Measles Explained - Vaccinate or Not?

  • Published on Feb 24, 2015
  • Everybody is talking about Measles - but what does the virus actually do in the body? Is it really so harmful that you need a vaccination? We go deep into the body of an infected person and see what Measles does and how the immune system reacts to it!
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    Measles Explained - Do You Really Need To Vaccinate?
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    Measles Explained - Do You Really Need To Vaccinate?
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Comments • 15 988

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    • glaubher rocha
      glaubher rocha 7 days ago

      *claps*.... (i realy clap my hands for this ending)

    • Doom2exe
      Doom2exe 8 days ago

      The only genocide everyone is fine with wiping out diseases

    • el albarra
      el albarra 14 days ago

      This is the best plot iv'e ever seen

    • Cooper.y
      Cooper.y Month ago

      Could you do a polio explanation

  • dancantstand
    dancantstand 12 hours ago

    The fact that the video didn't start out with the word yes you should vaccinate against everything that makes me kind of angry

  • Jose Ignacio Tapia :v
    Jose Ignacio Tapia :v 13 hours ago

    Its incredible that outside are stupid parents that infect their stupidity to their children abaot the extremally stupid link whit vaccin and autisim it have sense that the child ita allergic to vaccins its normal thay its still to young to be vaccin or even that the familly dosen't have the monney or resources for vaccins or that the place you live dosen't have medical asistence that make sense not the shit that abaot religion (even i think god and ALL the religions are pro-vaxxers) the oils only worck for simtoms like nausea but not for a virus please if a child that isn't vaccinated watch this (the video or this comment) please make your parents vaccinate you (unless you are alegirc or too young) and please to the children dont have problems wjit vaccin and that have anti-vaxxer as parents please demand them to vaccinate you not only for you for the ones who sre around you

  • Stanley Etier
    Stanley Etier 14 hours ago

    You’re an idiot if you don’t vaccinate

  • Daniel Blaha
    Daniel Blaha 14 hours ago

    It's like getting the flu. You just stay in bed, drink lots of water, deal with the fever and wait about six weeks. The only way you could die from Measles is the same as any other virus. If you have a weak immune system or your frail and old (chances are you 've already had it) or you don't stay in bed and get over it. BTW> The biggest risk if you haven't Measles as a kid is when you are in your 50's you contract it in the form of Shingles and they are excruciatingly painful. Most men get these lesions on their forehead and temple and women often get them on their back. You are better off getting them when you're young, that's a fact. Measles has an incubation period of about six weeks so you never really know who you got them from. However, once the population gets over it, everyone is then immune for ever.

    • Froggybutt
      Froggybutt 3 hours ago

      @Daniel Blaha well, a lot of people such as myself, thankfully never had to go through it. and would really prefer not to ever. and i have vaccines and herd immunity to thank for that.

    • Daniel Blaha
      Daniel Blaha 4 hours ago

      @Froggybutt this was from a person who had the measles as a kid and survived

    • Froggybutt
      Froggybutt 5 hours ago

      just vaccinate, did you not listen to anything the video said.

  • Harry K
    Harry K 16 hours ago

    anti vaxxer: measles cures autism

  • Cross Van Dust
    Cross Van Dust 23 hours ago

    3:46 Fool, The Antibody has already touched that protein
    Bite za dusto!

  • New Antarctictangle/JoMiMi

    You can't convince me, this is all FAKE NEWS. Vaccines cause autism, HIV, and are made from poison. They cause death as well. If you were to do the real science, you would find that there are facts to back this up, and they are a COVER-UP by the GOVERNMENT. The government puts harmful chemicals in our vaccines, leading our children to be mind-controlled by the government.

  • Ying Yang
    Ying Yang Day ago

    I just do whatever government agencies tell me to do - I love government agencies and they love me

  • Ying Yang
    Ying Yang Day ago

    measles had a 0.0001% mortality rate in the US the year before the vaccine was introduced - that's based on the CDC's own figures

