Date Isn't Impressed When She Has To Split the Bill?! | First Dates


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  • Channel 4
    Channel 4  3 months ago +167

    Should it be the man's responsibility to pay on the first date?!
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    • Casey Jones
      Casey Jones 3 days ago

      Hell no

    • Mo Mannix
      Mo Mannix 4 days ago


      MAY TORRES 15 days ago

      My thoughts exactly 😂😂😂😂

    • mark duchey
      mark duchey 23 days ago

      Women should pay 100%

    • Miss Blueberry
      Miss Blueberry Month ago

      Channel 4 yes it should matter how good the first date was if he didn't pay there won't be a second...

  • Saif Chowdhury
    Saif Chowdhury 2 days ago +2

    Can't afford to buy a meal
    That man needs to go work and not be dating

    • Nagaveni Sv
      Nagaveni Sv 20 hours ago

      So should she as she can't afford either

  • Hotie Dicey
    Hotie Dicey 2 days ago

    Only if she haves sex with you.

  • Jaice Lo
    Jaice Lo 2 days ago

    It’s disappointing hearing people say due to the amount of kids she has she should pay. Acting like she went in there without money expecting a free meal. I believe they can go 50/50 because their strangers but see in my eyes he could have managed it better on asking to go 50/50.

  • Ray Datdude the poet

    I am a Black Man ...I pay for Dates...Especially the First one

  • Casey Jones
    Casey Jones 3 days ago

    No one wants to date someone with that many kids and different fathers and is that over weight.

  • Casey Jones
    Casey Jones 3 days ago

    Wow I've never seen a black woman with blue eyes. Man shes very pretty. If only she lost weight, shed be attractive.

  • Inrglctc O
    Inrglctc O 4 days ago

    He has really super dilated pupils especially in his confessional

  • Blair Cashi
    Blair Cashi 5 days ago

    Regardless a man should always pay on the firsttttttt date

    • Nagaveni Sv
      Nagaveni Sv 20 hours ago

      So women can hide their money in their arse? Why r they even earning then?

  • Robert Simson
    Robert Simson 5 days ago

    She rocks. She playfully teases the guy at the end.

  • Memory Rinehart
    Memory Rinehart 5 days ago

    Can't take cheap...(🐥cheep! cheep!)

  • A Dose of Dina
    A Dose of Dina 5 days ago

    A man doesn't owe you anything on a first date. You're not his girlfriend, you're a stranger he's getting to know. There's nothing wrong with going half it's not like he's asking her to foot the whole bill smh.

  • Tami Pe
    Tami Pe 5 days ago

    As soon as I heard 5 kids, I would've excused myself to the bathroom and made a beeline for the door!!!!

  • Tory Shaye
    Tory Shaye 6 days ago +2

    5 kids? Damaged goods

  • AmityvilleHorror Fan

    Don’t feel she’s hes type.

  • Young Dee
    Young Dee 8 days ago +1

    Clickbait of all clickbait when u know damn well producers paid that bill lol

    • Young Dee
      Young Dee 5 days ago

      +A A yes of course they do

    • A A
      A A 5 days ago

      Do they actually though

  • aquarius12595able
    aquarius12595able 8 days ago +1

    No gentlemen would let a woman pay for her own meal. I always am prepared to pay as she was in case it's a cheap date. Never would call him again.

    • KJ S
      KJ S 5 days ago +1

      I am sure he was glad you entitled free loading waster!

  • Thomas McDowell
    Thomas McDowell 8 days ago +27

    Imagine being called a "cheap date" by someone who wanted to have a free date .😂 THE irony is to much .

  • MAJ.X X
    MAJ.X X 9 days ago

    She looks like Rihanna 👀

  • YNWA
    YNWA 9 days ago

    He paid 50% and the taxpayer paid 50%.She actually paid nothing.

  • MissCityOfWestminster 2016-17 GALAXY

    Lol to all men who put equality in question on here. Those comments give away every anti feminist sexist shit behind them. If you are so quick to question equality you have an issue with it. Shame on shits who still question equality. Women don't "want" equality. We ARE equal. And every saint person knows that. Paying on a date is basic etiquette. If a man who took me on a date questioned my equality because he pays the bill I would give him a dirty look get up and leave.

    • Vigilante
      Vigilante 3 days ago

      Yeah fuck off.. we know what to do. Entitled bitch. When I read things like this, I wish Islam takes over.

