• Published on Mar 16, 2019
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  • Sniperclane MJC
    Sniperclane MJC Day ago


  • Sniperclane MJC
    Sniperclane MJC Day ago

    JJ u haven’t Changed #Sexual harassment U r so annoying

  • Zard
    Zard Day ago +1

    No one:

    Absolutely no one:

    Not a single living soul:

    Ksi: *I fucked your wife.*

  • Young Jabari
    Young Jabari Day ago

    i just realised im watching a cunt diss other cunts and it really boring but i still watch cuz i have no life

    ARCTICZ Day ago

    2:30 he has said something racist to vik years ago do you remember “vik you like curry you cunt”

  • Big Chungis_x X
    Big Chungis_x X Day ago +1

    Ksi is an actual dick

  • Z4PP3R Z4PP3R
    Z4PP3R Z4PP3R 2 days ago

    13:00 he sounds like Michael out of gta

  • Cyrus Cox
    Cyrus Cox 2 days ago

    Fuck u KSI u a dick u disrespectful to the man about his wife when his wife is dead u a new Logan Paul

  • mohammad Aftab Qadri

    ksi have some respect u kunt

  • Visulite
    Visulite 2 days ago

    2:38 - This guys respond actually killed me lmao!

  • Oh yeah Yeah
    Oh yeah Yeah 3 days ago

    What’s the discord link

  • TSUJIツ Eryigit
    TSUJIツ Eryigit 3 days ago

    2.30 😂😂😂

  • yungcat XXI
    yungcat XXI 3 days ago

    i can see what you wearing, a bandenna, the guy has super powers

  • Jakehere
    Jakehere 3 days ago

    That spaghetti on your head looks weird for some reason

  • Rest In Peace Xxxtentacion

    Guy with piano had a good voice tho

  • Joshua Fashe
    Joshua Fashe 4 days ago +1

    8:11 PURE Nigerian 🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬

  • Gulo II
    Gulo II 4 days ago

    ksi’s turning into a bit of a dickhead now

  • Sea Bass
    Sea Bass 4 days ago +1

    These video makes JJ look bad, but I know he is a good person

  • Ding Doo
    Ding Doo 4 days ago

    Damn ur elbows dry af

  • Irene Picciau
    Irene Picciau 4 days ago

    You’re all surprised by the ending yet it was okay for him to take in the N word every two minutes?😩get a life x

  • ShrekLife
    ShrekLife 4 days ago

    Stop having a cry hahah no one gives a fuck if this dad gets mad

  • Cookie Boy
    Cookie Boy 4 days ago +3



  • Cookie Boy
    Cookie Boy 4 days ago

    Everybody comment in this comment before this video gets demonetised

  • Nice Guy
    Nice Guy 4 days ago

    8:05 She sounds so punchable

  • Justin Mersan
    Justin Mersan 5 days ago +2

    You are Disrespectful Bro But Okkkk

  • Justin Octavion
    Justin Octavion 5 days ago

    Suddenly KSI starts acting like an eight year old with his jokes. Very original. (sarcasm) Very talented. (more sarcasm) How do you lyricize about being all-that, being godly, yet you can't hold your shit when some kids father calls you out on your shit?

  • Cyberneticz 547
    Cyberneticz 547 5 days ago +1

    Racist fucking low lives

  • SR
    SR 5 days ago +1

    To everyone who keeps saying that JJ was being disrespectful to the dad, you do know that the dad could've just...hung up...right?

    • SR
      SR 4 days ago

      +stfu thx Fine, don't hang up, just put down the phone, stop talking, or just ask his son on how to hang up, based on the conversation, it didn't even seem like he was trying to hang up. Besides, you know that he could've just turned the phone off even if he didn't know how to hang up right? He could've closed Discord, he could've just left the phone (like I already said), the list fucking goes on mate

    • stfu thx
      stfu thx 4 days ago

      40+ yo father who probably has never heard/seen discord ever can just ‘hang up’ yeah right

  • Daniel Cook
    Daniel Cook 5 days ago

    haha that woman rinses you after that randolph track xD

  • SkiLLBaLLer
    SkiLLBaLLer 6 days ago

    The boys dad fucked you up tbh

  • Francis Xavier
    Francis Xavier 6 days ago

    Ksi : one question go
    Random kid : one question go

  • Samuel Ogunyebi
    Samuel Ogunyebi 6 days ago


  • Stephen Henderson
    Stephen Henderson 6 days ago

    He shit himself from Logan now wants to fight jake

    STARZ NATION 6 days ago

    8:05 😂😂😂

  • remember to wipe
    remember to wipe 7 days ago

    If u fight Jack pall don't break is hand BREAK HIS FACE

  • Ali Reacts
    Ali Reacts 7 days ago +5

    JJ cmon bro I love you but you were being way to dumb at the end

  • The beast Yt
    The beast Yt 7 days ago +1


  • Tzion Settle
    Tzion Settle 7 days ago

    KSI is s Savage!!!!!