    • Vary Olla
      Vary Olla Day ago

      That is reflective of the US healthcare system and not the mortality capacity of the disease. It is rather comical really how anti-vaxxers can not even understand that very-very simple precept in favor of their farcical and ultimately facile attempt at correlation. So we now consider the actual facts:
      1 - in the time before we saw the MMR vaccine the number of cases of measles each and every year in the US was measured in the hundreds of thousands of cases.
      2 - of those cases tens of thousands would end up being hospitalized.
      3 - of those in the hospital thousands would ultimately develop encephalitis with all of the potential neurocognitive problems that inflammation causes.
      4 - ultimately despite access to modern healthcare hundreds would still succumb to measles = *EACH AND EVERY YEAR.*
      So the real measure of measles is not simply the number who ultimately died = it is the *TOTALITY* of what the disease wrought upon the broader society. Those hundreds of thousands of cases would still need to be treated. Those tens of thousands hospitalized would result in a huge burden to their families as well as rack up considerable medical expenses.
      Some of those as noted would go on to suffer from lifelong health problems such as blindness or deafness let alone other neurocognitive impairments which could result in their being disabled for life and subject to being basically a ward of the State being unable to work or lead a normal life. Finally all of the grief and hardship associated with those who ended up dying. *THAT* is the real cost of measles in the time before the MMR.
      Moral of the story: poor anti-vaxxers..........they really can't see the forest for the trees here. LMAO!!! They try so hard to live in their internet-driven fantasy world as the rest of humanity has to live out here in the real one. _C'est La Vie_

  • Hey No
    Hey No Day ago +1

    The dislikes are anti-vax moms when they hear the end and the title
    Also isn't forcing them to commit suicide just murdering them

  • Real Life War
    Real Life War Day ago

    Gotta love em’ cells

  • Randall W
    Randall W Day ago

    If you want to get enrolled in a public school, get vaccinated.

    • Ying Yang
      Ying Yang Day ago

      No need to where I live, or just about anywhere else on the planet

  • Gary Faulkner
    Gary Faulkner 2 days ago

    Measles is a very moderate disease has some how progressed where immunised people contract a more severe form endangering those of us who have natural antibodies . So thus proving vaccination is a hidden danger to quite a few who are now at risk of the more severe bout of measles that has occured since the MMR vaccine was foolishly administered to line the pockets of a few.

  • Anton Nym
    Anton Nym 2 days ago +1

    This is a good video and very persuasive. Only question I have is: Can't we use dead viruses instead of live? I'm concerned that injecting a live virus is somewhat equivalent to being exposed to the actual disease.

    • nikon12x42
      nikon12x42 Day ago

      thsi video is lies, presented by a child abuser.
      more than 440 deaths reported on vaers from hpv vaccine so far.

  • Epsilonsama
    Epsilonsama 2 days ago

    I almost died as an infant of measles. I had really bad fever and it took time for me to recover. Measles is no joke and so please vaccinate your kids.

    • Ying Yang
      Ying Yang Day ago +1

      measles had a 0.0001% mortality rate in the US the year before the vaccine was introduced - that's based on the CDC's own figures

    • nikon12x42
      nikon12x42 Day ago +1

      child abusers type lies to promote vaccines,

    • Gary Faulkner
      Gary Faulkner 2 days ago

      Bulldust , everyone i know had it , are you some kind of sicko where even a scratch sends you in for some antibiotics?

  • nikon12x42
    nikon12x42 2 days ago +1

    500 girls reported dead from hpv vaccine on cdc's vaccine adverse event report system (vaers) website.
    no safety in vacines, only risk.
    a lot of pedos using fake child-like profiles in the comments, typing lies and abuse to manipulate childrens beliefs.

  • nazgulius
    nazgulius 2 days ago

    I like how thay say we wont be playing blame game but YES u are at foult.

  • Wolf boy _4144
    Wolf boy _4144 3 days ago

    Can the sells forget to fight the Virus if so how long can it tack to forget?

  • Official_CPT_ GHθST

    Vaah vallaah vallaah

  • Bloxanity
    Bloxanity 4 days ago

    i have red ear syndrome and i got the flu 3 weeks ago

    • Bloxanity
      Bloxanity 4 days ago

      @nikon12x42 uhhhhhhh wat do i take this as?

    • nikon12x42
      nikon12x42 4 days ago

      500 girls reported to be killed by hpv vaccine in usa so far

  • ArcaneII 707
    ArcaneII 707 5 days ago

    I have memory cells which remember dengue a symptom dangerous like top 2 dangerous symptom

  • ChubbyGecko 725
    ChubbyGecko 725 6 days ago +2

    Parents: measles are harmless
    Me: *coughs* measles encephalitis

  • Wow i dont think So
    Wow i dont think So 7 days ago

    Hi om gonne take the vaksin and im so happy to do Get the vaksin

  • QuestForTruth
    QuestForTruth 7 days ago +1

    Fear-mongering nonsense! How much did Big Pharma pay you?

