Love Island - SNL

  • Published on Oct 6, 2019
  • Meet the cast of Love Island (Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Cecily Strong, Aidy Bryant, Chris Redd, Beck Bennett, Alex Moffat, Chloe Fineman) of the British reality TV sensation that took over your summer.
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Comments • 2 464

  • CJ w
    CJ w Day ago

    That bone soil joke was unexpectedly hilarious

  • Eileen Lion
    Eileen Lion 2 days ago

    Chloe Fineman. Newcomer on SNL 👍🏽

  • Alan Arbelaez
    Alan Arbelaez 2 days ago

    they just needed to add one of them seeking relationship advice from a professional... ballroom dancer

  • Georgina G-O
    Georgina G-O 3 days ago

    "...and I've got more two years till my face catches up with my liver."

  • Tugg Speedman
    Tugg Speedman 3 days ago

    Well, at least we’re not just known for Benny Hill anymore... I’m not sure which is worse though.

  • Furyan Auror
    Furyan Auror 3 days ago

    So...can we see Cecily in the "smallest bikini" please?

  • andrew casali
    andrew casali 3 days ago

    Nobody sees how offensive this is, the privileged entitled phoebe Waller-Silver-Spoon taking the piss out of working class people, it's a disgrace and the accents are terrible.

  • Jessicatzen
    Jessicatzen 4 days ago

    The accents are awful AND I LOVE IT

  • Mark Beards
    Mark Beards 4 days ago

    WTF was that scouse accent

  • Rachael Akinbo
    Rachael Akinbo 4 days ago +5

    This was too accurate, it's not even a skit, it's the whole show. God, so even America knows about love island, I'm ashamed.

  • Leo Drone
    Leo Drone 4 days ago +1

    3:29 when she wiped off her makeup 😅

  • K MS
    K MS 4 days ago +25

    To think, we can connect globally over trashy reality TV.

  • Your Retarded
    Your Retarded 4 days ago

    BROOO hah they nailed this one, they look IDENTICAL to those Jersey Shore creatures, super pasty and super greasy looking, super trashy, the women look like professional boxers after a fight they've lost...hah hilarious :P

  • Natasha Salia
    Natasha Salia 4 days ago

    Blonde haired thumb girl: Lucie, Irish girl: Maura, guy with hats at the beginning: Ovie, Scottish guy: Anton, Charlie 'murder suicide England': Curtis😂😭👏

  • Simba Mufasa
    Simba Mufasa 4 days ago

    @1:04 Exactly my type on paper 😂😂😂
    If you have watched the show that's spot on

  • Donna
    Donna 5 days ago +1

    Aidy is so pretty.

  • Chef Boyardee
    Chef Boyardee 5 days ago

    0:08 "pure grade trAsh"

  • m r
    m r 5 days ago

    they neede to use cecilys boobs more lol

  • Faith •
    Faith • 5 days ago +1

    This was funny but the accents were so shit ✋

  • Elizabeth Maeve
    Elizabeth Maeve 5 days ago

    That irish accent is soo bad 🤣 but so funnyyy

  • The FBI
    The FBI 5 days ago

    0:21 sounds like ahe played mummy rabbit in peppa pig

  • sitamun
    sitamun 5 days ago +1

    Great. Now the Americans have dirt to use on us Brits when things turn ugly 😓


    Honestly never seen love island but I KNOW this is what it's like

  • The Real Machine Gun Kelly

    I love the Brits different accents, the cockney one is my favorite. Especially the Daphne Moon from Frasier accent.

  • Michael Cairns
    Michael Cairns 6 days ago

    Did they seriously say scundert really

  • Su G
    Su G 6 days ago +13

    Aidy saying “whaaa” in a British accent and then trying to get out of that beanbag - omg, dead laughing!! Hahah

  • zona999
    zona999 6 days ago

    Love Island makes Jersey Shore look deep.

  • Sarah A
    Sarah A 6 days ago


  • Maddy Churchhouse
    Maddy Churchhouse 6 days ago +1

    I guess the Americans had to find our society's not all Harry Potter and Downton sometime...

