Ray Borg Reflects On Conor McGregor’s Bus Attack, Eye Injury, ‘Sad’ State of Online Trolls, More

  • Published on Apr 11, 2018
  • Ray Borg speaks to Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour about the Conor McGregor bus attack at UFC 223, his eye injury from the incident, what's next for his career, and much more.
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Comments • 329

  • eCstaTicBomB
    eCstaTicBomB 2 months ago

    I'm pretty sure everybody commenting is just proving his point

  • Easta bad Bunny
    Easta bad Bunny 5 months ago

    How do you wear glasses and get glass in your eye?

    • USER 1
      USER 1 5 months ago

      you know theres a reason why protective goggles are different from from glasses

  • JLDoubleU
    JLDoubleU 6 months ago +1

    Why tf so much hate for Borg? Wth did he ever do wrong? He's a great fighter that doesn't have a very casual-friendly style

  • Gorgeous George
    Gorgeous George Year ago

    Conor needs to pay him. This is a hugely negative experience for him.

  • Ian Magistrado
    Ian Magistrado Year ago

    how come he looked fine after Chiesa got cut? that's weird.... that's really weird....

  • Peaking Mantis
    Peaking Mantis Year ago

    Ariel stop being a cuck you know damn well you don't believe that Borg was injured

  • Michael Hill
    Michael Hill Year ago

    I guess this guy has no lawyer since if he had one they would tell him not to talk to the media especially about feeling better. He should in the very least be able to sue Conor for the money he lost on this fight.

  • jamiejack 69
    jamiejack 69 Year ago


  • GBLynden's RC
    GBLynden's RC Year ago

    I am glad he got another fight booked and that his eye is good. If he does indeed sue Connor after saying everything he said here then I will have no respect for him. If he doesn't, he will have a new fan.

  • Kraffhics Collective

    Need to count how many times Borg says “you know”

  • Kaizen Mckenzie
    Kaizen Mckenzie Year ago

    Borg didn't want to fight also Joanna coach said Borg was wearing his glasses and now is trying to sue Conor

  • Brendan Gray
    Brendan Gray Year ago +1

    but he had massive glasses on?

  • Asura K
    Asura K Year ago

    lol watch 3.24 onwards, didnt ray just admitted to rubbing his eye.....

  • Derek Benavides
    Derek Benavides Year ago

    He just mad cuz DJ schooled him

  • Evan Donohue
    Evan Donohue Year ago

    I don't understand he had glasses on and seemed fine right after the dolly got threw through the window

  • redwood original
    redwood original Year ago +1

    Ugh!!! 😲😱😲😱😲😱
    I am SO SICK OF HEARING about this fraud!

  • Stev3
    Stev3 Year ago +1

    Conor should pay whoever didn't get to fight out of his own pocket and more

  • logioso
    logioso Year ago

    I will sue Conor for not allowing me to watch Ray fight

  • Alok Dutta
    Alok Dutta Year ago

    I though you are smarter then this....call us fans idiot wow
    No respect for you

  • jake birch
    jake birch Year ago

    I believe if Ray Borg and Brandon Moreno did fight Brandon Moreno would have won by unanimous decision.

  • Black Iverson
    Black Iverson Year ago

    Foooookin weasel

  • Roman T
    Roman T Year ago

    Why does the guy pay attention to the internet?

  • victor avell
    victor avell Year ago

    What fans?!

  • lupehn
    lupehn Year ago +1

    Cmon Ariel you know this weasel is gonna sue!

  • lupehn
    lupehn Year ago +1

    Doesn’t he wear glasses? Lmao 😂😂😂
    Good one Borg!

  • JeepZJ 101
    JeepZJ 101 Year ago

    Ray Borg fed the trolls 🤣

  • Said Elbiev
    Said Elbiev Year ago

    Ignore these fat kiddies who don't know sh** about life. Go out and do some sport at least instead of insulting disciplined and hard working people like Ray Borg.

