• Published on Dec 2, 2019
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  • Kayla Hughes
    Kayla Hughes 4 days ago

    I have diagnosis of both, it's utter hell. The lengths I'll go to to avoid being sick is unreal. And my ocd is currently at an all time peak. I've never heard from another person who understands, so thank you for this video. Just thank you ❤️

  • Amy Wigston
    Amy Wigston 7 days ago

    I can’t believe how alike we are I haveEmetophobia really bad and mints it’s like my comfort blanket if I feel sick I go through so many I eat food ok now but mints and ginger is my go to Thankyou for making us see we ain’t alone xxxxx

    SHEYMULAN 12 days ago +1

    Does this mean Lauren wouldn’t consider pregnancy or children in the future. Because they both could trigger her emetophobia even if it was through adoption 🤔😕

  • Hollie House
    Hollie House 13 days ago

    I can relate omg! I had a lung disease and now everytime someone near me coughs I whip a mask out and wear it until they are gone. I was offered a ride home today from a course but the lady offering coughed. Instead, I wore a mask for the 2hrs I was with her, walked in my painful shoes and got a bus to my husbands work and then a lift home from there. It is getting excessive, but I was so sick that I'm too scared to get sick again. One day not long after the lung problem, I went to the doctors for something generic and while I was in there a child sneezed on me...I freaked out. Then as I was called in, a man sneezed on the door handles. I was trapped. I couldn't touch the door, because I'd get sick. I couldn't stay because I'd get sick. I told the doctor and she gave me a glove. But the bin was on the inside of the door. There was no hand sanitizer. So I wore that glove, and had to carry it in my pocket all the way home as there were no bins. I threw it away at home and had to take the bin to the big bin so the germs weren't inside the house. Then I had to disinfect the doors, wash my coat and my hands. May 2018 I went to center parcs and got norovirus, which made me start the excessive anti-germs regime, then Xmas 2018 I went to center parcs again and disinfected the rooms but I got the lung disease there. I can't go there again I'm scared I might die next time. At the time it all seems totally normal, like...surely nobody wants to get ill? But reading this I'm thinking maybe I have an issue.

  • L Smith
    L Smith 15 days ago

    I couldn’t imagine relating to someone more, I’ve been searching for someone like me for so long so I didn’t feel so alone.

  • wellthatspretty
    wellthatspretty 16 days ago

    I love having a clean and super tidy house, I have a thing about even numbers and routines I follow to a t especially regarding my insulin pump, and I am fed up telling people I do NOT have OCD it's just the way I like things to be I don't have any intrusive thoughts! A pet hate of mine is people throwing around OCD. You're strong as fuck girl x

  • Faith Mcqueen
    Faith Mcqueen 16 days ago

    This is so touching It really makes you think on how things can effect people and you are so strong to post and talk about this ❤️

  • Charlotte Blackburn
    Charlotte Blackburn 17 days ago

    This emetophobia story proper resonated with me, i'm 20 nearly 21 I have emetophobia too I am terrified of sick and will get out a moving car if someone even says they feels sick. Mine similarly they have said is related to my mum being sick whenever I used to see her when I was younger. Almost turned off the video when you gave the trigger warning but was like nah wanna push through, well worth it nice to hear from someone else who feels a similar way, loving your guys channel

  • Jane Smith
    Jane Smith 21 day ago

    I just want congratulate you on doing this video, it must of been one of the hardest thing for you to do this, be proud of yourself, and thank you. Xxx 💕

  • Prisca J
    Prisca J 22 days ago

    I absolutely love you guys! More people need to be open and share the reality of things!!!

  • Debbie Malone
    Debbie Malone 23 days ago

    At the start I didnt think I would be able to watch all of this video because it's an hour long but wow, I couldn't put my phone down. Was so informative and to think how amazing and brave you are to go through this every day. I loved all your special thanks at the end to your partner, friends and more so your mum. I did cry but as a parent these are the things you do for your child. The bit where you explained about your dark thoughts and knowing what it would do to your mum was very touching. Your amazing ! 💖

    • Virginia Kavanagh
      Virginia Kavanagh 4 days ago +1

      Debbie Malone thank you for your message to Lauren, I am her mum & love her so much 🥰 x