    • KJ S
      KJ S 5 days ago

      You are a idiot

    • Nagaveni Sv
      Nagaveni Sv 8 days ago

      Lol then where's basic etiquette for women? U guys have to pay too

  • Elea _
    Elea _ 9 days ago

    She reminds me of Rihanna

    URBAN ASSAULT 10 days ago

    I thought women wanted equality

    • KJ S
      KJ S 5 days ago

      +MissCityOfWestminster 2016-17 GALAXY You are a bum. Get a job you free loading waster!

      URBAN ASSAULT 9 days ago

      MissCityOfWestminster 2016-17 GALAXY women should let men take care of them

    • MissCityOfWestminster 2016-17 GALAXY
      MissCityOfWestminster 2016-17 GALAXY 9 days ago

      You obviously have issues with that

  • RPOS
    RPOS 10 days ago +6

    That's how it should be women pay they're own way.That's equality feminism.

  • Viking Power
    Viking Power 10 days ago

    5 kids, probably with 5 different guys I guess. He’s lucky that she didn’t bring them on the date, asking him to pay the entire bill. Some bitches do that.

  • Julia D
    Julia D 10 days ago +3

    I always notice it’s mostly black women who are single moms with multiple kids & a massive sense of entitlement

    • KJ S
      KJ S 5 days ago

      +MissCityOfWestminster 2016-17 GALAXY I think it's basic need for a woman to let me cum in her mouth at the end of the night if I am paying? You cool with that?

    • MissCityOfWestminster 2016-17 GALAXY
      MissCityOfWestminster 2016-17 GALAXY 9 days ago

      I wouldn't call expecting man comply with dating etiquette a massive entitlement !

    • Ar P
      Ar P 10 days ago +1

      No you cheeky shit. That’s just all women with multiple kids. Trust. People that have that many kids are bonkers anyways.

  • Julia D
    Julia D 10 days ago +7

    No decent man wants to date a single mother of five kids. YIKES!

  • Julia D
    Julia D 10 days ago +1

    FIVE kids?! What the fuck. I bet she’s on welfare and it’s multiple fathers too

  • Ash Anaz
    Ash Anaz 11 days ago +5

    It’s ok for her to eat like a pig and then she expects the man to pay what happened to equality, when it doesn’t suit them they moan about it.

    • Vigilante
      Vigilante 3 days ago

      +MissCityOfWestminster 2016-17 GALAXY you're under every damn comment that speaks against her. In similar situation? Lel

    • KJ S
      KJ S 5 days ago

      +MissCityOfWestminster 2016-17 GALAXY ENTITLED WHORE. GET A JOBBBBBB

    • MissCityOfWestminster 2016-17 GALAXY
      MissCityOfWestminster 2016-17 GALAXY 9 days ago

      You re obviously nowhere near equality if that's enough for you to question it

  • nj cowboysfan
    nj cowboysfan 12 days ago

    Females will order the most expensive shit on the menu 20 drinks and dessert run the bill up to $300 then look at you when the bill comes like "you gonna pay that?" Then you never hear from them again lol na man we're going half if you dont like it fuck off!

  • mike savage
    mike savage 14 days ago

    What a cheapskate bitch. Pay up, ugly wench!

  • Lady Oshy
    Lady Oshy 14 days ago

    She's pretty but her hair isn't nice and not fit her

  • B J I
    B J I 14 days ago +2

    Poor guy he said something hinting he wanted to pay, then when he saw it was Too much he needed some help with the bill, he just couldn’t afford it wasn’t being cheap like she said

  • Omgwow
    Omgwow 16 days ago

    I’ve never expected a guy to pay for my dinner on a date, and have never been offended when they mention going halves before I do! Like I literally just sat there and ate the food, now how can I expect someone else to pay unless they stole half of it? So weird.

  • Danny Lavoie
    Danny Lavoie 17 days ago

    Hahahahahahaha... 5 kids that would do it... Keep your panties on maybe next time lol

  • Brenda Gibbs
    Brenda Gibbs 17 days ago

    He nice

  • Niccolò Ivarson
    Niccolò Ivarson 17 days ago +1

    5 damn must be loose asf down there

  • Dereck Dintz
    Dereck Dintz 18 days ago

    Absoulutley not women have to deserve their spot now days.

  • MFL Teacher Kerry A K Francis

    I always go out with money to pay for everything, however it's polite to say I will pay as then I will insist and pay for coffee in another place. I don't think the guy should always pay but it's nice to offer on a first date, if not it shows they don't want a second date.