  • vinny scott
    vinny scott Year ago

    ray had glasses on ??!!! and u can see him in the vid veryyyyy clearly zerooooo reaction to anything in his eyes !!! WTF

  • Uncaged
    Uncaged Year ago

    Dude sounds like a desperate loser trying to cash in on insurance fraud

  • No Excuses
    No Excuses Year ago

    Come on guy WHY WOULDN'T HE BE WILLING TO GET OFF THE BUS ya gotta stop being such a snowflake reporter and asking stupid ass questions

  • Trap Home
    Trap Home Year ago

    He’s only 24 already fought for a title so young doesn’t deserve the hate

  • loveforthe90s
    loveforthe90s Year ago +1

    Ray is such a wimp

  • Jamie B
    Jamie B Year ago +1

    No one likes Ray Borg

  • Paul Welsh
    Paul Welsh Year ago

    MMA fans are the worst. It was a different story 10 years ago. Some of the coolest fans ever. Whenever something gets popular, though, it always attracts retards.

  • Joseph Lee
    Joseph Lee Year ago

    Ray is a douchebag liar!!

  • omega
    omega Year ago

    "Conor McFuckingGregor wounded my eye out of the clear blue nothing. I can't believe it. This is the best thing that's ever happened to my career." - Ray Borg

  • Bishop Magic Don Juan

    I didn't believe him because I noticed the glasses hearing him explain totally believed him sorry Ray Borg...

  • Alex Tellez
    Alex Tellez Year ago +1

    All these guys "wanted" to get off the bus but the truth is no one had the balls to do it, there we no alpha males in that bus

  • tommaso Mark
    tommaso Mark Year ago +1

    This little cry baby

  • Adams Riding Life

    Pay borg.......

  • C K
    C K Year ago

    A professional athlete addresses pathetic online trolls and then the video gets a bunch of thumbs down. How ironic.

  • Chris R
    Chris R Year ago +1

    "I can give two shits about suing Connor" yeah right! Ray Borg has more fights hes pulled out of than wins

  • Thetraveller Lightbringer

    they exadurated the injuries... yes it could be worst, but the way dana white talked i knew already basicly almost nothing happend to the fighters

  • jas c
    jas c Year ago +4

    3:47 "I personally didn't want to see the doctor, but was advised to become a drama queen to get a taste of the mcgregor welfare"

  • Fearny95
    Fearny95 Year ago

    Hahahah sit down

  • Anonymous Tracks
    Anonymous Tracks Year ago

    Conor McGregor, for me, was the reason as to why I began martial arts and for that I am grateful and thankful. But he is not the same Conor McGregor now that he was when I looked up to him. His behaviour was absolutely disgusting and I am ashamed to say that I am a fan of his after that incident. I pray for Ray and Michaels recovery, both great fighters!

  • Shady Lurker Gaming
    Shady Lurker Gaming Year ago +4

    Ray Bog sounds like a moron.

  • Contiusa RIO
    Contiusa RIO Year ago

    Yeah, the glasses sometimes help to hold back the specks and deflect them to your eyes. Glasses provide some protection, but in the case of a rain of glass from an angle above, it might even be worse to be wearing them.

  • ClareyB2011
    ClareyB2011 Year ago +1

    Ray ‘Cash Grab’ Borg

  • Greg James
    Greg James Year ago +49

    Soon as he seen it was Conor, he rubbed his eyes up. Little fooking weasle.

    • drz
      drz 6 months ago

      Emjays Cat Why would Conor smash Ray Borg? They were not enemies.

    • Emjays Cat
      Emjays Cat Year ago

      he IS a weasle..and conor WOULD HAVE smashed him if he got off the bus!

    • Fre Di
      Fre Di Year ago

      Greg James 😂

  • Marcus J
    Marcus J Year ago

    1 meter 10 let that sink in guys he cant even be at window height.

  • TheOlzee
    TheOlzee Year ago

    Conor should turn up to court in a bus

  • Marley HP
    Marley HP Year ago

    corneal abrasion is a medical term for a Scratch on the eye!!

