Is Everything Better with Ice Cream? Taste Test


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  • Aden Moeder
    Aden Moeder 4 days ago

    I dont like olives either

  • Mason898753123 Tran
    Mason898753123 Tran 5 days ago

    ITNAM RULES!!!!!!
    comment if u found 2 MESSUP VIETNAM RULES!!

  • Mickey Mouse
    Mickey Mouse 7 days ago

    3:40 Really ! "Gum it and Tongue it" ! Silly You !

  • Bob Swartz
    Bob Swartz 7 days ago

    I like blood pudding and I really hate Olives.

  • Lexy Stanley
    Lexy Stanley 7 days ago

    Bloody Sunday, sometimes called the Bogside Massacre, was an incident on 30 January 1972 in the Bogside area of Derry, Northern Ireland, when British soldiers shot 28 unarmed civilians during a protest march against internment.

  • Fidget My Midget
    Fidget My Midget 11 days ago

    i dont like olives, but id eat that whole bowl of them rather then a thing of pork blood pudding

  • Fidget My Midget
    Fidget My Midget 11 days ago

    8:07 the thing i see in the corner of my room at night

  • PositiveSarcasm
    PositiveSarcasm 12 days ago

    That eggs benedict was hella overcooked

  • Cartooning IKE
    Cartooning IKE 16 days ago

    I think some people in this comment section forget that Rhett and Link have been best friends all their lives 😂 Rhett is just picking on Link 😉

  • Mena in Gacha World
    Mena in Gacha World 17 days ago

    You should try the poop soup that is a traditional dinner in Vietnam

  • Mooncows
    Mooncows 18 days ago

    Olives make me puke, absolutely disgusting

  • Rachel Hughes
    Rachel Hughes 20 days ago

    Link is a lizard person. Olives are glorious!

  • Diane Slaney
    Diane Slaney 27 days ago

    i agree with you link on the olives!!

  • Marlon Rico
    Marlon Rico Month ago

    I’m convinced link just fakes his hatred of most foods so he doesn’t have to eat bad food when he has to eat foods he doesn’t like

  • T- Thunder
    T- Thunder Month ago +1

    Olives are nasty af dude. I totally agree link

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  • Jonathan Ebersole
    Jonathan Ebersole Month ago +1

    When they call pho, phu...

  • Ethan Dyson
    Ethan Dyson Month ago

    I'm with Link on this one. I hate olives.

  • bigbea808
    bigbea808 Month ago

    The more I watch This show the more I dislike link

  • Fleege フリージ Marina マリーナ

    I'm with you Link!!! Olives are the worst lol

  • Marc Lima
    Marc Lima Month ago

    Link is mr picky eater. I feel bad for his wife and kids.

  • StarJoker
    StarJoker Month ago

    I agree with Link

  • Broderic Kartholl
    Broderic Kartholl Month ago

    Reuben is good. It's a taste to get use to.

  • Cait D
    Cait D Month ago

    Link I'm with you, olives are AWFUL

  • Ramsher Felix
    Ramsher Felix Month ago

    Was that Stevie??

  • Donald Saunders
    Donald Saunders Month ago

    A poached egg is just to runny.

  • Iczhihal
    Iczhihal 2 months ago

    Me: hates olives. Loves blood pudding.
    Me: finds this hysterical

  • 6laderunner
    6laderunner 2 months ago

    Finally know a small/taste that Link likes: B.O.!

  • Ungraceful Archimedes
    Ungraceful Archimedes 2 months ago

    Link is eating the wrong olives then, I have mine in garlic and it's amazing

  • Monkey Farts
    Monkey Farts 2 months ago

    I'm with you link I HATE olives!

  • Alan Dey!
    Alan Dey! 2 months ago +1

    2:36 wut da heck

  • Alex Kenealy
    Alex Kenealy 2 months ago

    You know, I agree with most things that Link says (like hating raw tomatoes but liking ketchup, or not being able to bite ice cream without feeling like my teeth are about to retract into my skull. Etc.) But when Link says it it just sounds so stupid....sorry?

  • uriel williams
    uriel williams 2 months ago +1

    If link doesn't dink and sink, I feel like it ruins his whole day lol.

  • Vanessa Graves
    Vanessa Graves 2 months ago

    olives are garbage and awful, link is valid

  • Professor Severus Snape

    Ummmm rhett forgetting something? Ice cream? Milk? Dairy?

