Katana vs Diamond Play Button?

  • Published on May 14, 2019
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    In this video we're seeing if we can make a perfect cake replica of our Diamond Play Button.
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Comments • 1 848

  • Foxina
    Foxina 48 minutes ago

    Your play button looks like a bar of soap

  • cass de
    cass de 6 hours ago

    Make a breathing Davis with rubber tubing duck tape a
    Kinder egg and a water bottle

  • Cosmic
    Cosmic 8 hours ago

    why did i think thta it will be sodium

  • IzaDog
    IzaDog 9 hours ago

    That was my idea

  • Noorun Nisaa
    Noorun Nisaa 10 hours ago

    His "whattttttttt" 😂was so funny trying to blow off when you said " I see you have
    a sword.😂😂😂😂

  • Nebraska Fed
    Nebraska Fed 11 hours ago

    All I got to say is you're the hottest redhead I've ever seen. And I'm not into redheads at all

  • Oomuu
    Oomuu 13 hours ago

    A normal moose actually has eggs in it. Canadians, can you confirm this? lol. Also why did you have to "hope" you didn't get bubbles? You have a vacuum chamber lol

  • Prphasmnr kydio
    Prphasmnr kydio 14 hours ago

    what if you cover the diamond play button cake in edible silver foil?

  • Robert Letcher
    Robert Letcher 18 hours ago

    D gray man sword

  • Alyson Jones
    Alyson Jones 20 hours ago

    what happens if you pour coke on raw meat

  • Kim Chi
    Kim Chi 21 hour ago

    Moose and Squirrel

  • fudeldideldu
    fudeldideldu 22 hours ago

    Dr. Pepper in your Fridge... Love it.

  • hafsa 333
    hafsa 333 22 hours ago

    I love your videos, and am hoping there could be more test experiments on wite-out ❤️

  • Ajinkya Karnataki

    My mouth was watering 🤤

  • Ttv Lukeme446
    Ttv Lukeme446 Day ago

    This should be call cooking with callie

  • Jasmine Hayzlett

    Or queen random

  • Hot choco Yum yum


  • Jake from Youtube

    "Im more concerned about it being to small than too big here"

    "That's what she said"
    -Michael Scott

  • N B Sarkar
    N B Sarkar Day ago

    They just made me rewatch it because they changed the name

  • Oliver Gagto
    Oliver Gagto Day ago

    Kinda disappointed that you didn't use the vacuum chamber to remove the bubbles

  • logan graham
    logan graham Day ago


    JAYGUYROCKY 1 Day ago

    Im fasting while watching this

  • Brenna McAlister

    Pls pls pls pls pls

  • Brenna McAlister

    I dare you to fuse aluminum and titanium into one and I already named it "Alitinium" if your wondering.

  • Jeremy G
    Jeremy G Day ago

    Can you make a GIant Orbeez!

  • Jonathan Chong
    Jonathan Chong Day ago

    Why you do this to me? Now I'm hungry😭

  • David Toth
    David Toth Day ago

    Hey, I heard you say that expanding foam is a pain to remove. Here's a tip. Acetone takes it off very quickly especially off of glass. Hope this helps

  • Lee Roy
    Lee Roy 2 days ago

    This is amazing!!! Professional baker!!!

  • MrWitchblade
    MrWitchblade 2 days ago

    You used a metal spoon in a teflon pan. Well done, you now have scraped off teflon in you mix. Yummy. :p Plastic orr wooden spoons should be used if you don't want to poison anyone. Nice job though.

  • 00fus D00fus
    00fus D00fus 2 days ago

    I was so confused bc they changed the name of the vid

  • John David
    John David 2 days ago

    I love you editor

  • L1zzieBear J
    L1zzieBear J 2 days ago

    6:27 Mario? Where did you come from?

