#MostHated S1 X Lottie Jade - Number One (Prod By JB104) [Music Video] Link Up TV

  • Published on Jan 9, 2019
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Comments • 970

  • Oh no no
    Oh no no Month ago +1

    whos here from dnelles story😂😂

  • 1_ Unknown
    1_ Unknown 2 months ago +1

    S1 looks like a Gyal in this video🤢

  • 1hunna Clothes
    1hunna Clothes 3 months ago

    Where’s dem glasses from s1’s wearing?

  • Justin young
    Justin young 3 months ago

    1:08 Shout out bro AP im Biggie and hes Diddy🔥🔥🔥

  • Chole chole
    Chole chole 3 months ago

    So cringey🤢🤢I'm the king my backfoot

  • Yoonis Ail
    Yoonis Ail 4 months ago

    S1 ain’t on piss he ran from man 🤫

  • Kenzie Alllington
    Kenzie Alllington 4 months ago


  • Fiddy Jackson
    Fiddy Jackson 4 months ago +1

    This man reks the song still

  • G Trades
    G Trades 4 months ago +1

    Put on 1.25x speed it sounds cold

  • Vih R6
    Vih R6 4 months ago +1

    This shit bangs 🤙🏽

  • Sayeema Hussain
    Sayeema Hussain 4 months ago

    You lots need to calm down this is s1 flow now he ain’t copying no one this time

  • Stefan Maciejuk
    Stefan Maciejuk 4 months ago

    S1 probaly fucked her

  • Kane Daley
    Kane Daley 4 months ago

    Is it just me or is the jyse peng

  • JMIAH 1234
    JMIAH 1234 4 months ago

    Clingiest song

  • Saf
    Saf 4 months ago +1

    most man who call him homeless still live with their marge

  • Ilona Davidkina
    Ilona Davidkina 4 months ago

    S1 yes

  • Khazi Ahmed
    Khazi Ahmed 4 months ago


  • Slow Goat
    Slow Goat 4 months ago

    S1 looks so neeky in dem glasses might as well call him Harry Potter no but seriously s1 needs to fix up his drill there going so dead now my favourite drill is kill denied

  • ok!!! ####
    ok!!! #### 4 months ago

    12world old tunes on my page

  • ok!!! ####
    ok!!! #### 4 months ago +1

    Back2Back 1 is on my page

  • ok!!! ####
    ok!!! #### 4 months ago +1

    S1 old tunes on my page

  • MA0711
    MA0711 4 months ago +3

    Swear he sounds like geko

  • Stylish ute
    Stylish ute 4 months ago

    Some1 edit it with jus s1 I beg

  • Sam goodwin
    Sam goodwin 4 months ago

    Man got he’s first stoney an turned bad

  • Mostlyy Play
    Mostlyy Play 4 months ago +1

    The girl is more on it then S1

  • Richard Obialor
    Richard Obialor 4 months ago +1

    she gave him head for him to feature

  • 2her
    2her 4 months ago +1

    1:05, wowowowow

  • DaRk hoLA
    DaRk hoLA 4 months ago

    allow the shit talk bout s1 like hes sooo mad like chill...

  • Mohammed Khan
    Mohammed Khan 4 months ago

    Is he really homeless

  • KHJ_YT
    KHJ_YT 4 months ago

    It was my birthday when this was posted

  • cb ESPN
    cb ESPN 4 months ago

    best one what #s1 has done

  • Crunchbox
    Crunchbox 4 months ago

    S1 used 2 b hard now I don't rate him he needs 2 drop a banger wiv sav roasting 1011

  • iCantBuilds
    iCantBuilds 4 months ago

    S u need yo do mad about bars wit sav12

  • Gaming And more
    Gaming And more 4 months ago

    This song is dead

  • N9
    N9 4 months ago +1

    why did s1 make a song wid dis jezzy ruined da whole song

  • Active.d1z
    Active.d1z 4 months ago

    love how bare ppl give bare verbal on these cimments but don't say shit irl kmt...

