I Accidentally Ended Up In Travis Scott's Song

  • Published on Jul 11, 2019
  • While at work, Jameer found himself face to face with one of hip-hop's biggest names; Travis Scott.
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    Travis Scott In Concert - Las Vegas, NV
    Ethan Miller/Getty Images
    Travis Scott In Concert - Las Vegas, NV
    Ethan Miller/Getty Images
    Travis Scott In Concert - Las Vegas, NV
    Ethan Miller/Getty Images
    Travis Scott In Concert - New York, NY
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    2018 MTV Video Music Awards - Arrivals
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    2018 MTV Video Music Awards - Arrivals
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    Lighting a marijuana blunt
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    Working With Sound Mixing Console
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    Video Counter Counts Up to One Billion Views
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    Fireball explosion with Matte
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    Crowds watching main stage of music festival
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    Radio DJ with Headphones. Night Air
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    New York City Aerial
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    New York City Aerial
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    Fans waving their hands and hold phone with digital displays crowd at concert.
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  • Rica Ivory
    Rica Ivory 2 days ago

    He said he coulda punched him in the throck 😂😂😂😂😂

    PATEL FAMILY 2 days ago

    I hate him but love him what man 2019

  • PyramidCeres
    PyramidCeres 5 days ago

    I feel like Travis was a douchebag

  • hayden official
    hayden official 6 days ago +1

    Please do Jasmine Masters: I created the And I Oop meme and This Is That Story
    Like if u agree

  • Austeno
    Austeno 6 days ago

    “Get your fuckin nerdy ass off the stage, bro!”

  • Soha Aurangzed
    Soha Aurangzed 7 days ago

    Kylie left the chat

  • Bms_xxx _dark_knight__

    Damn he sung about it🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Carla Zaiden
    Carla Zaiden 9 days ago


  • Uk best1
    Uk best1 11 days ago

    he got kick off the stage because you didnt hit the blunt.. if traviss saw you blowing smokes, he wouldnt want no smokes...

  • Unmxsterxd
    Unmxsterxd 11 days ago

    Its your fault for not knowing how to snap his angles😂

  • wrldstar17
    wrldstar17 11 days ago +1

    travis was right hes on buzz feed hes hella nerdy

  • Adani Nur Shabrina
    Adani Nur Shabrina 12 days ago

    Is this series still continue?:( im really waiting for it

  • Talia Magdy
    Talia Magdy 13 days ago

    Such a diva line though,Mr.Travis.😂

  • Squirty Splash
    Squirty Splash 13 days ago

    when he said hey mr. scott all i was thinking was, "hey mr. scott whatcha gonna do, whatca gonna do make our dreams come true!" from the office

  • Wet Yeti
    Wet Yeti 15 days ago

    "His guitar player passed me a blunt"
    Translation for Hip Hop Heads

  • Laura Dober
    Laura Dober 15 days ago

    Love this guys energy!

  • jay alterEgo
    jay alterEgo 16 days ago

    Lol I worked billboards 100 fest and and boi them security niggaz can get rough if you misplace your all access pass 😂 😂 😂
    I felt this video in my soul.

  • John Dylan
    John Dylan 16 days ago

    LOL wasteman

  • king resse
    king resse 16 days ago

    Why did travis scott come on while i was watching this

  • bliuberry
    bliuberry 16 days ago

    When people say back in 2015, etc. Sounds like they’re talking about a century ago or something.

  • peace jones
    peace jones 16 days ago

    Wait til the Kardashian is finished with using his energy lol washed up

  • Serenity Ruby
    Serenity Ruby 16 days ago

    But why was Travis such a dick to him lmao I don’t get it.

  • zxcow
    zxcow 17 days ago

    ur such a nice guy bro i cant beleive he did that

  • entle masara
    entle masara 18 days ago

    He definitely inspired Antidote. LOL

  • jesse lemberg
    jesse lemberg 18 days ago

    1:12 cs:go for ps3 🤔🤦‍♀️

  • Erin McLaughlin
    Erin McLaughlin 19 days ago

    “it was like beep beep you know”

  • Toe. dare toe.
    Toe. dare toe. 19 days ago


  • brooklyn
    brooklyn 20 days ago

    You should of hit the blunt

  • NCT’s respectful Manager

    He’s so funnyyyyyy!!! “Initiative!!!”

  • Zane Burko
    Zane Burko 20 days ago

    What a sick story!

