it took him 1 second to solve..

  • it took him 1 second to solve.. In this Skydiverge video we look at people solving Rubik’s cubes really fast. Solving Rubik’s cube compilation. this video is inspired by trend spot, itsowen, sky diverge, infinite.
    #rubik’s #cube #solved
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  • Shepistheone134 4

    The thumbnail is just a bunch of 3x3x3 rubiks cubes

  • Marky Chasmine
    Marky Chasmine 2 days ago

    I am a girl

  • Helen ❤️
    Helen ❤️ 3 days ago

    How do you solve a rubrics cube ? I don’t know where to start .

  • Edwin Castellon
    Edwin Castellon 3 days ago

    0:23 Can’t hear nothing

  • Sophie Dreemurr The Neko [Sans fangirl]

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    I’m a girl-

  • xxx
    xxx 7 days ago

    7:22 nigga are you wearing a scrunchie? 🤨

  • Freddy Galvin
    Freddy Galvin 8 days ago

    The Creator of the video will be at the end

  • Kirsten Edmondson
    Kirsten Edmondson 8 days ago

    You solved it just over one minute

  • lily miller
    lily miller 9 days ago

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  • Sela Beton
    Sela Beton 9 days ago

    0:00 I AM A GIRL WTF

  • Nick Busino
    Nick Busino 10 days ago

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  • marieputriwulandari
    marieputriwulandari 11 days ago

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  • Brianna Martin
    Brianna Martin 11 days ago

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  • Lilian Rivera
    Lilian Rivera 12 days ago

    What kind if game were you playing it look cool

  • Drive AheadPlayer265
    Drive AheadPlayer265 12 days ago

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  • Amy Holmes
    Amy Holmes 16 days ago +1

    You think solving one in 1m 30s is slow
    I’ve NEVER solved one in my life!!

  • Yvonne Cauley
    Yvonne Cauley 17 days ago

    If SkyDiverge Hasn't Done A Face Reveal This Is It

  • Aqeel Sohail
    Aqeel Sohail 19 days ago

    I can solve it waaaaaay faster then you ez

  • ZyTheEpicDood
    ZyTheEpicDood 22 days ago

    you probably made that intro because you're the one that's lonely

  • Xx-flying-demon-xX
    Xx-flying-demon-xX 24 days ago

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  • Kiyomi Suzuki
    Kiyomi Suzuki 24 days ago

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  • Siddh Patel
    Siddh Patel 28 days ago

    I need your help SkyDiverge!

  • Arts is my Moon blossom

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  • Christian Rodriguez

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  • Nayeli Gamez
    Nayeli Gamez Month ago

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  • Garry Miller
    Garry Miller Month ago

    That’s my school

  • MaddiePlays
    MaddiePlays Month ago

    people solving the rubix cubes in 3 seconds and i cant even solve one in a year xD

  • De Kass
    De Kass Month ago +1

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    Me: no I'm not lesbian

  • idk idc
    idk idc Month ago

    "He solved this in 1 second" the video *9:07*

  • young god shinobi
    young god shinobi Month ago


  • Memunatu Seisay
    Memunatu Seisay Month ago

    Can you stop playing games

  • Brooke Mifsud
    Brooke Mifsud Month ago

    I can solve my 3 by 3 in 38 seconds

  • Candace Joseph
    Candace Joseph Month ago +1

    I'll add an "( ;" for every like.

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  • RylandGames
    RylandGames Month ago

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  • Adam Always
    Adam Always Month ago

  • Joanna Hernandez
    Joanna Hernandez Month ago

    So so dum

  • Sienna Hulme
    Sienna Hulme Month ago

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  • Eichi Kun
    Eichi Kun Month ago

    I’m that person who can only solve one side of the cube.

  • Yogi Bear
    Yogi Bear Month ago

    Rubik’s cube compilation really is this a thing, I am a huge geek but really.

  • Yogi Bear
    Yogi Bear Month ago

    Rubik’s cube compilation really is this a thing, I am a huge geek but really.

  • aj1no bonnx
    aj1no bonnx Month ago

    Me don't like global

  • aj1no bonnx
    aj1no bonnx Month ago


  • J10 playz
    J10 playz Month ago

    The guy that beat Felix had a REALLY easy scramble, he rigged it

  • Phillip Johnson
    Phillip Johnson Month ago

    3:54 “And everyone started freaking out” literally 10 ppl clapped

  • Roger Vallee
    Roger Vallee Month ago


  • Naomi Matias
    Naomi Matias Month ago

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  • Alexa Alicia
    Alexa Alicia Month ago

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  • Nancy Hanner
    Nancy Hanner Month ago


  • Marco Felvus
    Marco Felvus Month ago


  • Planet Lex
    Planet Lex Month ago

    My cousin solved a normal cube in 1.35

  • Mervete Dula
    Mervete Dula Month ago

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  • Man _ Yuen
    Man _ Yuen Month ago

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  • Christopher Travers

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  • Travis Kusie
    Travis Kusie Month ago

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  • Carson Edwards
    Carson Edwards Month ago

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  • Carson Edwards
    Carson Edwards Month ago

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  • Josiah Lene
    Josiah Lene Month ago

    U ain’t as good at that Compared to DEEZ NUTS

  • R3K0R!
    R3K0R! Month ago

    thumbnail first of all is photoshopped because a baby is in a little bit smaller if it's laying down what do you mean cat pose but the kid is actually supposed to be half of the size of the Shelf in that position and if you standing up his head would be at level so he was as 1/3 of it obviously tells photoshopped in and wiser Cube about the size of a shelf that's photoshopped

  • Leanne Congdon
    Leanne Congdon Month ago +1

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  • Jellypotato 46
    Jellypotato 46 Month ago +1

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  • Kawaii _Chan
    Kawaii _Chan Month ago +1

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    Holger Emil Month ago

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    Kanjana Phatkhgong Month ago

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  • Bich Le
    Bich Le Month ago

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  • CutieCute Plays
    CutieCute Plays Month ago

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  • Christopher Heuberger

    This is content theft tho even tho credit is given

  • Edi K
    Edi K Month ago

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  • Cyclone Gaming
    Cyclone Gaming Month ago

    Mad respect from me like how can u do that. the fastest time i got was 2.97 mins

  • Maru Uba
    Maru Uba Month ago

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  • ItsWinnie
    ItsWinnie Month ago

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  • Sallie Frederiksen Nielsen

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  • JAZZ Playzz
    JAZZ Playzz Month ago

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  • kaylee mcglothen
    kaylee mcglothen Month ago

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  • * juntab7 *
    * juntab7 * Month ago +1

    Teach how to solve to Rubiks cube

  • kelp me101
    kelp me101 Month ago

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