8 out of 10 Cats Does Countdown S08E01 Christmas Special (8 December 2015)

  • Published on Aug 4, 2016
  • Sean Lock and Johnny Vegas go up against Jon Richardson and Katherine Ryan, while David O'Doherty joins Susie Dent in the Dictionary Corner. Jimmy Carr hosts and Rachel Riley takes charge of the numbers.
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  • kyle matthews
    kyle matthews 12 days ago

    45:47 Laughing so hard at "ALONEST" up on the board. I think Rachel was really having fun with this one.

  • Ryan .C
    Ryan .C 15 days ago +1

    they fucked up every song

  • Jan Kempenaar
    Jan Kempenaar 18 days ago

    That beat of the christmas song is really good

  • poika22
    poika22 22 days ago

    Johnny himself used the word wasteland at 4:58 😁 That's why I got it at the end.

  • gfav64
    gfav64 Month ago

    Somebody please tell me who the blond prize presenter is with Fabio....

  • Topher TheTenth
    Topher TheTenth Month ago

    Why weren't Katherine Ryan's "MOLEST" or "FAMOUS" accepted as beating the five-letter word from the other team?

    • Ger
      Ger Month ago

      Technically, the contestants are only allowed to submit a single answer. So they may say "Have a 5 letter word or a risky 7", and they're generally required to decide which one they want to submit. Though, it may not seem like they're very strict on the rules (YAY Johnny Vegas for getting that last word).

  • Margaret O'Brien
    Margaret O'Brien Month ago

    we just ignoring the blatant cheating now? lmao xD

  • Cun Con
    Cun Con 2 months ago

    100 + 7 = 107 x 6 = 642 + 25 - 1 = 666

  • Martin Kadlec
    Martin Kadlec 2 months ago

    27:02 I had Goopers. It is in urban dictionary so good enough for me.

  • DoctorCal
    DoctorCal 2 months ago

    "Let's get Elton for a guest appearance, and some unfunny twat with a Casio for dictionary corner!"

  • evlredsun
    evlredsun 2 months ago

    suzy and Jimmy look half cut

  • ipudisciple
    ipudisciple 3 months ago

    Umm ... Of cow-tipping, camel-toeing and moose-knuckling, the odd one out is not camel-toeing!

  • James Balda
    James Balda 3 months ago +3

    13:19 proof Jimmy can laugh without doing his HA HAA HAA HAAAAaaaaa

  • Saft Suse
    Saft Suse 3 months ago +1

    Why do some people like a cappella?
    Is it some kind of plot to make decent people miserable?

  • briggy azaela
    briggy azaela 3 months ago

    It's always jarring to me when I hear the F word on TV shows. Does anyone know if they bleep them out when they're on television in the UK?

    • briggy azaela
      briggy azaela Month ago

      +Gcat3000 absolutely!! 😊 That was my point. It didn't bother me but I don't hear it often. Wasn't trying to make a negative comment, just found it interesting.

    • Gcat3000
      Gcat3000 Month ago +1

      You are just not used to it, I guess. Alan makes a good point in that our priorities get distorted by whatever media we are exposed to. The "f" word really isn't more harmful than a lot of the messages we're exposed to in US television. A lot of things seem jarring because we're simply not used to it, and yet a lot of negative stimuli is so normalized in our world that we think nothing of it. A red light goes off in our brains for relatively innocuous stuff, while a lot of damaging garbage gets processed and flies under the radar of our awareness.

    • Alan Dunstan
      Alan Dunstan 2 months ago +1

      @+briggy azaela The video you were watching was a Channel 4 BBC television program recorded by a viewer and uploaded to TheXvid. BBC 4 is the more adult-orientated channel at the BBC. BBC 1 is "family-friendly". I live in Michigan in the USA, and got hooked on 8 out of 10 Cats Does Countdown in 2018 when it appeared in my TheXvid recommended listing. No apology necessary, I took no offense.

    • briggy azaela
      briggy azaela 2 months ago

      +Alan Dunstan still not sure I understand your point but I apologize if I misinterpreted your comment. As I am sure you know, tone is almost impossible to read in a written message. So I am truly sorry if I read too much into it.

