WEIRD things you can buy ONLINE

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  • SSSniperWolf
    SSSniperWolf  2 months ago +4773

    RIP my hand 😩

    • adityo purwoko
      adityo purwoko Day ago

      Hiii sssniperwolf😃

    • Kurtlar 36
      Kurtlar 36 2 days ago

      Hey I know I have an imaginary friend too. But others really sell it for 3.000 dollars. For me, it is like selling my entire life love for something that is super common.
      Its like a Mother selling his Child for 3.000 for me. It is really uncomfortable to watch.

    • Amelia candyland
      Amelia candyland 3 days ago


    • McWolf Gaming
      McWolf Gaming 28 days ago +1

      What happened?

    • EeveeGamerYT
      EeveeGamerYT Month ago

      SSSniperWolf what happen to it?? :(

  • adityo purwoko
    adityo purwoko Day ago

    Who want to buy a magen nary friend?

  • Amelia candyland
    Amelia candyland 3 days ago

    Hai sssniperwolf

  • Olivia Plant
    Olivia Plant 3 days ago

    I'm Olivia don't sell me

  • N E
    N E 3 days ago

    Where can I get myself one of those bendy phones

  • Abbey Pacheco
    Abbey Pacheco 4 days ago

    my class lets us do the owl pellets for fun in science class in fifth grade

  • Kittycat GO MEOW
    Kittycat GO MEOW 4 days ago

    Omg You Actually Don't Know What Gremlin Is!

  • Cadence Clemmons
    Cadence Clemmons 4 days ago

    I had to dissect an owl pellet in 5th grade

  • Christina Moreno
    Christina Moreno 4 days ago

    When you said you always think your good but you Realize that your not I was like I’m with you girl I sing all the time and I am like I am so good but when I here it I DELETE IT because I am horrible but when I did a singing contents with my friend as the judge and my enemy agents me and the judge is friends with my enemy but I sill won hehe🤗

  • ninjahaven13
    ninjahaven13 5 days ago

    Maybe sssniperwolf can create a bunch of imaginary Ashleys and sell them, lol

  • Declan Baglin
    Declan Baglin 6 days ago

    My school sold Owl throw up and then a few people complained that they were selling owl threw up and food at the same place with no gloves or hairnets (they sold them at this thing called Friday market )

  • Jeff Martin
    Jeff Martin 6 days ago

    my name is Olivia

  • Anja Magi
    Anja Magi 8 days ago

    i'm possessed.

  • The Doge Crew
    The Doge Crew 8 days ago

    My potato says: Stop

  • Cynthia Medina
    Cynthia Medina 10 days ago

    Everybody:yaaa I’m so happy!

    Edit:true story it happened a couple minutes go

  • The Reversed.
    The Reversed. 11 days ago

    My friend has a FaceBank

  • Julie Custer
    Julie Custer 11 days ago

    My big bro has bacon bandages

  • Miguel Riojas
    Miguel Riojas 12 days ago

    My 5th grade teacher actually bought the owl throw up thing and we had to open and like search though them and we found the bones of the little animals that the owl had eaten.

  • Anna Davis
    Anna Davis 13 days ago

    Sniperwolf can you text me pls I have no friends

  • Alexandra J Warman
    Alexandra J Warman 13 days ago

    I did the owl thing in primary

  • Alivya Trinidad
    Alivya Trinidad 13 days ago

    My names Alivya.....

  • olujimi aderibigbe
    olujimi aderibigbe 13 days ago


  • Fennico Fox
    Fennico Fox 14 days ago

    4:01 it’s actually fun you get like four skulls In each pellet we did it in class

  • Lilly Love
    Lilly Love 14 days ago

    Omg we have that owl pellet in our class 🦉😂

  • Brooke Noland
    Brooke Noland 16 days ago

    I had those bacon bandages! 😂😅🤣 I got that and a pack of bacon from my gramma when I was like 7! lol, I’m a nerd.. let’s go!!!

  • Art & Joy
    Art & Joy 17 days ago

    I actually dissected the owl throw up kit thing in my 6th grade science class.

  • Kiwi Panda58
    Kiwi Panda58 17 days ago

    Sssniperwolf: I got Olivia right here-
    Me:WAIT! My dogs name is Olivia XD

  • Asra Haq
    Asra Haq 18 days ago

    When I record Iand sing I like sound more bad than worst

    I hope sniper wolf is better than me love u subscribe and join the wolf pack aooooooo

  • i.Aggresivly.Touch.Migdets 101

    0:55 true lazarbeam fan will know

  • Vitaliya Kanvic
    Vitaliya Kanvic 20 days ago

    In China there’s this website called taobao, it’s like eBay but except items u purchase can arrive within 5 days and anything u can think of u can buy at a super cheap price😂like ANYTHING

  • Mohammad I love your video

    I want to be in the wolf pack pls🙏🏻

  • Ciela Lewis
    Ciela Lewis 23 days ago

    The bacon bandages will heal your hunger

  • Skylent
    Skylent 24 days ago

    My Childs name?! NoOoO boi I need be naming my child CHICKEN over here >:c

  • Catherine Demargerie-Leclair

    Lol for the owls 🦉 poop, well in my school, weeeeeee... (I don’t want to talk about it but I think that you what we do with it...)

