RPG MAKER MZ FIRST LOOK Part 2 (feat.SaliaNifo)

  • Published on Aug 23, 2020
  • HEY GAME MAKERS OMGSDFKDSJFKLSDJFKSDLJFDKSLJF MZ IS OUT r u wowed im .... actually wowed. but you probably won't get that vibe from my initial tampering with the program.
    If you're new to RM, and want some examples of what can be done with it, I have maaaaaany tutorials, game demos, and other such things (including a first look on ye olde MV!).I also have 3 full-length compelted RPGs made with rmXP and MV available on my website, as well as a short visual novel test (MV), a small tech demo game (MV), and am currently working on a game (Gaia's Melody 2 EM), which you can find devlog videos somewhere on this channel.
    For this first look, I thought I'd switch things up and have my co-collaberator on the tiny human project, SaliaNifo join me for some fun (because babysitters are awesome).Salia uses godot. He doesn't do the utubes tho. He made me a catgame. he's cool people.
    That's all. Love you guys.
    Music used is RMMZ's default soundtrack, by Kadokawa.
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  • Mr. Divery
    Mr. Divery Year ago +8

    Me: The nicest thing you could say about MZ is it looks like there are some minor upgrades to MV that won't screw with your current plugins
    Community: current plugins won't work
    Me: There is nothing nice you can say about MZ

    • LilDirtDick
      LilDirtDick Year ago

      So if someone is just getting into RPG Maker you would recommend MV for that reason. I'm definitely gonna need plugins and scripts.

  • mixwatcher265
    mixwatcher265 Year ago +5

    I think I'll probably wait until there's a sale to get MZ. I really like layers, and the animations can make for a bit more variety, but as of now, I'll probably stick to MV so I could keep using all my plugins.

  • A. K.
    A. K. Year ago +3

    No way xD
    I actually just finished watching the first episode, and the second immediately released after that.
    Thank you so much for this amazing content! ♥

  • MarioPeloful
    MarioPeloful Year ago +25

    Really disappointed with RMMZ. After so many years you'd imagine a big upgrade, or at least a whole new bunch of assets, but this just seems like a money grabber, I'm gonna stick to MV.

    • Bennersftw
      Bennersftw Year ago +1

      In Canada MZ is 92 bucks, ain’t nothing selling me on dropping 92 buckaroos on this. Super disappointing - this should have been an update quite frankly.
      New RPG maker should be a complete upgrade, otherwise just update your current engine. Bummer.

    • chrisliam2
      chrisliam2 Year ago +4

      I was hoping they would of taken the time to give us the option to make animated enemies without the use of plugins , they could of just let us use SV battlers for enemies as well , Also no layers added to battle backgrounds so we can make the battle backgrounds look more alive , I don't think I will even bother buying this until all the new bugs and more plugins get made for it , It's really not impressive for me personally right now.

    • KalyCake's Place
      KalyCake's Place Year ago +2

      same. I've worked too hard on my game in MV to switch now.

    • Epic Nugget Noob
      Epic Nugget Noob Year ago +1

      CrimsonClaw same

    • CrimsonClaw
      CrimsonClaw Year ago +6

      Same I spend way too much money on Character parts and Battle Animations

  • Seppo Kaartinen
    Seppo Kaartinen Year ago

    I was inspired to try rpg maker by you echo :) i really like how easy understand your videos are. I probably stay at vx ace for now since it seems to be very newbie friendly, and i am fresh newbie :)
    you are very talented artist and i am looking forward to see more content and games what you make :)

  • Lichtverbunden
    Lichtverbunden Year ago

    I have a question. When using the character creator, why do you add the walking character to the damaged character, instead of seperating them to their proper categories?
    Thank you a lot.

  • Roy Climer
    Roy Climer Year ago

    It's great to see you doing videos again echo I'm AVX Ace user but the your like tips and tricks videos were always really great Andrew where the woman taught me that the blank events and VX Ace people don't walk over which was also great Hope to see more in the future

  • Dragonknight
    Dragonknight Year ago +1

    MZ looks cool. It's just slightly underwhelming compared to MV.

  • PatrykCXXVIII
    PatrykCXXVIII Year ago +4

    It looks more like update to MV than entirely new thing, lol.

  • Sara Fontanini
    Sara Fontanini Year ago

    The biggest deal breaker for me is how the side battle system looks, it doesn't look as good as MV's, personally speaking.
    the main things I like is the 3D spell system, could make for some striking visuals, and the music and the battlers (which I bet I can use in MV anyway)

  • Ulmer Videos
    Ulmer Videos Year ago +2

    "This looks like our house"
    "This looks nothing like our house"

  • The Priest
    The Priest Year ago +1

    I didn't know the FEH Owl had a second channel where they did coding

  • Greg Jones
    Greg Jones Year ago +5

    RMMZ changes so little that I wouldn't even take a free copy if it meant doing the work of shifting my current game to the new engine. I guess if you don't own any copy of any RM, then MZ would be the one to get, but there's no reason for an MV owner. Especially since Yanfly won't be returning other than to port existing plugins over. Yikes.

  • Yandere Skitty
    Yandere Skitty Year ago

    How do you get your character battler to appear? My actual main character one doesn't appear but my buddy characters appear on screen. This is like on of the only few things halting me releasing the first chapter of my game ;w;

  • Moto Kuchoma
    Moto Kuchoma Year ago

    33:00 "Give me a cute blonde boy"
    Me: *holds up pfp*


    Yes, that is the name of Fates device in Nanoha

  • SongoftheLute
    SongoftheLute Year ago +1

    new fonts need a .ttf behind their name. Hope it helps.

    • SongoftheLute
      SongoftheLute Year ago

      @Smaulic_ I know, and its fun friend! See you at the driftwood hub and I recomend studio blue's classes on creating world and people for your game. they are ace!!

    • Smaulic_
      Smaulic_ Year ago

      Hi somehow I see you wherever I go on TheXvid but hi XD


    Well I mean... facebook it's 29... they won't let me change my age anymore... I added 2 new swords to the house lol.

  • SaltySalamander
    SaltySalamander Year ago +1

    Why are the characters so tiny? I'm genuinely confused. The proportions of everything are out of whack.

  • Midnight 90
    Midnight 90 Year ago

    It just looks like MV but with an upgrade.
    Probably not buying it.
    (Glad your back)

  • Liam Gray
    Liam Gray Year ago +1

    I commented on the mz first look part 1. And got 11 likes and 2 comments. Yay.

  • Silica 🏳️‍⚧️

    wow did you just tell us your cats name?

  • TheHika
    TheHika Year ago

    I bought MZ and whatever DLC available for it. Honestly it was fine but it’s basically MV with minor updates so if you already have MV it’s a pointless purchase. I ended up deleting the DLCs for the generator because they don’t match the new faces. Why sell a pack marketed for MZ that’s unusable..

  • Topper Bizzare
    Topper Bizzare Year ago

    *Echo607* ❤❤ nice work carry on u can do to much good in future ❤❤ i hope i will do best you tuber lets come to friendship ❤❤