  • Katrina M
    Katrina M 23 days ago

    Thank you sweetie. Your so brave ♥

  • Kerry Glass
    Kerry Glass 23 days ago

    Amazing lassie 💕💕

  • It's Your Girl
    It's Your Girl 24 days ago

    girl! your amazing! u have emetophobia ! and its horrible! wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy! your so brave

  • Molly Mattieson
    Molly Mattieson 24 days ago +2

    I get panic attacks almost everyday and feeling sick everyday, I couldn’t work out what was causing them and recently they’ve got much worse and I’ve been in and out of hospital I have been googling what it could be and how I could help myself and emetophobia came up and I read about it which I then was thinking this is what I have
    This video has helped me so much because It’s helped me to realise even on top of how much I’ve read that this is what I think I have so I’m going to go doctors and hopefully they can help !x

  • Anna Mary bee
    Anna Mary bee 24 days ago

    Could eating that amount of sugary mints not make you feel sick though? I think it would me but may be wrong xx

  • Bonnie Nash
    Bonnie Nash 24 days ago

    I love your accent OMG 🥰 it’s so sweet, I know a lot about ocd and phobias and mental health Illness’s.
    Sad thing is, everyone is effected differently even if they have the same ocd or phobia or mental health issues and that’s the part people seem to find hardest to understand. Even if on the surface the traits are similar in each individual each person may deal with them differently or have other symptoms.
    Take no notice of negative judgement from others , trust me they will always find something to judge you wrongly on . Sadly that’s human nature. My heart goes out to you and anyone else dealing with intrusive thoughts etc. It’s hard enough just getting through life in general but then dealing with all that on top must be so difficult. You should be proud of yourself for educating people on your personal experience and what you are dealing with. I hope this year brings you every blessing and happiness and things start getting easier for you .

  • Amber C
    Amber C 25 days ago

    I always need the toilet seat shut too!! Because I feel germs come from it!

  • Grace Rothwell
    Grace Rothwell 25 days ago

    You’re so so so so strong. Keep going you’re doing amazing and you’ve got the world behind you supporting you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Annie Champion
    Annie Champion 25 days ago

    i’m emetophobic too, thank you for sharing your story and inspiring me to share mine

  • Tina Smart
    Tina Smart 27 days ago

    My partner has OCD. It is the most debilitating illness I've ever witnessed. He started off with putting his clothes/trainers on at least 80 times per day. He wont eat in restaurants as he's worried about the germs. He won't eat any food that someone else has prepared. He has now gone on to washing his hands about 40 times per day, his hands are full of cuts and blisters and are so dry that they bleed. His trigger is usually stress related. Whilst I completely understand how difficult it is for him, it's also difficult for me to watch how stressed he gets over it. Well done for this video x

    • Virginia Kavanagh
      Virginia Kavanagh 4 days ago

      Tina Smart its 500G Zerobase emollient cream, sorry she hasn’t got the hand wash yet they were out at the pharmacy, but this has helped so much already. Good luck x

    • Virginia Kavanagh
      Virginia Kavanagh 4 days ago

      Tina Smart Hi Tina, I’m Lauren’s mum, I am so sad to hear that your partner is suffering. Lauren has recently been prescribed some fab hand wash and moisturiser from the GP that doesn’t hurt even when her hands are bad. I will get her to tell me the name and message you back. Hope this helps just a little bit. Hope you are both getting some help x

  • Tegan- Mia Gailor
    Tegan- Mia Gailor 28 days ago

    Thank you for being so open about both things I struggle with very badly xxx

  • Nicole Daysie
    Nicole Daysie 28 days ago +4

    As a psychology student, this was so eye opening and interesting to hear about from your perspective ♥️

