Your Time Is Up Marco | Liverpool 5-2 Everton | Match Reaction

  • Published on Dec 4, 2019
  • Your Time Is Up Marco | Liverpool 5-2 Everton | Match Reaction


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    Presenters : Peter McPartland & Barry Cass
    Video Editing : Billy Minshall
    Graphics By @JoeDoesDesigns
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Comments • 352

  • Jack Wickham
    Jack Wickham Month ago

    Cheers for the points lads xxx

  • yozzsongs
    yozzsongs Month ago

    Bumped into Gylfi , Pickford & Jags @ Hillside G C. Shook hands & thanked Jags for his whole hearted service. Blanked the other two...

  • JAM35 GAM35
    JAM35 GAM35 Month ago +1

    Please don’t get relegated, the rivalry must live on! #YNWA

  • The Featherman Club

    Lewin an Richarlison are awful trust me zero football knowledge

  • Andy B
    Andy B Month ago

    Thank you Blues for tribute and applause for the 96

  • tom connolly
    tom connolly Month ago +4

    Thanks Blues for the classy tribute to the 96, their memory belongs to us all. Well done Peter MacFarlane nice work la, YNWA

  • brynle jones
    brynle jones Month ago

    Honest as ever ped

  • MadLFC DC
    MadLFC DC Month ago

    Difficult game analysis for you I can see that mate. As a Liverpool fan I understand the fierce rivalry but I get no pleasure in kicking any team's fans when they are down. Everton are too big a club to go down. Hopefully a new manager will lift the team and fans and get you back up the table. Just hope you don't play too well in the cup or at Goodison later on. There are trophies to win, Lol. YNWA

  • Steve Efc
    Steve Efc Month ago

    I think most reds will be feeling our pain - some will laugh, but that's them.
    We can't fault them - they are class atm, it hurts me to say.
    We are all Scousers!

  • BJ Chico
    BJ Chico Month ago

    We may go down. We are horrific. We can’t play Silva’s 4-3-3 anymore. We need to get Big Sam, play 4-4-2, and stay up. WE ARE IN A RELEGATION BATTLE.

  • Angela Young
    Angela Young Month ago

    i noticed people are posting that they just dont care anymore...well i
    fucking do...thats worse !!!........................on a plus side, how fucking shite must Liverpool be be to conceed 2 goals against us useless stupid fucking cunts ?

  • Jason Hardy
    Jason Hardy Month ago

    Has this club given us fans any indication what's happening. Does the manager have a vote of confidence or not? Even the club higher up don't seem to respect the fans or know what they doing otherwise they would of come out and said something. What is it we actually paying to watch? I want answers to this mess and I want them now!!!

  • David Reynolds
    David Reynolds Month ago

    Ped watched you no Redman and Paul was honest with you but after last night only 2 players stood out 4 Everton Richarlson digne other players must look at themselves pickford was poor cannot see why he is England keeper.from a liverpool fan.

  • Paul Burns
    Paul Burns Month ago

    Ffs came on here for a laugh but wanna give the big man a hug!! Although some of the faces of the Everton fans when they got to 2-1 made me want acid rain to fall on them, I have to say mate fair play for sticking through the shite times.
    I’d much rather have Man U down there in disarray. I reckon you’ll be ok. Chin up👍🏻

  • Amanda Wright
    Amanda Wright Month ago +2

    I have never commented on ToffeeTV but I really, GENUINELY feel for you. As a Liverpool supporter, I’m obviously happy we got the victory, but having gone through the dark times of Hicks and Gillett and having to endure having Roy Hodgson as our manager, I can both sympathise and empathise with the plight of Evertonians. Hopefully you’ll get things sorted out before too long.

