Lexus ES 2019 in-depth review - see if it’s better than a BMW 5 Series?

  • Published on Mar 12, 2019
  • This is the Lexus ES! This hybrid Japanese saloon is designed to take on top-of-the-range competitors such as the Audi A6 and Mercedes E-Class. The exterior design certainly stands out compared to the more ‘conservative’ and well-known German models, but can it do enough to disrupt the high-end saloon market? Stick with Mat in his latest in-depth review to find out!
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Comments • 1 787

  • carwow
    carwow  6 days ago +248

    Sorry we missed it off guys, but so you know the average MPG we achieved in the ES was 46mpg!

    • Games, Simulatoren and More
      Games, Simulatoren and More Day ago


    • Theodore Vasilopoulos
      Theodore Vasilopoulos 2 days ago +1

      +Nikola Milovanovic couldn't agree more

    • japanluv
      japanluv 2 days ago

      Meanwhile the 2012 GS looking quite attractive. I dont want a FWD Lexus. Makes you think its a Luxury Camry.

    • Tom 86
      Tom 86 2 days ago

      Carwow's camera's can see better than my eyes

    • John Sluder
      John Sluder 5 days ago

      carwow the older ES and LS were better.

  • Mohamed vipps
    Mohamed vipps 3 hours ago

    Mat needs a new car

    INUMIMI28 Day ago

    5 Series Rival: 🤔
    Arteon Rival: 😃💡

  • Earl balance
    Earl balance Day ago +1

    This was a misleading review ,first the Lexus ES does not compete with the E Class or The BMW 5 series, it compete with the 3 series and C class.

  • GrrMeister
    GrrMeister Day ago

    *You hit the nail on the head straightaway at **00:49** **_"Strange Looking Grill"_** Looks like a cheap Toaster or Fry Pan to me, very odd. Hand Stitched by Robot Workers in China at **1:21** and of course it is actually a 'Toyota' with a Lexus Badge so can charge $5k more. Seen enough at **8:50** and off to Mercedes*

  • Chibunkem Ugwuoke

    1:16 it looks like :/ face

  • Goyam Jain
    Goyam Jain 2 days ago

    14:10 😂😂

  • agfx000
    agfx000 2 days ago

    Why do you conceal the carwow score?!?

  • Tech Time
    Tech Time 2 days ago +2

    2.5L AND an electric motor and it has 218bhp... what... how...? Were they ACTIVELY TRYING to create a less powerful unit? And it’s not like 46mpg real life is anything to argue the case for those numbers.

  • Work Ethics
    Work Ethics 2 days ago

    Bettered by the Germans......right up until 2 years after you buy the German car, it drops 30% and value, and you've spent thousands on repairs from engine leaks to electronic malfunctions. You lease German cars because they're cool and have good performance but are shit after the first few years. You actually BUY a lexus because it works for over a decade.

  • M Daniyal Umer
    M Daniyal Umer 2 days ago

    It really looks like Toyota Avalon .. isnt it ?

  • Keybraker
    Keybraker 2 days ago


    ACC QPQP 2 days ago

    like the updated format of the video and slightly longer video as well

  • J21364
    J21364 2 days ago

    How can we compare a hybrid lexus with non-hybrid german rivals !

  • Dr Sandeep Parwaga
    Dr Sandeep Parwaga 2 days ago

    Lexus always gives the vibe that it is posh from the outside, but when you see the inside it just doesn’t hold up overall.

  • Gevorg Nazaryan
    Gevorg Nazaryan 2 days ago

    All that is fine and dandy but it’s still a from wheel drive :(

  • snmthecloser
    snmthecloser 3 days ago +1

    Gotta love the blatantly racist & stereotypical Asian "sword scream sound fx" you so delicately chose after your quirky Japanese sword quip. I’m sure Asians will definitely not be offended at that at all...

  • W S
    W S 3 days ago

    I think this "compared to Germans" is extremely stupid, because it takes the combination of good things of three different German cars to beat this Lexus. Can you say the A6 is better than the ES in every way let alone overall? Also the Lexus is cheaper to buy and own.

  • Paddy Mc
    Paddy Mc 3 days ago +1

    Damn that front grille looks amazing! The inward bend is much sharper and more pronounced than usual, I love how psychedelic it is, like I've eaten a mushroom and now all the lines are converging and spiraling. It's the best version of the new Lexus front grille yet.

  • muhammad naveed
    muhammad naveed 3 days ago +3

    Compared to Germans.................
    When the hell would you get rid of this non sense, sarcastic and degarding sentence, its been a real shame how deep you are influenced and impressed by those german fancy stuff bypassing reliability, efficiency and strong build quality etc.