  • Blazin Jem
    Blazin Jem 29 days ago

    I would just like to say how brave that I think you are. As someone who has had issues with vomiting myself even when I know that if I let myself do it, I will actually feel better afterwards! In my case, I will pray and pray and pray PLEASE GOD NO! No PLEASE! NO PLEASE!!...LOL. I KNOW that it’s really NOT something to laugh at...
    But, seriously, There have been times that I have laying on the cold tile floor in the fetal position crying and just praying to God to not let me throw up! It’s awful! I feel like I have to make a “deal “ with God to not let me throw up-even though, clinically I KNOW in my head that just allowing it to happen will only make me feel better. And, that’s when I around your age. I will, however say that I DO STILL have issues with vomit. Especially as a nurse!! I can deal with MANY things that most people would find repulsive, however when someone is going to be sick I literally can’t stay in the room with them or, clean up after them for that matter. Thank God we DO HAVE WONDERFUL men and women in our janitorial staff that are EXCEPTIONAL at their jobs and, yet they don’t get the thanks and RESPECT from our clinical staff that they deserve!!
    Again, thank you for being so open, honest, and”RAW” with describing a TRUE MEDICAL DIAGNOSIS! Further, you should not feel ANY SHAME embarrassment whatsoever. As I stated, this is a medical diagnosis. More people deal with this than are actually willing to put themselves out there and speak about it as raw as you have. Because feeling “shame “ or. WORSE, making “fun” of a person that TRULY SUFFERS FROM this condition is JUST AS CRUEL as “making fun of “ a cancer patient!! It’s down-right SHAMEFUL!! So, hats off to you, precious lady for laying yourself bare and allowing the world to see what it’s like in a typical day for the people who suffer with these conditions daily!! And, HOPEFULLY open the eyes of our tormentors!!
    Much love to you, sweetheart!
    P.S. I am SO TRULY HAPPY FOR YOU that you have such AN INCREDIBLE SUPPORT SYSTEM in your life!! Having both your Mum AND Charlie there as a support system makes you a VERY LUCKY lady, indeed!!
    And, as far as the Internet TROLLS who have set about to try and hurt you mentally for an ILLNESS OVER WHICH YOU CAN NOT CONTROL. They will get what’s coming to them!! You briefly said something about Karma in the beginning of the video, and I want you to not only KNOW, but BELIEVE that those people will get what’s coming to them !! I have a saying that I’ll share with you: “ What goes around comes around. And, WHEN it DOES, it will bite you pretty hard on your ASS!” “So, YES!! Karma is a BITCH!!”
    Keep THAT in mind whenever you hear or read nasty comments on the Internet!! 😘

  • stef thorpe
    stef thorpe 29 days ago

    Thank you so much for uploading this video . it’s an amazing thing you have done talking about your struggles and making people aware of it . I suffer with OCD , depression & anxiety I can relate to you so much x

  • Emma McAllister
    Emma McAllister Month ago

    im 22 years old and have unknowingly suffered with emetophobia since i was probably 5 years old. I came across the term when ironically researching anti-sickness remedies.
    The amount of food i throw away is insane, thinking its gone bad when it most likely hasn't. The first thing I look for in a new public place is the nearest trash can or bathroom. I keep a plastic bag inside my tote at all times just in case im on public transit or somewhere where i could be sick and there might not be a garbage. i've called into work SO many times because i've felt slightly ill. I've always been thin and a peckish eater and im sure emetophobia is the cause of that. It's debilitating honestly. Thank you for making this video, I hope people come across it and are able to get the explanation i wish, and i deserved, to have earlier in my life.

  • Erykah Cameron
    Erykah Cameron Month ago

    I relate to this so much. I have Emetophobia too, and have only recently discovered lots of other people with it and I feel so much less alone. Thank you so much for posting this, I don’t feel weird, and I feel like if people are talking about it then people will begin to understand. Thankyou thankuou thankyou❤️

  • Rosemary Dalton
    Rosemary Dalton Month ago

    I never comment on videos, but this absolutely moved me. Seeing you talk so bravely about a mental illness that clearly debilitates you every day is incredible. I never even gave a second thought (to be brutally honest) about how bad OCD could get and I hadn’t even heard of emetophobia so thank you Lauren for making us all better, more understanding people. I’m so sorry you suffer like this, hearing you talk about your mum made me cry. You’re such a brave girl and I can’t believe people can sit behind their keyboard and call you an attention seeker or fat. We could all do with being a bit nicer because even if we think we know it all, it’s very clear we don’t. If this video teaches us anything it’s to be kind to one another. Hoping that you have a better week x

  • bobby boynton
    bobby boynton Month ago

    I never realised how much there is to OCD but i also have these types of thoughts but not as bad now it used to be all the time like if i don’t turn the light in and off 4 times something bad is going to happen to me

  • Ashly Wallace
    Ashly Wallace Month ago +1

    This is such an eye opening video for people who have never heard of, came across anyone struggling or experienced any of this. This gives me hope for my girlfriend. You and people like you dont get enough credit.
    Keep smiling

  • Jas
    Jas Month ago

    Your such a beautiful person inside and out. I was really oblivious and I feel stupid for not knowing the depths of ocd and the fear of being sick. Your such a brave person, I’m sending you lots of love!

