Extended Outtakes | Derek Series Two

  • Published on Mar 31, 2015
  • April Fools! Share some laughs with outtakes from Season Two of Derek!
    Watch the new Derek Special on Netflix Friday 3rd April!
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  • Jeff
    Jeff 5 years ago +2538

    David Earl, the actor who plays Kevin, had the hardest job on this show. I don't know how he ever managed to get through some of those lines with a straight face.

    • Gerard Crimin
      Gerard Crimin 3 months ago

      He is a feckin legend 😂

    • Mr Tambourine Man
      Mr Tambourine Man 3 months ago

      @Shooter Mcgavin yeah yeah yeah - tell it to the hand bro 🙄 ✋

    • Shooter Mcgavin
      Shooter Mcgavin 3 months ago +2

      @Mr Tambourine Man your a professional TheXvid waffle chatter

    • Mr Tambourine Man
      Mr Tambourine Man 3 months ago

      @Elliot Clarke well without professional experience and attitude there would be no series at all !

  • Lambo
    Lambo 7 years ago +1093

    David earl is a comedy genius! The part of Kev was made for him. The beaver song was just inspired

    • emweeriot
      emweeriot 6 months ago +1

      I love Joe Wilkinson as his brother aswell!!!

    • The Tallest Dwarf
      The Tallest Dwarf Year ago +1

      @gaysy1st Just a one-off. He was Ricky's obsessive fan in a pub scene. I don't remember the episode, but he kept pushing him to say his catch-phrases.
      Edit: the David Bowie episode

    • gaysy1st
      gaysy1st Year ago +1

      @Verdinho A lot of it is improvised.

    • gaysy1st
      gaysy1st Year ago

      @The Tallest Dwarf I don't remember him in Extras. Was he a regular?

    • gaysy1st
      gaysy1st Year ago

      @Lynxchillin93 Have you seen the video short of him living in an isolated house, with his homemade robot friend? It's mental, but funny & a bit sad at times. He is a clever guy.

  • Paul
    Paul 7 years ago +2265

    Ricky's laugh has to be one of the most maniacal, terrifying, contagious things I've ever heard.

  • Ugleskjegg
    Ugleskjegg 6 years ago +928

    I always keep coming back to this video for a mood pickup, this always cheers me up if im having a shit day

  • niptuck117
    niptuck117 4 years ago +154

    After years of viewing, I've decided the outtakes with Ricky in the camper with Kev are hands-down one of THE absolute funniest goddamn things I've ever watched.

    • Jon Bennett
      Jon Bennett 10 days ago

      @Skurge It’s ok to relax. You’re enough just as you are.

    • Skurge
      Skurge 12 days ago

      if you're 13 yeah lmao

    • KJ_says_hello
      KJ_says_hello 15 days ago

      I was JUST thinking about this video last night. SO funny! Definitely in my top funniest videos I've ever watched.

    • Bums Harvest
      Bums Harvest 15 days ago +1

      Yes sir, well said. Comedic genius.

    • kingmortz
      kingmortz 2 months ago +2

      Completely agree. That approximately two and a half minute clip with "the diseased badger" is dripping with laughter

  • Keldon Lemon
    Keldon Lemon 5 years ago +810

    I could watch outtakes of Kevin all day long

    • Keldon Lemon
      Keldon Lemon 9 months ago +2

      @Urma Isgay youre the lucky one

    • Urma Isgay
      Urma Isgay 9 months ago +2

      666 baby!!!

    • Sandi Hagger
      Sandi Hagger Year ago +1

      Am crying laughing 😂🤣🤣

    • Skinbak
      Skinbak 2 years ago +2

      Have you watched kevs Christmas ctackers?

  • thedoctorand
    thedoctorand 7 years ago +1917

    Ricky laughing his head off at actors saying lines he wrote.

    • Charlie Chaz
      Charlie Chaz 9 months ago

      I couldn't keep a straight face even I did write the lines while watching David Earl. He doesn't even need to say anything.