  • 10482021 080253
    10482021 080253 3 days ago

    Exterior looks hideous

  • inflow divide
    inflow divide 3 days ago +1

    So beautiful

  • ivelinrb
    ivelinrb 3 days ago

    Guys, is it possible to review the Lincoln Navigator? It would be interesting to see an European take on the car.

  • vecernicek2
    vecernicek2 3 days ago

    This seat that moves backwards when you're getting out is just soo stupid. Is it designed to crush your dogs, guitars, groceries or whatever you put in the rear footwell? Why the heck they didn't think of this? I can press a button myself when I want my chair move, thank you very much!

  • Nintendork
    Nintendork 3 days ago

    How to make a car dashboard complicated for the sake of looking like a fancy disco computer :D

  • Daniel G
    Daniel G 4 days ago

    35k for ES or 55k for 5 series... hmmmmmm

  • Niels Møller
    Niels Møller 4 days ago +9

    Bad plastic - try the new Audi A6..... (mothers of bad hard plastic)

  • shamil khatri
    shamil khatri 4 days ago

    5:50 finally we see the camera man in the door pillars XD

  • Tamás Pataky
    Tamás Pataky 4 days ago

  • Peter Smith
    Peter Smith 4 days ago

    Shame about the Brummie accent.

  • TransmissionLineDesigns

    Nearly 12 mins of feckless features and less than 3 mins driving. Oh well, there's always the Savagegeese Channel!

  • Dan Francis
    Dan Francis 4 days ago

    That gopping awful grille though

  • Dort Kommen Die Clowns NPC #627185

    My God this car looks horrible! My rubber boots look more stylish 👢

  • John Greer
    John Greer 4 days ago +1

    Why would you need to put child seats in the back? If you have a Lexus your grandchildren will be in their thirties.

  • 510RSe
    510RSe 4 days ago

    Hang on, how slow is it?!

  • Chris Wright
    Chris Wright 4 days ago

    I remember when Lexus had decent cars back in the day now there making shity hybrids these days what idiot wants an hybrid!!!

    • Ben Huang
      Ben Huang 3 days ago +1

      A lot of people want a hybrid. It's time to get off your high horse.

  • Ron Power
    Ron Power 4 days ago

    That no no.

    RITHEESH N.G 4 days ago +3


  • egzon 79
    egzon 79 4 days ago

    14:16 hahahahahahahah 😂😂😂😎

  • taylors munich
    taylors munich 4 days ago

    The front grille is just so ugly !

  • Eric Grimm
    Eric Grimm 4 days ago

    tiguan r line vs audi q5 vs peugeot 5008 drag race plzz

  • Asa kevios
    Asa kevios 5 days ago

    What an ugly car! That grill is the worst!!

  • Zombatar 2000
    Zombatar 2000 5 days ago

    Every lexus exterior looks amazing even the wheels but the interior is so shitty

  • raj patang
    raj patang 5 days ago

    how much money you take from audi to promote their car?You are too baised so make another channel naming it audiwow..............

  • MotorBloxx Cars
    MotorBloxx Cars 5 days ago

    Yawn...I prefer the German alternatives

  • Ge tri
    Ge tri 5 days ago

    i like this Lexus grille than the net version

  • John Persson
    John Persson 5 days ago

    5:51 camera man!

  • Aniket Khade
    Aniket Khade 5 days ago

    Just a expensive Camry.

    • Ben Huang
      Ben Huang 3 days ago +1

      Does this mean the A6 is just an expensive Passat?

  • Aktywine
    Aktywine 5 days ago

    Might wanna fix your phone

  • John Sluder
    John Sluder 5 days ago

    The Bonnet and the "boot ". LOL.

  • Roy Manyara
    Roy Manyara 5 days ago

    I could see myself in this

  • Source!!!
    Source!!! 5 days ago

    I'm surprised the Lexus ES didn't park by itself. It looks and performs more like a glorified Camry than what a Lexus should.

  • Setu Gupta
    Setu Gupta 5 days ago

    I remember when this channel had like 23k subs. Like 4 years later I come and the channel has 1.8m!! Wtf.

  • Vience Attar
    Vience Attar 5 days ago +1

    Yeah it’s better than Bmw 5 series

  • 3addaso
    3addaso 5 days ago

    The ES should compare to C class and 3 series not 5 and E. The GS is the one to compare to those 2. while LS compares to 7 series. so you are harsh on it but this is much better than C class and 3 series.

