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  • Published on Oct 5, 2018
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    Check out the official Mortal Engines trailer starring Hugo Weaving! Let us know what you think in the comments below.
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    US Release Date: December 14, 2018
    Starring: Hugo Weaving, Frankie Adams, Stephen Lang
    Directed By: Christian Rivers
    Synopsis: Many years after the "Sixty Minute War," cities survive a now desolate Earth by moving around on giant wheels attacking and devouring smaller towns to replenish their resources.
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Comments • 548

  • UNL0CK
    UNL0CK 3 days ago

    Looks so Lame

  • Nailed that
    Nailed that 4 days ago

    Where’s Catherine

  • MrJackalope15
    MrJackalope15 4 days ago

    The book was good, this looks very beige. Hopefully just poor trailer editing meant to appeal to as many people as possible and not representative of the film itself.

  • Alexander Paterson
    Alexander Paterson 4 days ago +1

    The dialogue is very cringey, i can't believe he said "the world is changing" one of the most overused sentence in trailer history.

  • J Riley
    J Riley 4 days ago

    Well, this is definitely a film I won't be watching.

  • Mathieu Leader
    Mathieu Leader 4 days ago

    YA GENRE is dead

  • WillyDIreland
    WillyDIreland 5 days ago

    This looks a bit nonsensical but at least it's not a reboot/sequel/re-imagining/etc etc etc

  • Simone Hernandez
    Simone Hernandez 5 days ago

    This is literally the story line of mortal instrument series mother hiding something for a guy named Valentine, the daughter gets away and has clues to the hiding things and she doesn't know and she meets a group of kids and they help fight back.

  • skarvha1
    skarvha1 5 days ago

    I still wish they had made her more disfigured like in the books but i'm optimistic that it will be a good treatment.

  • sjmcgra
    sjmcgra 5 days ago

    Should have done something else dont think this looks any good

  • Raptor Jesus
    Raptor Jesus 6 days ago +1

    "the world is changing"
    "keep it safe!"
    peter jackson feeling nostalgic? XD

  • thespecialturtle yay

    So a bunch of brits with an American accent eh? Sounds legit to me

  • Emi Gjoka
    Emi Gjoka 6 days ago

    Is this a book series, cus to me it seems like a reboot of shadow hunters ‘mortal instruments’ , the dad even has the same name

  • Nao Reece
    Nao Reece 6 days ago

    Reminds me of the golden compass, the sorcerers apprentice, Percival and the lightning thief and eragon.

  • Tedd NG
    Tedd NG 6 days ago +1

    Hail Hydra

  • knineknights
    knineknights 6 days ago

    Peter Jackson needs to realise, before he spends $300,000,000 of someone else's money, that just because he thinks something is cool, it doesn't mean the rest of the world will too.

  • Scarlett Symetria
    Scarlett Symetria 7 days ago

    The alternate version of the Matrix: The chosen one, the small narrow shades and trenchcoat, & Agent Smith.

  • RobinTaylorJenkins
    RobinTaylorJenkins 7 days ago

    ‘The World Is Changing’ Cliche...

  • shariff ismail
    shariff ismail 7 days ago

    One eye

  • I.C Lindsay
    I.C Lindsay 8 days ago

    0:41 millionth time i've heard that one, but hope peter. hope.

  • Passportlass
    Passportlass 8 days ago

    It is in times like this we ask: “where the hell is mad max?”

    ANCIENT 8 days ago

    You'd think the story or trailer would emphasise the selling point of the story, that being the fuckhuge travelling cities instead of the generic YA story

  • Sam Clark
    Sam Clark 8 days ago


  • Trill Talk
    Trill Talk 8 days ago

    Very unique plot. I’m interested

  • Franklin Neilson
    Franklin Neilson 8 days ago

    "the world is changing" oh god, again with this

  • Tilda Adade
    Tilda Adade 8 days ago

    I’ve only read the first few chapters of Mortal Engines but I swear Hester’s scar was a lot worse, like it was down her entire face

  • Janu raadian
    Janu raadian 8 days ago

    I think its gonna be a good movie, can't wait to see on cinemas and inflixer soon

  • Jameson Ballard
    Jameson Ballard 8 days ago

    This looks like a great movie no one is going to watch

  • Steve Holmgren
    Steve Holmgren 8 days ago

    *Watches trailer*
    Brb, gonna go make this in minecraft

  • Steve Holmgren
    Steve Holmgren 8 days ago

    The imagery and imagination that went into this is absolutely unprecedented. I just want to go into a coma until this movie is released, I simply cannot wait!