  • GPD Empify
    GPD Empify 4 months ago

    New sound for drill 🔥

  • Somali Nation
    Somali Nation 4 months ago


  • MsgOnYt
    MsgOnYt 4 months ago

    S1 doesn’t get *enough* credit for being cold 🥶

    THEORY CLAN 4 months ago

  • Fame Tempz
    Fame Tempz 4 months ago

    Ngl don't like this tune like all the other ones 😬

  • stacko
    stacko 4 months ago

    he kicked ball in those white airs 🤕🤦‍♂️

  • Wayne Rooney
    Wayne Rooney 4 months ago +1

    Don't ever say biggies name you dickhead he sold more records then you could ever think off

  • MrBlingblaze
    MrBlingblaze 4 months ago


  • fortunezuid king
    fortunezuid king 4 months ago

    I dont like the girl in this song s1 part was too cold❄️🔥

  • 2FACE !!!
    2FACE !!! 4 months ago

    rah russ got more veiws than this in 3 hours

  • Will Bolton
    Will Bolton 4 months ago

    S1 is way to cold frfr

  • Xito
    Xito 4 months ago

    anyone got the lyrics for this? its hard for me to understand some words or phrases

    TINY TEMPER 1 4 months ago

    he kinda deserves more views should hit 1 million 😅

  • J1_Stakz 09
    J1_Stakz 09 4 months ago

    Did he leave #12world

  • Huzzy Official
    Huzzy Official 4 months ago


  • waveyy waveyy
    waveyy waveyy 4 months ago

    s1 defoo saved dis tune ew.

  • Mike Hunt
    Mike Hunt 4 months ago

    S1 should feature with Dappy and Tulisa

  • Isaac Miller
    Isaac Miller 4 months ago

    Lottie jade is sly off but she is still cold

  • Leave Me Alone
    Leave Me Alone 5 months ago

    *Ayy come ere*

  • Myles Nelson
    Myles Nelson 5 months ago

    More songs like this no time for beefing

  • oppboy from22
    oppboy from22 5 months ago

    This one didn’t bang.

    YOUNG TRAP GOD 5 months ago

    Whos aunty is dat blud!

  • Adnan Negash
    Adnan Negash 5 months ago +1

    S1 came with 3 different flows 👀😓

  • Rdon Ranger
    Rdon Ranger 5 months ago

    His a jokeman but this tune is Harddddddddddddd 💯💯

  • Bbn Max12
    Bbn Max12 5 months ago

    We can now officially say s1 can sing

  • Gyre Poua
    Gyre Poua 5 months ago

    I swear S1 and Lottie are Cold❄️

  • Bryan Velin
    Bryan Velin 5 months ago


    REVENGE D 5 months ago

    This is TRASH tf u niggas actually fw this

  • Roshan ali
    Roshan ali 5 months ago

    mad tune

  • Abosede Sotomi
    Abosede Sotomi 5 months ago

    S1 homeless prick

      MO NIGGLY 5 months ago

      N u probably live with ur single mother of 8 children not including ur handicape self in a brucked down 2 bedroom council house so allow the chat u fucking jokeman

      Also he calls their son when their born abosede ffs 😂 u cabt give chat with a name like that

  • keith Mutamba
    keith Mutamba 5 months ago +1

    He got the blikky with the stiffy.

    JXMESWINDSXR 5 months ago +1

    This song is cancer

  • K A
    K A 5 months ago +1

    Ngl he needs to use this sound more ‼️🥶

  • Luqmaan Pandore
    Luqmaan Pandore 5 months ago +1

    Lottie messed it up 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Orgi SoLit
    Orgi SoLit 5 months ago

    S1 wet

  • Blxst Power
    Blxst Power 5 months ago +1

    S1 took a meal deal for this feature 😂😂😂

    • Blxst Power
      Blxst Power 5 months ago

      @ItzYunis _ dont be dissin ali bro.

    • ItzYunis _
      ItzYunis _ 5 months ago

      Blxst Power lowe it your profile pic is Ali A

  • tt k
    tt k 5 months ago

    1:31 Mr.s1, u can't be taking sir.v9's adlib like tha my guy

  • g g
    g g 5 months ago

    Tht verse by s1 is fkn cold , wasteman or not hes gna make it Lol.