    • nikon12x42
      nikon12x42 Day ago

      @Charlie Jones vaccines kill children, and you are defending pedos, maybe youy are a pedo too

    • Charlie Jones
      Charlie Jones 2 days ago

      @nikon12x42 vaccines are good for you, and Vary Olla is not a pedo, or at least I hope not

    • nikon12x42
      nikon12x42 3 days ago

      @A Sandy Soldier < a chidl abuser who works to promote vaccines online, pretending to be a "gamer"

    • A Sandy Soldier
      A Sandy Soldier 3 days ago

      QuestForTruth oh we got one!
      Please provide one credible peer reviewed study thats anti vax!
      Thank you!

    • nikon12x42
      nikon12x42 4 days ago

      @Vary Olla < this account advocates for adult/child sexual relatiopnships, and denies that vacien can kill.

      they are involved in child sexual abuse and online harasment

  • Av Ken
    Av Ken 8 days ago

    Send this to anti vaxxers

    • A Sandy Soldier
      A Sandy Soldier 2 days ago

      nikon12x42 if the cure to cancer was a vaccine, would you still say that vaccines are horrible?

    • nikon12x42
      nikon12x42 3 days ago

      @A Sandy Soldier food is required for healthy living.
      vaccines are obviously not required - they kill and disable healthy children and cause illness and imune system disorders

    • A Sandy Soldier
      A Sandy Soldier 3 days ago

      nikon12x42 yeah, and so can eating food.
      But are you going to stop feeding your children?

    • nikon12x42
      nikon12x42 6 days ago

      cdc: every vaccine can cause death and serious injury

      pro vax parent: time for vaccines children, if you do get harmed we can apply for vaccine damage payment.

  • Kira L’Heureux McRae
    Kira L’Heureux McRae 8 days ago +1

    I’m vaccinating my kids

    • Honey? Where's my super suit?
      Honey? Where's my super suit? 16 hours ago

      @nikon12x42 Show me proof jackass

    • nikon12x42
      nikon12x42 21 hour ago

      @Honey? Where's my super suit?
      cdc: every vaccine can cause death and serious injury
      pro vax parent: time for vaccines children, if you do get harmed we can apply for vaccine damage payment.

    • Honey? Where's my super suit?
      Honey? Where's my super suit? Day ago

      Good on you for vaccinating your kids.

    • nikon12x42
      nikon12x42 6 days ago

      cdc: every vaccine can cause death and serious injury
      pro vax parent: time for vaccines children, if you do get harmed we can apply for vaccine damage payment.

  • Shadow WSK
    Shadow WSK 9 days ago

    I like how in the end he still wants to criticize the anti-vaxxes

  • Bananappleboy World
    Bananappleboy World 9 days ago

    Fellow traveller, beware of the millions of arguments about crappy anti-vaxxers and karens below. And also beware of the wave of hate comments and death-threats in my replies.

  • Baby Xeno
    Baby Xeno 9 days ago

    I watch this video and my grandma cough i ran away

    • nikon12x42
      nikon12x42 3 days ago

      @A Sandy Soldier vaccines kill children, and this channel is child abusing lies supported by vaccine promoters pretending to be "gaming youtubers" such as yourself

    • A Sandy Soldier
      A Sandy Soldier 3 days ago

      nikon12x42 exactly how would an independent business make money off of information that they have no way to find?

    • nikon12x42
      nikon12x42 4 days ago

      thast because you listen to chidl abusing youtube channels who are tryign to profit from making you stupid

  • Darren Dhammika
    Darren Dhammika 10 days ago

    Well i didn't get vaccinated but i survive measles within days idk how it is so fast :/

  • Stuart Stribling
    Stuart Stribling 10 days ago

    How to describe me in three words: Virgin T cell

  • TheSoulFury
    TheSoulFury 12 days ago

    I’ve never had vaccinations or measles

  • l u n a r a h h
    l u n a r a h h 13 days ago

    your body loves you more than the whole world combined, so don’t hurt yourself bc of other peeps.

  • Elliot Tian
    Elliot Tian 13 days ago +1

    5:08 "and consign them to their rightful place: the history books"


  • Rafael Suprayogi
    Rafael Suprayogi 14 days ago

    Anti vaxx : **Exist**
    Black Death : Ah shit, here we go again

    • A Sandy Soldier
      A Sandy Soldier 3 days ago

      nikon12x42 thats... not an argument mate...

    • nikon12x42
      nikon12x42 5 days ago

      @FaZe lobster cdc: every vaccine can cause death and serious injury

      pro vax parent: time for vaccines children, if you do get harmed we can apply for vaccine damage payment.

