Lexus ES 2019 in-depth review - see if it’s better than a BMW 5 Series?

  • Published on Mar 12, 2019
  • This is the Lexus ES! This hybrid Japanese saloon is designed to take on top-of-the-range competitors such as the Audi A6 and Mercedes E-Class. The exterior design certainly stands out compared to the more ‘conservative’ and well-known German models, but can it do enough to disrupt the high-end saloon market? Stick with Mat in his latest in-depth review to find out!
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Comments • 1 696

  • carwow
    carwow  2 months ago +323

    Sorry we missed it off guys, but so you know the average MPG we achieved in the ES was 46mpg!

  • Danidu Pathirana
    Danidu Pathirana 2 hours ago

    My dad bought this car yesterday its actually my most favorite car from all my dads cars. It's just soooooooo good 😍😍😍

  • golfmaniac007
    golfmaniac007 Day ago

    those tingy plastic on a luxury car is a travesty. is cost cutting to ruin the name label worth it?

  • dalton knox
    dalton knox Day ago

    A comparison with Merc or BMW only becomes meaningful after 100,000 miles, by which time you will have saved thousands on maintenance and repairs. If, however you only keep cars for 30,000 miles, then you may as well buy German.

  • Frankie Felony
    Frankie Felony 2 days ago

    This is the most British man I have ever listened to

  • jarfors
    jarfors 3 days ago

    The sword metal thing made me CRACK. UP.

  • 500302
    500302 4 days ago

    Cadenza looks and has better features

  • Jor Cap
    Jor Cap 4 days ago

    The intro was funny

  • loo lolo
    loo lolo 5 days ago

    Awesome car. I love it. German lovers are so frustrated 😂. I see salty comments 😂

  • Frank Magana
    Frank Magana 5 days ago

    A lexus with cheap entry level plastic? Noooooo, i cannot believe it!

  • RandomTechS@#T
    RandomTechS@#T 5 days ago

    Too much Camry :(

  • Dani
    Dani 6 days ago

    5:49 you can see the camera dude.

  • Truth Seekers
    Truth Seekers 6 days ago

    Would be more reliable than any German.

    • qsn
      qsn Hour ago

      How do you know? It's a brand new model, maybe it will be less reliable than a Dacia while Audi A6, E Class or 5 series will last 500k+ kilometers? Why do you judge cars reliability while it just came out? That's so fucking dumb.

  • Imaxx Immink
    Imaxx Immink 7 days ago

    Lexus basking whale

  • Valayar Checkpost
    Valayar Checkpost 8 days ago

    You're still just a Toyota to me Lexus...

  • mgmcd1
    mgmcd1 8 days ago

    This was a very good honest review. I bought this model in the states, and love it for my commute. I’ll concede the shortcomings. They are much cheaper to repair than the Germans, and the brakes last to 150K miles since The regenerative braking takes most of the load. My fourth Toyota / Lexus hybrid in 15 years, and this one is the best at disguising the CVT’s motorboating noise. 🤓

  • MDDeGrande1994
    MDDeGrande1994 8 days ago

    It still looks and feels cheap though (in a way). Yes, I know it's a lot cheaper than its German rivals, but it's a LUXURY car and it misses that expensive and luxurious car "vibe" (if you know what I mean). After all it's built by Toyota's LUXURY/PREMIUM brand but I still feel like I'd be driving a regular Avalon/Camry (or whatever it's based on)... Why?

    • Frank Magana
      Frank Magana 5 days ago

      MDDeGrande1994 because its a toyota. Toyota cannot do good quality materials. If you want good quality materials from the japanese, honda and mazda. I have driven several hondas and acuras and the interior quality is just so much better. Like the starter button on them is that red metal button that looks pretty cool and is high quality as an example

  • Iron Shaft
    Iron Shaft 9 days ago +5

    Just got myself 2016 lexus es350, fuel economy could be better, but overall I am satisfied with this purchase that will last me the next 10 years

  • BSJ
    BSJ 9 days ago +1

    Why does Britain still put the steering wheel on the wrong side? That's so weird!!!

  • Vtec Tan
    Vtec Tan 11 days ago

    it cost like an new 3 series...