  • Jay Courtney
    Jay Courtney Month ago

    I'm showing this to my boyfriend. I had a bug last week and I was fkin terrified. He kept saying 'if you're sick, you're sick, just get it over and done with' but I was rolling on the floor, having a many panic attacks, I had to take all my clothes off because I knew if I was sick I'd never ever be able to wear them again and would need to throw them, however much I washed them. I was screaming from the fear of the fact I might have been sick, and he was getting angry at me about it. If he comes home from work and says someone was ill I go into a meltdown and I make him sleep on the sofa because I'm scared of catching something he might not even have. It sounds ridiculous to someone who doesn't have the condition, but my god if people knew how much it controlled our lives, they'd see it so differently. Thankyou for opening up and making me feel less alone xx

  • Kim
    Kim Month ago +1

    Thank you so much sweetheart for sharing how you cope with this. So many people will be grateful for your heart felt honesty. I was in tears at the end of this video. Firstly because I totally know how you feel as a sufferer myself, and secondly because of your thanks to your husband and mum. love and hugs to you xxxxx

  • Kate’s Krystal’s
    Kate’s Krystal’s Month ago +1

    My young daughter has extreme fear of vomiting or others vomiting. She has had this from around the age of 4 years old and is now 14. Thank you for this video. It’s helped me a lot. I stumbled across your channel and I’m enjoying slowly watching all your videos. They’re so informative and I enjoy watching you both! Lots of love x

    • Kate’s Krystal’s
      Kate’s Krystal’s Month ago +2

      Virginia Kavanagh thank you! It means a lot xx

    • Virginia Kavanagh
      Virginia Kavanagh Month ago +2

      Kate’s Krystal’s . You are very welcome, every day is a new day as a mum - you’ve never experienced what’s in front of you before. All we can do is our best and be there for a big hug. I’m sure you will have a fab relationship with your daughter, so glad she’s improving xx

    • Kate’s Krystal’s
      Kate’s Krystal’s Month ago +1

      Virginia Kavanagh thank you so much for taking time out to reply. The last year she’s been slowly getting better. I feel very positive about our future. I had my daughter at 18years old so I feel like a baby still myself. So kind words like yours really help. Your daughter really filled me with so much emotion when she spoke about you. I sense you’re very strong! Lots of love ❤️

    • Virginia Kavanagh
      Virginia Kavanagh Month ago +2

      Kate’s Krystal’s Hi, I am Lauren’s mum. I just saw your message and I just wanted to message you to say keep strong, it’s so hard to watch them suffer with something they can’t control and so many people don’t understand. Any help is better than no help - good help is hard to find. I wish you lots of luck. At 14 desensitisation really helped Lauren. She coped really well for 4-5 years (lived her life, started to rationalise eg bugs vs her friends being sick when they’d had too much drink!), it’s worth a try. They always have it we just need to help them cope when they have a blip (big or small) #mumpower x

  • Zoe Taylor
    Zoe Taylor Month ago

    Oh wow how nice is it to hear someone who COMPLETELY gets it. If you were looking for further treatment, hypnotherapy (which I had on the nhs!) really really really helped me. Love to you chica xxx

  • Syd
    Syd Month ago

    i also suffer with emetophobia, i’m only 18 and last month was the first time i did vomit after forcing myself not to for around 10 years. it is so stressful living with this phobia thinking whenever i’m in public that someone could trigger it by just coughing next to me etc. it’s also hard living in a house with my mam having a chronic illness which makes her sick almost everyday.. i get teased a lot by people around me pretending they’re feeling sick to watch me have triggers about it, it’s an awful thing to live with and i wish i could just get over it but i never will.