    • FaZe lobster
      FaZe lobster 5 days ago

      @nikon12x42 shut up you anti vaxxer

    • nikon12x42
      nikon12x42 6 days ago

      cdc: every vaccine can cause death and serious injury

      pro vax parent: time for vaccines children, if you do get harmed we can apply for vaccine damage payment.

  • Omega 3370
    Omega 3370 14 days ago

    Get your vaccines kids. Those who say otherwise are idiots

    • nikon12x42
      nikon12x42 Day ago

      @Thot police more than 440 deaths reported on vaers from hpv vaccine so far.
      children arent dying from cervical cancer so the vaccine is obviously very dangerous.
      thast why i know youre a child abuser

    • Thot police
      Thot police Day ago

      @nikon12x42 Child abuser?

    • A Sandy Soldier
      A Sandy Soldier 3 days ago

      nikon12x42 ok, so 440 deaths, over more than 10 million vaccinations.
      I like those odds.
      Also, please provide the study that released that information.

    • A Sandy Soldier
      A Sandy Soldier 3 days ago

      CDC* website* that every (remove space)
      Death *or serious injury.
      I cant even begin to explain the amount of error in the last line.

    • nikon12x42
      nikon12x42 4 days ago

      @Thot police more than 440 deaths reported on vaers from hpv vaccine so far.
      children arent dying from cervical cancer so the vaccine is obviously very dangerous.
      thast why i know youre a child abuser

  • Darius Keeney
    Darius Keeney 14 days ago

    I like the music

  • Semyon Galtsev
    Semyon Galtsev 16 days ago +2

    Kurzgesagt makes awesome educational videos.
    Top comments under those videos are stupid memes.

    This is sad.

  • Ki Ra
    Ki Ra 16 days ago

    A bug fuck you to anti vaxxers

    • A Sandy Soldier
      A Sandy Soldier 3 days ago

      nikon12x42 you have 2 points, with no evidence behind them, that people have proven wrong, several times.
      Stop this.

    • nikon12x42
      nikon12x42 5 days ago

      @FaZe lobster cdc: every vaccine can cause death and serious injury

      pro vax parent: time for vaccines children, if you do get harmed we can apply for vaccine damage payment.

    • FaZe lobster
      FaZe lobster 5 days ago

      @nikon12x42 not vaccinating your kids is child abuse

    • nikon12x42
      nikon12x42 6 days ago

      the above comemnt is typed by a chidl abuser
      vaccines are killing children and cdc website explains that every vaccine can cause death and serious injury

  • me lol
    me lol 16 days ago +1

    I love my body

  • Eleri Davis
    Eleri Davis 17 days ago

    What if you vaccinate against measles, but measles is already there in your body?

    • Vary Olla
      Vary Olla 13 days ago

      Posting twice is not particularly useful.........just saying. If however you have already been exposed to measles = what point then in receiving the vaccine??? One does not normally vaccinate someone against a thing for which they are already infected with. One instead vaccinates people to peremptorily prevent their becoming sick in the future by the illness.
      Moral of the story: if you already had measles and developed immunity against it - meaning you survived it as measles can kill people you know = you would therefore have antibodies in you. Thus if you later received the MMR vaccine = nothing would happen as your antibodies would destroy the weakened measles virus in the vaccine before it made you sick.
      Meanwhile the reverse is also true. If you were vaccinated and developed immunity - meaning you had antibodies in you = then exposure to "natural" measles would again not make you sick because the antibodies you developed from the MMR would prevent it. The only caveat is that a small percentage of people vaccinated do not always develop adequate immunity from being vaccinated owing to some issue within them. As such they could potentially still catch measles later on if exposed. That however as noted rarely happens. Have a nice day.

  • Eleri Davis
    Eleri Davis 17 days ago

    What if you vaccinate against measles, but measles is already there in your body?

  • jotri
    jotri 17 days ago +2

    After years of research and experiments I found out how to stop the anti-vax nation. Just let them do their shit.
    More Antivaxers = more infected = less Antivaxers.
    A problem that will literally just solve itself.

    • Bananappleboy World
      Bananappleboy World 9 days ago

      Except the antivaxxers might spread to uneducated children and kill them, and so on. My god humanity, get your *_####_* together and stop acting like you want to die like a suicidal maniac.

  • Bloxanity
    Bloxanity 18 days ago

    i dont get where was the monocyte mentioned here

  • Jack Roblox
    Jack Roblox 18 days ago

    OOOOH!!! If you survived EBOLA!! your Now Immune To it!!!