      DANNY RHYM3Z TV Year ago

      @gaysy1st I was an extra in a film at the beginning of the year and your right ...even though most of it is scripted the actors throw different words in n stuff n change they're Delivery

    • gaysy1st
      gaysy1st Year ago

      I'm sure it's not lines he's written. It's an idea & they come up with their own wording. It's the same on Afterlife, you notice it because during the multiple takes, the actors often change the wording each take. Which is why he is always in stitches.

    • James Taylor
      James Taylor Year ago +1

      David earl is a genius

    • Qzit
      Qzit Year ago +1

      Most of Kevs line in the show are actually improv, his one liners are anyway.

  • jduvel
    jduvel 7 years ago +2706

    god damn make a series where you just have a script of impossible to do scenes and then just show the out takes as the show. I'd watch 25 seasons.

    • C Mendes
      C Mendes 8 months ago

      Yesss! Do it! I’d watch it

    • InterStellaFella -
      InterStellaFella - 11 months ago

      Like a naked Molerat yawning?

    • Amo Akar
      Amo Akar Year ago

      Ricky Gervais bloopers are pieces of cinematic gold

    • Ben Tarr
      Ben Tarr 2 years ago +1

      jduvel They lose a lot of humour if designed to be undoable. These are funny because they were actually scenes for a show.

    • TheGitzserEvolution
      TheGitzserEvolution 2 years ago

      Kerri gotta be there for the reactions

  • Frank L
    Frank L 2 years ago +221

    6:59 I genuinely believe Ricky looking up to David as he tips over on the bike is one of the greatest pratfalls in comedy.

    • Lizzy
      Lizzy 23 days ago

      @Gail Fawcett Definitely haha 😂

    • jamie
      jamie  2 months ago

      It’s Dell Boy esk.

    • Gail Fawcett
      Gail Fawcett 3 months ago +3

      It's on a par with Delboy falling through the bar 🤣

    • Boston brothers
      Boston brothers 3 months ago

      You are right. Wonderful

    • Crippy Reacts
      Crippy Reacts 4 months ago

      It's carry on gold. Really is. Classic pratfall.

  • Nicolai Bech
    Nicolai Bech 5 years ago +651

    When I have my worstest day, I watch this

    • Lizzy
      Lizzy 23 days ago

      @Adam Fisher Grammar nancies never catch on to humour do they lol.

    • Ben Tarr
      Ben Tarr 6 months ago

      @Nathan Jordon I do, and may have. If I did, I should have explained as much.

    • Nathan Jordon
      Nathan Jordon 6 months ago

      @Ben Tarr get the reference of the initial comment

    • Ben Tarr
      Ben Tarr 6 months ago

      @Nathan Jordon Neither do I what?

  • Nina
    Nina 6 years ago +438

    Those few seconds of Derek munching on that pickled onion never ceases to send me into fits of laughter.

    • Eric L
      Eric L 2 years ago +1

      grohlpatrol 2:37 the pickled onions make another appearance and actors are corpsing. Must be a conspiracy

