Date Isn't Impressed When She Has To Split the Bill?! | First Dates


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  • Channel 4
    Channel 4  29 days ago +106

    Should it be the man's responsibility to pay on the first date?!
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    • Kaylah Kimiora
      Kaylah Kimiora 41 minute ago

      Hell no.

    • Hexadecimal
      Hexadecimal 5 hours ago

      Of course, thats how bitches be going out on free dates getting free food and shit with a couple different guys at the same time with no intention of even being with any of pay for your shit regularly when i start getting some ass......dumb bitches.

    • Christian Carmona-Carlo
      Christian Carmona-Carlo 13 hours ago +1

      Offcourse not! Split until y’all are serious why should one person waste all their money

    • Ariana Kadiri
      Ariana Kadiri 22 hours ago

      Definitely not if a guy wants to pay the bill course I won't stop him, who doesn't want a free meal. However it should definitely not be the man's responsibility we are fighting for equality here.

    • Peace& Blessings
      Peace& Blessings Day ago

      It is expected and I think everyone knows that, but if he can't or isn't willing to then I think he should give her the heads up, so that she is prepared and there is is no awkward moment at the end. But to answer the question, No; guys don't have to pay the bill its just expected in our society and has been for like ever. I think its very attractive and makes a woman feel secure. Like its the manly thing to do...if that makes sense🤔

  • Matthias Thiele
    Matthias Thiele 29 minutes ago

    The split bill thing is a good test imho for a blind date. But if i ask someone on a date, i would pay, because it is an invitation.

  • Paul Dolan
    Paul Dolan Hour ago

    5 kids like throwing a sausage in to a tunnel

  • Katie Grubbs
    Katie Grubbs 2 hours ago

    Like watching a train wreck

  • Hena Nawabi
    Hena Nawabi 4 hours ago

    I dont understand what the big deal is with splitting a bill like the looks some women will give men if they even motion towards that idea is beyond me

  • Anfmethodjor
    Anfmethodjor 5 hours ago

    With 5 kids you need to date self made men.

  • Keeva Nelson
    Keeva Nelson 5 hours ago

    Lets be honest if any woman had to pay money on the first date it would be the last date.

  • Jason Callens
    Jason Callens 7 hours ago

    She should have given u a hummer

  • Brianna Brown
    Brianna Brown 7 hours ago

    That steak looks delish.

  • Majestic Eating ASMR
    Majestic Eating ASMR 8 hours ago

    Look how he was looking at the bill though 😂😂😂😂💀💀💀

  • dilly dilly
    dilly dilly 8 hours ago

    Always prepared, just incase I have a cheap date 👌🤣👏 #gothimgood #yougogirl

    ASK A CLASSY BLACK MAN 10 hours ago

    And I never understood why a female would want to have a child without a wedding ring you should want a wedding ring first

    ASK A CLASSY BLACK MAN 10 hours ago

    8 kidsssssssssssssssss geez that's why women have to keep those legs closed and be patient can't have babies without wedding rings

  • Jocelin Joseph
    Jocelin Joseph 10 hours ago

    They both have to many kids for me. If you take a woman out he should told her we will split the cost of the date. Also how could you get mad at woman for having five kids when you got three.

  • Peter Griffin
    Peter Griffin 11 hours ago

    Smoking hot, but what a cunt. Hope the bloke ran off after this

  • Miss Jay
    Miss Jay 11 hours ago

    Although he was put off with her having 5 kids you can clearly see that the bill was too much for him to cover alone. It’s a shame that she had to embarrass him like that his facial expression alone showed that he couldn’t afford it all.

  • Jayson Davis
    Jayson Davis 12 hours ago

    What’s the point of going on a date with a woman if you’re planning to split the bill at the end? You won’t make a good impression, you won’t get laid and you aren’t likely to get a 2nd date.
    For all that hassle you could’a stayed home beatin’ your meat...

  • exotic sprout
    exotic sprout 14 hours ago

    Friendly reminder not all woman are like this

  • Bitch Craft
    Bitch Craft 14 hours ago

    Omg Is dat Rihanna

  • gg gg
    gg gg 14 hours ago

    Hows it rude, hes just met her

  • Alex Strucker
    Alex Strucker 14 hours ago

    Her hair is gross

  • Arash Namjoo
    Arash Namjoo 14 hours ago

    What a cheap dude it’s hard to watch, not much of a provider

  • starchild
    starchild 15 hours ago

    shes too hot for him he is ugly

  • bARRY mAnilow
    bARRY mAnilow 16 hours ago

    Shes fit

  • Herr Wolf
    Herr Wolf 16 hours ago

    Both single parents and she thinks she's too good to pay as well. Typical freeloader!