  • Ashley Hunter
    Ashley Hunter 20 days ago

    What a dick lol

  • Alex Lassaline
    Alex Lassaline 20 days ago +1

    "Kick'in the camera man off of my stage's, cause I dont like how he snappin my angles"
    -Travis Scott

  • Vaqcs
    Vaqcs 20 days ago +1

    This sound like ybn cordae

  • Macmittens411
    Macmittens411 20 days ago

    He said his girlfriend... Girlfriend? 🤔

  • Felice Kozak
    Felice Kozak 20 days ago

    0:29 who else caught what he said

  • kntentment
    kntentment 20 days ago

    yooo, i know i'm kinda late, but this guy is soo entertaining.

  • omgitsmario7
    omgitsmario7 21 day ago

    This a funny ass story

  • Doom King
    Doom King 21 day ago

    the reason jameer got kicked off was travis was pissed that he couldnt have a screen on stage so he had all these annoying camera men as the backdrop

  • acid 101
    acid 101 21 day ago

    punch him in the throat. travis pissed me off.

  • valeriaxcx
    valeriaxcx 21 day ago

    In the first 5 secs of the video, I already knew which incident he was talking about lmfaooo

  • White Privaleged Male
    White Privaleged Male 22 days ago


  • Alydia Flowers
    Alydia Flowers 22 days ago

    This the only buzzfeed video not filled with memes of the video in the comments😂

  • cecilia boada
    cecilia boada 22 days ago

    this guy is so funny this really sent me

  • Pele Simone
    Pele Simone 22 days ago

    I can tell this dude sucks his thumb😛

  • Angie Martinez
    Angie Martinez 23 days ago +1

    Everytime we listen to this song well think of you hahaha

  • josh perry
    josh perry 23 days ago

    U forgot the part where he apologized to u bruh

  • fry bread
    fry bread 23 days ago +2

    YOOO 😂 I like that song but I like it even better now☺️

  • Mushu
    Mushu 23 days ago +3

    I hope Travis sees this 😂😂😂

  • Nicole Queliz
    Nicole Queliz 23 days ago

    LMFAOOOOOO I love him

  • RunnaWayJ
    RunnaWayJ 24 days ago +1


  • Battifol Akpovo
    Battifol Akpovo 25 days ago


  • Cards_are Life
    Cards_are Life 25 days ago

    I took inactivate!

  • Kells McAuliffe
    Kells McAuliffe 26 days ago

    Antidote too😂

  • Dreads NCurls
    Dreads NCurls 27 days ago

    i love him

  • Chase Hazzard
    Chase Hazzard 27 days ago


  • Htx_Thrill
    Htx_Thrill 27 days ago

    am i the only person that like loves his voice and the way he talks ?? just me.. mk 💀😝

  • Chyna Toms
    Chyna Toms 27 days ago

    i love them vamp teeth

  • Khalifa Rashida
    Khalifa Rashida 28 days ago

    He's hilarious... wheres his youtube page?

  • Drink Bleach
    Drink Bleach 28 days ago +2

    If u get him to interview Travis tht would be hella funny😂😂

  • EverydayWandaful
    EverydayWandaful 28 days ago


  • Yasemin Ada
    Yasemin Ada 28 days ago

    Imagine he had smoked the blunt.. and he was high ... then travis came up to him ! I reckon that will be way different story 😂!!!! 🤔

  • ling ling
    ling ling 29 days ago

    1:13 how do you play CSGO on console?

  • Chris K
    Chris K 29 days ago

    Weird flex but 🆗️

  • Jens9807
    Jens9807 29 days ago +3

    "Kickin the camera man off of my stages, cus I dont like how he snappin my angles"

  • al tullis
    al tullis 29 days ago +1

    Fückin trashvis scott!! He's such a cocky-ass auto-tone trash!

  • Bo Scribner
    Bo Scribner Month ago +1

    no bystanders

  • Oh Yeah yeah
    Oh Yeah yeah Month ago +1

    I remember seeing the original video on Instagram earlier

  • ReyBee9
    ReyBee9 Month ago +1

    Hu dis

  • judit llorca pedros

    I love this videos soo much

  • M GB
    M GB Month ago


  • Random person 1000
    Random person 1000 Month ago +1

    Dude this was a long ass time ago and trav apologized no need to bring back the past just forgive and forget

  • Musa Moyo
    Musa Moyo Month ago

    You a sucker for a clout bro

  • Ana Hernandez
    Ana Hernandez Month ago

    I always wondered who he was talking about when I’d hear that line 😂😂

  • Tella Skope
    Tella Skope Month ago

    I'm not gonna lie, I kinda felt offended when I first heard that line

  • Jordan Marufu
    Jordan Marufu Month ago

    Bruh that’s dope