  • Dr Waffleman
    Dr Waffleman 2 days ago

    Put slurpee in the vacuum chamber, there's a bunch of bubbles in it and I wanna know if it will change the texture or taste of it

  • Caity Cat
    Caity Cat 2 days ago

    The boys here like that flavor? What does that mean?

  • ven om
    ven om 2 days ago

    Is this a cooking show????????

  • wan farok
    wan farok 2 days ago

    put cement in vacuum and polish it till shine like marble

  • Fikri Haqeem
    Fikri Haqeem 2 days ago

    please tell me isn't this video about katana?

  • Justin Y
    Justin Y 2 days ago +1

    Did Cali really use metal on metal 🤦‍♂️

  • Chrome384
    Chrome384 2 days ago


  • Corey
    Corey 2 days ago

    Who's house is this and wash ur dishes lol

  • mohawk johnson
    mohawk johnson 2 days ago

    1:14 I thought a normal moose has horns

  • drew buck
    drew buck 2 days ago

    I've got an idea a edible golden like button # devour that like button and if you're new subscribe there the best

  • altaf Ibtisam
    altaf Ibtisam 2 days ago +2

    Please dissolve cotton candy with piranha solution it turns things into water and co2

    (Piranha solution its a mix between sulfuric acid and hidrogen peroxide)

  • Troy Alequin
    Troy Alequin 2 days ago

    disappointed to not see any comments making jokes about how the female was in the kitchen making food for the guy, come on peoples.

  • Charbel Khalifeh Hachem

    Do more experiments with the Katana!

  • Neko Knight
    Neko Knight 2 days ago

    Is it just me or does Callie sound a bit different in this video?

  • Mikie
    Mikie 2 days ago

    Can you make frozen water (ice) by combining liquid oxygen with liquid oxygen?

  • Travis Lane
    Travis Lane 2 days ago

    Is it possible to use ramen noodles to fix furniture

  • ahkine
    ahkine 2 days ago

    cali cut away from your hand not towards it.

  • Paul r
    Paul r 2 days ago

    There is no such thing as "organic" TiO2.

  • Aaron Sadowski
    Aaron Sadowski 2 days ago

    What a great tutorial... FOR THE 50 PEOPLE ON TheXvid WITH DIAMOND PLAY BUTTONS

  • Killer _Punk
    Killer _Punk 2 days ago +1

    Tasty has left the chat

  • snakebite0909
    snakebite0909 2 days ago

    Did I hear Moose cake

    PIXIE 2 days ago

    This is the most RANDOM video ever

    No pun intended

  • Kenna Wolf
    Kenna Wolf 2 days ago +1

    can you boil gallium??

  • Eufemia Rivera
    Eufemia Rivera 2 days ago

    Wow very precise cutting

  • awesome chelzea
    awesome chelzea 2 days ago

    Have you guys ever made jello youtube play button?

  • Just jblast80
    Just jblast80 2 days ago

    Why dont you put the candy molds in the vacuum chamber?

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne 2 days ago

    I thought this was going to be a video explaining the history of the katana wtf

  • Nicholas Rhodes
    Nicholas Rhodes 2 days ago

    Can you break a jaw breaker with a bbq gun, 9 caliber, and sniper rifle?

  • Matthew Conway
    Matthew Conway 2 days ago

    Yeah, soooo deceptively simple :(

  • Matthew Conway
    Matthew Conway 2 days ago

    Stiff peaks... wouldn't that be butter?

  • that one CIA agent luke

    who else was here before the name changed

  • Isaiah Saw
    Isaiah Saw 3 days ago

    I thought they broke it or like melted it.......

  • Big Ass White Boy
    Big Ass White Boy 3 days ago

    I thought this was a new video because you changed the name of it.

  • Caleb Scofield
    Caleb Scofield 3 days ago

    Can you make a jello play button please?

  • Collin Bendickson
    Collin Bendickson 3 days ago

    What would happen if you heated up the insides of a hand warmer?