  • Cinders
    Cinders 18 days ago

    I love how she laughed when he said he takes dates for a happy meal. That was one red flag that he is worried about money. ( true words are often spoken in jest)
    He has no class, she well none either ......sorry !
    Five kids really how old is she ?!!!
    And he decides to split the bill which is only fair he has 3 kids. She then embarrassed him saying just in case I’m on a cheap date.
    Felt sorry for him to be honest.

  • Sami Ahmed
    Sami Ahmed 19 days ago

    Should've went nandos or somewhere that actually has decent food at a decent price range

  • Zalika Solan
    Zalika Solan 20 days ago

    Damn she got hm good lol

  • Lauren Shaw
    Lauren Shaw 20 days ago

    Call me old fashion... but the man should always pay for the first date if a guy turned Round an said that to me (do you mind if we split the bill) I'l be gob smacked an prob wouldn't see him again just a turn off in my eyes!! Don't care if it's the 21st centry the man should ALWAYS pay for the first date end of.!

    • Nagaveni Sv
      Nagaveni Sv 20 hours ago

      +Lauren Shaw am sure both did discuss about the place beforehand plus its very much affordable if women just learn to pay too

    • Vigilante
      Vigilante 3 days ago

      +Lauren Shaw so your traditionalism goes both ways? Do you cook and clean well?

    • Lauren Shaw
      Lauren Shaw 8 days ago

      +Nagaveni Sv ermm well not being funny but if u knew u had a part time job and u couldn't afford it all by ya self why go to a fancy posh resturant that ya know will cost ya alot? Just commen sence really..?😑 but I guess everyone is different.. but personally I wouldn't be at all happy with that.!

    • Nagaveni Sv
      Nagaveni Sv 8 days ago

      +Lauren Shaw well u have to give good impression to him too plus I said it in general way not targeting u specifically but yeah u have to impress him too & guys love it when women pay as much as other way around

    • Lauren Shaw
      Lauren Shaw 14 days ago

      +Nagaveni Sv erm lol okay well I for one ain't stingy I ern my own money for one! So I can pay for myself but I am an traditional women I have my opinion as much as urs and I have been on quite a few dates and not one expected me to pay so clearly I'm doing something right! And ur right we both have to make an good impression on one other but!! that's got nutthing to do with ur money! I'm not going on a date with ya to care about how much money u have I'm seeing how u r as a person If I really had to pay for myself then so be it coz I AINT tight but it wouldn't be a good impression to me but hey ho iv said what iv had to say its getting boring now!

  • simon says
    simon says 20 days ago

    he should of payed so he could of smashed

  • Keddie Valerio
    Keddie Valerio 21 day ago

    Men should always pay on the first date.

    • KJ S
      KJ S 5 days ago

      Cuck alert

    • Nagaveni Sv
      Nagaveni Sv 14 days ago

      Says nowhere plus first date is basically interview so can't invest in something which has 50% chance of return

  • Charchar2492 Natalie

    these two are not suited on a first date a guy should pay cos he asked her out however if he dnt like her but then
    . he should pay half the bill but if you like the person then pay full i think

    • KJ S
      KJ S 5 days ago

      Black women. Never date a black woman!...

    • Nagaveni Sv
      Nagaveni Sv 14 days ago

      Such narcissistic personality u girls have

  • Emmy Jean
    Emmy Jean 21 day ago

    I always expected to split the bill on the first date. After that, whoever asked to hang out was the one who paid... I thought everyone did that?

    • Vigilante
      Vigilante 3 days ago

      Put the comments to sort newest ones and read.. every damn female thinks otherwise. Fucking leeches.

  • Citycyklar Ninna deras

    Gold digger and whore

  • A M S
    A M S 22 days ago

    1 or 2 kids from previous marriage is ok.. but 5???!!! GOODLUCK LADY!

  • William Ortega
    William Ortega 23 days ago

    Damn 5 kids? Bitch you are hit! Talk about a cheap date you might as well keep them stinky legs closed because you aint got shit to offer no Man!👌🏼💯....Men are not your providers we are not your Meal ticket we don't owe you Bitches shit!🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼

  • Ashley Wickens
    Ashley Wickens 23 days ago

    woo equality and equal pay ftw

  • blueflame316
    blueflame316 23 days ago

    Typical double standard situation. What's wrong with splitting a bill? He didn't ask her to pay for the whole thing!

