Day 3, Part 10: Tim Morrison's opening statement

  • Published on Nov 19, 2019
  • Tim Morrison, the departing senior director of European and Russian affairs at the National Security Council, urged lawmakers not to lose sight of the ongoing military conflict in eastern Ukraine. He also said he does not know who the whisteblower is. Watch his opening statement in the third day of public impeachment hearings.
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Comments • 85

  • K Family
    K Family 17 days ago

    Morrison is kinda cute, just saying

  • Marilyn Reallon
    Marilyn Reallon 24 days ago

    WOW, I bet the Republicans are sorry they had Morrison testify since he helped the Democrats instead of them!

  • Zaneta Horvatovavavarenzanetavndor


  • Jenny Jenny
    Jenny Jenny 25 days ago

    I really don't think Russia gives a crap about us. They are not our "enemy". Just more politics....

    • vandboeffel
      vandboeffel 24 days ago +1

      If that where the case, Russia should stop attacking the US elections with propaganda in social media, hacking political parties and bribing US politicians.

  • Rake Steele
    Rake Steele 25 days ago

    Schitt's impeachment hearing is making the Democrats look like the fraudulent losers that they are. Keep it going.

  • Coco G
    Coco G 25 days ago +1

    Next years ads are going to be 🔥

  • Warrior Poet 1
    Warrior Poet 1 25 days ago


  • Sea King
    Sea King 25 days ago

    Vindman you have disgraced the uniform. Please take it off and put on your clown clothes and get into the clown car with that 80 year old tart Nancy Pelosi and her demonised poodle Adam Schiff.

    • Yolanda Creag
      Yolanda Creag 25 days ago +1

      Wayne Crossley Why are people getting name called and slandered for telling the truth on Trumps corruption, you’re worse than trump, bully

    • Yolanda Creag
      Yolanda Creag 25 days ago +1

      Wayne Crossley How has he disgraced the uniform???? Trump has disgraced the uniform a thousand times and the men and women who wear the uniform

  • richardpaiva1
    richardpaiva1 25 days ago +1

    still no evidence of a crime....just Biden's conflict of interest.

  • Patti Jesinoski
    Patti Jesinoski 25 days ago

    Wow. Shift schiff added back into swearing in "so help you God". Why did he do that?

  • Donna McDonald
    Donna McDonald 25 days ago

    Who would tell Trump that Ukraine new president is gone help Hillary when she jump into the 2020 race but Putina so that Trump would stop all aids and fund to Ukraine the same country that russian keep invasion and killing off there troop ? and why is it alway Putina name alway caught up in this sh*t that alway have something to do with American who American president Putina or Trump ?.

  • Doc Tom
    Doc Tom 25 days ago


  • White Jesus
    White Jesus 25 days ago +3

    Where's little donnie 2 scoops.....hasn't been seen in public since sat......🙄
    I mean it would literally be more convincing if they pulled a Weekend at Bernie's style thing, propping him up at a podium with dark glasses on and playing an audio clip of him saying "I'm fine" then shutting off the camera. They are so *BAD* at lying...

    • White Jesus
      White Jesus 24 days ago

      @Rake Steele why do all you right wing nut jobs NOT HAVE A SENSE OF HUMOR, cause that's funny...and BTW.....Where's Berinie, I mean Donnie

    • Rake Steele
      Rake Steele 25 days ago +1

      Why are all of you leftists so stupid?

  • Bert McGee
    Bert McGee 25 days ago +3

    They need to investigate trump taxes and his bankruptcy someone been paying him off

  • Chris
    Chris 25 days ago +6

    MAGA=( Many-Are-Getting-Arrested ) in the WH 12 Convictions and Counting!!

  • Andrew Garcia
    Andrew Garcia 25 days ago +6


  • infamous4141
    infamous4141 25 days ago +4

    Everything we do is for political purposes thats why no countries trust us

  • LunarJane Global WarmingIs Real

    Isn’t Morrison part of the problem? A trumptard

    • The Teflon Don
      The Teflon Don 25 days ago

      No hes the senior official on Ukraine. Hes the most useful source of information out of every witness so far.

  • John homes
    John homes 25 days ago +7

    Wouldn't it be great if they used Muppets for these proceedings that look like the people that are supposed to be there be more interesting LOL

    • John homes
      John homes 24 days ago

      @terry gunderson from Jim Henson of course

    • terry gunderson
      terry gunderson 24 days ago +1

      Where would they find all the mentally challenged puppeteers?

    • Johnny C
      Johnny C 25 days ago

      There you go... Start a YT channel. 😆

  • Jeff Lectka
    Jeff Lectka 25 days ago +3

    Impeachment in the house, acquitted in the senate. Yawn. Our Gov’t is a colossal waste of time, money, and energy. Can you imagine if the last three years had been spent trying to make the country better? What a waste.