    • eRZé
      eRZé 4 days ago

      3addaso: The GS is being phased out, this is what you're getting instead. The IS is the competitor to the 3 Series and the C Class.

  • Benny Benben
    Benny Benben 5 days ago

    Just another Toyota

  • natnut2008
    natnut2008 5 days ago +1

    Forgot to mention it's much cheaper than the Germans for the same number of features while being more refined and reliable.

  • JesseFernandesTV
    JesseFernandesTV 5 days ago +4

    Japanese engineering has always been #1. Sorry not sorry, facts!

    • JesseFernandesTV
      JesseFernandesTV 3 days ago

      tibchy144 The S class doesn't copy specifically. In general Mercedes has copied Lexus in things such as interior features such as automatic seating in lumbar support, done first by Lexus might I add. Cooled seats which were done by Lexus first. In general Mercedes has copied off of Lexus for years

    • tibchy144
      tibchy144 3 days ago

      +JesseFernandesTV can you point out some of the features that mercedes copied from lexus? as far as i know mercedes s class has always been a benchmark that everybody else looked up to.. lexus being no exception since their first LS

    • JesseFernandesTV
      JesseFernandesTV 3 days ago

      +tibchy144 first of all, when I say engineering I'm talking about reliability and the way the engine is built. Second of all, if you did any research you would know that the Mercedes has copied Lexus in many ways over the years so the fact that something from Lexus resembles Mercedes it's probably because mercedes copied

    • tibchy144
      tibchy144 3 days ago

      i guess that's why they copied the center console lid from previous generation s class

  • Malope Charles
    Malope Charles 5 days ago

    I thought you gon announce 50 most annoying things about this car, because everything is wrong about this car

  • Jasser Ramirez
    Jasser Ramirez 5 days ago


  • Aaron Song
    Aaron Song 5 days ago

    The only sales points are reliability and fuel efficiency.

    • Paul J
      Paul J 3 days ago

      Which begs the questions why even buy if having a proper sport's luxury car is your prerogative. There is a reason why my Dad who is 75 years old bought a Lexus LC 500 instead of the AMG or BMW M.

  • Ashvin Ambegaonker
    Ashvin Ambegaonker 5 days ago

    I really loved the town side review. Depicts the actual usage instead of speedway usage.

  • Dasan Jebashaker
    Dasan Jebashaker 5 days ago

    Well the N64 is also Japanese so can you blame them?

  • scruffs
    scruffs 5 days ago

    Ligers don't look like that

  • Suhana maliyat
    Suhana maliyat 5 days ago

    Shittiest review ever

  • J024
    J024 5 days ago

    Legit who cares about the rear view cam resolution.... it;s good enough to see and you have sensors that assist you anyway.

  • Cesar Castillo
    Cesar Castillo 5 days ago

    Mat you are definitely one of the best reviewers around. Are you going to the 2019 NY auto show??

  • REDPOWERable
    REDPOWERable 5 days ago +1

    I thought that first joke was about Toyota Camry and its clone.

  • Ray Wei
    Ray Wei 5 days ago

    14:20 The lack of engine response is pretty much a repeating theme in all Toyota cars, they don't like to be floored

  • Zlatko C
    Zlatko C 5 days ago

    Ugly crap

  • Martin Smith
    Martin Smith 5 days ago

    Looks like shit. It's crap technology and they lie about self charging. Toyota is dead

  • Knight Industries
    Knight Industries 5 days ago +1

    I love the new ES. It's really kind of its own thing rather than a straight E-Class/5series competitor (that's the GS)..and in my country (Australia) it's a price class below too. Best thing is that 4 or 5 years, someone can buy one of these knowing it will cost a lot less to keep on the road than a European equivalent.

  • Ryan Frisby
    Ryan Frisby 5 days ago


  • Florin P
    Florin P 5 days ago

    Finally they redesigned the front with the grill and the eyes ,she became a real beauty now 😍

  • bftb
    bftb 5 days ago +1

    God, Lexus' are so unbelievably ugly.

  • I Gaskell
    I Gaskell 5 days ago

    I test drove one recently, and at 6’2” tall my head touched the roofline meaning I needed to tilt my neck to fit. As you can’t despec the sunroof, this discounted the car. You don’t have that with a 5 series, E class, or A6....

  • B Kovacs
    B Kovacs 5 days ago

    This is such a German biased review even for Matt. Don't worry about reliability or that the Germans are a whole lot more expensive and half as reliable.