  • Cliff Nyewa
    Cliff Nyewa 5 months ago

    whose here from snapchat

  • Will Chik
    Will Chik 5 months ago

    YOO S1 you have talent but stop smoking loud ain’t doing you any favors REAL TALK 💯

    • Loud Flavors
      Loud Flavors 5 months ago

      @Will Chik I do bro, but yeah I do plan on stopping completely soon

    • Will Chik
      Will Chik 5 months ago +1

      The White Algerian isee bless for the calm reply but try kick habit work out instead

    • Loud Flavors
      Loud Flavors 5 months ago +1

      @Will Chik it's a sin that's true, but me personally I only smoke indica weed that puts me to sleep, I have insomnia and the only way for me to go sleep instantly is if I vape some weed. I smoke distillated cartridges aswell, 2 puffs a night

    • Will Chik
      Will Chik 5 months ago +1

      The White Algerian I’ve been smoking for 7 years mate I’m 23. It’s done nothing but mess up my life I’m off it now you should too ; they tell us not to do drugs for a reason but hey man it’s your world do what you wanna do but I guarantee you your life will not be where it potential could be .and most importantly it’s a sin but once again this generation doesn’t care till it’s too late oh well peace ✌️

    • Loud Flavors
      Loud Flavors 5 months ago

      @Will Chik how do you know weed isn't doing him any favours? You're obviously a kid that's never tried good weed before then...

  • Samuel Oghbasilasie
    Samuel Oghbasilasie 5 months ago +1


  • Live Learn
    Live Learn 5 months ago


  • smoky 410
    smoky 410 5 months ago

    C'mon fam nice track✔💸

  • Kwasi Nuamah
    Kwasi Nuamah 5 months ago

    Loski really changed whatever genre this is meant to be. All the drillers doing vibesy tracks this season. Maybe not 67 but watch. still good track, S1 brought it still

  • Isaak Newell
    Isaak Newell 5 months ago

    How’s this tramp tryna sing smh neek

  • Anas Farah
    Anas Farah 5 months ago

    He’s trashhhhh done

  • AnimeKing01
    AnimeKing01 5 months ago

    Ngl he sounds like Geko from GRM

  • adli 66
    adli 66 5 months ago +1

    BIG UP s1 wid the most hated#mosthated

  • RM1 M
    RM1 M 5 months ago

    Toooo cold 💯💯

  • Emmanz
    Emmanz 5 months ago

    S1 what are you doing

  • ٴٴ
    ٴٴ 5 months ago

    anytine green get waileed

    XXXREMASTERED 5 months ago

    I’ve been waiting for this for days

  • xXLyricGodXx
    xXLyricGodXx 5 months ago

    Lyric video on my channel

  • M.A.K.S & D.E.L.O
    M.A.K.S & D.E.L.O 5 months ago +1

    Pressplay did him dirty

  • Pc Charlotte Part time stripper

    This song is 💩 without s1

  • Sheikra
    Sheikra 5 months ago

    Ngl hate aside this actually hard af. Haters done out ere

  • dami Okoisor
    dami Okoisor 5 months ago

    Who's here after Press play deleted all of S1s tunes

    • unknown 123
      unknown 123 5 months ago

      And they changed russ to rush

  • James Floyd
    James Floyd 5 months ago

    Swear s1 just cats everyones flow heard v9’s bars copied in this

  • Troopz
    Troopz 5 months ago

    Never cheffed anyone.

  • Top Tube
    Top Tube 5 months ago

    More soulless noise masquerading as music. 1 dude spat sum council estate bars that's about it💩

  • Jack Graham
    Jack Graham 5 months ago


  • Pc Davidson
    Pc Davidson 5 months ago +1

    Me and the armed forces were gonna spin S1s yard but then we clocked he’s homeless. Fucking bum

    • unknown 123
      unknown 123 5 months ago

      Stfu u white boy
      Man has more P than ur mum gets from prostitution

  • Kai Matthews
    Kai Matthews 5 months ago

    So shit 😂😂😂

    SHOOTZ 5 months ago

    s1 bit is calm dow