  • Alexa Burton
    Alexa Burton Month ago +2

    I'm so glad I came across this: it was like watching myself, telling my own story. I didn't realise anybody felt the exact same as me - thank you so much for sharing, I will take comfort and inspiration from this xx

  • Megan Cooper
    Megan Cooper Month ago +1

    I have emetophobia also, no one ever ever understood. If I told my friends or family about my absolute hatred for vomit, they'd say 'well no one likes sick'. There was a time someone threw up on the stairwell at school and the only way I could get out was by going down the stairs. Even once it had been cleaned, my friend had to hold my hand and walk me out with my eyes shut and hands over my ears because I couldn't get out. If I feel sick now I have to sit and talk to myself saying 'you will not be sick you will not be sick' even when I have a bug and NEED to be sick I would keep it down. It is only in the last 3 years that I actually became aware of what was wrong with me, in my psychology degree we learnt about phobias, emetophobia being one of them. For the first time ever, it all made sense. I had always thought I was so weird for having this phobia because I'd never heard of anyone else having it. Thank you so much for raising awareness and making this video.

  • Siobhan McQuillan
    Siobhan McQuillan Month ago

    sending love and positivity your way Lauren! this was extremely brave x

  • Freya Rose
    Freya Rose Month ago +2

    I’m Freya and I have emetophobia like you. I am actually terrified of vomit. I literally burst into tears when people say they feel sick or if they are going to throw up. And someone threw up right next to me in history and I fainted. I was taken to the nurses office. If there is one thing I hate the most, it’s vomit.
    Sorry if I put you off, have a good day x

  • Sophie Harpin
    Sophie Harpin Month ago

    Soooo much love and respect for you from another emetophobia sufferer 💗 we can do this xx

  • Eve
    Eve Month ago

    i have emetophobia too. it’s ruined so many opportunities for me. i couldn’t go to university and i can’t go on holiday. but every day is a battle that we win, and we deserve to feel really proud of ourselves. lots of love to you xxx

  • Maria Aquilina
    Maria Aquilina Month ago

    Thank you for this video, you speak so eloquently- and you are incredibly brave to open out about these issues ❤ I have struggled with panic disorder, anxiety, bipolar type 2 and emetophobia but I do not have it to the same extent as you. I desperately want to go to medical school but I cannot fathom the thought of working in a hospital or being a doctor because of my emetophobia. I'm opting for veterinary medicine as animals being ill doesn't invoke the sheer terror in me as people being ill. I would love to see more videos about your experiences if you're able to talk about it :). You are beautiful! Much love from Australia ❤

  • Drew Ingham fan
    Drew Ingham fan Month ago

    Ohhh Scottish am Scottish as well🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  • Christabel Events
    Christabel Events Month ago

    As somebody who struggles so hard with Emetophobia, I am so grateful that there are videos like this to help educate other people. In my personal experience, my phobia of vomit started as young as 4, and has gradually worsened as I get older, (now 19) stopping me from doing so much. I will not step on a boat. on the rare occasion I will if the water is like glass - very little to no waves. I will not drink - If I do, no more than a glass or two, (I've gradually kept track of my limits) and will always check how long somebody cooks chicken and pork etc. I shut down if I am feeling sick, taking anti-nausea medication and rest my body, even if it is only a dull nausea. If someone else is sick, I panic! It feels like the end of the world and I shake and hyperventilate. If I am in any sort of situation where there could be vomit, I will make it clear I have Emets and am always hyper aware, pre-planning an escape route for if it happens. I even have an irrational fear of buckets, because my mum used to give me buckets to be sick in when I was younger. Emetophobia is really hard to deal with! so much trauma! so glad there are people who finally understand!

  • Ella Xx
    Ella Xx Month ago

    Honestly I relate to this so much I think about sick constantly I live in fear although not ocd diagnosed I am anxiety diagnosed because of sick I feel for you so much xx

  • Rosie Gander
    Rosie Gander Month ago

    Thank you for raising awareness to OCD. I was not educated enough and thanks to your bravery & courage, so many people are now aware of a serious mental illness which is making others feel comfortable and confident to speak up. I know it’s easier said than done, but you cannot let others put you down. You and Charlie are so beautifully inspirational, small minded people that give you hate just cannot simple understand. Well done, you should be so proud of yourself, and you will get through this❤️

  • Jade
    Jade Month ago

    I actually have suffered from emetophobia since I was 10/11 and I’m 20 now, I was sick in class in school and it was so embarrassing. The last 4/5 my anxiety and emetophobia has been worse than ever. 4/5 I became anorexic through not eating because of feeling sick and anxiety, and if I ate, it was plain food to stop to stomach from being irritated’ incase it increased my chances of being sick. My anxiety has physical symptoms like feeling sick, and then it causes me to panic. When I was younger, I would say I borderline had OCD and went through phases of cleaning my hands raw, I also at one point refused to swallow my own spit because of germs. It is awful and really does effect your quality of life. Thankyou for not making me feel so alone ❤️