  • Bob Holness
    Bob Holness Month ago

    The longer the time goes the more I think he's staying 😕

  • Tony Johnson
    Tony Johnson Month ago +1

    I knew we where beat when Tom Davis allowed rat bastard Robertson bully him, it’s outrageous that we have no one in the team with any balls, poor Davis looked like a kid!,twice Robertson made terrible tackles, but he laid his marker down
    and no one challenged it, God love us

    • Tee Pot
      Tee Pot Month ago

      Tony Johnson thing is if we responded in kind we’d get a red card so not sure what we can do, although I see your point.

  • Gavin Johnson
    Gavin Johnson Month ago

    Which players Brands doesn't want has he been told to buy by Moshiri??

  • Rich Osborne
    Rich Osborne Month ago

    Your last comment "It's not anger, it's worry", completely agree. Changing the manager doesn't stop the players from being clueless, pussies or both. Michael Keane - fuck me, I've never hated an Everton player before but that cunt is trying my patience. Add him to the non-entity that is Sigurdsson, the shithouse that is Morgan Schneiderlin and you've got no backbone. No manager can change that unless they just drop them all and play kids. Will that get us out of trouble? I doubt it. We're fucked.

  • Rohan Ramekar
    Rohan Ramekar Month ago

    As a Red, chin up lad. Everton need a run of 5 wins in next 15 and a couple of draws to get back on track.

  • Mohammad Rasoul Fard-Habibi

    Chin up lad's, always bad when your clubs playing pants 👖.

  • Blue Boy
    Blue Boy Month ago

    I think Moshiri is possibly the problem. All I know is the club has gone backwards many steps since he arrived. Who cares if he has lots of money? It hasn't got us anywhere. If he's making decisions on players this is only going to end one way, in relegation. He's not qualified to be recruiting. Whole clubs a mess. I want to go back to being skint at least then we had to thoroughly scout and identify the right players because if we got it wrong we were fucked. Arteta, Cahill, Lescott, Howard, Pienaar, Baines, Jagielka, Barry all for peanuts. Mirror that up to the signings of Klassen, Sandro, Michael Keane, Sigurdsson, Schneiderlin, Bolasie, Walcott, Tosun. Say no more.

  • rattus griff
    rattus griff Month ago

    everton have broken Ped.

  • Robert Francis
    Robert Francis Month ago

    As a red I have a problem with this game being called the Merseyside derby when only one player on each side was from liverpool. We as reds are lucky to have a great motivator/manager . But we probably will never see the red/blue battles of the 60s 70s and 80s again. I respect peds honesty and assessment that the soul of the club is missing

    • Robert Francis
      Robert Francis Month ago

      @End of the beginning good reply ! Just like your team .. no imagination! Fuckwit

    • End of the beginning
      End of the beginning Month ago

      It’s a derby for the fans you doughnut

  • Delano Marcus Stephen
    Delano Marcus Stephen Month ago +1

    I feel so darn sorry for yous 😢, I had to subscribe (& I’m a Liverpool fan)

  • Julian
    Julian Month ago +2

    I feel bad as a Liverpool fan tbh, can't even be that happy about the win. Because you look like a beaten puppy and no one wants his club to be in danger of relegation 😮

  • Joseph Xuereb
    Joseph Xuereb Month ago +1

    As a liverpool fan, I'm not going to take the piss, i genuinely feel sorry for what's happening with this great club, liverpool Everton Merseyside derby was always the game to look forward to, now that's in danger

  • ni642
    ni642 Month ago +2

    As a Man U Fan ( GGMU) I am sad by what's happening at your club ...your manager is shite and needs to be fired asap. You are a institution of English Football ..and need to come back strong asap .
    As for Liverpool fans shedding fake tears ..please stop ..I just saw what you guys did after the match ( thanks to Redmen TV) and yes you are not going to win the league so

    LATYMER28 Month ago

    Fuck all that i came here to gloat but I feel sorry for you get relegated bitches

  • Daniel Barton
    Daniel Barton Month ago

    I said after the brighton game, this season has got relegation written all over it. With chelsea, united and arsenal next we could and probably will be deeper into the relegation zone and then if the shit form against the smaller teams continues we are well and truly fucked

  • Daniel Barton
    Daniel Barton Month ago +1

    New manager alone won't be enough, needs an overhaul of the squad too.