    • Alan Dunstan
      Alan Dunstan 2 months ago +1

      @+briggy azaela my comment was a reply to your question only not their society in general

  • RIXRADvidz
    RIXRADvidz 3 months ago

    spoogeret...FTM squirter

  • The Ablution Room
    The Ablution Room 3 months ago

    Sean is so funny

  • Tina Walton
    Tina Walton 4 months ago +3

    Wrapping presents and watching Xmas Eve 2018. Thanks for this!

  • Captain Chimichanga
    Captain Chimichanga 4 months ago

    Rachel is adorable

  • Judge OvyoursoulvO
    Judge OvyoursoulvO 4 months ago

    8+5+4 x 25 + 4+2

  • Kiristo
    Kiristo 4 months ago +1

    Got 666 a different way: 25-(7x2) = 11 + 100, 111 x 6.

  • Charles Jevons
    Charles Jevons 4 months ago

    This is technically episode 0800 (Christmas special).

  • alphadawn2015 lennon
    alphadawn2015 lennon 4 months ago

    i wouldnt mind unwrapping rahcel for christmas

  • James Wardley
    James Wardley 4 months ago +1

    431 could have been done 8+5+4=17 25×17=425 425+4+2=431

  • Slow Cheetah
    Slow Cheetah 4 months ago

    i will never understand gospel

  • Super Moosie
    Super Moosie 4 months ago

    Sees David - clicks next video. 😒

  • gurthngwaw
    gurthngwaw 4 months ago

    My Christmas list is just to "jingle her bells"

  • Gruk’Nar Orcish War-yer, here to sue

    Of course Sean can add up to 666.

  • Marius Riley
    Marius Riley 4 months ago

    Poor Carol. LOL

  • Harmony
    Harmony 4 months ago

    Love David O'Doherty!

  • Martin Ek
    Martin Ek 4 months ago +1

    I think i got a werd crush on Jon! 😂

  • Alex Vanderweert
    Alex Vanderweert 4 months ago

    To settle the debate of who gives a $@%& ... For me: Katherine Ryan > Rachel Riley every day of the week for a million different reasons.

  • Hyrum Sutton
    Hyrum Sutton 4 months ago

    I'd just like to point out that a song has been written about the workplace conditions of elves, and it's phenomenal. Barenaked Ladies ft Michael Buble - Elf's Lament

  • Ally4Gamer
    Ally4Gamer 4 months ago +1


  • keffypoo
    keffypoo 4 months ago

    I'd jingle her bells.

  • Simbonge Zondi
    Simbonge Zondi 5 months ago +1

    The choir is fuckin Amazing

  • fvck hxpe
    fvck hxpe 5 months ago +4

    "Do you have a sack for me to feel?"
    "Darling, I mwuahahaha....
    I'm positioning myself as we speak."

  • joshua schoonyan
    joshua schoonyan 5 months ago


  • RedRam Ipsen
    RedRam Ipsen 5 months ago +1

    Hail Satan

  • Guitar Guy
    Guitar Guy 5 months ago +2

    choir is sooo good!!!

    • flammey
      flammey Month ago

      Yeah, I really enjoyed them when they competed on Britain's Got Talent. They were so damn good.

  • Niranjan Prakash
    Niranjan Prakash 5 months ago

    I had zealots too

  • Victoria Allen
    Victoria Allen 6 months ago +2

    I have never seen Johnny Vegas openly laugh as hard as he does at 13:05. It’s so endearing.

  • Arthur Marston
    Arthur Marston 6 months ago

    Katherine Ryan sucks, she just rides the coattails of her partner. Gold digging, pretentious, THOT. Her comedy sucks and her show is shot.

  • lostmybadger
    lostmybadger 6 months ago

    37:22 seven letter word. “asshead”

  • kurruk k
    kurruk k 6 months ago

    I like Johnny Vegas but have you seen his wife? Mental...

  • Austin Little
    Austin Little 7 months ago

    I like David, but he always breaks out that keyboard. Not a fan of the musical bits on this show.

