The Pit Stop S11 Episode 12: Laganja Estranja Talks Top 5 | RuPaul's Drag Race

  • Published on May 17, 2019
  • Manila Luzon and Laganja Estranja recap Nina West’s elimination, the Top 5 performing “Queens Everywhere,” and thoughts heading into the finale.
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    RuPaul's Drag Race and Untucked return with more sickening styles, fierce challenges and backstage drama. Michelle Visage, Carson Kressley, Ross Mathews and celeb guest judges join RuPaul as she sets out to crown America's Next Drag Superstar in this Emmy Award-winning show.
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    The Pit Stop S11 Episode 12: Laganja Estranja Talks Top 5 | RuPaul's Drag Race
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Comments • 1 352

  • Meg X
    Meg X Day ago

    I don’t care what anyone says I like laganja

  • hailstorm281
    hailstorm281 2 days ago

    Im sorry but i think silky shouldve been eliminated instead of nina like cmonnn ru wtf

  • TheTaxburden
    TheTaxburden 20 days ago

    Why they always having to write and sing for Rupaul's songs? Lol. Hope they get paid for it.

  • Zackeriah Hudson
    Zackeriah Hudson 24 days ago

    God laganja looks awful

  • Itay Harel
    Itay Harel 24 days ago

    I'm glad Laganja dropped the "Alyssa"isms. She was insufferable in season 6 with all that "Mama" "Ocurrrr" and all that. It was so fake.

  • xmteo23
    xmteo23 24 days ago

    I want an all stars season with laganja pearl

  • M. R. Molenaar Elzinga

    As women we can set an example well these ladies do that !

  • Joseph Manesfield
    Joseph Manesfield Month ago

    For the next season of drag race, can we have laganja do the choreography please

  • Sternenguckerle yo
    Sternenguckerle yo Month ago

    Laganja Estranja is such a great person!

  • Jennifer Li
    Jennifer Li Month ago

    Manila: *motions hitting a baseball bat* a slam dunk!

  • Madi H
    Madi H Month ago +1

    Brooklyn: *comes out in ballerina drag LITERALLY ON POINTE and does legit ballet moves*
    Carson and Laganja: I wish there was more to it :////

  • Jordan the Shitlord
    Jordan the Shitlord 2 months ago +1

    the only reason brooke lynn was in the bottom was for the drama of a vanjie lip sync, change my mind

  • Sharonda Leaky Jackson
    Sharonda Leaky Jackson 2 months ago

    Mama is medicated okurrrr

  • Jam Gart
    Jam Gart 2 months ago

    So glad she’s speaking normally. Don’t think I could have watched this all the way through otherwise 😁

  • Bobby S
    Bobby S 2 months ago

    The thumbnail is literally homophobic. Lmao y'all couldn't find a better shot of LG?

  • Shaun Wilson
    Shaun Wilson 3 months ago


  • TheYouTubeBoy
    TheYouTubeBoy 3 months ago

    Wooooow Laguna got OOOOLD!!! It’s nice to see her channeling her idol Alyssa Edwards in looks and personality and wigs and style.

  • Keith Dunn-Fernandez
    Keith Dunn-Fernandez 3 months ago

    I did not like that Vangie had to LIFT the dress to walk in it. That killed it for me. She looked like she was afraid it'd fall OFF or something. It was like half a look. What IF there was a fantastic green and gold brocaded jacket, maybe even a toreador-inspired jacket that defied GRAVITY somehow...and if she never touched that fucking DRESS! It wore her, gurl. Sadly, she did not wear it. That said, I LOVE her! But this was NOT the T.

  • Chris Boxsell
    Chris Boxsell 3 months ago

    He looks older with that bad wig

  • Fanny Loveless
    Fanny Loveless 3 months ago

    I'd love to see Laganja on All Stars she's grown up so much since Season 6.

  • A B
    A B 3 months ago +1

    Every time I listen to Laganja talk there's a part of me staying alert and ready to bounce just in case she snaps back into her drag race personality

  • kira fan club
    kira fan club 3 months ago

    Is it just me or does laganja look sooooooo different

  • Piznoc Tsauo
    Piznoc Tsauo 3 months ago

    Manila is definitely a great, great host for TPS. It takes Queens who are deep connaisseurs of the Rpdr mythology and reality, like Manila and Alaska to put on a show on this web series. Take a letter, Raven. ;)

  • Andre Triche
    Andre Triche 3 months ago

    See this is laganja, I would love to see her as herself after she learned from her experience.

  • Vanessa H
    Vanessa H 3 months ago +1

    Team yvie! Yes! Tell the truth!! She killed that! Ballerina, ballroom and pageant queens borrrrrrrre me! Give me art! Give me different! Hell, repulse me! But don't make me yawwwwwwn.