    • Cath Johnson
      Cath Johnson 3 years ago

      Me too. So bloody funny

    • KygoDragon4
      KygoDragon4 4 years ago

      knew* not "new" 👍🏼

    • Ramon Veenhuizen
      Ramon Veenhuizen 5 years ago +5

      If you're right, then maybe that signifies the businessman (and therefor his brilliance) in Ricky. It would imply that he could up the price on his DVD's by adding a large amount of bloopers by creating more bloopers, or creating more funny bloopers that people would actually want to see. Nonetheless, I'm not so sure that's true, because multiple people that have worked with Ricky have mentioned that he just laughs rather easily. Plus, when you're working on a film, there's the matter of corpsing. I'm a filmmaker and I've run into that problem as well. I never new there was a word for it until I saw this thing about Corpsing, also made by Gervais, but it is actually a thing. It's where you as an actor or a crewmember go past the point where you actually think something is funny and can't help laughing, to the point where you can't help laughing, even though you don't think it's funny anymore. So, take, after take, after take, you keep laughing at the same point, more and more hysterically, you see all the pissed off faces staring at you, but you can't help it. It's something that happens at all levels of filmmaking at one point or another. Doesn't mater if you're a hollywood production or a no-budget production, you will all experience it. I've had to do 28 takes of 1 simple scene of a guy and a girl, walking up towards another guy and asking him how he was. My main character couldn't stop laughing, and when he didn't laugh, one of the other characters laughed, and when none of the characters laughed, I started laughing. It took 3 hours and 28 takes, and when I looked at it in editing, the light had shifted too much and we had to shoot the whole thing again the next day. That day, nobody laughed, thankfully, and we got it in one take. :P

  • Thomas Robinson
    Thomas Robinson 5 years ago +238

    Joe Wilkinson is absolutely superb in this programme - that look he gives just before saying 'you've changed' is just priceless

  • De Sidste Bohemer
    De Sidste Bohemer 6 years ago +299

    I was at a yoga-class yesterday trying to concentrate, when I suddenly remembered Kev in that yoga-scene... I had to leave class as I couldn't stop laughing.

    • x
      x Year ago +5

      Random bursting out laughing in a crowd of people is awesome

    • Sandi Hagger
      Sandi Hagger Year ago +1


  • Nick Stanbridge
    Nick Stanbridge 9 months ago +35

    David Earl is a massively underrated comedy genius. I don't know how Gervais is capable of finding these people, but I never want it to stop.

  • Ant Coult
    Ant Coult 4 months ago +37

    Kev is the funniest person I've ever seen his humour is hilarious even in afterlife he is so funny

    • Ant Coult
      Ant Coult 4 months ago +1

      @Omniman and mine he is so funny imagine going for a drink with him

    • Omniman
      Omniman 4 months ago +2

      Omfg man, Brian is my favorite character in Afterlife, fucking hilarious

  • arthurthegreat
    arthurthegreat 6 years ago +111

    Outtakes from Ricky's shows could make a great show on their own. Ricky's laugh is so infectious. It's a pleasure to watch these guys have fun on the job.

  • oh hi o
    oh hi o 6 years ago +670

    being the camera man for this show must be the best job in the world

    • slayerrocks2
      slayerrocks2 Year ago +2

      Alright, we'll fight for Reg's right to have babies.

    • Jackson Brown
      Jackson Brown 3 years ago +8

      @hhazze he finishes shooting at 4pn haha
      Hates working late apparently!

    • hhazze
      hhazze 6 years ago +49

      If you enjoy working overtime every night :D

  • Campbell Malcolm
    Campbell Malcolm 5 years ago +134

    David Earl just might be a comic genius.

    • Robin James
      Robin James 2 years ago +11

      @Derek Gleeson don't be such a Derek...Derek

  • Knight Sky Films
    Knight Sky Films 2 years ago +20

    Kev is hands down one of the great sitcom characters of the last 20 years if not longer. David Earl...brilliant.

  • Oliver Brant
    Oliver Brant 7 months ago +22

    “You’re a professional” proceeds to giggle at every possible point, love Ricky he’s class 😂😂

  • Danny1143
    Danny1143 7 years ago +318

    The pickled onions scene kills me everytime hahahaha 😂

    • Koorob
      Koorob 3 months ago

      This one and the Nick Knowles scene never gets old, hilarious 😂

    • Toni Fernandez
      Toni Fernandez 3 months ago

      love that scene, the way Derek is eating the pickled onions is soo funny

    • Marv
      Marv 2 years ago

      Same haha

    • Gleam
      Gleam 3 years ago +3

      Danny1143 my favorite

  • Kevin Wilson
    Kevin Wilson 6 years ago +116

    I think Kev is my new favourite character, I hope he can get a spin-off series

    • Draven Lee
      Draven Lee 3 years ago +10

      He has a TheXvid channel. Character is called Steve Cumberland. Check it out if you haven't already :)

  • MissRobinson Fit
    MissRobinson Fit 11 months ago +39

    The caravan scene is something I pull up when I'm having a bad day. Best antidepressant EVER 🤣

  • xiGuG
    xiGuG 2 months ago +3

    I watch this at least once a week to cheer myself up

  • brett smith
    brett smith 2 years ago +15

    Whenever I’m down from all the craziness that’s happening right now, this video always brightens my day and my life. Thank you to everyone who helped make this show a reality.