  • Mathew Hughes
    Mathew Hughes Month ago +1

    Last night I didn't watch the Derby for several reasons, 1) I expected to lose and get battered by Liverpool. 2) There's no leaders within the club. 3) Everton is in a crisis. Usually I'd get very angry when we lose but now I expect it, Everton is my club but I don't feel the love towards it now. When we appointed Silva as our manager, I came on social media and said why have we appointed him? I got threats off other supporters, he got the job based on getting Hull down and failed at Watford. Ffs man are we really that club. Who ever takes this job is a very brave man. If the reports are true with Moyes coming in, he's only coming because he's safe option. I'd rather have Big Sam still in charge, he fixed us and then got the boot.

  • Daniel Barton
    Daniel Barton Month ago

    Not replacing good players has been a problem for years. We've still never replaced stones, barry, barkley, deulofeu and lukaku with similar quality. The inability to field a decent football side over the last 3-4 years is laughable

  • Francis Herbert
    Francis Herbert Month ago +1

    Once he's gone who's the next person to be blamed for our 24 years of failure? I pity the next scapegoat aka manager.

  • Chris Cairns
    Chris Cairns Month ago +1

    I half expected this video to be a kicked over chair and a pair of swinging feet for ten mins....

  • Kie Sears
    Kie Sears Month ago +1

    Usually laugh off my Blue mates saying we are awful etc but after that performance... I genuinely think you might get relegated.

  • Ryan Murphy
    Ryan Murphy Month ago

    I came here for a laugh hahaha

  • aidan Jon Sullivan
    aidan Jon Sullivan Month ago +1

    Absolute shit show. I’m slowly losing my love for football, grim times ahead indeed.

  • Thomas Williams
    Thomas Williams Month ago

    Gylfi sigurdson has been missin since the start of the season he's fat and lazy get rid nevermind captain

  • blueAnWhite shite
    blueAnWhite shite Month ago +2

    Hahahahahaha Liverpool top of the league🔴

  • David Eeyore
    David Eeyore Month ago

    It's what ever is happening on the training pitch. Some players are responsible likes of Keane but what's on the pitch as a team is down to management hence why every club change manager it's not rocket science. Silva is just out of his depth. At least Moyes will instill a bit of backbone but not sure he's the long term. Moyes bottled it many many times and also we got stuffed many times with him :-( but at least he gave us a fighting chance overall each season.

  • fatwallet13
    fatwallet13 Month ago

    Ped, I feel your pain buddy, i'm totally bewildered this is beyond just the manager don't get me wrong Silva makes some awful footballing decisions but we need a clear out to many awful players. Keane, Holgate, Sidibe, Schneiderlin, Sigurdsson, all need to be gone now & there are obviously others such as Martina, Tosun, Niasse, Wallcot, DCL, who are not really a good enough standard for the club some more than others but truth is we will never get anywhere if we don't make big changes. One of my main concerns is we don'y have a team that are ready to get stuck in & fight with pride for the club & shirt. You can pay as many millions as you like but if you have no team fight, pride & spirt you have nothing. THIS HAS GOT TO CHANGE IN A BIG WAY!

  • brian lloyd
    brian lloyd Month ago

    Ditto dude well said 🤬🤬🤬

  • terry bauer
    terry bauer Month ago

    Chin up Evertonians. Lets be honest, you were never gonna win this game no matter who we had out. Its gonna be a bleak December, there's no denying that, & yes you will b further in the relegation zone BUT come the new year, you can rally & I am sure a new manager bounce will get you out of trouble. Speaking of which, you are best keeping Silva until this horrendous run of games ends or the new manager bounce will be wasted & you would be in trouble.

  • Kameel Sabri
    Kameel Sabri Month ago

    You look like that character, "Bunch" from the series, "Ray Donavon". Google it, you'll be surprised how alike they look.