  • Moises Solano
    Moises Solano 7 days ago +2

    People really find him funny when he is disrespecting her dead wife like that? I'm done

    • JPro
      JPro 4 days ago +1

      Moises Solano she’s not dead u dumbass

  • Luke Johnson
    Luke Johnson 7 days ago

    I like ksi but why is he such an asshole

  • My Issa
    My Issa 7 days ago

    The dads mother died thats why he said “are you fucking with a ghost”

  • Jacob Coleman
    Jacob Coleman 7 days ago

    5:22 what to see you with the hippos

  • xd tropic
    xd tropic 8 days ago +1

    when your on nearly 20 mil subs and you get humilliated by a middle aged man

  • Cookie Boy
    Cookie Boy 8 days ago +4

    Ksi’s mom: boi ya betta pot dos pant bark on
    That’s how his mom talks

    • Leah !
      Leah ! 4 days ago

      Took me a while to get this 😂

  • Kev Derew
    Kev Derew 8 days ago


  • Nimbus
    Nimbus 8 days ago

    His intro sounds like TSM

  • Elite Hughes
    Elite Hughes 8 days ago

    I’m sorry jj I love you and your videos but that was so uncalled for, you didn’t have to do that, the dad was so calm and okay but that was horrible.

  • Nicholas Delgado
    Nicholas Delgado 8 days ago

    At 15:00 JJ's getting roasted.

  • Lucy Warburton
    Lucy Warburton 8 days ago


  • Ralphrider Growtopia
    Ralphrider Growtopia 8 days ago +1

    10:10 this bish crazy

  • Keira Sillett
    Keira Sillett 8 days ago

    Cried of laughter at the you sound like a bird part 😂

  • Ezekiel Jarek
    Ezekiel Jarek 8 days ago

    Jessie Christy 😂

  • Ezekiel Jarek
    Ezekiel Jarek 8 days ago

    Racism in 2019! It pisses me off how these punk kids run their mouth!

  • Joel Dahi
    Joel Dahi 8 days ago +1

    ur becoming dead just accept it. being a dick won't bring ur channel back from the dead.

  • Nicole Williams
    Nicole Williams 8 days ago

    Listen KSI don't worried about what the haters say play about what your fans say f*** the haters JJ please shut me out 😎

  • The Son Of Kenan
    The Son Of Kenan 9 days ago +1

    10:23 = Thumbnail

  • Adolfo Rios
    Adolfo Rios 9 days ago

    1:49 what does he say?

  • Raine Assiniwe
    Raine Assiniwe 9 days ago

    Randolph is better than KSI at rapping. The delivery is better, lyrics are better, he kinda sounds like ScHoolboy Q. KSI does have an ego, a heavy ego that gets annoying and dull sometimes. But, he is a genuine, good, funny guy, just the big ego is very annoying, and the dad absolutely dominated JJ. Very immature, disrespectful, and ignorant of KSI, and a perfect image of his ego.

  • Excel Tragic
    Excel Tragic 9 days ago

    "You Look Like AHHHH"

    • Excel Tragic
      Excel Tragic 9 days ago

      "BAH BAH BAH you sound like a bird mate"

  • Ghost knight Gang
    Ghost knight Gang 9 days ago +2

    JJ I can’t stop laughing when she said you sound like a bird and she tried making a bird noise I started laughing

  • EON
    EON 9 days ago +1

    Naija finally found you ....

  • xBanter
    xBanter 9 days ago

    I made it !!!

  • 4 RUS
    4 RUS 9 days ago

    My God these poser rappers suck ass.
    Do the work yourself.
    Take the criticism.
    Get better.
    Realize you are insignificant.

  • Luke Calverley
    Luke Calverley 9 days ago +2

    Im so entertained by the fact that your such a massive tool.