  • Helmut Hase
    Helmut Hase 16 hours ago

    This is a good guy I can relate to his situation . Hope he finds someone . She is a crocodile 🐊 snake . Unfortunately when your in the situation he is in like me dating is very weird like a business transaction . Female hustle .. how many men did she run through and spit out. I would like to punch 🤛 this bitch in the face when he called him cheap date. Give her a dose of reality

  • Helmut Hase
    Helmut Hase 16 hours ago

    She is a gold digger

  • Helmut Hase
    Helmut Hase 16 hours ago

    Holy shit that happens to me I feel you bro But I can’t stand my ex wife so sad 😭

  • Nicki Don
    Nicki Don 16 hours ago


  • 27 PayBack
    27 PayBack 16 hours ago

    stay away from all these SEMEN RAGS

  • limbo limbo
    limbo limbo 16 hours ago

    She has 5 kids?! But she looks so did she get the time?🧐

  • Jared Lord
    Jared Lord 17 hours ago

    If a man takes you out on a date he pays the bill. He made her spilt because he didn't like the fact she had 5 kids.

  • shabzana shabzana
    shabzana shabzana 19 hours ago

    I have 5 children and just got divorced last year, but I still believe in chivalry. I believe a man should pay on the first date, call me traditional.

    • Caramel Cupcake
      Caramel Cupcake 18 hours ago

      Yeah I hear that a lot from women, they want men to be "real men" and be providers. And yet, those same women scream "sexism!" When they're expected to cook, clean and take care of the home.... Unless you're a "real woman" and perform feminine, traditional roles such as home-making, you have no business wanting a masculine man who performs his traditional role

  • Dj Robbie Rush
    Dj Robbie Rush 19 hours ago +1

    Typical women expecting lol 😂

  • Isaiah Kyuga
    Isaiah Kyuga 21 hour ago

    If you instigate a date then you should be willing to pay the Bills you can't throw a party from someone else's pocket if I was that woman I won't split shit cause you should have let me know in advance I personally won't even do that to a platonic friend cause I initiated the whole date what kind of blood clot business is that

  • Goorpijp Wessel
    Goorpijp Wessel 21 hour ago

    lmao those disgusting tacky nails.

  • Deeench 91
    Deeench 91 23 hours ago

    Woman want equality.

  • Kirk Wilson
    Kirk Wilson Day ago +1

    She couldnt be uglier, i cant believe guys have slept with her but then i heard about all the drinking they do there....she thrives off the drunks.

  • Chris Rivers
    Chris Rivers Day ago

    She lucky he paid for half. I would off just bounced on her with that attitude.

  • Justice Sweet
    Justice Sweet Day ago

    On a first date halves is best, I personally don't feel comfortable with someone I'm just getting to know paying for everything.

  • Anonymous Person
    Anonymous Person Day ago +2

    It should be whoever makes more money.. which is usually the man.

  • sarah kelly
    sarah kelly Day ago

    This is fake................

  • sarah kelly
    sarah kelly Day ago

    What country are these ppl from? Why so many kids and no man.

  • FlowerPower
    FlowerPower Day ago

    a nice and expensive restaurant is for people with money... don't go there and put your pennies on the table.

  • Peachesxo
    Peachesxo Day ago

    If her eyes are real they are gorgeous, however 5 kids damnnn you should of stopped at 2 till you were married for a couple years. And I think a woman should always offer to pay her half it’s wrong to assume a stranger will feed you

  • moreofawave
    moreofawave Day ago

    For all you cheap bastards. Just look at nature shows with all sorts of animals and the male is ALWAYS trying to impress the female with gifts, trinkets, dances, making of nests etc. The human species is the only male gender who thinks they are too special to impress a woman. Not all of you are like that, or our species would die out.

    • moreofawave
      moreofawave 3 hours ago

      +Caramel Cupcake I guess you didn't read the recent news about the lioness that killed a lion in a zoo.

    • Caramel Cupcake
      Caramel Cupcake 3 hours ago

      +moreofawave lol male lions and other big cats forcefully mate with the females all the time. Males attack the Alfa of the pride, and if they kill the Alfa, they then kill all the cubs and mate with the female whether she likes it or not. This is how bachelor males obtain a mate
      And bonobos aren't sexually dimorphic so it's a weak example. Us humans are sexually dimorphic so let's look at chimpanzees who are our closest cousins and who are also sexually dimorphic like us....
      Male chimpanzees beat the females around cause they form harems and females are violently attacked and forced to mate. Seen this in zoos all the time and anyone who studdies animals will say that chimps are violent cause the male is bigger/stronger
      So human males need to start raping their wives and beating them up cause that's what most male animals do in a sexually dimorphic species. Fuck our men have really become soft towards us females, right?