  • Worldwithoutborders
    Worldwithoutborders 8 days ago

    Since I live in London, I hope it will be a good film.

  • Kaagh178
    Kaagh178 8 days ago

    People read the books before judging this. They are excellent!

  • Animelytical
    Animelytical 8 days ago

    My childhood. I only have vague memories. I'm pretty sure this won't be translated well, but also pretty sure I read this before my critical eye

  • Megiddo Jones
    Megiddo Jones 8 days ago

    So much symbolism. Lots of predictive programming. Agenda.

    • Mau Taan
      Mau Taan 4 days ago

      What kind of agenda?

  • MaxyzMusic
    MaxyzMusic 8 days ago


  • Akshay
    Akshay 8 days ago

    The world is changing ... i know that bvoz i have heard it million times in movies

  • Alex Spray
    Alex Spray 8 days ago

    The books for this are PHENOMENAL. I highly recommend you read them, even if this movie turns out to be bad.

  • Drakotar
    Drakotar 8 days ago +1


  • KittenzArt
    KittenzArt 8 days ago +1

    This is just basically the lord of the rings and the hobbit combined together but a more... brutal and plain one.

  • Rehman Khan
    Rehman Khan 8 days ago

    Seems like israel colonising palestine in the trailer 👀

  • covernant19
    covernant19 8 days ago

    This has been coming up in my feed, I am going to see it but in the thumb nail the scar is on one side then in the trailer it's on the other it really annoys me!.

  • Alex N
    Alex N 8 days ago

    I'm seeing lot of good CGI and not much else.. You need a good story to make a good movie

  • Blaze33266
    Blaze33266 9 days ago +1

    Am I the only one who’s excited for this? The idea of mobilised cities sounds awesome, and it may be cliche but I love the “only She/he has the power to save us” trope. I’m genuinely excited.

  • Saitama
    Saitama 9 days ago

    Pyke is released

  • Jason Ballard
    Jason Ballard 9 days ago

    Are the books of a young adult variety? Yes. But you're doing a massive disservice to the saga if you lump it into the same category as Maze Runner or Hunger Games. Yes the trailer looks a bit generic, but the world that Reeve crafts in the books is pretty amazing and unique. Not to spoil anything, but the whole world goes off the rails and in the last two books and those two would be really really interesting to see in movie form. If the movie can capture Reeve's setting, and get the worldbuilding right, it'll be worth watching.

  • Partha MakOthna
    Partha MakOthna 9 days ago

    Omg what a crap...

  • Sjthjs Dread Father
    Sjthjs Dread Father 9 days ago +1

    Every trailer makes me wanna see it less

  • rocker4577
    rocker4577 9 days ago

    More all-seeing eye symbolism, what is this particular movie trying to tell us or program in us because this doesn't look like innocent entertainment.

    • Mau Taan
      Mau Taan 4 days ago

      Just take a look around. And there's your symbolism...everywhere

  • acdnan
    acdnan 9 days ago


  • dashler 2002
    dashler 2002 9 days ago +15

    You're kidding right? Hester isn't even the main character, where is Tom in all this?

    • Xilence
      Xilence 3 days ago +1

      Feminism will always subvert our media until we stop it, this is only a continuation of that behavior.

    • Damaris Huffaker
      Damaris Huffaker 4 days ago

      Yeah, I've never read the books, but I know that Tom was supposed to be the main character. Weird. Still want to see the movie, though.

  • mr jones
    mr jones 9 days ago

    This looks stupid, is it just me that thinks the whole idea of this movie is ridiculous.

  • Yakup Biber
    Yakup Biber 9 days ago

    02:01 the black gates of mordor?

  • EmLee Gee
    EmLee Gee 9 days ago

    How many people heard Hugo Weaving say "The world is changing." And thought, "I feel it in the water, I feel it in the earth, I smell it in the air." ?? lol

  • darkdancerman
    darkdancerman 9 days ago

    CGI: The Movie?