  • Angel Young
    Angel Young 9 days ago

    Respect... GONE clearly his wife died “you fucking a ghost” dunno if he was too dumb to realise or what but anyone with common sense would’ve said “what do you mean ghost” he would’ve proceeded to say she’s dead and then he should’ve BEGGED for forgiveness death isn’t a joke thought you knew that from the whole Logan Paul shit but nah your just as bad. I’m disgusted and disappointed

    KING CHIRAQ 9 days ago

    6:08 funny asl

  • Bradley Beast
    Bradley Beast 9 days ago

    3:01 mini conor mcgregor

  • Horror Fan19
    Horror Fan19 10 days ago

    Ksi is fat as fuck. Bulking or not you shouldn't be that fat. Smh

  • Oliver Wright
    Oliver Wright 10 days ago

    That Red Alert Remix was actually better cause I could understand it, LUL

  • funtimebonniegaming
    funtimebonniegaming 10 days ago

    One question go

  • AbdiBro
    AbdiBro 10 days ago +1

    7:02 - 7:15 - someone make a meme of that

  • AbdiBro
    AbdiBro 10 days ago

    5:21 - racist fan

  • chris kerry
    chris kerry 10 days ago +1

    2.00 fssshhh

  • Emmet O'Brien
    Emmet O'Brien 10 days ago

    Maan the racism on this really bothers me. Dicks

  • SYN
    SYN 10 days ago +4


  • Young Quis
    Young Quis 11 days ago +1

    That dudes Beerus remake was harddd

  • Arrmin van Berring
    Arrmin van Berring 11 days ago

    14:18 stuff I don't need to know.....again.

  • KrishanatorYT
    KrishanatorYT 11 days ago +16

    I feel so bad for the kid who asked to play fortnite...

  • riley jones
    riley jones 11 days ago

    mega gagot

  • chipper gains
    chipper gains 11 days ago

  • Uchiha Avenger
    Uchiha Avenger 11 days ago +1

    The conversation with the woman was the funniest hands down! 😭😂😂😂

  • I don’t use this anymore

    Stop getting butt hurt at the end jj was jus joking

  • Toby Gray
    Toby Gray 11 days ago

    horrendous ending should be ashamed

  • Nathan Muzika
    Nathan Muzika 11 days ago

    This title should be called "ksi gets shit on by fans and dads"

  • Quinn Abeles
    Quinn Abeles 11 days ago

    Pull up your fucking pants

  • Loic Hountondji
    Loic Hountondji 11 days ago

    That girl is crazy.

  • Luke Fielding
    Luke Fielding 11 days ago

    why do you zoom in on your head and make your hair colour even worse?

  • suhad zyad
    suhad zyad 11 days ago

    Lost all my respect for you

  • Diferent Dimensions
    Diferent Dimensions 11 days ago +1

    Pull your pants up

  • Johnny Valencia
    Johnny Valencia 11 days ago

    This nigga a dumbass

  • ShawnOnTheCob
    ShawnOnTheCob 11 days ago


  • Claudette Irvine
    Claudette Irvine 11 days ago

    stop swaering

  • RevivedSoul
    RevivedSoul 12 days ago

    KSI you should call out to the racist kids parents, was it directed to the guy who said he wanted to play fortnite?

  • RevivedSoul
    RevivedSoul 12 days ago

    Those stupid white pig ape cave dwellers have no life, spouting shit to a person they subscribe too, fckings retards.

  • RevivedSoul
    RevivedSoul 12 days ago

    i wanted to see the guy say his question, (pissed his girl of and waited all day)

  • Lunar nz
    Lunar nz 12 days ago +1

    Yo that beerus remake was FIREEEEE!

  • Zinvox
    Zinvox 12 days ago

    Imagine coming on this and genuinely asking for money or a shoutout, that's just upsetting.

  • Jeremy Reinemer
    Jeremy Reinemer 12 days ago

    0:54 it’s fucking true Dave’s the best by far

  • Jason Cummings
    Jason Cummings 12 days ago

    its so funny when people think there hard when there online saying te n word but the funniest fucking thing is they wouldnt say shit to him if they saw him in the streets of london or they would but they would be try be his mate wat fucking wankers good luck for logan fight know you dont need it tho seen as logan is a pussy and jake lost erica not just becsuse he is cock but because she found out he was a fucking faggot so them fuckers bro

  • Buttle
    Buttle 12 days ago

    That guys cover of red alert was way better than u