  • Monir Mualla
    Monir Mualla 11 days ago +1

    sooo good looking car

  • Family Guy yahoo
    Family Guy yahoo 11 days ago

    BMW better

  • superweh
    superweh 12 days ago

    why on earth can't any car company build a car with japanese reliability and german performance & styling? is it really that hard?

  • Brenton L
    Brenton L 15 days ago

    Just a quick note regarding the small bumps around town in the Lexus, I've noticed that Lexus have all the ES 300H tyres pumped up to 45 PSI not sure why as compliance plate advises that 18'' tyres should be 37 PSI this makes a huge difference in comfort over those little bumps and noise levels on motorways. I made the change on mine and much better.

  • tudo podjhou
    tudo podjhou 16 days ago

    Better than a 5 series? Nooooo

  • ಕನ್ನಡ ಮೊದಲು KannadaFirst

    This Japanese car is not as bad as you claim it to be.

  • aditya shubham
    aditya shubham 17 days ago

    That steering wheel is the most boring one I have seen so far. I can't believe Lexus can't make it nice looking. 3:32 for your reference.

  • Josh Magara
    Josh Magara 18 days ago

    Love the look on the inside. Cannot stand the look of it on the outside. Think it look hedious

  • Dandre Davis
    Dandre Davis 20 days ago

    It's better than a 5 series,when it comes to reliability

  • Snoop-Dogg views
    Snoop-Dogg views 22 days ago

    I lick dogs

  • Mine Daddy
    Mine Daddy 22 days ago

    Is 350 review?

  • Joshua Campbell
    Joshua Campbell 22 days ago

    Not a match for the 5 series in any way.

  • mipmipmipmipmip
    mipmipmipmipmip 22 days ago

    the design takes some getting used to

  • No Name
    No Name 23 days ago

    Looks shit

  • John Anderson
    John Anderson 24 days ago +2

    If this was badged with Audi it would be 50 percent more expensive...

    • qsn
      qsn Hour ago

      nah, Audi's interior looks better than this ass crack and materials are glorious, unlike Lexus, which is made out of frozen semen.

    • wholeNwon
      wholeNwon 23 days ago

      And half as best.

  • HappyEmigrant
    HappyEmigrant 24 days ago

    11:28 FWD for this price tag... fail

  • [BRS001]
    [BRS001] 25 days ago

    ES like S class or sony ES xD

  • yappatalk
    yappatalk 25 days ago

    Looks nice but a hate fwd cars

  • Seiko Watch
    Seiko Watch 25 days ago +1

    It’s certainly better than my 5 series that I had. Lexus keeps running flawlessly well into the years as the miles piling up without having issues.

  • Daniel Cyril
    Daniel Cyril 26 days ago

    i see you 5:51

  • James Nguyen
    James Nguyen 26 days ago

    I owned a Toyota for 5 years, bought it when it was 2 years old, I did ZERO maintenance on it, no oil change no maintenance whatsoever (I didn't even know that I was supposed to take it to shop for regular maintenance), only replaced battery 2-3 times and tyres as the usual, and maybe light bulb, and guess what, that Toyota car served me well, it never broke down, the only issue i had with it was when I had an accident and the car sat in the repair shop for over a month which then caused me trouble. Now I own a Lexus ES for 4 years now, bought it when it was 2 years old, done some little maintenance on it except recently haven't got time to take it to shop. And guess what, it still serves me well, zero problem and it works and it works and it works and it drives like new. You want reliability? You want a Toyota & Lexus.

  • It's Ders Mane
    It's Ders Mane 26 days ago

    2:52 the sad part about that is that Lexus pioneered the infotainment in cars, and the in the LS 460 it was the most intuitive infotainment of it's day. You could still say that a 10 year old Lexus touchscreen is as easy to use as an modern Android smartphone

  • Bekir Breikh
    Bekir Breikh 26 days ago

    Too expensive for what it is ! (Prefer an Audi than that)

  • Victor miranda
    Victor miranda 27 days ago

    I know whats wrong with it, the steering wheel is on the wrong side lol

  • ruzzell907
    ruzzell907 28 days ago +2

    The only downside is that it's front-wheel drive.

  • luis lee
    luis lee 28 days ago

    Imo Lexus is staying pretty behind in comparison of their germany competitors. They share same engine with toyota, their sporty version are not fast like sporty version of german car and man they don’t even bother to change their software car system.