    • Paul J
      Paul J 3 days ago

      We won't since many people just lease the cars. You go on about reliability which I agree LEXUS is KING in that department. However the Germans are better at literally ever single thing else. Look how horrible there Infotainment system is. They are almost 2 generations behind the German who are the leaders in UI. The Interior is cheap, I mean after all this is nothing more than a gloried Toyota Avalon with a face lift and upgraded interior. So how is he being biased?

      Look we all agree Toyota is reliable and the ES is a proven reliable car that drives with no emotion or any fun factor. If someone does a review on maintenance and reliability then there ES with get glowing reviews.

  • Ionel Țipau
    Ionel Țipau 5 days ago

    Your cameraman whears glasses? 😁

  • J A Z Z P E R
    J A Z Z P E R 5 days ago

    With a grill like this I wouldnt even buy it for a €1000. O boy that infotainment mouse system.

  • Richard Gledhill
    Richard Gledhill 5 days ago

    Nice shape, shame about the ‘boat race’.

  • Tom
    Tom 5 days ago

    The new reviewing style is a good improvement, especially the sound effect when you mentioned the sword thing and the part where you compared it to a teenager were hilarious! Awesome editing!

  • Panji Gutomo
    Panji Gutomo 5 days ago

    just buy a new camry...same car but cheaper

  • Nadia Winning
    Nadia Winning 5 days ago

    400 quid wow

  • HesteBremse
    HesteBremse 5 days ago

    Good Review - not my kind of car. 218 HP for such a large car with hybrid does not sound like a lot these days. I would like Lexus to go much more through with it, not just trying to keep at par with its rivals or rather at least in certain areas quite under par. You either choose e.g a top model Mazda or you get one of the Germans rivals or what about a Volvo. This Lexus still feels like it sits somewhere in between "Wanna Be" and "Wanted to be" - They have not really managed to pull their DNA and conceptual guidelines throughout the car - In fact it is difficult to say what really spurs on the production of this particular vehicle other than offering an Asian alternative that could be so much better. I guess it is a decent and comfortable car for the money but that is about it.

  • Josh Leivers
    Josh Leivers 5 days ago

    That’s one ugly ass car

  • HughAss SukMikeHok
    HughAss SukMikeHok 5 days ago

    Why is it so loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong

  • Jp
    Jp 5 days ago +1

    The rear could look more agressive, the infotainment system needs huge improvement and the buttons /Centre Console needs a new layout and the seats need to be electric and foldable

  • Mehmet K.
    Mehmet K. 5 days ago +1

    Germans high level👌

  • Paul Baker
    Paul Baker 5 days ago

    LED’s are not bulbs!

  • Leonidis78
    Leonidis78 5 days ago

    A Full size TV is not really needed.

  • Leonidis78
    Leonidis78 5 days ago

    Ill keep my M5. Thanks

  • Keith D
    Keith D 5 days ago

    too much of the pointing hand cut away/ infill other than that all is good😁

  • JDM Guy
    JDM Guy 5 days ago +1

    Stunning car inside and out. Lovely job Lexus.

  • Sruli Engelstein
    Sruli Engelstein 5 days ago

    I like your window quietness OCD !!!
    On a serious note, part 3:20 till 4:20 is shot in a really good way !

  • 99Lezard99
    99Lezard99 5 days ago

    it looks very good. interior also very nice beautiful design there. as for the infotainment im sure its by far not as bad as they make it out to be. just needs a bit more to get used too. and of course its got a little less room in the trunk. its a hybrid.

  • Nabil Sabli
    Nabil Sabli 5 days ago

    1.8 million subscribers and counting

  • Francois Gultig
    Francois Gultig 5 days ago

    The rear just looks awful. The GS still looks better and i am sure will even drive better

  • Samsung Galaxy S7
    Samsung Galaxy S7 5 days ago

    Man, this car seems boring. Like, REALLY boring. Better get a 530e if a hybrid is necessary

  • Sunny Singh
    Sunny Singh 5 days ago

    Didn’t even click the video and I already knew it wasn’t better than a 5 series 😂 realistically, 5 series might be the best all round car at the moment

  • Paul Lockwood
    Paul Lockwood 5 days ago

    But it looks awful Matt. Sorry. Isn't 50% of a cars appeal that way it looks? Surely.

    • Paul Lockwood
      Paul Lockwood 3 days ago

      +Ben Huang I get that looks are subjective, but it looks too plain to be at that executive level of the market. Each to their own I guess.

    • Ben Huang
      Ben Huang 3 days ago

      But aesthetics are subjective, so that distorts the supposed 50% figure a fair bit. Besides, aren't people more concerned with performance and practicality?