  • Cat lover Buchanan
    Cat lover Buchanan 24 days ago

    Who wants a I put myself on TikTok of me singing

  • Tina Aldridge
    Tina Aldridge 25 days ago +1

    My mom had to comeup with ten name for us

  • kimberly gurule
    kimberly gurule 26 days ago

    😡👿😶😇 this stuff is weird

  • Carmen Blancato
    Carmen Blancato 26 days ago

    I actually did the owl throw up in science 😂

  • iphones suck BOI
    iphones suck BOI 27 days ago

    I'm eating cookies and when the pp batteries came along I threw up in my mouth🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢

  • Sora Uzumaki Nine Tail Fox

    AkiDearest is a TheXvidr (One of my favorites) has a "WHY?! Japan playlist" and she bought the coin bank

  • Jocelyn Carrillo
    Jocelyn Carrillo 27 days ago

    9:10 that what my mom does to me

  • Guinea Pig Girl Wonder
    Guinea Pig Girl Wonder 27 days ago +1

    0:54 how to keep your siblings away from your money 101

  • jiminfoundjamz
    jiminfoundjamz 27 days ago

    We disected owl pellets in school

  • L0velybanan 9
    L0velybanan 9 28 days ago

    Lia: I have Olivia right here. Me: MY NAME IS OLIVIA YAY IM LIA’S FRIEND!!!!

  • x. aiden_
    x. aiden_ 28 days ago

    2:05 sniperwolf cant tell the difference between you're and your (you're is your and)

  • McWolf Gaming
    McWolf Gaming 28 days ago

    Did digitalnext sit on your hand?

  • amirreza ashrafi
    amirreza ashrafi 29 days ago


  • Elizabeth Streets
    Elizabeth Streets 29 days ago

    SSSniperWolf, one of my friends has the bacon bandaids

  • Yvonne Jones
    Yvonne Jones Month ago

    Lia: Wam Bam Yes Mam
    Love those words 💖💞

  • Master Scorpio
    Master Scorpio Month ago

    Who else googled USB pet rocks

  • Master Scorpio
    Master Scorpio Month ago +1

    Ijustine be reeking Mac candle

  • Xxwolf dreamer07
    Xxwolf dreamer07 Month ago

    I did one of those owl vomit kits in the 5th grade

  • Amari Harris
    Amari Harris Month ago +1

    Pee pee battery
    Sssniperwolf: how does it work
    Me: wouldn't that smell

  • Ally Estrella
    Ally Estrella Month ago

    It's called an owl pellet I dissected one in 4th grade

  • Lyra Sankey
    Lyra Sankey Month ago

    I remember when I dissected an owl pellet....

  • Stitch_gaming/ gacha

    In 4th, 5th, and 7th grade we had to disect owl pellets.

  • Kami Flames
    Kami Flames Month ago

    I remember that show when I was a kid

  • camryn samuels
    camryn samuels Month ago

    I did not plan this when I was watching this vid. When the Cheeto fingers came on my fingers were covered with Cheeto dust

  • River Gardner
    River Gardner Month ago

    If I was your daughter I'd find a way to break that phone cage :D

  • Army. seokjin_
    Army. seokjin_ Month ago


    But I would change the name but task the money uwu

  • 943 943 Month ago +1

    2:06 your*

  • Abby Bentley
    Abby Bentley Month ago +1

    its an owl pellet not owl THROWUP....we had to disect them during science😢

  • Samsky
    Samsky Month ago

    I hope I can buy Lia. And we will be friends( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) That won’t happen😔😂❤️

  • iiEchoStxr
    iiEchoStxr Month ago

    this came up in everyones recommendations and thats a fact.

  • Jay's Humming
    Jay's Humming Month ago +1

    Yeetus depression to the deletus

  • Jay's Humming
    Jay's Humming Month ago +1

    Early 2000's gang where you at!?

  • Veera Sharma
    Veera Sharma Month ago

    Literally eating Cheeto right now

  • Rachel Delayne
    Rachel Delayne Month ago

    We had a project in 4th about owl poop. So we had to dig thur the poop to find bones of small animals them find out what type of animal it is.
    Sorry for the random comment.

  • Jamil MacConnell
    Jamil MacConnell Month ago +1

    Lol same when I sing im like wow im so good but when I record myself and watch it im like..... omg my voce is so badddd xD

  • Voicelr YT
    Voicelr YT Month ago

    Bro that aint baby yoda lmaoo


    SSSniperWolf feel better you have the best video and you are so generous person I love you so much 💖

  • Lilhedgehog 857
    Lilhedgehog 857 Month ago

    No that she and Pat was a gremlin you can tell because baby on his face and the gremlins face are different there ears are similar but their faces are different

  • Lilhedgehog 857
    Lilhedgehog 857 Month ago

    I still want that karaoke ear phone though

  • Lilhedgehog 857
    Lilhedgehog 857 Month ago

    Yes and I hate it I’m actually good singer but when I hear myself on a recording I just hated my whole family says I’m a good singer and when I listen to my recordings they like them but whenever I hear them back they always just sound like trash to me but I found myself singing because I seem songs on my iPad without using my headphones

  • BenzTek 86
    BenzTek 86 Month ago

    At Pali Camp, we dissected owl vomit. It is actually owl pellets. They can not digest the fur and bones of what they eat. I might actually buy this because it was fun and an experience that I will never forget.

  • Leah Stinson
    Leah Stinson Month ago

    4:00 we did that in 4th grade and when I didn’t want to touch it ( obviously) they got mad at me and told me that It’s JUst OwL THrOwUp

  • The Star Beam
    The Star Beam Month ago

    The cheeto is a winning cheeto for money

  • The Star Beam
    The Star Beam Month ago

    The cheeto is a wining cheeto for money

  • Isabella Rodriguez
    Isabella Rodriguez Month ago

    RIP lia’s hand

  • its emma and ally
    its emma and ally Month ago

    sniper wolf: i got olivia right here who wanna bye her? me: ya know no one is there right? sniper wolf: YEETS WATER AT ME* BOI IT FOR DA VID M\ me: okie Sniper wolf: .......... ok