J.J. Abrams Has The Script For 'Star Wars: Episode IX'

  • Published on Feb 22, 2018
  • 'The Play That Goes Wrong' co-producer J.J. Abrams is in possession of something he isn't always lucky enough to have ahead of a 'Star Wars' movie.. a script for said movie.
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Comments • 4 283

  • The Emperor
    The Emperor 6 days ago

    IX is gonna be like Trump....no class

  • helen rro
    helen rro 8 days ago

    He is a incredible and talented director, I love his movies ❤And I can't wat to see ep. 9

  • Anoymous 2000
    Anoymous 2000 9 days ago

    Aka return of the rehash

  • Qweq Qweq
    Qweq Qweq 25 days ago

    Marvel started doing a standard operating procedure where they works on scripts for years with multiple writers and directors doing rewrites sometimes, and they budget in reshoots their actors are required to do. Not including all their movies, but the good ones at least it seems. What does star wars do?

    ...no really I want to know, what the hell are they doing? Lol.

    • Qweq Qweq
      Qweq Qweq 25 days ago

      Oh ya. And marvel typically tries to stick to the source material as much as they can and even go so far as to rely on it was a formula for success.

  • Qweq Qweq
    Qweq Qweq 25 days ago

    Does Colbert always have his guest sit down before he does and just stand there for no reason like an idiot Everytime? I heard someone mention it and didn't think anything of it. But now I notice it happens every time since then. And im just wondering. Is it really EVERY TIME?
    And if so Maybe he's doing it so they can edit it for time or something, add or subtract a few seconds or so as needed? I have no idear. But maybe he's just a dick.

  • Mendes117
    Mendes117 Month ago

    You have to save us

  • Lew Stone
    Lew Stone Month ago

    JJ sucks!

  • Captain Andrew Armstrong

    J.J. Abrams, the man who single handly fucked up every memory from my childhood/young adulthood. Wonder if he will do the E.T. refuck.

  • Mike Wazowski
    Mike Wazowski 2 months ago

    A standing ovation? For fucking what? Him? Good grief...

  • ky34 5
    ky34 5 2 months ago


  • David Kang
    David Kang 2 months ago

    red flag when you need to do pr to announce you have a script for a movie with a locked in release date

  • Turrican
    Turrican 2 months ago

    "kicks so much ass" - What? I find Colbert to be utterly intolerable. He and Trevor Noah should be dropped down a well.

  • Lease
    Lease 2 months ago

    Episode nine is not in safe hands.

  • thecannibal
    thecannibal 2 months ago +1

    haha no wonder Rian is so salty

  • At War With Superman
    At War With Superman 2 months ago

    Yep Chris Terrio IS a genius

  • Pipacs Levendula
    Pipacs Levendula 2 months ago

    What an arrogant money-centric asshole...

  • L D
    L D 3 months ago

    First he just lied...weeks later it turns out that he said in another interview didn't finished it. So I hope Colbert ask him about that (he won't) Second he was hired to write a trilogy and he just left some "ideas" for the next director to pick up where he left the movie. How irresponsible is that? This is not a TV show like Lost where you screw us up or Fringe. YOU JJ are the reason Star Wars got destroyed because you were unable to come up with a script and you had to copy almost episode 4. Your ineptitude will follow you no matter how many free shows you give

  • Efrei Angels
    Efrei Angels 3 months ago

    Hope he doesn't kill off Reylo.

  • Timothy Burgett
    Timothy Burgett 3 months ago

    We all know jj is a nerd come on he basically made a game where doom and wolfenstein collide

  • Barbie Blacksheep
    Barbie Blacksheep 3 months ago

    I wish JJ wou;d do a star wars story explaining the fall of the Imperial fleet at Jakku, then making sense of Jakku and why there is Imperial remnants and scrap on it... making sense then of 6 leading to 7, obviously showing the new republic and the start of the first order ?

  • Alvrium Eleris
    Alvrium Eleris 3 months ago +1


  • Anthony Joseph
    Anthony Joseph 3 months ago

    The ass kicking comment is true imo. I was NOT an early fan of this show but damned if Colbert didn’t win me over!

  • Ian H
    Ian H 3 months ago +1

    He’s like a manic Spielberg

  • Powers
    Powers 3 months ago

    I want see again snoke 😪

  • RushHour77
    RushHour77 3 months ago

    There's a 98% that he might just toss it into a fire and start from scratch and try to prove his "Mystery box" point.

  • ShreyasBytes
    ShreyasBytes 4 months ago +1

    These people in the comments are acting like J.J Abrams directed the last jedi

    • L D
      L D 3 months ago

      From what I now he was hired to write the new trilogy. Instead he convinced and decided Disney that he would live some "ideas" for however took over the new film to continue. Sadly they either ignore his ideas or didn't like them, but a lot of people believed that he just copy episode 4 and wash his hands. Now he has to fix a broken legacy. Again Disney might have ignored his "mystery box ideas" but he was very irresponsible of not make solid characters.

