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  • Published on Aug 6, 2019
  • Videoclip oficial Delia
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    Delia - Dragoste cu Dinti
    Muzica: Delia Munteanu
    Text: Delia Munteanu
    Productie: Alexandru Cotoi
    (C) & (P) 2019 #GlobalRecords
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  • condeescu adrian
    condeescu adrian 2 days ago

    cind da Dumnezeeu talent ,chiar da , si frumoasa foc si cu talent vocal de exceptie ! Deja o iubesc !

  • Gabriela Murariu
    Gabriela Murariu 4 days ago

    Ador această melodie, atât de realistă și cu un text care transmite emoție!

  • Superbet Superbetsuperbet

    Nu veti simnti dragostea adevarata niciodata ati ales faima mizeria mandria aroganta sunteti vai de capu vostru si nici nu aveti habar ...o sa fiu criticat pentru ce am spus dar sunt liber sa o spun voi liberi sa o spuneti ..

  • Stefan Baiatu
    Stefan Baiatu 7 days ago

    Frumos, felicitări!

  • daniel danciu
    daniel danciu 11 days ago

    Prea tare piesa...e geniala.
    Instiga la a face multe lucruri...e o capodopera!!!Felicitari!!Suna bestial si textul e dementiaaallll!!!!

  • MusicCharts TV
    MusicCharts TV 11 days ago +1

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    • Firstname ZLast
      Firstname ZLast 9 days ago

      Un fleac !

    MIDO VISION 14 days ago

  • jun ming王
    jun ming王 14 days ago

    Dragosta 1 album thanks delia
    It’s the only way I find your song
    Brush your tounge and gums love
    And wash your clothes by hand lol no

    • Firstname ZLast
      Firstname ZLast 9 days ago +1

      They Live! Movie = Filmul EI Traiesc!

  • farshad namdari
    farshad namdari 14 days ago

    Hi lawrence robert wid again. They are treating me as a “ditch prostitute” here in turkey. Which yes. Does get men or women killed and is very risky behaviour to treat a foreigner from any nation when turkey was historically known as the immigrant nation. So thank you delia. I wish we could have chatted sorry i missed our planned met and greet for your acadelia tour. What really. Just missed our. Out. You should see how pretty airports think i am now. That matters aa much aa looking like a village idiot instead of townie and yes my body is that hardcore pretty for once in my life as i diet always. You should see all my lifr dieted more than anyone it is sad usa was so wrong on diet for slow metabolism people really
    Love you delia

  • احمد محمود النساج

    Hi. Lawrence Robert Widman Juniour. Still on my way to the jail with 10 more immigrants. They have my belongings in edirne turkey a border town. And keep trying to send me to border. I went to georgia and macedonia. From plane. People in ohio usa know i use this as my blog since facebook deletes me all the time. Also this is my my kids need my belongings They are keepsakes. Im trying i really do love you

  • farshad namdari
    farshad namdari 14 days ago

    Hi Delia its lawrence robert widman juniour again i love you and am writing again from transporting to istanbul jail. Look. Read. I do know you care i feel your spirit like i feel my sons and sure most men in jail dont deserve to be there
    The biggest thing is turkey has my belongings
    And i wrote everyone i know in america to let them know this is my blog
    Dragosta is the worst word in the romanian language and that is a nasty picture
    Thank you for the blog delia i love you. So does my son lucas which is true this little blog helps my family so i donyt tgank you

  • Ak YK
    Ak YK 15 days ago

    Puțini abonați Delia
    Acum văd de ce

  • Monica Beatrix Dobran
    Monica Beatrix Dobran 15 days ago


  • Sebi Sima
    Sebi Sima 18 days ago

    Iartă-mă ca vorbesc vulgar dar dacă te-aș prinde te-aș viola baby!!!😉😘😘

  • MsMatt40
    MsMatt40 19 days ago +1

    Vai de capul meu !!!! daca asta se mai numeste muzica e clar

  • Daria Doma
    Daria Doma 20 days ago +1

    Nu-mi place 👎🏻

  • Valentina Balan
    Valentina Balan 20 days ago


  • Mada Florin
    Mada Florin 21 day ago +1

    De cacata:))))

  • Razvan Neagu
    Razvan Neagu 22 days ago

    Cand dragostea-i nebuna
    Cand dragostea-i nebuna
    Te loveste in inima minti❤
    Astept mesaj

  • Maya Gabriela Bucurel
    Maya Gabriela Bucurel 22 days ago +1

    Dea întrebarea mea este dacă câți dorești copil

  • Elena Gusa
    Elena Gusa 24 days ago

    Sună foarte mult ce ceea ce canta Ariana Grande. După ce am ascultat această melodie, aș putea spune că se vede că Delia ascultă mult Ariana!

