• Published on Mar 25, 2019
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  • Viper Playz
    Viper Playz 7 days ago

    The that never fu*king stop talking to u

  • Dylan is Good
    Dylan is Good 9 days ago

    Me watching a Johnny Carey video
    How’s he gonna fit a nonse in this one boys

    Gįftįñg mŷ ńëxt 15 łõŷåł śûbš

  • Dhueng Nul
    Dhueng Nul 9 days ago

    I’ve never been on a plane

  • Christopher Lucas
    Christopher Lucas 11 days ago

    at 7:48 he said he was gonna use her face as a halloween mask and he saying that which means there face is scary but johnny is roasting himeself because he plays every character.

  • Ronith V
    Ronith V 13 days ago

    I love his intro “helloimjohnny

  • Jamie Webster
    Jamie Webster 14 days ago +1

    Do the types of drivers

  • ha bs
    ha bs 14 days ago +1

    Types of people in assembly in school

  • Endless Time
    Endless Time 17 days ago


  • that guy
    that guy 18 days ago

    He reminds me of Joe weller

  • xX_Rap God_Xx
    xX_Rap God_Xx 23 days ago

    Johnny we need a compilation of all your skits that involves nonces. *cough cough* almost every video *cough cough*

  • Tom Brown
    Tom Brown 23 days ago

    i went on a 24 hour flight to New Zealand and for the whole time the 8yr old kid was screaming AND kicking my chair at the same time ffs aha

  • Every thing fnaf From 1-8

    12 I have never done that

  • Micah Perkins
    Micah Perkins 24 days ago +1

    Just making a comment so I can go on the other phone

  • Random Name
    Random Name 24 days ago

    The baby’s ears pop that’s why they cry

  • woiiiyoii pretty
    woiiiyoii pretty 25 days ago

    3:08 true I was on the plane and the man back on me

  • Tina Madin
    Tina Madin 26 days ago

    Great singing 😂😂😂😁not ment to be mean ❤️❤️💙💙

  • FluffyPat Gaming
    FluffyPat Gaming 26 days ago

    I’m not one of them

  • Tyler Benson
    Tyler Benson 26 days ago

    Do a part 2
    u forgot the people whos farts smell like shit

  • FOV_GT
    FOV_GT 28 days ago

    2:29 when u can see his reflection in the microwave shouting at the air

  • Mess Around Account

    6:54 that is rude.... I like it....

  • Hornet- Entertainment

    types of people at a restaurant like a fuckin fancy one yeah man

  • Maiya Swan
    Maiya Swan Month ago +1

    Imagine being a neighbour and you’re sitting and all you hear is “oh yeah kick it, kick it with you’re tiny feet” 😂😂😂

  • Athena Purdie
    Athena Purdie Month ago

    You piss me off so much you think your so cool but trust me it’s not cool or funny to swear for no reason your just trying to hard 😬

    • Y Ems
      Y Ems Month ago

      Athena Purdie and why are you watching this video if you think swearing is not cool or funny you neek are you some sort of teacher plus you just swore saying he piss you off so much

  • ThiccThanos 69
    ThiccThanos 69 Month ago

    Is there a Johnny carry video without a nonce?

  • RaGE fm
    RaGE fm Month ago

    Types of people at Walmart or Taco Bell?

  • liv Clem
    liv Clem Month ago

    You should do Types of annoying teachers

  • Bespoke repairs riding

    The babies cry because of the pressure and it hurts there ears but ye it annoying af

  • Brooke x Xx
    Brooke x Xx Month ago

    I love how the pedo who is obsessed with kids is mostly always in these videos

    FBDN GHOST Month ago

    1:46 typical irish pub.

  • ZNC GhOsT
    ZNC GhOsT Month ago

    The kid kicking the chair and the baby is so true because it happened to me this year

  • William Lighten
    William Lighten Month ago

    I haven’t even been on a plane

  • HollyCraftGaming
    HollyCraftGaming Month ago +1

    when I was 8 or 9 I was on the plane to egypt and this 14 year old boy wouldn't let me sleep and kept kicking my chair because he couldn't see his screen and my mum complained to his mother and her got mad and kept jabbing at the screen making even more uncomfy

  • Lee Coram
    Lee Coram Month ago

    a life jacket on a plane?

  • Jim Nigel
    Jim Nigel Month ago

    How does he not laugh when he does this 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Joe Jex
    Joe Jex Month ago

    1.14 lol

  • Klopp Thelollypop
    Klopp Thelollypop Month ago

    Johnny would make a good Joker ngl

  • Gaming vids
    Gaming vids Month ago

    You forgot the telorist tho

  • Jack Papworth
    Jack Papworth Month ago +1


  • CharChar Plays
    CharChar Plays 2 months ago

    9:55 holy shit I can’t stop laughing

  • Emma Vids
    Emma Vids 2 months ago

    Where did u get the doc it’s sooo cute

  • PS4 king
    PS4 king 2 months ago

    Baby crying Me fuck off

  • TJ
    TJ 2 months ago

    This guy would make a good kingsmen

  • Unicorn Slime
    Unicorn Slime 2 months ago


  • Tyrone Matondo
    Tyrone Matondo 2 months ago

    My man is so creative

    KN0CKED 2 months ago


  • Jamie Tonks
    Jamie Tonks 2 months ago

    Different type of people on a taxi

  • WolfieVloggz UwU
    WolfieVloggz UwU 2 months ago

    windows don’t only on planes ✈️

  • Charlie Duncan
    Charlie Duncan 2 months ago

    Oh my gosh bad lighting

  • shawn Sutton
    shawn Sutton 2 months ago

    If I get a plane seat behind Johnny all you’ll see is a kid kicking the hell out of Johnnys seat

  • Iona Ward
    Iona Ward 2 months ago

    3:28 u mean 5-10 🤦‍♀️😂

  • Tommy Callear
    Tommy Callear 2 months ago

    Legend : Ronnie cray

  • Wasif Ullah
    Wasif Ullah 2 months ago

    I swear down that EVERY time that I go on a plane, my seat is kicked. And not only that, its by a fully grown adult.
    Also, another type of person on a plane who you didn't cover is the passenger next to you that constantly talks to you when you want to listen to your music or film.

    And the last person that I had to encounter is that person who goes to sleep but decides to rest his head on your arm/shoulder. Now this just pisses me off as it has happened to me multiple times.

  • Kingter Gaming
    Kingter Gaming 2 months ago

    The first is called the hooligans

  • dUnknown 4Life
    dUnknown 4Life 2 months ago +2

    6:14 I’m crying now with laughter

  • tony tongoi
    tony tongoi 2 months ago

    Thank u Johnny

  • willz skillz
    willz skillz 3 months ago

    What about the person who leans back in all your space

  • Sarah Moor
    Sarah Moor 3 months ago

    The plug socket behind him when he spilled the water 😱😨😰

  • Pipa Darling
    Pipa Darling 3 months ago

    Don’t think your even allowed alcohol on a plane ✈️

  • Trixy
    Trixy 3 months ago +1

    I was on a 22 hour flight and the fuckin baby the whole time