  • Himika Nahar
    Himika Nahar 6 days ago

    Why does this video have the hashtag "Taylor Swift".. she isn't in this video... I was waiting for her...☹️

  • G.P. Kim
    G.P. Kim 6 days ago

    0:47 His accent was on point

  • KO
    KO 6 days ago

    I've been following Chloe Fineman for years now and am so glad to see her thrive on this show. You are amazing! You are all, actors.

  • LFC Odger
    LFC Odger 6 days ago

    Terrible Liverpool accent

  • Daniel Burdon
    Daniel Burdon 6 days ago

    the accents in this were actually so awful theyre so bad apart from phoebe, cos shes english

  • Cam Murr
    Cam Murr 6 days ago

    Was... was that a Scottish accent... i hope not

  • Louise T
    Louise T 6 days ago

    God the accents are all awful 😂😂😂😂

  • em ma
    em ma 6 days ago

    2:29 literally maura higgings

  • Quinn Bousquet
    Quinn Bousquet 6 days ago

    y’all really thought you could just show us a clip from the show and we wouldn’t notice

  • weston colins
    weston colins 6 days ago

    Not even gonna lie, she sounds like yolandi

  • skybluegirl878
    skybluegirl878 6 days ago +1

    My new favorite SNL skit because they just had to recreate the show.

  • Kimberly Eileen Laney

    Has @codyko seen this

  • Bethany
    Bethany 7 days ago

    I didn't realise Americans knew what love Island was

  • Celesty Matuwidi
    Celesty Matuwidi 7 days ago

    Nah but now the US just stole the show just to be shit

  • Ben.
    Ben. 7 days ago

    Perhaps the worst scouse accent to ever be aired on television

  • Atheena Jade
    Atheena Jade 7 days ago


  • Henri Tero
    Henri Tero 7 days ago

    It cannot be be that's all about 1:40 to 1:52....... Just me that thinks she has amazing legs and thighs? Ok, whatever.

  • sym is annoyed
    sym is annoyed 7 days ago

    And they say Americans can’t do British accents! They did pretty good lol. This is exactly how the show is, its intriguing but also super cringey and gross, I couldn’t watch pass season 1 of the uk. I wanted to watch more but it would literally drain me and there is like 50 episodes that are an hour long.

  • SSBandSMTfan
    SSBandSMTfan 7 days ago +1

    "I got a TEXT"

  • North Atlantic Nomad
    North Atlantic Nomad 7 days ago +1

    The fact that they intentionally didn’t give the black guy a name 😂 SNL definitely went for the jugular. RIP Love Island 🌴⚰️

  • Sara
    Sara 7 days ago

    the accents were truly terrible (except for Phoebe's of course)

  • Alia Murphy Vaughn
    Alia Murphy Vaughn 7 days ago +2

    I didn’t even realise Phoebe Waller Bridge was in this until like my 12th time watching.

  • M Jay
    M Jay 7 days ago +3

    The Irish girl pulled it off perfectly. There is actually an Irish girl named Maura that was on the show that fit the description so well, for those who don't watch the show lol.

  • TwoFirst Names
    TwoFirst Names 7 days ago

    The people that watch this are a special type of cunt. Glad to see you yanks are also accompanied by them.

  • Dove
    Dove 7 days ago

    Now on Hulu! We got this and Handmaids tale!!
    Another show I’ll watch 50 hours of

  • Hannah H
    Hannah H 7 days ago

    I mean it’s pretty accurate but that is hands down the worst scouse accent I’ve ever heard omg

  • Ace 1o7
    Ace 1o7 7 days ago +9

    “Her face might be a thumb”😂😂😂


    Never watched Love Island. Is this the version of Jersey Shore?

  • go_gg *
    go_gg * 7 days ago

    I have seen one clip of this show somewhere before and thought this was a real thing until I look at the comments 😂

  • Faustini
    Faustini 7 days ago +2

    “My dads a boxer and my mums a pub” 🍺🥊🤣

  • Mahlon Jackson
    Mahlon Jackson 7 days ago

    My mom's a pub lol