  • Ritc hie
    Ritc hie Year ago +2

    This incident is staged, from Conor and his thugs let in the area to awesome video coverage to Dana quickly interviewed about the situation and asked if he was going to fire Conor for this situation and doesn’t know ( but fires Jason High for shoving a ref) to Part of the incident makes it in the UFC 223 Vlog (huh)

  • 4point3 Productions

    did he just say out of the woodwork?

  • G R
    G R Year ago

    What's with the Everton FC cup?

  • JFomo
    JFomo Year ago

    You have to admit it was a pretty good throw. Those dollies are about 20kgs.

    • MotorCityOctane
      MotorCityOctane Year ago

      Watch this I couldnt stop laughing thexvid.com/video/6aOnhg9kTkI/video.html

  • Migg
    Migg Year ago

    Borg has a point there, some MMA fans seem like they came right over from the WWE fanbase....

  • 94butterdbread
    94butterdbread Year ago +1

    Looking for some McGregor bucks

  • kiely 456
    kiely 456 Year ago

    i bet Conor is somewhere right now bench pressing dolly's lol

  • Dane-Jah
    Dane-Jah Year ago +7

    Ray "I can't see anything, but Conor's Millions" Borg

  • R&T M
    R&T M Year ago

    i don't really like borg but i agree with him .

  • Elad Lazin
    Elad Lazin Year ago +2

    All my instincts tell me he is a joke.
    Don't believe one word

  • Gman M
    Gman M Year ago

    Yes Ariel is a Everton fan, I’m from Liverpool.

  • Arch Angel
    Arch Angel Year ago +2

    Smartest thing this runt did was stay on the bus!

  • Kim Yung ill
    Kim Yung ill Year ago +1

    We should change his name from Ray to Red and Borg to Panty


    I was listening to the interview. It's sad that people would accuse Ray Borg I faking his injuries to his eyes so we can sue. That is totally disrespectful to Ray. In my opinion Richard Sue Conor McGregor. He could have hurt the fighters in the bus seriously.

  • Mega Monkey
    Mega Monkey Year ago

    All you fools saying Borg put glass in his eye just to sue Conor.....
    I used a angle grinder wearing sunglasses and got a little, little piece of metal, no bigger than a grain off salt, in my eye. It didn't hurt or anything, just irritated a little and i made the misstake off rubbing my eyes. Next day when i woke my eye was completely blood red hurting like hell. So i had to go to a eye doctor to get the piece removed. The doctor said after that i could lose some eyesight, but thank god that didn't happen. I still have an scar after it that i can see if i look really closely in the mirror.
    You might think that regular glasses protects you just because it covers your eyes. But like in my case pieces can bounce off your face to the inside off your glasses right in to your eye. Also, those side windows on an bus are unlike the windshield, actually made to shatter. This is because if the bus crashes and gets tipped over and catches fire, then you can break the glass and escape.

  • shwayTV
    shwayTV Year ago +2

    lol he's lying I doubt anyone made fun of his family

  • usssanjacinto1
    usssanjacinto1 Year ago +1

    Its amazing how Ray looked fine in the video after the glass particles went around his glasses and into his eye. He wasn't squinting with pain. Ray was so far away from the window, whatever. When dust particles got into my eye, I was squinting and my eyes were shut and it wasn't glass particles.

  • masterfool 6
    masterfool 6 Year ago +5

    If I pull down my eye like that it would look red he's a wimp wants easy pay day

  • masterfool 6
    masterfool 6 Year ago +4

    No glass went in little wesal

  • Chartered
    Chartered Year ago

    Dude is going to fight in a cage against another world top 10 killer and instead gets glass in his eye through the actions of a selfish thug. Ignore the McGregor trolls - huge respect, Ray.

  • Graham Gallagher
    Graham Gallagher Year ago +1

    He wiped his eyes,with glass to get a few quid, smart lad

  • dejesus32
    dejesus32 Year ago

    Lmao Ray Borg is an idiot! He's talking about fighting to get a check for his son yet he doesn't want to sue the guy who has threatened that.

  • wyldeman7
    wyldeman7 Year ago

    If that beam wasnt there someone could have really got hurt. Thank for fir the based beam

  • P.ointless C.ombat P.odcast

    Ray "the rat" borg

  • Dog On Dog Action
    Dog On Dog Action Year ago +1

    How is he able to give interviews with bad eyes?