  • No Smoke
    No Smoke 4 months ago +1

    Harrison Ford saw the scripts for the trilogy and said kill me off in the first.

  • Monitory Report
    Monitory Report 4 months ago

    He has the script does he ? Wonder if it’s 2ply or just the basis 1.

  • Trilha Vital
    Trilha Vital 4 months ago +2


  • Femboy 87
    Femboy 87 4 months ago +1

    Ok the most unfair thing here is that winy star wars fans are judging Abrams based on one franchise. Like fuck off, I'm tired of seeing comments like "he's a horrible director." Or "He ruined star wars forever." First off obviously plenty of you haven't seen his previous work, and second, people throw a fit when star wars 8 did not deliver on expectations and then just say it's the worst movie ever. Like guys, it was a decent movie with plot holes. but it had plenty of cool things in it to keep me entertained. also grow up star wars fans! Your making Steeler Fans look like Quire Children! You act like its the end of star wars when truth be told, it will never die. You salty idiots are letting a franchise defeat you. just sad lol i like the new franchise movies and i think Abrams is a very good director who doesn't deserve the hate he is getting. So sense i don't mind getting hate or criticism, COME AT ME BITCH FIT STAR WARS FANS! lol :D

  • t Warrior_21
    t Warrior_21 4 months ago

    Gezz um fuck y'all are hard please

  • Dominic Goodson
    Dominic Goodson 4 months ago

    People hated the prequels ... HOW IS DISNEY GOING TO OUTDO EPISODE 3

  • Alvrium Eleris
    Alvrium Eleris 4 months ago


  • Alvrium Eleris
    Alvrium Eleris 4 months ago


  • Laser Face
    Laser Face 4 months ago +1


  • Doctor Boot
    Doctor Boot 4 months ago +1

    2 thousand virgins are afraid of "space cooties" and new "ideas"

  • Junior Noir
    Junior Noir 4 months ago

    Was he being sarcastic that star wars fans are easily pleased? Because they're not 😂😂😂

  • MetalBlade81
    MetalBlade81 5 months ago


  • Welfare Queen
    Welfare Queen 5 months ago

    I LOVE Liberals they pay me not to work! Gracias

  • Phil Low
    Phil Low 5 months ago

    Don’t care. Not gonna see IX. I love how they are bringing Lando back last minute as if that is supposed to make up for it. Have Luke go get his fathers lightsaber out of the ocean where he threw it and then we can talk.

    • WAusJackBauer
      WAusJackBauer 3 months ago

      They're only bringing Lando back so they can kill him off lols

  • AtrHoliday
    AtrHoliday 5 months ago

    This movie will woefully underperform

  • Petar Kružić
    Petar Kružić 5 months ago

    J.J. look at these comments. Look at them, people hate you and your dumb disney movies. Star Wars finished with episode 6. I will not watch your movies and give you money

  • jollymagnum
    jollymagnum 5 months ago


  • Henrik van Walsum
    Henrik van Walsum 5 months ago

    His tie is way too long

  • hyas corp
    hyas corp 5 months ago

    1.59 is he auditioning for Star Wars...?

  • Kami Kim
    Kami Kim 5 months ago +3

    We want Reylo. That's all. 3 hours only Raylo pliz.

  • Bigtime Highlights
    Bigtime Highlights 5 months ago +5

    JJ Abrams far better than Rian Johnson

  • Qwerty
    Qwerty 5 months ago

    Good luck putting out that dumpster fire ..

  • Mace Windu
    Mace Windu 5 months ago

    I hope JJ Abrams does better than Rian the destroyer of star wars

  • William Howle
    William Howle 5 months ago

    I swear to god if he didnt address the mary sue-ness, snope, luke, and the knights of ren, there's going to be hell to pay

  • Rapland De
    Rapland De 5 months ago


  • The FIRE trilogy
    The FIRE trilogy 6 months ago

    I have faith in jj abrams

  • Noah White
    Noah White 6 months ago

    Buys the entire audience tickets to a comedy THAT NIGHT...
    And people don't like this guy.

  • AntacidFish
    AntacidFish 6 months ago

    Which Star Wars movies did he do?

  • Skeeter McTavish
    Skeeter McTavish 6 months ago

    PC culture just talking into a mirror here, I think I'm going to be sick. It's the worst to be an anti-PC liberal...

  • Gordon Smith
    Gordon Smith 6 months ago

    I cant wait not too see this movie, i hope it flops and the studio loses millions.