    • moreofawave
      moreofawave 10 hours ago

      +Caramel Cupcake Not all animals. Actually-primates (our peeps) the females have to allow the males to mate them. Bonobo females group up to make sure that males don't overstep their boundaries. And I'd like to see a male lion try to force a female to mate-not going to happen if she is not willing.

    • Caramel Cupcake
      Caramel Cupcake 16 hours ago

      In nature female animals submit to the males if the males are bigger and stronger. And yet human women are the only species who think they're too special to submit to males and obey them

  • WA Canada
    WA Canada Day ago +1

    That was heart breaking man. You need to run from this woman.

  • vivianna hinks
    vivianna hinks Day ago +1

    Wow these comments r so mean...but bitch please learn to use a condom for fuk sake!

  • max dashen
    max dashen Day ago

    She just wanted a free meal

  • seokjin yoongi
    seokjin yoongi Day ago

    I'm a girl and wouldn't mind paying even for both of us

  • Adleigh Hall
    Adleigh Hall Day ago +1

    paying half and half is the smartest thing I’ve heard. She was so disrespectful..

  • pwetty4r4
    pwetty4r4 Day ago +1

    whoever asked for the date should pay for it.

  • Foushee i
    Foushee i Day ago

    In the gay world whoever offers the dinner date just pays for it. I’ve paid for my meal and my dates meal many times and vice verse. I guess it just depends.

  • Meow Kitty
    Meow Kitty Day ago

    This waiter is like, shit kill me, this could get nasty

  • Lord Jay
    Lord Jay Day ago +1

    ALL the females in the comments trying to defend this woman LOOOOL
    BRUH she aint gonna find no one to take her serious with FIVE BLOODY KIDS. LOOOL WOWZER
    Shes sexy so i would sleep with her all day long but i wouldnt be anything serious with a woman with 5 kids
    sorry girls us guys will treat you different if you have kids, keep the legs closed unless hes a winner lol

  • Paloma Vallecillo

    I am a woman: this isn’t right, they should split and it isn’t right that she makes him uncomfortable for him not paying the full bill. Motherfuc...

  • Paul Barnes
    Paul Barnes Day ago +1

    This is why I don't bother dating women anymore.A women asked me out and expected me to pay for everything on the date like wtf.I thought women want to be equal to men,yeah right when it suits them.

  • Gofaone Motlogelwa

    If I Ask you out on a date ...then I will pay...if you ask me...bitch you pay😂😂😂tf

  • Gooner Forever
    Gooner Forever Day ago +1

    Women want equal rights well split the bitch

  • Tosin Ojo
    Tosin Ojo Day ago

    lol if a man does not pay for both our meals on the first date..that's the end of it. I will rather pay the entire bill than split. Then bye bye. Thank God chivalry is still alive, well and thriving with African and Asian men.

  • Dan B
    Dan B Day ago

    Good way of saying see ya later ha

  • Sha Britt
    Sha Britt Day ago

    😂 if the man asks for the date he pays ... if we're married he pays ... but if we're just hang out we pay our own bills separate... at least that's what I've always thought

  • blah
    blah Day ago

    Yikes their accents

  • bakxxc
    bakxxc Day ago

    shes the cheap date tho lolol

  • Bill Kelly
    Bill Kelly Day ago

    Don’t go to a restaurant or bar on a first date. Best dates I’ve ever had were mini golf and a picnic. Worst date I ever had, she ordered four cocktails and expensive seafood and just tried to just leave me with the bill!

  • Sarge Scum
    Sarge Scum Day ago

    I want half!!!

  • DaTruth Exposed
    DaTruth Exposed Day ago

    They claim to want equality but dont want to split the bill???

  • lil rayray
    lil rayray Day ago


  • Teigs
    Teigs Day ago


  • Nubianmoiselle
    Nubianmoiselle Day ago

    Im all for split the bill but al my dates never wanted me to pay half. Im from the Netherland......I think dutch guys are more old fashion wich is ok with me🤗 lol

  • lindi hlongwane
    lindi hlongwane Day ago

    I personally think women should respectfully share children with women who don’t have or can’t have children,but 5 is too many 😊

    • lindi hlongwane
      lindi hlongwane 15 hours ago

      Don’t take me seriously I’m talking nonsense....I was just shocked by the number of children she had,meanwhile here I am trying to preserve my figure 🤔

    • Caramel Cupcake
      Caramel Cupcake 16 hours ago

      What do you mean by share children??

  • Nella Bel
    Nella Bel Day ago

    She's beautiful !!

