Jake Paul Has Reached Peak Cringe

  • Published on May 20, 2019
  • cody ko yes jake paul no
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Comments • 8 371

  • Anthony Night
    Anthony Night 14 hours ago +1

    The Paul's are just TheXvid poison lol

  • Ava Vinokourova
    Ava Vinokourova 15 hours ago

    Jake looks so awkward in that video. Cant he interact with people on person?

  • Ctrl Alt Yeet
    Ctrl Alt Yeet Day ago

    hasn't everyone ever affiliated with jake pauls dumpster fire of a squad come forward saying that the paul family exploit the shit out of everyone?

  • remix ddxd.
    remix ddxd. 2 days ago

    What game is that :( 0:00 I Wana buy it

  • Valters Janevics
    Valters Janevics 3 days ago

    Is jake paul drunk?

  • Da Funky Zookeeper
    Da Funky Zookeeper 4 days ago +1

    Why does Jake Paul remind me of Donald Trump so much?

    YEETUS SCEETUS 6 days ago

    He now takes down crims

  • AJ The Gamer
    AJ The Gamer 6 days ago


  • MrJohnoss
    MrJohnoss 6 days ago

    Karen not Karol

  • kSxolarツ
    kSxolarツ 8 days ago +1

    He reacted to jake reacting to Cody reacting to jake

  • Luka Zec
    Luka Zec 9 days ago

    I would love if cody attacked him

  • Papa P
    Papa P 12 days ago

    Jom chorl just kissed you. Like to shut his chanel down

  • Papa P
    Papa P 12 days ago

    1:54 Logan Paul

  • phil dude
    phil dude 12 days ago

    cyberbullying isnt real just look away from the screen

  • Harry Symes
    Harry Symes 13 days ago

    Jake Paul more like cody ko abuser

  • 5ANA
    5ANA 14 days ago

    What I have learned today:

    Jake Paul is terrible at making commentary videos

  • Mr. Pickles
    Mr. Pickles 14 days ago

    Looks like shane dawson is on the way

  • theo zoras
    theo zoras 15 days ago +1

    2:30 Wasn't Jake Paul a bully in year 5 and 6

  • Will Gaskell
    Will Gaskell 16 days ago

    jake triggered me massively

    SKANKHUNT 18 days ago

    He jus said he drinks cum powder I doubt he gonna cry over it

  • Daniel Smith
    Daniel Smith 18 days ago

    Minecraft in the background

  • Erica Hill
    Erica Hill 19 days ago


  • james stockwell williams

    wait ... wasn't jake like a huge bully of something in school

  • Dionna Carter
    Dionna Carter 19 days ago +1

    Cody: Nobody like minions

  • blast storm
    blast storm 20 days ago

    Logan paul looks ugly af

  • philip nilssen
    philip nilssen 21 day ago

    Jake was a cyberbully in school

  • Isaac Fleet
    Isaac Fleet 21 day ago +1

    9 year old: OMG Jake Paul is so much better than everyone else
    They watch this video

    9 year old e.x.e has stopped working

  • Ryu Briah
    Ryu Briah 21 day ago

    No intro 😱😱😭

  • ragetime 123
    ragetime 123 22 days ago


  • ragetime 123
    ragetime 123 22 days ago

    What and jake paul is not a bully

  • Charlie Brookes
    Charlie Brookes 22 days ago

    If u don’t like this comment that’s cyber bullying 👍

  • Octopus
    Octopus 23 days ago +1

    At 9:14 i just started to focus on the fish in the background.

    3FIDDY KID 23 days ago +1

    It’s certified jake Paul is a wasteman 😂

    • 3FIDDY KID
      3FIDDY KID 22 days ago

      Johnny carey baffles me bro how these people get millions of views from nothing but being cringy smh

    • Johnny carey
      Johnny carey 22 days ago

      Ur not wrong m8

  • Xolton 11
    Xolton 11 23 days ago

    Well Fuck can’t watch memelous

  • Notakid
    Notakid 24 days ago

    Cody turned into a meme

  • Andrzej Arszulowicz
    Andrzej Arszulowicz 24 days ago

    Jake: He cyber bullies kids
    Cody: Which kids
    Jake: H-he-he cyberbullies kids

  • Johnny McCockenen
    Johnny McCockenen 24 days ago

    Does wade burn though?

  • Elle P
    Elle P 24 days ago

    Jake hates controversial comedians? Bo Burnham vs. Jake Paul, that's what I wanna see

  • ImadKhawar Joe
    ImadKhawar Joe 24 days ago +1

    Omg , i just put this video on and it made my brother wake from his coma, thank you so much😊

  • Milo Carey
    Milo Carey 24 days ago

    I've just realised jake sounds like Dennis...😟

  • Finley walker
    Finley walker 25 days ago

    Him he's not a real man
    Also him: it's everyday bro with the Disney channel flow
    He has no idea what is going on and I bet his parents are well proud of him

    DREAP DREAP 25 days ago +2

    Has anyone noticed americans have no sense of humour but british people get the piss taken out of em and just laugh at it

  • jaafar nazha
    jaafar nazha 25 days ago

    Jake Paul is doing this when the amazon is burning just wow

  • Hdhdxhx Xhhzhx
    Hdhdxhx Xhhzhx 26 days ago

    Jake probably gets offended when getting take the L danced on fortnite

  • Anime foxy
    Anime foxy 27 days ago

    I immediately died
    That was just so hilarious

  • Pupola
    Pupola Month ago

    “Remove any hate that’s within you, if you’re jealous of someone, if you hate someone, if you’re talking shit about someone.”
    Righto then Jake Paul, that man who killed my entire family is completely forgiven now, thanks for helping me see the better side of things.

  • Shell O Halloran
    Shell O Halloran Month ago

    Jake Paul thinks kavos is a good youtuber

  • SANS Mate
    SANS Mate Month ago


  • SANS Mate
    SANS Mate Month ago

    Yes it’s big brain time

  • Reghan Davey
    Reghan Davey Month ago

    I swear he acts like Jake Paul raped someone

  • Aaron Pownall
    Aaron Pownall Month ago

    Name one other person huh? Well I’ve only seen suicide forest but probably just from that I can assume Logan Paul aswell

  • Almond Tester546
    Almond Tester546 Month ago

    I wanna punch jake Paul

  • Stream epiphany Cowards

    I wanna read the fucking comments on that video

  • I’m Thinking
    I’m Thinking Month ago

    BiG bOi WoRdS

  • Brad W
    Brad W Month ago

    He hit peak cringe with his fake wedding he charged people to watch on stream fucking melt 😂

  • Daniel Urra
    Daniel Urra Month ago +1

    I Can't Understand what he's say why is he talking weird

  • HyperEcho 6
    HyperEcho 6 Month ago

    Current internet heroes:
    Jake Paul
    Little T

  • IAmJinxed
    IAmJinxed Month ago

    *I can't imagine anyone having that much hate inside*
    *A ball of hatred*

  • Archie Esslemont
    Archie Esslemont Month ago

    the logan paul forest reference was harsh😅😬

  • Jonathan Reid
    Jonathan Reid Month ago +1

    Roblox 7 yr: your mum gei
    Jake Paul: cyber bully needs to be cancelled