Fast mosfets ZVS Induction Heater'

  • Published on Jul 6, 2014
  • Hi guys this got bloody hot lol. I had to turn it off due to i think it would of melted and set fire to my workshop😨 and i dont want that lol
    Thanks for watching👍

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  • Rusovich
    Rusovich Year ago


  • daniel stewart
    daniel stewart 2 years ago

    Is there a video explaining the parts and how they interact?

  • Ihsan Ullah
    Ihsan Ullah 3 years ago


    • Theseus
      Theseus 3 years ago

      How i can connect mosfets in parallel?? just use another brick resistor on the input and resistor/diode zener on the mosfet?

    • high1voltage1rules
      high1voltage1rules  3 years ago

      Hello mate, sorry about the late reply.
      I have so many emails and comments.
      it's a Zvs driver with either 2 extra mosfets in parallel. and as you would wire the output around the flyback ferrite' iv replaced it with a ferrite ring' and did a secondary wrap of wire for the output. and you can either put capacitors in parallel on the output or before the ferrite ring. you can try different ways to get the better output.
      you can get the zvs of google images.
      hope this helps and thanks for the comment 👍😉

  • Mrinal Thakur
    Mrinal Thakur 3 years ago

    what are the values of those biggest caps . plugged by clampmeter please tell me

    • Mrinal Thakur
      Mrinal Thakur 3 years ago


    • Mrinal Thakur
      Mrinal Thakur 3 years ago

      OK thanks

    • high1voltage1rules
      high1voltage1rules  3 years ago

      +Mrinal Thakur just to let you know matey' theirs some videos I have on here that show my zvs drivers running BIG X-ray transformers 👍😉👍
      have a look and enjoy'

    • high1voltage1rules
      high1voltage1rules  3 years ago

      +Mrinal Thakur hello mate. I don't see why not. I'll sort it for you at some point ok 😉👍😉

    • Mrinal Thakur
      Mrinal Thakur 3 years ago

      One more request can you show us a flyback powers by this zvs driver please please

  • feenixb1o7
    feenixb1o7 4 years ago

    Errr did you fart at 2:50 ??

    • sayed israr
      sayed israr 3 years ago

      Not just Farted but acknowledged it 2:52

  • Jo Shmo
    Jo Shmo 4 years ago

    It seems like water would keep it from heating up the speaker leg..

  • ronniezzzz
    ronniezzzz 5 years ago

    or try it outside

  • ronniezzzz
    ronniezzzz 5 years ago

    u need a ceramic bowl or summat mate

  • bovachuck
    bovachuck 5 years ago

    good morning, looks like instant hot water, nice thanks and have fun

  • Electron Power
    Electron Power 5 years ago

    Perfect! ;)

  • erlendse
    erlendse 5 years ago

    Just keeping the coil wet should limit the temprature to 100C. Maybe it's possible to put some coating on the pipe to isolate it?
    I know appliance thermostats use thin metal tube, some of them are isolated too. Sure the center-hole is small, but water got good heat capacity so it may still do the trick.

    HDXFH 5 years ago

    nice, I gotta get me some of those caps!!

  • Nelson Rocha
    Nelson Rocha 5 years ago

    Very nice coil :) and great video!

  • thingyee1118
    thingyee1118 5 years ago

    Very nice glow. Who needs heaters and light bulbs. Just a big coil.

  • The Android Shepherd
    The Android Shepherd 5 years ago

    Awesome mate! can't wait to see that nice water cooled coil up too! ;)

  • CoolDudeClem
    CoolDudeClem 5 years ago

    Pretty cool, um, I mean HOT! I tried this myself once, but I did something similar to what Rodalco2007 did, I made a center tapped induction coil and connected it directly to the ZVS, so there was no need for a transformer between the ZVS and the coil, it worked well and got a coke can pretty hot, I'll have to set that up again and make a video when I have the time.