  • 宏宏畫 二世
    宏宏畫 二世 18 days ago

    希望你 多製造 與病毒 免疫系統 的視頻

  • nikon12x42
    nikon12x42 18 days ago

    a very creepy liar trying to manipulate children into beliveing in the vaccine scam
    what a sick and twisted weirdo claimning that wild measels "isnt moore natural" very disturbing, deceptive

    meanwhile many children kiled by vaccines.
    check vaccien adverse event reporting system

    also a lot of sick creeps in the comment section below supporting child abusng vaccines, which are killing children

    • nikon12x42
      nikon12x42 2 days ago

      @A Sandy Soldier < a pedo using a fake gamer profile to promote vacines on social media.
      vaccines can and do cause death and serious injury.

    • A Sandy Soldier
      A Sandy Soldier 3 days ago

      Actually measles killed more people in one year, than vaccines have in several, it almost like they have minor side effects in the ling run
      (Though the side affects are serious in some cases, most people get an uncomfortable rash and thats only 400,000 in 10,000,000, and serious side effects were way less common, so the overall percentage of serious cases is almost 0.)

    • A Sandy Soldier
      A Sandy Soldier 3 days ago

      nikon12x42 thats like saying you should demolish the sewer systems in London because cholera didn’t kill anyone in London this year, so it must be fine to have waste in your drinking water.

    CHÂU MINH 21 day ago

    The only side effect of the vaccine is this giantic scar shape of a heart on my left arm

    • Ying Yang
      Ying Yang Day ago

      For some people the side effects are life threatening or permanent brain damage - you got lucky with the scar

  • key legend
    key legend 21 day ago +1

    Wow I'm immume to measles.

  • Andrew Saparoff
    Andrew Saparoff 25 days ago

    Virus infection! Get ready!

  • Subho Manna
    Subho Manna 25 days ago

    Can't believe people are thinking twice to get vaccinated for diseases rather deadly or not

    • A Sandy Soldier
      A Sandy Soldier 3 days ago

      Omg, a wild educated human appeared, how great!
      I grew up with my mother in college for psychology and then in my teens she ran a mental heath focused organisation.
      I only think I kind of know some things.

    • Vary Olla
      Vary Olla 25 days ago +2

      Actually it makes a lot of sense Subho = when you realize the facile approach to logic that many employ = vaccine opponents included. People who already lack a fundamental understanding of the science behind vaccination will as a result be receptive to pseudo-scientific assertions about the same - not to mention the ubiquitous conspiracy theories and hyperbole which always seems to accompany anti-vaccine claims.
      Accordingly we see as a result people who erroneously believe that they understand vaccination science - when they quite obviously do not = and that lack of understanding then condemns them to endless poorly formed conclusions predicated upon that underlying ignorance. They are emblematic of Dunning-Kruger Effect which means they do not understand why they are wrong = because they do not understand the science.
      So anti-vaxxers often exist within echo chambers they create for themselves on social media. Then it becomes a simple matter of repetitive exposure to the pseudo-scientific gobbledygook they all pass around to each other as well as the fear and conspiracy theories. Repetitive exposure over a period of time to dubious assertions = is actually called "brainwashing".
      Moral of the story: vaccine opponents are engaging in self-brainwashing via social media = and all because they do not understand the science of vaccination despite their supposed "self-researching" they erroneously believe they are engaged in. Fear is a powerful motivator being more than capable of overriding logic in some people. Have a nice day.

    • Silent_Stalker
      Silent_Stalker 25 days ago

      Subho Manna
      Some believe diseases are “natural vaccines”

  • Deborah Truthnotlies
    Deborah Truthnotlies 26 days ago

    The MMR vaccine doesn't protect you for life. Have your titres checked.

    • A Sandy Soldier
      A Sandy Soldier 3 days ago

      nikon12x42 well seeing how you say that anyone who argues with you is a child abuser, I don’t think I believe you, where did you find this information?

    • nikon12x42
      nikon12x42 6 days ago

      @Vary Olla vary olla is a pedo who also promotes vaccines, whiel advocating for men havig sex with underage children.