  • John Carter
    John Carter 24 days ago

    I guess london people dont wear condoms

  • Sam Gill
    Sam Gill 24 days ago

    Leave her

  • KeepingitReal4sure
    KeepingitReal4sure 24 days ago

    Hope he finds a nice women. Nothing wrong with spitting the bill. They should both have kids they need that money. She looks fab to have 5 kids. You go girl.

  • Gamer 4 life
    Gamer 4 life 24 days ago +2

    No reason to pay the whole bill not like anyone would want to sleep with her loose flaps.

  • Lizzie's Life
    Lizzie's Life 25 days ago +1

    How the fuck are these tiny sized meals meant to fill you up lmao

  • Viking Power
    Viking Power 26 days ago +1

    All of disliking comes from women who thinks they are entitled to a free meal on every date.

  • Mojo Risin
    Mojo Risin 26 days ago

    Seeing men being cuckolded by the notion they are obliged to pay makes me cringe every time. Those guys who challenge the women to pay their share are true Ninja Warriors. Better to be a Ninja Warrior than a Winja Warrior.

  • Chris Rowe
    Chris Rowe 27 days ago +1

    What happened to real men who acted like a real gent ?? If you're trying to woo a lady you always pay on the first date even if you agree to split the bill second time. Seeing as I was with my kids mum for nearly eleven years before I had my heart broken and please nobody even try using that as an excuse for this. All dates I have been on since I always pay on the first date.

    • Nagaveni Sv
      Nagaveni Sv 14 days ago

      Lol I don't woo, I know a girl who likes me so let her woo else its her loss not mine, if girls can swallow cum then they can swallow pride & do that plus no rule stating guys pay first u know?

  • DozyDormouse
    DozyDormouse 27 days ago

    All these poor kids with no real stability, its so sad.

  • Adam Parkar
    Adam Parkar 29 days ago +1

    5 kids means big hole and loose also.....where is is better......

  • fred nerk
    fred nerk 29 days ago +2

    nothing more beautiful than a dark woman with blue eyes.

  • Pepper1188
    Pepper1188 Month ago

    The word"Five" over. Check please!

  • amzie
    amzie Month ago

    First dates shouldn't be expensive.. a man shouldn't have to waste his money on a woman he may not see again.. maybe go for a meal if there's a 2nd date... I've always offered to pay for myself but luckily I've never had to 😁🤷‍♀️

  • ThisIsHow WeParty
    ThisIsHow WeParty Month ago

    Wow her eye's though

  • Amy Brown
    Amy Brown Month ago

    Fucking scum that guy

  • Elizabeth Gethin
    Elizabeth Gethin Month ago

    Wow, 50/50 is the way to go on dates...unless one's had Lobster and ones had chips 😁

  • They all knew
    They all knew Month ago

    Gender equality answers this question...

  • Hollins23
    Hollins23 Month ago

    Ugggh! Could this guy quit talking with food in his mouth!? Wow! How gross. Zero manners.

  • Sinbad 87
    Sinbad 87 Month ago

    5 kids? Laterz

  • Sammi Nelm
    Sammi Nelm Month ago

    They would make beautiful babies but they're too cheap to afford one.
    8 kids total. Yikes!!!

  • Silver Back
    Silver Back Month ago

    Lol £70 bill and he's thinking about it. Bet they got a free hotel room to be on the show too.

    • KJ S
      KJ S Month ago


  • Hrisi A
    Hrisi A Month ago

    That was painful 😁🙈

  • Crestfire
    Crestfire Month ago

    What's with these *strong independent women* not wanting to pay????? 🤔🤔

  • lingimagz
    lingimagz Month ago

    Poor dude! Lol she was a good sport at least!

  • DontBeDumb
    DontBeDumb Month ago +1

    He wanted to pay but didn’t have enough. Ugh. Poor guy.

  • Maggie
    Maggie Month ago

    what did she think that he would support her and her 5 kids???

  • Maggie
    Maggie Month ago

    of course he wants to split bill, any man with kids is going to be paying for them the rest of his life,they do cost money does anyone not know that

  • Howzer The man
    Howzer The man Month ago +2

    Normally the one who asks the other out pays for the date but this a blind date I think they should split the bill.

  • your mom
    your mom Month ago

    I would pay if he asked me no problem. There would be no next date. I don't do feminism

    • Vigilante
      Vigilante 3 days ago

      Good. Escaping from that date without loss is the only task as soon as the gold digger alarm is on.