  • Diamond Urquhart
    Diamond Urquhart 3 days ago

    You guys should evaporate superglue, then let it condense, and see if anything is different about it. Pen ink, white out, and any other unusual liquid-like substance would be cool too!

  • Vladimir Putin
    Vladimir Putin 3 days ago

    can you show us how to drop fireworks from a drone please?

  • David Franklin
    David Franklin 3 days ago

    Callie, where did you get the purple knife? I need it in my life.

  • Porglomber Gaming
    Porglomber Gaming 3 days ago

    Can you try to make a copper "diamond" play button?

  • Infinite Omega
    Infinite Omega 3 days ago

    You test slime or obleck in the vacuum chamber, see how it microwaves.

  • chacorgi
    chacorgi 3 days ago

    make a neon sigh please

    VIKASH RAMNARINE 3 days ago +1

    Try cotton candy in dry ice

  • TTRaven
    TTRaven 3 days ago

    Sweet now I can make an exact replica of the diamond play button... but where will I get a diamond play button...

  • g b II
    g b II 3 days ago

    Is that the katana of kanda from d.grayman?

  • Richie Williams
    Richie Williams 3 days ago

    next time do stuff whith moon balls eg cook em freeze and more

  • EZ_Zul
    EZ_Zul 3 days ago

    What happen to blood when you put electric on it

  • X_Streamer_BTW_X Fortnite

    Can you make rope with serran wrap

    ODYSSEY .P 3 days ago

    Maybe, do something with fruit snacks.

  • killer switch
    killer switch 3 days ago

    What happened to ur other partner?

  • Kelsey’s Galaxy
    Kelsey’s Galaxy 3 days ago

    His there a way you burn snow? So instead of it just melting can you actually burn it?

  • Skyplacer 64
    Skyplacer 64 3 days ago

    Try to ignite a flammable liquid in a pressurized vacuum chamber

  • Chocolate Croissant
    Chocolate Croissant 3 days ago +4

    Me: **Whips out Blow Torch**
    Everyone else at the school bake off: 😟

  • Chen_The_NF
    Chen_The_NF 3 days ago

    Pls see if food can actually fix holes

  • lil Tiki
    lil Tiki 3 days ago

    Calli : I see you have a swor..
    Nate : WhAaAaaAT? Wh0 W0uLd d0 ThAt ?!

  • Brian Thama
    Brian Thama 3 days ago

    10:25 surgery on cake

  • Ricko & Mahjai’s ClubHouse

    What will happen if you put a powerful laser on dry ice?

  • Look Man Add
    Look Man Add 3 days ago

    please make a video on how to make mosquito spray and spray for plants. thank you

  • OmegaTGames
    OmegaTGames 3 days ago +1

    While Callie was out making cake. Nate studied the Blade.

  • Ruben Telfer
    Ruben Telfer 3 days ago

    Try putting a kitchen towel in liquid nitrogen

  • marita boukaram
    marita boukaram 3 days ago

    You should make a sculpture from dry ice

  • zach fdtrd
    zach fdtrd 3 days ago

    What’s the deal with these new guys we’re did the OG guy go

  • zach fdtrd
    zach fdtrd 3 days ago +3

    Anyone else think it’s weird to wear black rubber gloves to make a cake

  • sparrowflyaway
    sparrowflyaway 3 days ago

    What happens if you put honey through your various tests, eg freeze dryer, liquid nitrogen, vacuum chamber, boiling, burning, etc?

  • JosefaBeverly Wolf
    JosefaBeverly Wolf 3 days ago

    Can you do an experiment where you combine dry ice and liquid nitrogen and see the reaction?

    NYVRE HSOJ 3 days ago

    When Calli’s cocking at home without filming is she still wearing a glove???

  • Anthony G
    Anthony G 3 days ago

    se if you can really fix things with noodles

  • Mochi The Pianist
    Mochi The Pianist 3 days ago