  • lanalough
    lanalough Day ago

    She looks like Rihanna

  • الشبح الأوحد

    Dinner Whores you can see their real colors im pretty sure in her situation looking for beta simp who willing to pay for nothing, she had maximum depression directly

  • Goddess Ebony
    Goddess Ebony 2 days ago +1

    Why is a woman who looks like this even entertaining a man like that?

  • HT
    HT 2 days ago

    These types of videos always attract the worst type of women who then comment absolute shit

  • Obrijanu Marian Roberto

    That's a disgusting women having 5 kids at her age wtf

  • Big Boss
    Big Boss 2 days ago

    Split the bill 50/50! That's how the divorce judge will rule anyway.

  • MissAdrian2354
    MissAdrian2354 2 days ago

    Whoever asks you out should pay lmao. And the rest is up to the individual couples.

  • det313rae
    det313rae 2 days ago


  • Erica Dowell
    Erica Dowell 2 days ago

    It just drives me crazy when ppl bring up feminism in order to NOT pay the bill. Wtf is the definition of feminism these days??? Has nothing to do with romancing a female. Just because someone wants to be treated the same in the work field, which is usually what woman want, doesnt mean she doesnt deserve to get treated well. So I guess you have to be submissive to a man you just met on the first date??? C'mon ppl. Of course we aren't treated the same in the world eyes. And what really blows me is the men that are screaming " if she a feminist bs" has daughters. Make it make sense to me

  • Ben Vasilinda
    Ben Vasilinda 2 days ago

    Equality to women means something completely different than what it means to men.

  • Kianna Ballard
    Kianna Ballard 2 days ago

    It weird since it is a blind date situation if a guy asks you out he should pay and if you ask him out you should pay I feel like that’s fair it’s nice when guys pay but at the same time we can’t be unprepared when they say they arent

  • Justin Jones
    Justin Jones 2 days ago

    What a cheap skate. He needs to pay to get laid

  • Rudolf Nemeth
    Rudolf Nemeth 2 days ago


  • N.W.A.
    N.W.A. 2 days ago

    She's really pretty. But 5 kids with different guys is just a mess.

    • Goddess Ebony
      Goddess Ebony 2 days ago

      I think it's gross that a beautiful girl like her would even be sitting down and having a conversation with a man that looks like him

  • nikki fourment
    nikki fourment 2 days ago

    I know that a lot of people disagree with me but I personally never pay for anything and I never will. It's not that I cant afford it, it's more about me knowing exactly what I bring to the table in a relationship so when I'm out with a man it's about what he can do for me. Even after I married my husband he still pays for everything ( he uses his own account not our joint), especially when we go on vacation, he always pays for everything and I love that because its such a manly thing to do. Again I can afford and do everything that I expect out of a man, it's just nice to be taken care of financially.

  • Rope Lay
    Rope Lay 2 days ago

    Loose as a goose

  • Mochahontas
    Mochahontas 2 days ago

    Guys are so wack lol

  • dave close
    dave close 2 days ago

    ate with his mouth open and elbows on the table you had no chance with this drop kick girl no chance at all fucking con artist

  • bubble butt
    bubble butt 2 days ago +2

    Dating is so stupid. It’s like an interview. Oh yeah, never date a women with kids!

  • PETER builderburg
    PETER builderburg 2 days ago

    I love her eye's. 😗

  • matt shine
    matt shine 2 days ago

    they are both retarded ugly ass users on the system

  • matt shine
    matt shine 2 days ago

    eww what a fat disgusting half breed cunt i bet all 5 baby daddies are a different black guy when here mum tried to give her a chance making her mixed but she fucked herself up

  • Gandhi
    Gandhi 2 days ago

    Typical of single mothers, I didn't expect any less from that skank, they always have this habit of being entitled and demanding whereas they got nothing to bring on the table in the first place, nobody should be surprised as to why many single mothers remain single for a very long period of time, most of them are just good enough to be fucked in the ass and that's it.

  • Nicole Mantip
    Nicole Mantip 2 days ago

    She cute but dumb ...i would avoid like a ticking bomb

  • Vegan Hea
    Vegan Hea 2 days ago


  • Remco Verstrepen
    Remco Verstrepen 2 days ago

    Calypso i release you from your human bonds

  • Dale Bee
    Dale Bee 2 days ago

    Why would a decent white guy date a black? DISGUSTING

    • KJ S
      KJ S 10 hours ago

      +Goddess Ebony ^ Keep believing in self healers, potions and the man in the sky you black monkey!..

    • Goddess Ebony
      Goddess Ebony 2 days ago

      I said the same thing...why would her beautiful self even be entertaining this weird disgusting looking white cuck demon cave spawn?

    DEE LEY 2 days ago

    AUGH...BETA MALES & SOYBOYS ...wata turn off. Hmmm it sounds like a title for a docushow.!!!! With inadequate men everywhere 🤔