  • Arthur Blanton
    Arthur Blanton 9 days ago +4

    Its gonna bomb. Already calling it.

    • Captain Anopheles
      Captain Anopheles 5 days ago

      Picking one of two possibilities Nostradamus does not you make.

  • Georgia Bemrose
    Georgia Bemrose 9 days ago

    If y'all hate is so much before you've even seen it why bother commenting,
    This movie actually looks good, what do you expect a steampunk movie to be like?.., if your not into this kind if thing don't criticize it.

  • ThirdDradonfly
    ThirdDradonfly 9 days ago +1

    I hope to god this is a misleading trailer!!
    The books were so good, don't do this to me.

  • BigBadBirmz
    BigBadBirmz 9 days ago +1

    Hey look, another Feminist movie......

  • umpus
    umpus 9 days ago

    The more I see the more confused I am.

  • Bat cup
    Bat cup 9 days ago


  • Milly
    Milly 9 days ago

    The books are great, but this looks dull in comparison.

  • Cecilie Pagh
    Cecilie Pagh 9 days ago

    Wow, so much hate in the comments. All I can say is, the book is good, so let's just hope the movie lives up to it.

    • Cecilie Pagh
      Cecilie Pagh 9 days ago

      Though, I do wish they had made Hester look "ugly", like in the book.

  • Cecilie Pagh
    Cecilie Pagh 9 days ago

    This is just like I imagined things whilst reading the book. Good job, Peter Jackson!

  • Chad Turner
    Chad Turner 9 days ago +2

    0:41 Please script writers, this line is present in too many films. Be inventive instead of indolent. Thank you.

  • Tyranno-Soros
    Tyranno-Soros 9 days ago

    I loved this book series as a kid, so this best be good!

  • Jade Love
    Jade Love 9 days ago

    Does anyone else thinks this look like howls movibg castle in a slightly darker version

  • Jacqueline Larkin
    Jacqueline Larkin 9 days ago +1

    1:36 Save me Barry!!

  • Draupadee Alahakoon
    Draupadee Alahakoon 9 days ago

    Is this is another movie based on the mortal instruments series🧐🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Sinner Savedbygrace
    Sinner Savedbygrace 9 days ago +1

    Romans 3:23 states: "For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;". We are all sinners, that have committed at least one sin in our lives, which earns us an eternal punishment in Hell. Revelation states 21:8 "But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.". God sent his Son, Jesus, to Earth as a perfect sinless sacrifice. To take on all the sins of the world; both past, present, and future sins. Shedding his blood on the cross as a blood atonement for all sins. After dying on the cross, he rose from the dead on the 3rd day and rose to Heaven. To show life after death. To show everlasting life through Jesus's sacrifice. John 14:6 states: "Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.". Romans 10:13 states "For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.".
    Eternal life in heaven is just one prayer away. All you have to do is believe that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, died on the cross for your sins. As an atonement for your sins. And rose from the grave on the 3rd day. Ask Jesus to save you of your sins and give you eternal life in Heaven. Salvation is a free and everlasting gift from God. Please don't let pride drag you into eternal punishment in Hell, but ask Jesus to give you eternal life in Heaven. If you're getting a strong feeling of resistance while reading this, it's because Satan doesn't want you to get saved. He wants you to resist, and think it's not real. He wants you in Hell for all eternity with him. Hell is not a fun place, like worldly people like to imagine. It's everlasting torture with no relief. I'm only taking the time to text this, because I want to get the message out. There are so many distractions in life keeping people from witnessing to other people. Keeping people from thinking about salvation. Keeping people from thinking about life after death. Please, ask Jesus into your hearts to save you of your sins and cleanse you from all unrighteous. Ask him for a place in Heaven, and he will save you from eternal damnation in Hell.

  • I'm just some Canadian guy and I say

    This movie is going to make 75 cents.

  • MGSBigBoss77
    MGSBigBoss77 9 days ago

    Everyone who's into 'Steampunk' is going to love this movie i reckon for obvious reasons!

  • Random Creek
    Random Creek 9 days ago

    The visuals and the concept look great. The plot and half of the acting will probably be bad...