  • M Wang
    M Wang 2 months ago

    Is everything better with soy sauce? 😜

  • DarkMagicSeptember
    DarkMagicSeptember 2 months ago

    I'm so annoyed they never eat COOKED blood pudding, you're not supposed to eat it RAW guys! xD

  • Papa Xan
    Papa Xan 2 months ago

    I don't like olives Link

  • Basheq AlRifai
    Basheq AlRifai 2 months ago

    Olives are disgusting link I agree

  • Gaby L
    Gaby L 2 months ago

    Eggs Benedict
    _Hey, isn’t that an actor?_

  • Jacob Hampton
    Jacob Hampton 2 months ago

    Sunday blood Sunday - U2

  • Haste TheBlank
    Haste TheBlank 3 months ago

    So basically, will it ice cream

  • kkim5000
    kkim5000 3 months ago

    it's funny, because you said "sundae, bloody sunday" to describe the last one, and korean blood sausage (which looks EXACTLY like that blood sausage) is called "soondae."

  • PaulDavisGriffin
    PaulDavisGriffin 3 months ago +1

    How is this last round even a fair comparison? Link is such a pain sometimes.

  • LittleRedHaired Girl
    LittleRedHaired Girl 3 months ago

    12:34 What was that, sweetie?

  • Enigma
    Enigma 3 months ago

    Blood sausage is better than olives, liver is fine too. Olives are absolutely disgusting.

  • Blob Fish
    Blob Fish 3 months ago

    Rhett liver is delicious I may add dude

  • gruesome
    gruesome 3 months ago

    i love olives I get a whole jar and eat em

  • Kimberly Brouwers
    Kimberly Brouwers 3 months ago +1

    I agree with Link: olives are disgusting

  • Kat Rose
    Kat Rose 3 months ago

    I grew up with Irish immigrant grandparents, and therefore a LOT of blood sausage. I love it. Meanwhile, I hate olives LOL

  • H.C.S Matrix
    H.C.S Matrix 3 months ago +2

    Hate olives too link so right like if you agree

  • foil hat brigade
    foil hat brigade 3 months ago

    I love olives.. but I completely understand how people could hate it. it's a very strong flavor.

  • Shannon M.
    Shannon M. 3 months ago +1

    Sorry, but I'm with Link. I don't like runny eggs or hollandaise sauce. Yuck.

  • Jaden Cutcher
    Jaden Cutcher 3 months ago

    Surprise surprise is surprise + surprise which will be surprise x2 and not surprise^2 which is surprise x surprise so Link is bad at word math...

  • Amber Marie
    Amber Marie 3 months ago

    Link always gets such easy foods for these last food items, while Rhett is left to suffer.

  • Dashi Adriel
    Dashi Adriel 3 months ago

    As a person from the uk the blood sausage is good well at least to me _>

  • Hanson Nguyen
    Hanson Nguyen 3 months ago

    They should of tasted the foods by themselves then mixed in ice cream cause why not.

  • Livia Wong
    Livia Wong 3 months ago

    Eel is awesome. Have it baked or fried and you've got a beautiful , savory unagi.

  • Charlie Angels
    Charlie Angels 3 months ago

    Why is Rhett so annoyed by Link's preferences? It's just what he likes. I don't know if I say that because I see things in the same way but... yeah 😂

  • O2Insanity
    O2Insanity 3 months ago

    It's ok Link I'm very picky with my food too.

  • Araz Beats
    Araz Beats 3 months ago

    Who else lowkey dislikes link kinda being a picky eater

  • tunnco10
    tunnco10 4 months ago

    I'm with Link on hating olives that much, they're wretched

  • nachotee
    nachotee 4 months ago

    I like how rhet ridicules link for not liking olives and he can't even eat liver or morcilla (blood sausage). You ain't having a bbq if you don't have any blood sausages man. On the other hand olives are Nasty.

  • Phil Davies
    Phil Davies 4 months ago

    You may need to look up the meaning of U2's "Sunday, Bloody Sunday" guys

  • Joey Gryffin
    Joey Gryffin 4 months ago

    i melt my icecream

  • Viktor Ptychenko
    Viktor Ptychenko 4 months ago

    I hate link's baby way to act

  • Airon Cayowet
    Airon Cayowet 4 months ago

    "I realize there are people who like this, but I'm not one of them." - Rhett when talking about Blood Sausage
    Can't the same be said for Link and olives? Hypocritical much

  • Stella Simpson
    Stella Simpson 4 months ago

    I don’t like olives either.

  • Shannon L
    Shannon L 4 months ago

    As much as Link complains about his teeth being sensitive does he not realize they make toothpaste to help combat it??? 🤔

  • ?RANDOM?
    ?RANDOM? 4 months ago +1

    It depends on the brand of the ice cream

  • Rachel Creel
    Rachel Creel 4 months ago

    I am someone who loves most foods so I never understand picky people. My little brother is even more picky than Link and I always feel like they are missing out. Lol. I eat so many olives I'm surprised I haven't turned into one. Also, now I'm craving eggs Benedict.

  • Espurrosa x
    Espurrosa x 4 months ago

    Looks interesting lol

  • Stevana Peterson
    Stevana Peterson 4 months ago

    i hate olives too

  • josh Godbee
    josh Godbee 4 months ago

    Rhett tried so hard not to say the chef overcooked the poached egg for the Benedicts, it being overcooked was the first thing i noticed when Link cut in to it. Maybe the chef made a captains call knowing Link is no fond of runny egg.