    • Vary Olla
      Vary Olla 25 days ago +1

      *EVERYONE* sees their immune capacity diminish over time as a consequence of aging and the breakdown of their bodily processes. Accordingly so-called "lifetime immunity" is merely a metaphor for immunity spanning into adulthood.
      The MMR confers adequate immunity for most people = proven medical fact. Meanwhile for those who failed to react immunologically as expected + those who might have some preexisting medical condition which results in their being at a greater risk + those who as noted are getting older and whose immunity might be waning = herd immunity still protects them as it acts to reduce the likelihood of these people being exposed.
      Moral of the story: so advising everyone to have their titers checked = waste of resources as well as a lack of understanding of above. Exposure is predicated upon outbreaks. As such if there are no large outbreaks where you live = you have little to fear. If however we continue to see a rise in measles incidence as a consequence of unvaccinated allowing new outbreaks to form = then older people will likely be advised to simply get a booster shot of MMR rather than wasting time and money checking everyone's titers. Have a nice day.

  • Gary Faulkner
    Gary Faulkner 26 days ago

    The Clintons masterminded the mandatory free Vaccines for Children program back in 1994 - paid for by taxpayers - while pocketing hundreds of thousands of dollars from vaccine manufacturers over the years. While the MMR vaccine is dished out like candy over the “measles outbreak,” and the exclusive manufacturer Merck has increased revenues by 27% to $496 million, the media is pimping out doctored baby photos to create panic and claiming the “outbreak” is the fault of anti-vaxxers, as the CDC inflates numbers (again)

    • Gary Faulkner
      Gary Faulkner 3 days ago

      @A Sandy Soldier Your in denial, millions are not made on a govt salary ! That is a real good start! Go back to archives and it is all there.

    • A Sandy Soldier
      A Sandy Soldier 3 days ago

      Gary Faulkner you have not provided any sources or information that is credible to support your argument.
      Your the one who needs information.

    • Gary Faulkner
      Gary Faulkner 18 days ago

      @Richard Gregory I hope you dont believe half of what you typed ??? My god if there was a person alive who was short on facts its you buddy, now go and hang your head in shame for the mysery and death caused through the mmr vaccine .

    • Richard Gregory
      Richard Gregory 18 days ago

      @Gary Faulkner Measles was a mild disease and no problem *for you*. However, it also makes one in ten people so sick that they need to be hospitalised, many of whom will be left with life-long problems like poor eyesight, and it kills on in every thousand. Doesn;t sound much? Well consider that the US used to have ten million cases of measles a year on average, and many more it a bad year. If you can;t do the math to figure out how many preventable hospitalisations and deaths that represents, get back to us. Oh, and "lifelong" immunity is a misnomer. It generally means "immunity into adulthood". Everyone's immunity drops with age. The immunity conferred by actually catching measles in greater, because it's a much greater threat and thus the immune system response is far greater. The vaccines are calculated to be just enough of a threat for the immune system to respond and produce a defence, which in turn is enough to protect you from actual infection, but without making you sick (or only very mildly sick at worst). That's why a lot of vaccines have booster shots. But over 96% of people receiving MMR as a child will have sufficient immunity to protect them well into adulthood. Since vaccination prevents epidemics you are unlikely to encounter measles before your immunity drops off. If, however, there was such an epidemic due to anti-vaxx idiots, you'd likely be advised to get a bosster to increase your protection. Do you know why people deliberately took their kids to "pox parties"? Not because measles is safe. But because it's slightly safer to catch it as a child. It is, of course, vastly inferior to vaccination, which gives you the same protection..but without the risk.

    • eeeaten
      eeeaten 21 day ago +1

      @Gary Faulkner complete nonsense again, gazza. vaccine-derived immunity to measles is lifelong in >96% of vaccinated people. your suggested alternative that our children all get a disease that hospitalises 1/10 and kills 1/1000 is plainly moronic. bravo.
      tell us again - what is your financial involvement with the 'alternative' health industry? how do you make money by undermining vaccines? just interested to know why someone would endanger children by spreading misinformation:)

  • SageSeeker
    SageSeeker 27 days ago

    Yeah... is it just me, or is the measles outbreak.. getting ridiculous? Also, this sounds like an add for a measles vaccine. I've also looked into it, and the people who get the vaccines are more likely to get sick, as opposed to those who didn't. Sweden just banned mandatory vaccines as well.
    Now I'm not an anti-vaxxer, vaccines are helping society. However, keep in mind people make money off this by selling it, so I don't exactly trust vaccines that come from sources that get rich off people for selling vaccines. Do your research before you get the vaccines people. Check your source, check the vaccine, is it new? Never trust the new shit.

    • nikon12x42
      nikon12x42 6 days ago

      @Vary Olla vary olla is a pedo who promotes vaccines while promoting adult child sexual relationships.