  • Vanessa H
    Vanessa H 3 months ago +1

    Laganja looks amazing! I normally don't care for her looks. Manila ALWAYS gags me❣😍

  • Vanessa H
    Vanessa H 3 months ago

    I'll watch Manila do anything!

  • Bedroom Bunny
    Bedroom Bunny 3 months ago

    I fucking love Laganja now, she seems to be so much happier than when she was on Season 6. I'd love to see her again, but only if we keep seeing the fun bubbly Laganja.

  • Galactic Lioness
    Galactic Lioness 3 months ago

    double toot

  • mikeparez
    mikeparez 3 months ago

    I don’t agree with the needing to be dramatic to win that’s bullshit.

  • bml7500
    bml7500 3 months ago

    that wig line doe LOL

  • Rose Anne Boushard
    Rose Anne Boushard 3 months ago +1

    i keep waiting for her to turn her nails through those damn pearls on her shoulder.

  • andrea koi
    andrea koi 3 months ago

    I love Laganjia but i really hate those stones under the brows

  • Klaudia Wojakowska
    Klaudia Wojakowska 3 months ago

    Wow. I actually liked Laganja in thay episode

  • Wok Alpajaro
    Wok Alpajaro 3 months ago

    Laganja has grown so much! She had such great input! I wanna see her on AS5.

  • Goddess Ahh
    Goddess Ahh 4 months ago

    Thank you so much for uploading!

  • Elle McFierceson
    Elle McFierceson 4 months ago


  • Nasa Nasa
    Nasa Nasa 4 months ago


  • Walter Reznik
    Walter Reznik 4 months ago

    Two of my top five together. Thank you...

  • Andre Palmer
    Andre Palmer 4 months ago

    Laganja got alot of words for a queen who didnt make it ...

  • Janay Gunderman
    Janay Gunderman 4 months ago


  • Zinia
    Zinia 4 months ago

    I live for Brooklyn but I want Akeyeria to win. ( Ik for a fact I did not spell that right🤷🏾‍♀️)

  • Aitor LBBH
    Aitor LBBH 4 months ago

    If brooke doesn't win is gonna be the robbery of the century

  • TintedRhythm
    TintedRhythm 4 months ago

    Miss Laganja is so well spoken!

  • Joel Valentine
    Joel Valentine 4 months ago

    Um, Laganja's wigline needs to stop... immediately

  • Jessica Oliveros
    Jessica Oliveros 4 months ago

    I always enjoy laganga on the pit stop. She just gives the best input. She takes the words right out of your mouth!! Always excited to watch when she’s the guest star. And she really has grown and I feel like Alyssa has guided her well. Congrats Mrs.Ganga ❤️✨ always and forever one of my favorite queens.

  • Gaby A
    Gaby A 4 months ago

    I didn't recognize Laganja with that look 😅

  • Eric Mueller
    Eric Mueller 4 months ago

    Now I want "Scarborough Fair" as a runway theme next season.

  • Guidetogay dotcom
    Guidetogay dotcom 4 months ago

    gotta love manilla! hope she comes back for the next season!

  • V M
    V M 4 months ago

    Manila you are the BEST interviewer!
    congrats on doing such an awesome job!

  • The Oranges book
    The Oranges book 4 months ago

    Laganja is so fucking intelligent, I love and miss her.

  • iswahyudi H. saputra
    iswahyudi H. saputra 4 months ago

    she doesn't feel very attack right now.

  • j Carlos
    j Carlos 4 months ago

    laganja’s taste in drag is so boring and old lmao. her taste has not evolved and stayed in the “traditional “ styles of drag

  • Gabriela Vainilla
    Gabriela Vainilla 4 months ago

    Laganja seems mature and im proud to see it 😍
    Love her ❤

  • Aaron Espinoza
    Aaron Espinoza 4 months ago

    Loveeeeeeeeee u Laganja🖤

  • Jon H
    Jon H 4 months ago


  • daryl john gonzales
    daryl john gonzales 4 months ago

    Laganja talks so mature and sounds so smart with giving her opinions. I LOVE MS. GANJA! OCKRRR!!!

  • Anthony Teekah
    Anthony Teekah 4 months ago

    There were biological women in the American (on S10) and Kitty Girl (in AS3) videos

  • jaja Wezzy
    jaja Wezzy 4 months ago

    Laganga dead ass looks just like Alyssa...And Vanjie was underwhelming this season...but she won that Lip-Sync.

  • Olivia McLennan
    Olivia McLennan 4 months ago

    God, i love yvie, brooke, akeria and vanjie.