  • lotoslaw
    lotoslaw 10 days ago +4

    Interesting concept but looks over engineered, very heavy on cgi and overall unexciting.

    NIPUN CHAWLA 10 days ago

    Truth of the matter is these big budget bullcraps are a thing of past now.

  • genjut33
    genjut33 10 days ago

    BREXIT, is this you?

  • Eeman Can Fly
    Eeman Can Fly 10 days ago

    Nice to see robert sheehan on the big screens again

  • Eeman Can Fly
    Eeman Can Fly 10 days ago

    Is every bad father named valentine

  • Game Erica
    Game Erica 10 days ago

    I liked the book a lot so I hope this is good

  • Matilda Muller
    Matilda Muller 10 days ago

    I see that they've severely toned down Hester's scars and made Tom a lot older... interesting... no wait... the other thing.

  • Netero
    Netero 10 days ago

    2:03 they recycled the black gate of mordor for this part

  • Art Collector
    Art Collector 10 days ago +5

    Hester is supposed to be ugly and disfigured tho.... And definitely not the chosen one.

  • Faizal Rachman
    Faizal Rachman 10 days ago

    I hope this movie wont flop. The source material is pretty amazing!

  • kevin bowditch
    kevin bowditch 10 days ago

    just give us more Tolkien its what the world wants I need more and more give it to me now

  • Jason Bourney
    Jason Bourney 10 days ago

    Connor mchicken

  • JustSomeDude
    JustSomeDude 10 days ago +2

    It looks okay...but it does not scream big hit....its gonna flop or be average in cinemas...above that...I don't think so

  • Shubham Mahowia
    Shubham Mahowia 10 days ago

    Seems like Witcher 3 (from thumbnail)

  • Mabel Pines
    Mabel Pines 10 days ago

    Uhm more like... Mortal Instruments

  • Clubby
    Clubby 10 days ago

    Looks bland but I remember thinking the same thing about the fellowship trailer n I loved every second of lotr n hobbit so I will definitely give this a try

  • bobgoboom 5
    bobgoboom 5 10 days ago

    Sounds like this could’ve been better as a bioshock game.

  • MrValiant61
    MrValiant61 10 days ago +1

    Love the books and the visuals look spot on, but I fear the story will be diluted to try to appeal to a wider audience. I fear for it sadly. I would love to see the complete saga filmed.

  • Massive Douche
    Massive Douche 10 days ago


    It's gonna suck.

  • иιѕн MC5
    иιѕн MC5 10 days ago +2

    Well if you look at 2:04 you can see the dam. That how she is gonna destroy that big mortal engine.

  • Kyle Danner
    Kyle Danner 10 days ago +2

    Original trailer was epic.... What happened!?

  • Adrian The Vulture
    Adrian The Vulture 10 days ago

    Shouldn't she be much angrier, much uglier, and have even less of a connection to the main antagonist? It's been like a literal decade since I read the books. Also I was pretty sure Time was the Protagonist of the first one.

  • A H
    A H 10 days ago

    I loved the book please don’t ruin it

  • fredwin
    fredwin 10 days ago

    "From the filmmakers of..." Peter Jackson, please remove this obvious stretch of the truth.

  • sophia coleman
    sophia coleman 10 days ago

    So the first book is called mortal engines and the second infernal devices like it isn’t even subtitle being the same as tmi

  • MegaLaidback
    MegaLaidback 10 days ago


  • BeagleFeatures
    BeagleFeatures 10 days ago

    This looks like a fun, adventure story that takes place in a cool, imaginative world, similar to the first Star Wars. Sadly, moviegoers in America will probably overlook this, as they often do to potential new franchises. That's a shame, because how often do we get a steampunk movie? Practically never.

    • BeagleFeatures
      BeagleFeatures 9 days ago

      Spartan Beef It’s a new FILM franchise. That’s what I meant.

    • Spartan Beef
      Spartan Beef 10 days ago

      It's based off of a book series, so its not a new franchise at all, and it's not supposed to be a fun adventure story, it's a tale of revenge taking precedence over the greater good of society.

  • firth stephen
    firth stephen 10 days ago

    In knee