  • Joel Shashikumar
    Joel Shashikumar 6 months ago


  • Good Krypollo
    Good Krypollo 6 months ago

    Star wars is gay. Give us more cloverfield movies!

  • Doi Doi
    Doi Doi 6 months ago +4

    The script is probably a list of every made up gender, why women are oppressed, why being white is evil, and every SJW thing you can think of with lightsabers and the force.

  • russianinc1
    russianinc1 6 months ago

    The dick who fuckt up Star Wars

  • Esaie Prince
    Esaie Prince 6 months ago

    ARMY Frogs are trained and battle tested
    Long nights wide awake- unrested
    Marine Toads Bout Bare chested
    Gain rank after being selected
    Frogs are agile, fierce, competitive, and athletic
    EEL will shock THE WORLD…electric
    Cain Toad imply Viking battle tactic
    Air Force Frogs soar though the night on humming birds
    Toad communicate with Lizards using signs not words
    Air Force Frogs master the Bow -arrows hit the mark
    None is more Powerful- than a Frog name Dart
    Dart Frog can kill even when not there -solitary not one to share
    After Dart passes through an area -traces of poison lingers everywhere
    A POWERFUL TOAD named Goliath quotes "best not to feud with who i ally with!
    Toads unearth precious stones -then, mold into medieval weapons
    Hammers, Mallets, spears, armor- respond with aggression when threaten
    Confrontational, built for battle in physical stature
    Goliath Toad’s manner when in danger is Berserker
    Loud croaks seldom whisper
    Toads construct armament using gem and mineral
    Both species are nocturnal -
    willing to sacrifice to obtain all that is essential
    Everything is Done for honor. Recognition and glory
    Conquer foe for trophy and victory
    Fly through the air with an Eagle
    The Harpy is powerful, intelligent, and regal
    To Toads the Lake is an ocean
    When hunting fish - a reel life and death situation
    If you are a Hunter - death is a real tradition
    Living in a vast rainforest - sounds dangerous
    Battle cries in every chorus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JKees
    JKees 6 months ago

    Colbert and Abrams. Couple of dumb c*nts.

  • geminiwolf91
    geminiwolf91 6 months ago

    The Last Jedi annoys me so much that it made me desperate enough to think that maybe just MAYBE JJ might do something to save Star Wars. Maybe it's wishful thinking but I don't know I just want a good Star Wars movie damn it. Why is that so hard to ask for?

  • Kevo
    Kevo 6 months ago

    We don’t care about the last film in the trilogy anymore! Last Jedi killed it

  • Donnie Gonzalez
    Donnie Gonzalez 6 months ago

    I can't wait to see star wars epesode 9

  • 4c1dr3fl3x
    4c1dr3fl3x 6 months ago

    JJ sounds more like he should be a Campaign manager than a Director
    That deflect was Level: Master

  • Elard 245
    Elard 245 6 months ago

    Star wars fans ruined star wars

    PSYCHE DELIC 6 months ago

    J.J. actually have different story for ep. 8. But we all know where it went. Compared to Rian, he is not that bad. But Gareth Edwards is the best director in my opinion. He knew Star Wars by heart and even visited tatooine. Rogue One was a good storytelling, and gives chills to the audience.

  • Frank Walline
    Frank Walline 7 months ago +4

    Help us JJ Abrams you're our only hope

  • Trevor Hirsch
    Trevor Hirsch 7 months ago

    Why do you all applaud such a pathetic being traitors...

  • Trilha Vital
    Trilha Vital 7 months ago

    RIP Star Wars......

  • KronnangDunn
    KronnangDunn 7 months ago +3

    "...and it won't make any difference. IX is gonna flop".

  • MattWagnerMovies
    MattWagnerMovies 7 months ago +3

    I'm very excited, I have great faith in JJ Abrams as he did an phenomenal job on 7. TLJ I liked enough, but 7 was amazing so I'm very excited about 9.

  • Marcus Tulius Cicero
    Marcus Tulius Cicero 7 months ago

    When old Fan movies are better than TFA and TLJ combined.....
    This is Echo Base#4, Scandinavia, boycott cannon prepped and ready to cover escaping fan transports.

  • Casual Gamer
    Casual Gamer 7 months ago

    Can't wait for episode 9!

  • Master Chief
    Master Chief 7 months ago

    Why are people complaining about JJ? TFA was pretty good, at least it was a Star Wars movie and expanded on the universe compared to that shitshow TLJ

  • nimbus cloud
    nimbus cloud 7 months ago

    I don't see a single positive thing in this whole comment section, that's kinda scary 😂 lol

  • Superman
    Superman 7 months ago

    Star Wars Episode IX: Another Death Star

  • Selena Pama
    Selena Pama 7 months ago

    I would rather have JJ Abrams direct Star Wars than have Rian Johnson ruin the series again.