    • Nagaveni Sv
      Nagaveni Sv 14 days ago

      So u wanna freeload? If a guy pays then he has right to expect anything from u

  • truth hurts
    truth hurts Month ago +1

    Different men done screwed her in and out different dicks spreading that shit apart busted in her who knows how many times ripped that shit apart pregnant and given birth 5 times and this man is gonna be a sucker and pay nah he wasn't interested women like that need serious help go home to your kids and be a mom you have 5 fucking kids should of thought about that before you opened your legs and let different men jizz in you Lord thats some crack whore shit guaranteed she was molested or rapped as a kid those women are very whoreish lost their dignity and self resepct very young sad

  • truth hurts
    truth hurts Month ago

    Pussy ain't free you men want everything for free getting lazy as fuck and wonder why women choose to be single the only reason why she paid is cause she has 5 kids her self worth is already low and pry happy he even took her out fuck that his whole attitude changed once she said 5 kids shit I wouldn't even be on a date with that man with three kids....lions don't even touch cubs that arent theirs and you got humans calling ppl that arent there parents mommy and daddy gross stupid men playing house to kids that aren't theirs a dude busted in ripped her whole shit apart and your taking care of the responsibility stupid as fuck run total they will have 8 kids if they move in 😨

  • truth hurts
    truth hurts Month ago

    Holy shit 5 kids at 31 that's disgusting and different guys gross that vagina done seen better days gave birth that many times lost mad nutrients and that shit is damaged goods

  • Kay Kelly-Toole
    Kay Kelly-Toole Month ago +1

    Equal rights there js

  • Joseph LeForte
    Joseph LeForte Month ago

    another strong independent woman who don't need a man

    • KJ S
      KJ S Month ago +1

      You must be dumb and black

  • Angel Wild
    Angel Wild Month ago +2

    How pathetic. She should kick his broke cheap ass to the curb!

    • KJ S
      KJ S Month ago

      +Angel Wild Just stupid then. Cool 😎

    • Angel Wild
      Angel Wild Month ago +1

      No. 🌇

    • KJ S
      KJ S Month ago +1

      You a black woman?

  • David Spicer
    David Spicer Month ago +7

    I mean it’s a blind date they don’t even know each other so of course the bill should be spilt the way she reacted to it just tells you what type of person she is now it’s different if you asked the person out on a date or you know each other but this was literally a blind date 50/50 all about equality right

  • Bellock_Grithlus
    Bellock_Grithlus Month ago +10

    shes the cheap one, trying to take advantage of the man

  • tatiana
    tatiana Month ago

    Why does it feel like he made her split the bill because she has kids

  • Jordan Clarke
    Jordan Clarke Month ago

    Fucking hell youth buy the girl a bit of dinner ya tight cunt😂

    • KJ S
      KJ S Month ago

      +Jordan Clarke He your boyfriend? Who's the top and who's the bottom? You pair of bummer's! Lmao 😝

    • KJ S
      KJ S Month ago


    • Jordan Clarke
      Jordan Clarke Month ago

      KJ S ‘better’

    • ПLneu Ц
      ПLneu Ц Month ago

      KJ S you’re the beta male here mate you cheap ass fucker

    • KJ S
      KJ S Month ago

      +Jordan Clarke Learn to speak properly. Try to stop being a beta male too... Alright chav 👍

    QUEEN LESTER Month ago

    She beautiful i wouldnt go back out with him anymore also she handles that really great

    • KJ S
      KJ S Month ago +1

      You are a idiot

  • Lokiki xx
    Lokiki xx Month ago +1

    Feminist: We are equal to men!
    Man: k let's split the bill

    • joiedevivre90
      joiedevivre90 Month ago

      Lokiki xx Yeah, we don't need feminism because it's easy for allowance just give your daughter 80% of what your son gets so she won't be surprised as an adult!!! Woohoo!

  • kevswick
    kevswick Month ago

    She's hot.

    GERMAN FORCE Month ago

    She is bangable, he needs a mom for his kids

  • Mickey Mouse
    Mickey Mouse Month ago +1

    Gold digging cunt needs to keep her legs shut

  • Denica Vader
    Denica Vader Month ago +5

    On various first dates I have: paid for my meal while he paid for his; paid the entire bill; let him pay the entire bill. No big deal. Set expectations lead to disappointment.

  • audrey keane
    audrey keane Month ago

    She is so pretty.

  • Carl Slater
    Carl Slater Month ago +1

    6th baby mother right there .... she’ll have the twins lol .... enjoy your steak . Now it’s payday

  • vitriol or debate
    vitriol or debate Month ago

    If she was better looking she wouldn't be paying for the date. Here's a hint: they don't want to be rude but they don't want to see you again.