  • Yvonne Wachowicz
    Yvonne Wachowicz 7 months ago

    susie dent has sleeves!!! her outfit is usually exposing some body part

  • Daniel Wallace
    Daniel Wallace 7 months ago

    At 38:51 I got harassed

  • Daniel Wallace
    Daniel Wallace 7 months ago

    21:47 I got 25 x (8 + 5 + 4) + 4 + 2 = 431

  • Sofia Jensen
    Sofia Jensen 7 months ago

    Rachel is so cute! Omg. But why does Katherine Ryan have to ruin episodes with an otherwise good lineup? Katherine is disgusting and not even remotely clever or funny.

  • crocc1996
    crocc1996 8 months ago

    There is a song about the workplace conditions for elves. It's called Elf's Lament.

  • wicious
    wicious 8 months ago

    That sparkly jacket is incredible

  • N English
    N English 8 months ago

    something about that Katherine twat that chafes me

  • enlightendbel
    enlightendbel 9 months ago

    Countdown has gone rogue.

  • **
    ** 9 months ago +7

    lol damn, Sean goes all out on his mascots every episode.

  • Dt Snizzley
    Dt Snizzley 9 months ago

    Fuck. Katherine, Susie, and Rachael are all so fine... 😭

  • Justin Young
    Justin Young 9 months ago

    That song was genius

  • Emil Cavallin
    Emil Cavallin 9 months ago

    No one saw ''ASSHEAD''?!

  • Stephanie Jenkins
    Stephanie Jenkins 9 months ago

    I got poorest for 7

  • OpiZoid
    OpiZoid 9 months ago

    for 431 I got 8+5+4=17, 17×25=425, 425+4+2=431

  • Catherine Scott
    Catherine Scott 10 months ago +4

    Katherine Ryan and Rachel Riley look absolutely gorgeous and Johnny Vegas is hilarious

  • Seggins Productions
    Seggins Productions 11 months ago

    Why does Sean not like top gear?

  • Matthew Cordery
    Matthew Cordery 11 months ago

    David O'Doherty is weirdly good on bmx...

  • Mark OldGeezer
    Mark OldGeezer 11 months ago

    Why is a leprechaun with Father Christmas?

  • TTillahFK
    TTillahFK Year ago

    It's april and I'm in a christmasmood..

  • GameZedd01
    GameZedd01 Year ago

    42:05 lmao xD Johnny.

  • GameZedd01
    GameZedd01 Year ago

    36:55 lmao xD

  • GameZedd01
    GameZedd01 Year ago +1

    28:48 Oh no, it must be a sign xD, lmao Jimmy's reaction though.

  • GameZedd01
    GameZedd01 Year ago

    The first joke buy Jimmy lmao xD

  • Grunthos The Flatulent

    Jimmy asked one night if thats what Rachael wears at work, wtf does she wear when she is out? Well I think this is it. Someone is getting lucky tonight.

  • Grunthos The Flatulent

    Jesus Rachael is frighteningly good looking

  • Gekko Steijn
    Gekko Steijn Year ago

    Sean Lock reeeeeeeally had a off dat here!

  • Logan Florsheim
    Logan Florsheim Year ago

    I actually figured out about radishes before the time ended!!

  • David Neel
    David Neel Year ago +3

    Da** Katherine has great legs.

  • Jacob B
    Jacob B Year ago

    is g-spot a word?

    • EmileGilbert
      EmileGilbert 10 months ago +2

      Hyphens are not accepted. Hymens, on the other hand, while allowed, will often prevent access altogether.

  • Raine Ashyr
    Raine Ashyr Year ago +2

    Sean's finger fringe legitimately made my day better.
    Think I'll file that image away for when customers get especially annoying.

  • jessicajnsm
    jessicajnsm Year ago +193

    Id like to see Susie and Rachel on a special episode one day where theyre on a team and the other team will just be there for the shits and giggles and to see if its even possible to get points against them.

    • ekim andersom
      ekim andersom 3 months ago

      Id like to see Rachel and Susie fooling around naked.

    • Mr. Sahab
      Mr. Sahab 4 months ago

      @Ricky Mayflower thanks! I'll go and watch that one first :D

    • Sasha Rasin
      Sasha Rasin 4 months ago +1

      id like to see susie and rachel in a lingerie special where they have to make 9 letters words from letters kept in each others' bras - and they can only use their mouths on each other in the numbers round

    • Soundhealer
      Soundhealer 4 months ago +5

      +Mathias Kjærgård With Lee up there, nobody would get a word in, BAHAHAHA! Thank you, thank you!