  • nic louw
    nic louw 29 days ago

    Wow, that’s incredibly ugly...even by lexus standards of decidedly odd design.

  • 김지헌
    김지헌 29 days ago +1

    To me, ES300H is better than BMW 5 series.

    • Joshua N.
      Joshua N. 27 days ago

      Agreed, but I feel like the 5 series sets a low bar for the segment. The E-class/ES/A6 are just so much better in the interior.

    SAMPSON LEEVON Month ago

    I love it's styling.

  • JH P
    JH P Month ago

    Dude mercedes have the most plastic materials in the interior!!! Bmw is the best and lexus is quite good then audi then mercedes benz chinese car lol

  • JH P
    JH P Month ago

    Lovee matt yet he's racist sometimes when reviewing asian cars hahaha dickhead lol

  • manu mr
    manu mr Month ago

    Reliable car for 950000 miles,better than crap bmw's

  • MadOne
    MadOne Month ago

    Just watched 5 series review. He said the middle seat is high, but the car is wide, so its OK. Now contrast that with this car review.

    About what expected from a European reviewing non-euro cars.

  • Resort K
    Resort K Month ago +1

    My friend bought a ES300h and I bought a 520i. Luxury feeling? Definitely THE 5, for both interior and driving.

    • Resort K
      Resort K 5 days ago

      Aswin BUC If you open and close doors, CHEAP feeling. Maintenance cost probably is the most advantage of this brand.

    • Aswin BUC
      Aswin BUC 6 days ago

      What about the exterior and maintenance costs

  • Jonathan Wilcox
    Jonathan Wilcox Month ago

    I'm in the RAF and more than happy to try out the Lexus based aptitude test😆.

  • Patrick J
    Patrick J Month ago +3

    at least Lexus doesn’t burn oils and use cheap plastic

    • Frank Magana
      Frank Magana 5 days ago

      Patrick J i cant tell if this is sarcasm, ive had multiple toyotas burn oil and the plastics they use are the worst in the business

  • Lanciarules
    Lanciarules Month ago +1

    if you drive on The right side of the road, like most part of the world, you will have the infotainment system control on your right hand, that it is very practical, since most part of the people are right handed

  • myvolvoforlife
    myvolvoforlife Month ago

    Why is the A pillar interior trim black when the rest of the headliner is beige???

  • 22chachalaca
    22chachalaca Month ago

    Isn't the price of an ES350 considerably less than that of an e-class? I know it is in North America, by almost $20,000. So why is it being compared to one?
    Oh and it's much more reliable, lower cost of ownership throughout the years of ownership as well.
    The ES350 is for someone who can just barely afford the E class but would feel a lot better to save a little money and have 95% of the experience.

    • qsn
      qsn Hour ago

      in Europe, difference is like 1k €, running costs here are the same, Mercedes has better material, infontainment system and etc., whilst carwow is British. So, Lexus obviously loses in every way possible.

  • Ionut
    Ionut Month ago

    We all know it's a piece of s..t... oh wait, this is a Lexus, I was talking about the German cars.

  • eventis7
    eventis7 Month ago +1

    First and LAST review by this channel. What a complainer

  • Yaraş Saydaliyev
    Yaraş Saydaliyev Month ago

    4:47 You can scratch easily bcoz ur nails looks dirty and long

  • anonymous
    anonymous Month ago

    lmao its based off an avalon, never meant to be a 5 series beater

  • Pramit Nandi
    Pramit Nandi Month ago

    Man it looks old

  • JH P
    JH P Month ago

    Infotainment system by japanese is super very f-ing complicated becuase they're asians!!! All geniuses and expect everyone else to be as smart as them! They dont know that asians are always better and smarter so please make it simpler and easier like how apple does. And how trump talks. Make it simple easy to use!!!

  • Car Craze
    Car Craze Month ago

    This vehicle will outlasts that bmw or Mercedes by two-three folds

  • banderastube
    banderastube Month ago +1

    Lexus : best reliable luxuryous cars

  • Daniel Martinez
    Daniel Martinez Month ago

    This competes with the 3 Series in the States. How does Lexus expect to compete with the 5 Series using this.

