The History Of Chokers

  • Published on Jun 15, 2017
  • Choker necklaces: a relic of the 1990s or the 2590s BC? I take a closer look into the history of one of my favorite trends from elementary school and adulthood: the choker. From gold beads to plastic, it's definitely evolved over the past few thousand years.
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    Ancient Egyptian jewellery / Ann Ronan Pictures
    Jewellery from the 'Royal Cemetery' at Ur, Sumeria, Ancient Iraq, Early Dynastic III, about 2600 BC. / CM Dixon
    Vogue 1926 / Edward Steichen
    Vogue 1924 / Edward Steichen
    Gundestrup Cauldron / CM Dixon
    Masai women performing a traditional dance in a Masai / Wolfgang Kaehler
    Portrait of a Masai women with glass bead jewelry in a Masai / Wolfgang Kaehler
    Thousands of Zulu maidens gather for annual Reed Dance / Per-Anders Pettersson
    Young Zulu women, South Africa / De Agostini Picture Library
    Countrywoman in traditional clothing of Lower Austria, wearing a scarf and a struma necklace, 1867, Photograph / Imagno
    1862: Queen Victoria of Great Britain (1819 - 1901) / Hulton Archive
    August 1899 Cover of the Poster Magazine by Albert Morrow / Historical Picture Archive
    Victorian Hairstyle / General Photographic Agency
    Rihanna's 8th Album Artwork Reveal / Christopher Polk
    Street Style At The 2015 Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival / Rachel Murray
    Getty Images
    The Metropolitan Museum
    7000s Years Of Jewelry
    Survey Of Historic Costume
    Mojo Nation
    Do What I Do
    Water Music
    Going Uptown
    Very Naughty Boy
    Blue Funk
    Mind The Gap

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