    • Mathias Kjærgård
      Mathias Kjærgård 5 months ago +29

      Susie and Rachel vs Jon and Sean with a calculator and a dictionary with Joe Lycett and Joe Wilkinson in dictionary corner and Lee Mack as Rachel.

  • C. Bøgelund
    C. Bøgelund Year ago

    4+8+5=17 x 25 = 425 + 4+2 = 431.

  • Red Forman
    Red Forman Year ago

    I want that I ❤ fracking t-shirt. Frack me Frack my garden.

  • Red Forman
    Red Forman Year ago

    "That looks so disappointing." Hahaha Sean Locke takes the cake

  • Isnala'Nazin'Win Ponds-Merchant

    only white privilege would think that giving impoverished people a race track and alcohol is funny .. they might be impoverished but you can bet that they don't want to be like all of you .. drunken morons .

    • **
      ** 9 months ago +1

      Isnala'Nazin'Win Ponds-Merchant what the ever loving fuck are you going on about??

    • Needs More Cowbell
      Needs More Cowbell 9 months ago

      I think you might be wearing your hijab too tight it's cutting off circulation to your head.

  • That Gaijin Fella
    That Gaijin Fella Year ago +3

    Rachel Riley looks the hottest she's ever looked, in this show!! I could watch this over and over if it was just her!!

  • domydishes
    domydishes Year ago

    nope, johnny lost, annoying they kept giving him pity points

  • Lucy Lu
    Lucy Lu Year ago +8

    Would anyone else thoroughly enjoy Gordon Ramsay’s Library Nightmares? 😂😂

  • Jim Skea
    Jim Skea Year ago


  • Jayden Reid
    Jayden Reid Year ago

    Wasn't that singing group from BGT??

    • flammey
      flammey Month ago

      Yup. They were great. Too bad the audience was crap at clapping. :/

  • Confushion
    Confushion Year ago


  • Timmy Teaches
    Timmy Teaches Year ago

    Holy shit I've never seen that many black people all at once on British tv. I didn't know that many existed

  • Timmy Teaches
    Timmy Teaches Year ago +184

    I love how the first 15 minutes of every single episode is literally just dicking around and nothing at all to do with the show. British television is the best. I would actually watch television if we had these programs.

    • tomhchamp
      tomhchamp 3 months ago +9

      I wish bbc america would air more shows like this, QI, and would I lie to you, instead of just marathoning Star Trek TNG all day lol

  • metaldude
    metaldude Year ago

    there's a show I'd like to be on!

  • Wayne S
    Wayne S Year ago

    I liked Tears of an Elf. Important to remember the fat man is a monster.

  • Samuel Robinson
    Samuel Robinson Year ago +1

    Has there ever been a hotter bird than Rachel O'Reily????

    • Arnie Calang
      Arnie Calang 4 months ago

      How about Dee Reynolds?

    • Louie Berg
      Louie Berg Year ago +11

      Don't forget about Rachel Riley, she must be up there as well.

  • phylbert phylbertson

    Raoul is soooo uncomfortable.

  • ChocolateMilkMonster

    I've been watching this show for awhile now and I'm still not sure how it works...

    • Mona Laura
      Mona Laura Year ago +1

      I've watched like 4 or 5 episodes and I don't see what you're not sure of?

    • Friederiech Kamau
      Friederiech Kamau Year ago

      ChocolateMilkMonster I only watch it for the laughs

    AISLING LYONS Year ago

    Sean that was poor taste with the greyhound

    • Louie Berg
      Louie Berg Year ago

      Unethical gifts... and why single out the greyhound bit? Headphones made of baby turtles are fine?

    AISLING LYONS Year ago +2

    Go vegan

  • andyfirthmusic
    andyfirthmusic Year ago

    A boring show concept.

  • ArnoldsK
    ArnoldsK Year ago +1

    Him doing bunnyhop on a scuffed bike is somewhat impressive.

  • tsibris
    tsibris Year ago

    first round was SOULMATE, it the easiesttt

  • PrimalNPC
    PrimalNPC Year ago

    Im surprised that they didn't see Troopers at 28:15 there is another 8 letter word

    • Xavorin
      Xavorin Year ago

      There was only one R available, so they couldn't have used that word anyway.