  • misscriss unique
    misscriss unique 24 days ago

    O supermelodie

  • Ale Vel
    Ale Vel 25 days ago +6

    Ok guys, serios, muzica românească e atât de frumoasă! Și Româna e extrem de muzicală! Greetings from un băiat din Italia care a învățat-o🙂💯

    • Firstname ZLast
      Firstname ZLast 9 days ago +1

      Noul Tinut Promis.

    • MusicCharts TV
      MusicCharts TV 11 days ago

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  • Roxana Ioana Ciciu
    Roxana Ioana Ciciu 25 days ago +1

    Ah... sunt moarta dupa lenenria de pat alba pe pat, nu e nimic mai frumos. (Vorbind de paturi) si melodia asta usor abstracta e bomboana de pe tort. 😍

  • Toby Spyke
    Toby Spyke 26 days ago +1

    o mare porcarie---ce titlu de cacat dragoste cu DINTI, repede si behaie de cateva ori acelea si cuvinte si gata melodia. nu am suportat creeatura asta cu fatza de vampa niciodata

  • grigoras valentin-cristina

    Si pe mine ma chiama delia

  • Giorgia Chiquita
    Giorgia Chiquita 28 days ago +1

    Wow! ❤️❤️❤️

  • ikwirul j
    ikwirul j 29 days ago +1

    Sami sugi coaiele sunt nick sti tu cine muflex mai faci draguta mea stiu ca iti place

  • Evelina Xonia
    Evelina Xonia 29 days ago

    Delia ❤👑

  • رحلات في تركيا


  • رحلات في تركيا

    8 im not sure what the police is doing but they have my passport and my pen lol. i have a bag. with a tshirt. and coca cola from macedonia. and water. 1350 euro in western union. how does that sound ohio usa. fair enough for you rich cats to donate to europe someday so they can plant food trees before everyone on earth runs out of oil?

  • رحلات في تركيا

    8 im not sure what the police is doing but they have my passport and my pen lol. i have a bag. with a tshirt. and coca cola from macedonia. and water. 1350 euro in western union. how does that sound ohio usa. fair enough for you rich cats to donate to europe someday so they can plant food trees before everyone on earth runs out of oil?

  • رحلات في تركيا

    instanbul farms? at least this car ride is during the day for this ohio farmboy.farms. right near the airport. lovely apricots and tomatoes in turkey. sheep farms though..they say doctor. at least they gave me my coca cola from worked hard at burger king putting trays and chairs away at the airport! and yes. i saw the hills of macedonia. which is a

  • رحلات في تركيا

    did you know delia did romania's new years eve bash in bucharest dec 31st 2018? i did, that was televised on their national tv broadcast. i watched from main square bucharest because delia is romania's most popular artist, ohio..

  • رحلات في تركيا

    try spending 9 months in psych wards over 4 years you start respecting freedom a bit more. and good people like delia matache who notice when an american really cares enough about her to say bye to her after her concert dec 27 2018 in sorry i missed your meet and greet acadelia concert. i was stuck in constanta and they had no direct train travel to that city by the republic of maldova i wanted to see you at in concert. poor planning that was a busy februrary for me! i miss romania. i really do. bought a lot of nice things there. edirne turkey cannot keep my belongings.

  • رحلات في تركيا

    pli ill play your song for these guys ill

  • رحلات في تركيا

    now they want to send me to a hospital what? i just want my money from western union 1300 euro oh delia 3 days in jail was fine.l??

  • رحلات في تركيا

    delia chooses:
    video with "dragosta" worst word in the romanian language per me, it means "dragon"
    then her picture. when i was a child we saw on pbs our public tv station a lion crying in a zoo.
    then you start the video and delia is in white bed sheets.
    like really comment? uh huh
    this is my personal blog. i emailed it to every american i knew.