    • MotorCityOctane
      MotorCityOctane Year ago

      Interviews. His eyes were good enough to tweet right after, then DELETE the tweet and go to the hospital

  • Jonbombs
    Jonbombs Year ago

    Borg vs Bisping for the Cyclops Belt
    Kevin Lee vs Colby Covington for an internship with the mac life
    Make it happen Dana

    • MotorCityOctane
      MotorCityOctane Year ago

      You forgot
      Conor vs Bus
      Tony vs Cable
      Brock vs USADA
      Now thats a card!!!!

  • MrBrenman21
    MrBrenman21 Year ago

    There was nothing wrong with his eye. Every contracter has gotten little pieces of glass and wood in their eye. It's nothing to cry about. I doubt his vision is affected. Corneal means the white of the eye.

  • David Hwang
    David Hwang Year ago +9

    Little twerp

  • David Hwang
    David Hwang Year ago +4

    Ray borg is a nobody and now he's on every press thanks to mcgregor...ray borg should THANK McGregor for even having a little bit of limelight

  • XymXir
    XymXir Year ago

    I hope he recovers fully...thankfully he had glasses on

  • lup starr
    lup starr Year ago +7

    You know damn well hes going to sue McGregor!order of protection is a dead giveaway.

  • julio colon
    julio colon Year ago +18

    This dude sounds like me when im trying to get paid by car insurance co. Your full of it Ray !

  • Anton Oroz
    Anton Oroz Year ago +13

    Ray "Milk City" Borg

  • ThAdonis
    ThAdonis Year ago +2

    cryBorg gonna make mad paper for a bit o pink eye.

  • Seth Stidams
    Seth Stidams Year ago +3

    I garuntee you stuck your finger in your eye before you went to hospital. Safety glass does not shard idiot , it crumbles in round pieces which will not go through your glasses

  • Seth Stidams
    Seth Stidams Year ago +2

    Arielhelwani- it shows in episode 11 anotomy of fighter ray borg was wearing glasses and it showed close ups of his face for two minutes and nothing was wrong with him , not even a scratch. He is poking for lawsuit.

    • Chong Yang
      Chong Yang Year ago

      Seth Stidams straight up!

    • MotorCityOctane
      MotorCityOctane Year ago

      Not to mention Borg tweeted right after then DELETED his tweet

  • Goodser
    Goodser Year ago +3

    NO GLASS ON HIS FACE IN VIDEO. NO REPORTS OF DAMAGE IN VIDEO. Once he saw they got Conor on Video it's pay day, no need to make weight. POS

  • Blackrock Rugby
    Blackrock Rugby Year ago +2

    Little bit of glass and there all sueing Conor.

  • Liam miller
    Liam miller Year ago +18

    As if ray borg has fans 😂

  • Boom boom Coyle
    Boom boom Coyle Year ago +1

    Little weasel can't fight he's irrelevant. All he will be relevant for is the dirty rat who went to court begging for Conor's money

  • USER 1
    USER 1 Year ago

    the comments are of delusional mcnuthuggers who think ray faked it

  • Ayrton Abundance
    Ayrton Abundance Year ago +3

    I saw ray borg's face for a second after de bus window was smashed and ray did not seemed hurt in neither of his eyes plus he was wearing glasses and he did not even seemed upset

  • G.I. JANE
    G.I. JANE Year ago

    Don't sweat the internet, Ray. Especially comments from most UFC fans. They're just dumb comments but they'll still watch your fights.

  • Khalil Aziz
    Khalil Aziz Year ago

    what logical reason is there for all the dislikes?

  • Joe Joe
    Joe Joe Year ago

    Huuuuuge pay day!!!!! But i feel bad for these guys.

  • Stiffler
    Stiffler Year ago +4

    Ray you wouldn't have done shit😂

  • SailorSam
    SailorSam Year ago

    "They wouldnt let us off the bus" lol old man stops Khabib's whole team and ray borg from getting off the bus to fight conor