  • Kenickie Syxx
    Kenickie Syxx Month ago

    Silva is crap I said it from day one we need a change or our next local Derby will be against Wigan

    NATTYCO Month ago +1

    Correct. Big Sam, for all his faults, knew how to play at Anfield. You can't high press and expect Liverpool to wilt under pressure. They just counter-attack with long balls and lethal finishing. So predictable and the fact that Silva was clueless in this respect surely demonstrates to Moshiri that Silva has to be sacked. Assuming of course that Moshiri is rational but I'm beginning to doubt that too.

  • Kevin Gribble
    Kevin Gribble Month ago

    Totally agree Ped Marcel Brands getting paid for doing what?? Making bad signings Silva for not playing our best players we need BLUE BLOOD in CHARGE that's Eddie HOWE for me please b4 it's too late

    • peter brown
      peter brown Month ago +1

      Getting paid to look like the new james bond , without the fit birds and good signings

  • Fish Man
    Fish Man Month ago +1

    Pool fan here. Yes we could’ve have scored more and were the better side. Unfortunately for you guys is it’s such small margins that went our way and not yours. Trent was lucky to stay on the pitch and the penalty decision was 50/50 but went our way. This is the difference when you’re at the top compared to teams are struggling.

    • Fish Man
      Fish Man Month ago

      jwgeezer yes it is wide the gap which is worry for you but it’s wide between us and most of the league. Yes even if you’d equalised then we may have stepped up but sometimes when things are bad luck deserts.

    • jwgeezer
      jwgeezer Month ago

      We had our moments after getting back to 2-1 but even if we'd equalised, Liverpool would probably have gone up the gears. The gap is wide.

  • Alan Bennett
    Alan Bennett Month ago

    If the top men can't make a decision to sack him what other bad decisions are they making at the club, that we don't here of.

  • Ben Martin
    Ben Martin Month ago

    There's more to meets the eye about us yano. Something terrible is going on.

  • Michael Harrison
    Michael Harrison Month ago

    No leaders, no hard edge, soft, rudderless... I don't like our players, our recruitment has been utter shite..... When moshiri came in with all that money we got big headed and this is the reality check. Compare that squad to the squad ten years ago, no characters, no identity..... So sad

  • Gareth Belton
    Gareth Belton Month ago +4

    I’m a red but feel for yous, this league needs the derby, you’ll get there blues 🔴🔵

  • grim jimbo
    grim jimbo Month ago

    Came here to gloat but how can you! This looks like a broken fan just can't do it .I do hope everton turn things around though the prem would be a worse place without the toffee' s.YNWA.

  • Dave Crawley
    Dave Crawley Month ago +3

    This is interesting insight: the Liverpool replacements were dying to take their chance, this is a rarity, this is a thing Klopp has only recently developed. It is bloody hard to achieve.
    We Liverpool fans talk about Klopps “no dickheads” recruitment. It has made a huge difference. We hire decent people (Oxlade) who are also technically excellent. We also have a side full of leaders. This is again a hard thing to do.

  • Peter Robinson
    Peter Robinson Month ago

    I am a LFC fan but think you guys were unlucky. No way will you get relegated. You need to keep Sliva and give him time. Don’t start changing things at least till the end of the season. We want derby games and you guys in the premier.

  • Ryan Morris
    Ryan Morris Month ago

    We could actually go down. We need to wake up to the fact that this actually could happen.

  • Rory Sullivan
    Rory Sullivan Month ago

    What's the worst that can happen? You get relegated. So what. Let's have it right, teams like yours and mine are only really making up the numbers anyway. Long gone are the days of me being terrified about what could happen to my football club. Time and time again the clubs and the league shaft the fans at the first opportunity. Take up painting.

  • Boy Racer
    Boy Racer Month ago +8

    Everton fans are a credit to their club for showing solidarity with the justice for the 96 campaign

  • gcarlin199
    gcarlin199 Month ago

    We desperately need an CM and a CB in January window!