  • رحلات في تركيا

    "village girl from radnevok xxx gay porn". type into google. you can find my 1 minute and 45 second self porn taken from my computer still at that hotel in radnevok, bulgaria. because. it is. my belongings got stuck there when i crossed the border to turkey. i am still 5 kg overweight in that movie. try spending 9 months in prizon psych ward prizon. 2016-2019. yes well. that is why i left america. jail this turk jail in istanbul is nothing compared to psych wards. secondly for the city of edirne to keep my belongings is that "fuck you lawrence"

  • رحلات في تركيا

    delia thank you for your help
    lawrence robert widman juniour

  • رحلات في تركيا

    delia its lawrence robert widman juniour again. my last comment got deleted from mohammed the white boy
    so. time for a joke.
    lawrence spent 36 of 39 years as

  • REYCorp
    REYCorp Month ago

    love it!

  • ioana Lavinia
    ioana Lavinia Month ago

    Divina piesa asta

  • Anda
    Anda Month ago +1

    *Not the first, not the last. I m a normal girl, I see Delia, I press like.*

  • Mohammad Kahkeshani
    Mohammad Kahkeshani Month ago +1

    Delia i listened to you and uddi in the studio at thejail jail here with the men thcwe listened about half way told them w he was from pakistan she from romania they have belongings at a bus station in edirne the police do other wise i would have left turkey for anywhere greece or macedonia macedonia is better

  • Mohammad Kahkeshani

    Lawrence W Robert Widman Juniour police officers are destroying my life i am using this mans phone in INSTANBUL JAIL edirne the border city just handcuffed and sent me by plane to macedonia now im in a jail first night was shipped to border 3 times last week been in jail for almost a wekk turkey is a police state i kept writing on my yahoo mail for notes on my phone but that is out of service cause i cant pay my bill in jail and western union wouldnt give me my money in edirne even with 4 cops there macedonia was nice very much my people EDIRNE had 3 day holiday last week no money western union still poor in bulgarian 4 miles greece 2 miles people drive cars but wont spend money obviously they wanted that said and yes abusing mother nature is what is happening all over europe cmon delia we should buy a farm you should retire

  • Adrian Tinta
    Adrian Tinta Month ago

    De la 50 mil de vizualizari ai ajuns la 2 ?

  • Asta la victoria! Siempre!

    wow, o noua piesa din opera Delia. Cred c a dansa a ajuns un superstar foarte indragit si tot mai multi devenim fani ai unei adevarate dive. Sa o iubim mai mult si sa sustinem proiectele sale si sa fie adorata de toti.

  • Florin Baluta
    Florin Baluta Month ago +1

    până mă cac

    • Florin Baluta
      Florin Baluta Month ago

      din iubirea noastră de când am luat în cap Bă prostule

  • eliza gheorghe
    eliza gheorghe Month ago

    Superbă piesa.bravo Delia

  • Mabel
    Mabel Month ago +1

    Stai, credeam ca o cheama Delia Matache🤔

  • vega s
    vega s Month ago +1

    Pacat de Delia. Are voce, are prezenta scenica. In schimb..are numai lalaieli patetice in loc de cantece.

  • Karolyn Karmen Olivia Ligh

    Esti o proasta nici macar nu te mariti si esti batrana

  • Mela Neagu
    Mela Neagu Month ago +1

    Este genul rihanei acesta melodie 😂

  • Alexandra Pîrvu
    Alexandra Pîrvu Month ago

    De ce nu te apuci de vlog?

  • Ionel Nastase
    Ionel Nastase Month ago

    Te potrivești cu dorian😏😏😏😏

  • Mona 94
    Mona 94 Month ago

    Foarte frumoasa melodia si versurile, insa merita un videoclip cu o poveste... la fel de frumoasă ca si melodia.

  • Livia Petre
    Livia Petre Month ago

    Super piesa, soft..iti da o stare de weekend, te imbratisez Delia.. 🤗❤️😍

    SAMMY GAMMER Month ago

    Super !!

  • Paul's Vlog
    Paul's Vlog Month ago

    Videoclipul foarte frumos dar eu personal nu mă simpt atras de această melodia,poate urmatoarea.🤗