    • Richard Gregory
      Richard Gregory 18 days ago +1

      "Never trust the new shit". Sure, I'm way better off calling for a witch-doctor than trusting that newfangled surgery or anti-biotics. Sheesh.

    • Vary Olla
      Vary Olla 27 days ago +1

      Supposedly "doing research" when a person lacks the background to comprehend what amounts to scientific matters = is ultimately an exercise in embarrassment for that person who ends up making all kinds of dubious conclusions based upon that lack of understanding. That by the way is emblematic of Dunning-Kruger Effect.
      So cycling through social media claims - which coincidentally is an utterly unreliable format for news acquisition as the platforms are overrun with trolls/bots sowing misinformation and conspiracy theory - *IS NOT* doing research. So follow the white rabbit Neo:
      1 - the current measles epidemic is directly a result of *UNVACCINATED* people who "imported" the virus from abroad via places where it is still endemic = to begin new chains of infection in their communities among other unvaccinated.
      2 - vaccinated children are more healthy long term than unvaccinated ones. That is why insurance companies offer vaccines either free or at a low cost to their clients because *ALL* of the data shows that vaccinated people are healthier long term. Insurance companies follow the money. If vaccination was not considered to be a good investment = they would not include it as part of their preventative health coverage.
      3 - the primary customer for vaccines = governments. Governments buy and then give away free of charge vaccines for administration = so no profit there. Also in developed countries where they have socialized medicine we again see governments buying vaccines and simply giving them away. Meanwhile the doctors work for the government and thus they have no incentive to prescribe vaccines as they are paid either way = so once again no profit.
      4 - so vaccines from a purely economic point represent a dead loss to those who purchase and administer them. Meanwhile the vaccine makers are few in number. If vaccines were a "cash cow" = everyone would be making them. Instead only a handful of companies even bother to make vaccines because they are so highly regulated and come with high production costs and low reimbursement potential because governments who buy them set by law the price they are willing to pay.
      5 - last by not least. Sweden = near the Artic Circle. Accordingly few people are clamoring to live there while it is in Northern Europe surrounded by other countries which likewise do not see mass immigration compared to the US and elsewhere. So each country determines it's vaccine schedule = based upon relative risk of exposure. Countries where millions transit each year like the US + where immigration takes place from Third World nations were infectious diseases are endemic = are at a much greater risk for the introduction of infectious diseases as our measles example shows. Accordingly they require more vaccines since they can pay for them. Poorer nations or nations with a much lower risk of outside introduction = have less vaccines. So if infectious disease outbreaks were commonplace in Sweden = I'd wager they would require vaccination against it.
      Moral of the story: so you must look at the totality of what is happening and why. You can not simply latch onto something you got off of the internet or social media and run with it simply because it might "make sense" to you. That as noted is a recipe for poor conclusions. Have a nice day.

  • Gnar The Missing Link
    Gnar The Missing Link 27 days ago

    If I’ve got the flu once, how come I’m not immune to it?

    • Vary Olla
      Vary Olla 17 days ago +1

      To add to what Richard noted I would include that those many various upper respiratory viruses out there which are often lumped together under the designation "common cold" can sometimes trigger an URI which can mimic the Flu since they all attack the same respiratory cells of your body. This means a person who catches say a coronavirus or an adenovirus as an example and it triggers a severe enough URI = might confuse that viral infection with having Influenza - which they don't.
      That is one of the reasons why if it is bad enough providers might perform a rapid assay to determine if the person actually has the Flu or else one of the other URI causing viruses of which there are many. So the symptoms you develop are a result of the area of your body which is being attacked. Yet as noted = multiple viruses attack the same weak points of the body producing similar symptomology in some cases even though they are caused by completely unrelated pathogens.
      Moral of the story: so children and teens usually catch the most illnesses because their body's immune system has not yet encountered and adapted to all that is out there. Then as young adults 20-40's you are in the "golden zone" whereby you have acquired enough commonly encountered illnesses that you may not get sick as often as you once did.
      From the mid-40's onward however your body systems are aging and the tables again begin to turn against you. You find you get sick and when you do it is worse that years previously. There is no panacea I'm afraid as it is just your body getting older. All you can do is try to stay reasonably healthy and avoid contact with obviously sick get vaccinated against things like the Flu or Pneumococcal pneumonia. Have a nice day.