  • Happy Days
    Happy Days Month ago

    this seems so strange to me because i have bulimia and ocd, thankyou for spreading awareness xxx

  • Olivia Stark
    Olivia Stark Month ago

    I don't have emetophobia but I used to have an extreme fear of vomit because of the time when a boy I knew vomited all over the lunch table at school. So from then on, I used to completely believe that if I ate anything I would vomit. I just completely stopped eating and I had a massive fear of restaurants because I couldn't physically look at food without feeling like i was going to be sick. It got so bad that I developed an eating disorder and I just could not eat. I remember my parents sitting me down at the table trying to get me to eat 1 chicken nugget and I just couldn't because I truly believed it would make me sick.

  • Natalia Babić
    Natalia Babić Month ago

    I'm so glad someone has spoken up about this. I have suffered with Emetophobia and OCD/ Health anxiety for 4 years now and it has really ruled my life. I also have Gastrointestinal problems (possibly caused by my mental health) that have forced me to feel sick almost every day or take medication that may make me feel sick. I don't drink, take drugs and I am a strict vegetarian and don't eat egg as I am so fearful of salmonella. Because of the OCD I also sometimes convince myself that the tap water has been contaminated with bacteria that will poison me. I wake up everyday and 'check' my body sensations to see if I have caught a bug or if I am getting sick. I have been told countless times to get over it, or 'exercise' the thoughts away but people don't understand that OCD acts as a parasite. It gets worse and worse as you don't deal with it and other lifestyle factors start to gradually get affected. It's not just what you eat but where you go, who you talk to, what you look at, what you use etc. IT IS RELENTLESS. I really appreciate someone speaking up about it and I'm sure you had a lot more to say, as there is so much someone with these conditions can think and do in a day that goes under the radar to people around them. It is a constant struggle to do the most mundane things and I respect you so much for dealing with this. I have been trying to find someone with a similar problem for years now as it is such a niche topic. Thank you for spreading awareness

  • Chloe Bolger
    Chloe Bolger Month ago


  • Hannah Drysdale
    Hannah Drysdale Month ago

    Bless you darling, so sorry you suffer this. You are very brave, thank you for raising awareness to someone like me who never understood OCD properly! X

  • Ciara Tolley
    Ciara Tolley Month ago

    I’m going through the exact same right now, I am 17 and have been experiencing the fear for about 4 years, I’m exactly the same, I would avoid eating so there was nothing for me to throw up and I replaced food with icepolls and chewing gum and now underweight. I don’t go out, school and college are massive issues for me and avoid any social events, it’s awful 🤕thank u for this video xxx

  • Tayla Hopper
    Tayla Hopper Month ago

    It all happens in stages in year 5/6 I didn’t go to school bc I felt sick one day and the teachers didn’t believe me so I didn’t want to go back, I screamed and cried and shaked not wanting to go and had zofran tablets and had 2 a day. Then like I said in my last comment (sorry for so much all jumbled I’m just in shock from how much I can relate to this video) I felt sick at a friends house 6 months ago and have never been the same. Yeah my life has had lots of other extreme things connecting but these comments will go on forever, sorry for how many there are ahaha

  • Tayla Hopper
    Tayla Hopper Month ago

    Expanding on what I said before, I have panick attacks when I feel sick. One time I went to a friends house half an hour away and I felt sick before I went but I really wanted to go, so I went and it got to the time when I was really tired and wanted to go to bed, then thoughts ran through my head bc I already felt a little sick then I felt really sick got hot but shivered uncontrollably, this happens every time I feel sick. Now that I think about it I was probably panicking about being sick when I feel really sick because I’m scared of going to hospital from my disease.

  • Julia Benson
    Julia Benson Month ago

    Thank you for making this video - OCD needs to be taken way more seriously!!

  • Miss Sophie Anne
    Miss Sophie Anne Month ago +1

    I relate to so much of this it actually breaks my heart so much

  • Kelsey Atkinson
    Kelsey Atkinson Month ago

    I was crying at the end there lauren - so brave of you to speak up about it and educate everyone ❤️

  • Kirsty Marie Cockshott

    So much respect to you for filming this video♥️♥️