  • Piptein
    Piptein 4 months ago

    i agree with Link tho, i think Olives are gross :‘)

  • LuYeetGi Bros.
    LuYeetGi Bros. 4 months ago

    I actually love blood pudding and HATE olives.

  • Simon Miller
    Simon Miller 4 months ago

    I love olive links a baby

  • Da Boi King Pickles
    Da Boi King Pickles 4 months ago

    Eel is a fish

  • Tracey Taylor
    Tracey Taylor 4 months ago

    I feel like me and link would have a similar taste pickiness. Maybe not the same foods, because I know he likes bbq sauce and ranch(examples) and I dont, I severely hate both of those, and I absolutely refuse to eat olives. But I'm just glad someone really picky is put here doing things

  • Mia Fitzpatrick
    Mia Fitzpatrick 4 months ago

    Olives are disgusting

  • mitoboss
    mitoboss 4 months ago

    Link talking about anything culinary related makes me violent

  • Brandon Soto
    Brandon Soto 4 months ago

    My mother in law makes blood sausage and I love it

  • Carson Thiel
    Carson Thiel 4 months ago

    Link is the single biggest wimp on the internet. Prove me wrong.

  • Marisa Mitchell
    Marisa Mitchell 5 months ago

    It's funny that so many of their videos are food related yet Link is such a picky eater!

  • Jeff Bautista
    Jeff Bautista 5 months ago

    Mythical Beasts, let us not give in to subjective relativism so easily. Respecting individual differences and personal preferences is all well and good, but do not let the discussion end with a simple "to each their own" cop-out.
    I think that sometimes being different can also imply being wrong. For example, let's say that I make the following argument:
    1) I believe that ends always justify the means
    2) so what if I'm different? you must respect my opinion
    And indeed, this hypothetical me would be right. You should respect "my" opinion. However, while beliefs/opinions cannot have a truth-value, the contents of said beliefs/opinions do. If someone says, "I believe that X." That belief itself is neither true nor false. The content, X, is what we care about.
    That being said, preferences (i.e. "I like X" statements) are a bit different. A pure, or isolated, preference is similar to an opinion in having no truth-value. But a preference-belief can be criticized. If I say, "I don't like olives because I believe that olives taste bad", then the belief-content within that statement can be rightfully debated.
    Idk. It bothers me when people declare their preferences without a care in the world, whereas I profusely apologize every time I'm confronted with olives. I don't like them, but so many people do and some people really put their hearts into producing them. In this way, I respectfully differ from ShawolAD's statement. Sometimes, I do mind that I don't like the things other people like because I can see from a mile away that olives are cool, so what's wrong with me...?
    (^^^I do feel like I've swung too far away from unapologetic, though... I don't think being excessively sorry is the way to go either).
    Honestly, my conjectures above aren't really that well thought out, but I just think that there's more to the game than people are suggesting. We can prematurely finish mundane debates about egg done-ness without consequence, but what if shit gets real and someone suggests something truly awful? Will we let them get away with it because we all tacitly agreed that "everyone's opinion counts"?

  • LaurainArizona
    LaurainArizona 5 months ago

    Link...I'm with you on tomatoes and olives...all the way!

  • Brandon Li
    Brandon Li 5 months ago

    8:39 That's not Stevie's voice?

  • Rose
    Rose 5 months ago

    I love olives but i can see why link doesnt like them there very metallic

  • Zoe Ballad
    Zoe Ballad 5 months ago

    I can always appreciate it when Link makes his own sound effects, commentary, or randomly singing something that Rhett previously said😂😂😂

  • social - disaster
    social - disaster 5 months ago

    When did Rhett become such a whiny jerk? All people are different, and liking/not liking different things than you does not make them weird. The only weird person in that room is your judgemental control freaky ass.

  • Malexandre P
    Malexandre P 5 months ago

    I totally agree with Link; Olives are an Abomination to the Mouth!!

  • William Gates
    William Gates 5 months ago

    Why did you have to go with a Reuben why you have destroyed a perfect sandwich how dare you

  • T- Series
    T- Series 5 months ago

    1:55 Isn't he that actor that plays Sherlock?

  • Emily Speight
    Emily Speight 5 months ago

    Olives are amazing I would eat only olives for the rest of my life if I could

  • Karl Müdsam
    Karl Müdsam 5 months ago

    MY BOI C O W B E L L Y

  • Alex Summers
    Alex Summers 5 months ago

    Don't you listen to him, Link, olives and tomatoes are both revolting. Picky eaters unite!

  • Garcia Dani
    Garcia Dani 5 months ago

    olive you

  • jmq49
    jmq49 5 months ago

    I love how Link always ends up with something completely benign and Poor Rhett is subjected to torture.