    • Richard Gregory
      Richard Gregory 18 days ago +2

      You *are* immune. To that particular flu. However, there are many variants of influenza virus, and they repaidly mutate as well. The virus evolved this as a means to evade the immune system's defenses. That is why you have a flu shot every year. The world health authorities do a statistical analysis to predict what types of flu are likely to be around in that year, and also update the vaccine to the new strains. However, the fl shot cannot protect you against strains it does not contain, and it is always possible a new type of flu will emerge. Sometimes these new strains can be extremely virulent and far more serious - the worst flu outbreak was that of the Spanish flu just after WW1. Though it is thought that the post-war conditions of large movements of troops comign home and people weakened and exhausted by four years of war and deprivation mad eit much worse than it might otherwise have been.

      This is why you catch colds through your life. There are many cold viruses, and they mutate. You wil, however, catch fewer colds, because you become immune to more and more of them. That's why kids catch so many, espescially when they first go to school. This is also why there's no cold vaccine.

    • Vary Olla
      Vary Olla 27 days ago +1

      Ah............perhaps because there are literally dozens of strains in circulation around the world. As such when one sees "Flu season" where they live = it varies from year to year as to what strains are in circulation. As people travel the world round they act to spread infectious diseases at times. That means that perhaps H1N1 breaks out in Asia one year = and as a result of international travel we see it spread to North America or Europe the following year.
      Some infectious pathogens fortunately do not change very much. Accordingly there may only be one or two variations of it out there and the vaccine covers them. An example is the MeV measles virus. There are multiple "genotypes" of the virus = but only one "serotype" which is the important part. As such the MMR vaccine works against all genotypes to confer immunity.
      Others however like Influenza are "highly mutable" = meaning they mutate frequently. The measles virus only infects humans. Influenza on the other hand can "jump" between species via "zoonosis". That is why you have "swine Flu" or "bird Flu" = which means those strains contain genes from birds or pigs as well as human DNA.
      Moral of the story: so it depends as noted upon how many strains are out there and how often then can mutate into something else. It also depends upon "immunogenicity" = or how severely your body reacts. The MeV measles virus literally reeks havoc on your body and immune system making it highly immunogenic. Accordingly people infected with measles typically develop lifelong immunity. Other things like the tetanus toxin the DTaP vaccine is not highly immunogenic. As such it only confers immunity for ~10 years or so in most people = requiring booster shots periodically. So there is no simple answer I'm afraid. It is dependent upon multiple variables. Have a nice day.

  • AlexPlayz Roblox
    AlexPlayz Roblox 28 days ago

    1:10 what the heck is the time machine doing with the virus?????

  • Ashish Singh
    Ashish Singh 28 days ago

    Same video as ebola :/

    *WAIT !!*

  • Gary Faulkner
    Gary Faulkner Month ago

    Vaccines do not confer immunity, do not stop disease, do not stop death, never saved us, fail often (which is blamed on the unvaccinated), are not *properly* safety tested, cause chronic health problems, cause lifelong damage, cause death, and yet, are mandated by governments around the world at the bidding of the liability-free vaccine industry!

    Ready to rebuke an industry that is destroying our children and to learn why to never ever vaccinate your child which you then can share with your friends, family and loved ones?

    • Gary Faulkner
      Gary Faulkner 21 day ago

      copy and pasted for your information , which i assume you would have already known but kept silent on ?

    • Gary Faulkner
      Gary Faulkner 21 day ago

      @Mr. Clown "Thimerosal is 50% ethylmercury, which is far more toxic and persistent in the brain than the highly-regulated methylmercury in fish.

      Hundreds of peer reviewed studies by leading government and university scientists show that thimerosal is a devastating brain poison linked to neurological disorders now epidemic in American children. My book, 'Thimerosal: Let the Science Speak,' is a summary of these studies, which CDC and its credulous journalists swear don't exist."

    • Gary Faulkner
      Gary Faulkner 21 day ago

      @Mr. Clown I trust the truth sir , money plays no part in the scam for me.

    • Mr. Clown
      Mr. Clown 21 day ago +1

      Gary Faulkner Do you rather trust a karen who did 5 minutes of research or a professional doctor?

    • Vijdaan Siddiqui
      Vijdaan Siddiqui 23 days ago +1

      Gary Faulkner Truth? Most doctors know better not to tell lies, are you saying this because
      1) You weren’t vaccinated
      2) Vaccinated but had a side effect
      3) Allergic to or can’t get vaccines
      Plus, if you were vaccinated , and didn’t have a side effect but not do it to your children, you’re sick, you’re cruel. Same thing with vegans, they are meat during childhood and claimed they didn’t.

  • FlexViper
    FlexViper Month ago

    start taking in more vitamin C and supply your white blood cell with some RPG and AKs