  • Scott Singley
    Scott Singley 7 months ago +1

    I trust J J to repair most of this mess Honestly he really GETS IT and loves Star Wars He is a classy guy and puts a lot of pressure on himself to create great movies We will see

  • Rons Arcade
    Rons Arcade 7 months ago

    Nothing like two Democrats brown-nosing each other.

  • Tech Master
    Tech Master 7 months ago

    Im a simple guy
    They fix it i watch it

  • Jamie Kelly
    Jamie Kelly 7 months ago

    Wow their doing everything but sucking each other off!

  • Karim K
    Karim K 7 months ago +1

    People complain (rightfully) about Kennedy and Johnson ruining the franchise, but do not underestimate Jar Jar Abrams' role. The force awakens was a pile of shit. A copy-paste of episode IV, stuffed with luck and coincidences, and a Mary Sue. Not to forget the unbelievable political status quo 30 years later, that makes the original trilogy completely pointless.

  • Karim K
    Karim K 7 months ago +1

    It's too late. No script can save the pile of shit that this trilogy has become. Star wars is dead. Millions of fans have turned their backs.

  • crystal forever1
    crystal forever1 7 months ago

    I have this weird feeling episode ix will actually listen to the fans, but because of the fact that everyone hates ALL the newer Disney sw movies it
    will still get a lot of hate. yeah k bye

  • Ryvucz
    Ryvucz 8 months ago

    Did JJ just kiss ass at the start? Like nose deep ass-kiss? Like, neck into the asshole cavity? Too bad he didn't die up there.

  • Chesco
    Chesco 8 months ago +3


    • Rubber Ducky
      Rubber Ducky 5 months ago

      Chesco Get a load of this edgelord over here.

  • Maciej Wycislik
    Maciej Wycislik 8 months ago

    How bring back Luke without problems - All the time there was about “the chosen one” and about bringing the balance of the force. So there is a time to use that core stuff. The balance of the force is not only light or only darkness is like jin and yang half dark, half light. Luke should be the first, the chosen one who reach that balance, who also study the dark force, who is able to use the both sides of the force. This move also explains his behavior in case of Ben Solo as someone who is still searching the perfect point of equilibrium but like all human beings slip and do it wrong. That also explains why he cut himself from the force. Because he made mistake and he was afraid that he fall in to the dark side. Now to the point of bringing back Luke to life. If we use explanation above Luke don’t need to be dead at all. He achieved the balance or be very close and do what he did with fighting in ghost form with Kylo. Now right after when his garments fall he should awake naked in dark force cave lying on stones sucked by a force there and go through some light & darkness trial, something hard and tragic and finally becomes the first, the new entity with total control and balance of the force. One more thing that also explains why Luke said that era of Jedi ends and the title The Last Jedi.

  • Zanzibar979
    Zanzibar979 8 months ago

    Ron Howard any day

  • Sweeperboy
    Sweeperboy 8 months ago

    In response to "So what can you tell us about Episode IX? I know nothing, but something..."
    3:51 = that moment when he feels Kathleen Kennedy's hand close around his balls.

  • Gino Corbrietti
    Gino Corbrietti 8 months ago

    audience is fake

  • Asmo day
    Asmo day 8 months ago

    if they start episode 9 kill every in the galaxy and start in a new one it will be good!!!

  • Darth Durkel The Wise Ass

    I’m not proud to say that I could not care less. Burn this franchise down and begin again or just don’t at this point.

  • Terrance Charles Farmer

    Ya'll catch the band playing "Mr. JJ" by Jeff "Tain" Watts 😏😚

  • empty zafu
    empty zafu 8 months ago

    After watching Castle Rock episode 1, I saw the credit, with Jar Jar Abrams name on it, he as one of the executive producer of the show, I am not gonna watch the show anymore. Thanks but no thanks to JJ's let the audience hanging high and dry style.

  • Christopher Brown
    Christopher Brown 8 months ago

    8 months late to the thread lol but looking forward to seeing Ep 9. I thorughly enjoyed TLJ and TFA, Rogue One and Solo and any other future standalone SW films and future saga films if they make anymore after 9

  • VendettA _ Official
    VendettA _ Official 8 months ago

    Why are people hating on JJ? He did an amazing job on the force awakens I thought it was a great movie, it was Rian Johnson that f#$ked up the last Jedi

  • Marco's Movies
    Marco's Movies 8 months ago +1

    3:33 when JJ first reads Rian Johnson’s script for Episode VIII

  • Adam Jensen
    Adam Jensen 9 months ago

    Anyone with a healthy brain has to understand why he always hangs up a big franchise first, not because he is a good director but because he is safe money