  • Super Gaming Swe Sixtensson

    can you do a review of Lexus nx or ux hybrid

  • CJ
    CJ Month ago

    This car is amazing. It's diferrent in the best way than German rivals

  • ロングアイランドアイスティー

    im just wondering which country matt especially like for car

  • Coasterfan 119
    Coasterfan 119 Month ago

    Face Reveal! 5:52

  • Ayoub Faisal
    Ayoub Faisal Month ago +2

    It's really fun watching your videos. I hope you do a review of RX 450hl. Thanks!

  • Mark Muller
    Mark Muller Month ago +1

    Buy the ES, lease the BMW

    SATIZ PULAMI Month ago

    Never heard talking about Volkswagen when he review Audi something hidden ??

  • Eden 1135
    Eden 1135 Month ago +2

    It should be the GS that is here, I'm really confused about the ES segment. It's just above GS or below

  • yusef qudah
    yusef qudah Month ago +6

    I will tell you something
    Compare the lexus GS to e class and audi a6 because they are from same segmant

  • Henry Discipline
    Henry Discipline Month ago

    Lexus ES=Total Shite.

  • Bob Cutty
    Bob Cutty Month ago

    It’s the most reliable car brand in the world - you forgot to mention.

  • Makizee 6.0
    Makizee 6.0 Month ago

    Well...the Germans beat it at falling apart quicker, funny you didn't think of that.

  • lorensg7
    lorensg7 Month ago


  • Daniel C
    Daniel C Month ago

    ES is basically the camry. Built with mostly the same parts suspension& damper settings under. How can it be compared with 5series. Should’ve been compared with fully loaded ford fusion or cadillac or hyundai genesis.

    INUMIMI28 Month ago +1

    I think it’s bit of a stretch to actually look it as a E-Class or 5-Series rival, it’s originally $39,950~55,000 car, it’s more of Arteon or in US Lincoln MKZ rival, and the car’s materials, technologies, performance will be like $39,950~55,000 car no matter how higher the price it will be in other countries.

  • donkeydicked
    donkeydicked Month ago +1

    Sequential indicators that Audi copied from Lexus who had them first 😊

    • INUMIMI28
      INUMIMI28 Month ago

      It’s actually a Mustang, surprisingly. I wouldn’t say both copied it though because no one noticed

  • Brenton L
    Brenton L Month ago

    Please compare apples with apples I bet that the same priced German cars don't come close with features of the Lexus, also lets see how many squeaks the German cars have compared to the Lexus have had both and I know which will hold up better.

  • Desmond  Cheung
    Desmond Cheung Month ago

    matt can u please explain the ES in relation to the GS?

  • mena seven
    mena seven Month ago

    Beautiful, comfortable and reliable Lexus ES 2019

  • Mood 19
    Mood 19 Month ago

    Way better than money grabbing machines at all.

  • wellington z
    wellington z 2 months ago

    Look, LIFT!

  • Taaniel usta
    Taaniel usta 2 months ago


  • Eissa Shamrani
    Eissa Shamrani 2 months ago

    Didn't his accent changed a bit at 2:55?

  • Nile Jones
    Nile Jones 2 months ago

    Damn this car really sucks. What happened to you guys. Lexus used to be prestigious, now its kinda egregious.

  • Nike Huang
    Nike Huang 2 months ago

    What color is the car in this video?

  • SΛM
    SΛM 2 months ago


  • Doctor Kaos76
    Doctor Kaos76 2 months ago +2


  • Rob S
    Rob S 2 months ago

    I loved seeing cute English villages during the drive test!

  • Mohamed vipps
    Mohamed vipps 2 months ago

    Mat needs a new car

  • Earl balance
    Earl balance 2 months ago +1

    This was a misleading review ,first the Lexus ES does not compete with the E Class or The BMW 5 series, it compete with the 3 series and C class.

  • GrrMeister
    GrrMeister 2 months ago

    *You hit the nail on the head straightaway at **00:49** **_"Strange Looking Grill"_** Looks like a cheap Toaster or Fry Pan to me, very odd. Hand Stitched by Robot Workers in China at **1:21** and of course it is actually a 'Toyota' with a Lexus Badge so can charge $5k more. Seen enough at **8:50** and off to Mercedes*

  • Chibunkem Ugwuoke
    Chibunkem Ugwuoke 2 months ago

    1:16 it looks like :/ face