  • Hildebeast Clinton
    Hildebeast Clinton 25 days ago +4

    Has Hunter Biden returned
    the corruption money back to the Ukraine yet?

    • Yolanda Creag
      Yolanda Creag 25 days ago +1

      Hildebeast Clinton Has Trump returned the money he scammed the people out of with his fake trump university what about the money he supposedly donated to military veterans?????

  • Sarah Petty
    Sarah Petty 25 days ago +4

    Funny that ALL the TDS infected Genetic Misfires can't answer just ONE Question.... "What Crimes did President Trump Commit?" LOW-IQ Fredo Followers have NOTHING! #ReadTheTranscriptDUMBASS

  • Mimohamed Hussien
    Mimohamed Hussien 25 days ago +17

    Republicans are defending the traitor instead of defending the construction

    • Johnny C
      Johnny C 24 days ago +1

      @Dan Frihauf weird that everyone around him is going to jail or testifying against him... Or both. Believe what you like; don't let evidence change your mind.😕

    • Dan Frihauf
      Dan Frihauf 24 days ago

      Joe and Johnny, no quid quo pro, no collusion, no obstruction. The president directs foreign policy, not egghead unelected bureaucrats.

    • Johnny C
      Johnny C 25 days ago +1

      @Robin Riley is your underwear inside-out, like your logic?

    • joe Domjan
      joe Domjan 25 days ago +2

      Robin Riley that’s hilarious 😆 do you write for SNL?

    • Robin Riley
      Robin Riley 25 days ago +3

      Sorry Trump is the only one following the rule of law and the Constitution . The left forgetting the real rule of law that is on the books and the Constitution . The left are trying to destroy the Constitution this is why the Constitution was written for government trying to over throw the American people that elected Trump from day one he enter the white house the Democratic party have been trying to over throw elected president and it's called truancy

  • Just Looking
    Just Looking 25 days ago

    Counsel: "Tent, Taylor, Morrison, Vindman,ALL of U ran to EISENBERG when Trump doesn't follow your Unelected advice after U Google info to be mad about?"
    US Public: For 83 grand a year the "elite" diplomats "Google" for info instead of "talking" aka "diplomacy"---people??
    Me: GOOGLE sh*t & nark to EISENBERG???
    Whi da f____ does Eisenberg think voted for him?

  • I'm gone
    I'm gone 25 days ago +2

    Swalwell stuns the host with a hair-burner on live tv.
    Film at eleven.

    • I'm gone
      I'm gone 25 days ago +1

      @White Jesus
      They gave an update.
      He steam-pressed his Calvins.

    • White Jesus
      White Jesus 25 days ago +2

      I thought he farted ( I )💨

  • J W
    J W 25 days ago +2


    • joe Domjan
      joe Domjan 25 days ago

      J W Coup Deville

    • Jeremy Backup
      Jeremy Backup 25 days ago +3

      Don't worry J W. Trump and the other traitors will be held accountable. Most in Trump's inner circle are already in Prison, or on the way to Prison. Truth and justice always have a way of working out in the end.

    • edward barclay
      edward barclay 25 days ago +3

      And you my friend, don't have a clue of what the word means.

  • OneDeep
    OneDeep 25 days ago +5

    DIMS...RIP 2020

    • Terry Eidenschink
      Terry Eidenschink 25 days ago

      @I'm gone eff

    • dump D
      dump D 25 days ago

      @I'm gone I care. Have a great nite

    • I'm gone
      I'm gone 25 days ago

      @dump D
      Nobody really cares.
      Check out the ratings.
      Eric Swalwell releasing a hair-burner on live tv today, got higher ratings.
      That's the first thing that he said, that makes any sense.
      Have a great nite!

    • dump D
      dump D 25 days ago

      @I'm gone im not in Ukraine i cant tell u where i am just like Schiff wont out whistleblower.

    • I'm gone
      I'm gone 25 days ago

      @dump D
      How's the weather in the Ukraine today.

  • Phil P
    Phil P 25 days ago +26

    trump for PRISON 2020

    • mathildalily
      mathildalily 25 days ago

      Great job to be paid $$$ for pitching comments...may I ask your source? Sounds like a lazy man's way to riches...until burn out...then, it's back to the grind huh? Or continued welfare support.

    • C M
      C M 25 days ago

      @Robin Riley All you have is just LOL, you give up so quickly.

    • C M
      C M 25 days ago

      @Robin Riley Where is your proof that Democrats are criminals and wants to destroy America, WHERE????????????

    • Robin Riley
      Robin Riley 25 days ago

      @C M , you would vote for criminals that wonts to destroy American and the American people . .

    • Robin Riley
      Robin Riley 25 days ago

      @C M , lol