? IDK

  • Zayaan Hussain
    Zayaan Hussain 4 days ago

    10,000,000 SUBSCIBERS!!! CONGRATS

  • ManLikeMia
    ManLikeMia 4 days ago


  • Isaac Clarkson
    Isaac Clarkson 4 days ago

    Jeremy Lynch is a pedo

  • Hamza Hassan
    Hamza Hassan 4 days ago

    U still did not do to be continued fir predator still

    NANA AIKINS 4 days ago

    it was 627 rebounds

  • Shay Cfggg
    Shay Cfggg 4 days ago


  • CSP Clan
    CSP Clan 4 days ago +1

    How Funny is that😂😂

  • olivier messemaeckers

    Joshua kimmich is better than Trent

  • Alan Kavanagh
    Alan Kavanagh 4 days ago


  • Brittney Richards
    Brittney Richards 4 days ago

    i actually thought you got struck by lightning jez.......i was so frightened

  • Stan Lee
    Stan Lee 4 days ago

    You should make a video with lisa zimouche #lisafreestyle

  • brendandom1878
    brendandom1878 4 days ago

    Joao cancelo best right back in the world

  • Darwin Daniel
    Darwin Daniel 5 days ago

    627 you guys are ballers

  • Tiago Vargas
    Tiago Vargas 5 days ago

    Billy the finals are liverpool and spurs

  • A Jam
    A Jam 5 days ago

    That trim is so sharp

  • Sharon Uppal
    Sharon Uppal 5 days ago

    Like if you’re a Liverpool supporter!

  • CallumHD27
    CallumHD27 5 days ago

    Joao Cancelo

  • L M
    L M 5 days ago

    Trents the best

  • L M
    L M 5 days ago

    Liverpool come back was better

  • William Grundy
    William Grundy 5 days ago

    Trent is the best rb in the world

  • Stephen Aylesbury
    Stephen Aylesbury 5 days ago

    Trent is the best

  • Lebogang Maluleke
    Lebogang Maluleke 5 days ago +1

    Hate both
    But I'm supporting Tottenham for this👉Billy wingrove(Manchester United fan)

  • Lebogang Maluleke
    Lebogang Maluleke 5 days ago +1

    Liverpool was the better comeback

  • Lebogang Maluleke
    Lebogang Maluleke 5 days ago +2

    Alexander-arnold is the best right in the world
    Not of all time but in the world😁👌

  • Faheem Youtube
    Faheem Youtube 5 days ago +1

    Can you do the video with messi and CR7

  • leon smith
    leon smith 5 days ago +1

    Was that real

  • Ben Pugh
    Ben Pugh 5 days ago

    Is Gini not Gigi

  • tommie_retsok
    tommie_retsok 5 days ago

    tottenham sucks

  • charliebos 13
    charliebos 13 5 days ago

    Trent is better

  • Yashji Neilji
    Yashji Neilji 5 days ago

    I’m scared of heights
    Who else is
    Like if u are scared of heights

  • sonia crouzet
    sonia crouzet 5 days ago


  • Jack Shepherd
    Jack Shepherd 5 days ago

    Wan bissaka

  • xd oozypizza101 !!
    xd oozypizza101 !! 5 days ago

    Kyle walker is better than Trent

  • Kiean Bains
    Kiean Bains 5 days ago


  • Turner 10
    Turner 10 5 days ago

    Jezza was spot on

  • Isaac Yarsiah
    Isaac Yarsiah 5 days ago

    I really need your help please help me

  • Oliver Crossman
    Oliver Crossman 5 days ago


  • DEMON alavi
    DEMON alavi 5 days ago

    Let’s go liverpool

  • Nana Genfi
    Nana Genfi 5 days ago

    Liverpool vs Spurs Liverpool

  • Yasmin Bi
    Yasmin Bi 5 days ago

    Liverpool's comeback was better

  • 2betus
    2betus 5 days ago


  • Rohan Hobday
    Rohan Hobday 5 days ago

    Trent easily da best

  • Rohan Hobday
    Rohan Hobday 5 days ago


  • filip radic
    filip radic 5 days ago +1

    Nemanja vidic was way better than van dijk

  • Adrian WAN [07E]
    Adrian WAN [07E] 5 days ago

    I like Liverpool

  • rob davidson
    rob davidson 5 days ago

    Trent is the best RB IN WORLD

  • Aidan Tsfira
    Aidan Tsfira 5 days ago

    Gini not Gigi 🤦🏽‍♂️😂

    S.E ALL-STARS 5 days ago

    Congrats on 10 million subs

    FOOTBALL ATTACK 5 days ago


  • Andrew Malcolm
    Andrew Malcolm 5 days ago

    I subscribed & turned on the notifications & left a like ⚽️🥅⚽️🥅⚽️🥅🥅⚽️🥅⚽️🥅🥅⚽️🥅⚽️🥅⚽️🥅⚽️🥅. Hi 👋 ⚽️🥅⚽️🥅⚽️🥅⚽️🥅🥅⚽️🥅🥅⚽️🥅⚽️🥅⚽️🥅⚽️🥅⚽️🥅⚽️🥅⚽️🥅🥅⚽️

  • Ben Hickson-Evans
    Ben Hickson-Evans 5 days ago

    Is Trent the best right back in the world?

    Heck ye

  • m_adam09 9
    m_adam09 9 5 days ago

    Joshua Kimmich>> Arnold

  • Brittney Richards
    Brittney Richards 5 days ago

    i've got the flip flops on today.....🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Marielle Cooper-Leach

    Yes Trent is

  • unkown
    unkown 5 days ago +4

    You know the drill

    1. Messi


    3. Benzema

    4. Billy

    5. Jezza

    6. Aguero

    7. Bale

    8. Sanchez

    9. Couthino

    0. Whoever you want