  • Redondo9
    Redondo9 2 years ago +16

    Since David Earl brilliantly played Andy Millman''s obsessive fan in Extras, Ricky has rightly used him more and more. He is absolutely hilarious.

  • deegeeooh
    deegeeooh 6 years ago +179

    'You gotta do it mate.. you're a professional..' and then he cracks up. Hilarious

    • Bruno
      Bruno 2 years ago +2

      Not only that, he corpsed the scene so badly that it didn't air at all. He said: "you gotta do it mate... you're a professional. You ARE a professional." But maybe he should've said: "YOU are a professional." (For I'm not.... and burst in uncontrollable laughter...)

  • Jeanie coudriet
    Jeanie coudriet 7 years ago +32

    That caravan scene had me laughing so hard, my stomach actually hurts! Why they don't put bloopers at the end of shows especially like Derek! Well the SHOULD! Love this show!

  • Benjamin
    Benjamin 5 years ago +86

    i laugh so hard everytime. ive seen this like 30 times

  • Catie
    Catie 7 years ago +155

    Kev doing the thrusting scene kills me, he musta been exhausted after all those takes!

  • Kyle Norcliffe
    Kyle Norcliffe 3 years ago +21

    No matter how many times I watch it the scenes in the caravan kills me every time 🤣🤣🤣

  • Andrew Redfarn
    Andrew Redfarn Month ago +2

    However many times I watch this, it always makes me cry and cry with laughter. Currently doubled over with back pain but laughter is taking the pain away! David Earl is top notch- we need people like him in life! So hilarious! The dildo song is simply beyond words. Love anything Ricky Gervais

  • Torpedo Hippo
    Torpedo Hippo 6 years ago +61

    I don't think there's a man on earth, who loves his work more than Ricky :D

  • Matt
    Matt 7 years ago +394

    4:02 I love it when Ricky goes full vuvuzela.

  • The black Crown
    The black Crown 2 years ago +11

    Honestly, Kev deserves his own show, possibly a prequel before the care home or after the events of Derek

  • dancindited
    dancindited Year ago +8

    I wish I were younger, an actress and wasn't handicapped as I would love to be in anything this mad genius comes up with. Please don't stop producing material as it's all gold. Some of us need the laugh as pain constantly is unbearable. Watching Ricky makes me crack up.

  • Gary O'Driscoll
    Gary O'Driscoll 4 years ago +13

    Imagine laughing at work like this everyday, Ricky wins at life!

  • Jaime Reynolds
    Jaime Reynolds Year ago +7

    Ricky's laugh makes me instantly happy 😂❤

    • Billy
      Billy Year ago +1

      Brilliant Aint it

  • Farah Hernández
    Farah Hernández 3 years ago +18

    Oh man Kev's lines and scenes are so hard 😂 I'd be laughing the entire time

  • G Welsh
    G Welsh Year ago +4

    4:16 breaks me every time. The ridiculousness of what he's doing just gets the better of him 😂

  • C W
    C W 4 years ago +2

    Every now and then, maybe once every 6-8 months, I come back to the season one and season two outtakes and they bring me so much joy.

  • Liam SWW
    Liam SWW 5 years ago +1

    Literally tears streaming down my eyes...one of the funniest things in the world. Ever lol!!

  • Man Moth
    Man Moth 3 years ago +5

    David Earl’s talent for ad-lib and improvising is incredible!

  • Orcishihi
    Orcishihi Year ago +2

    Ah man, I never get tired of watching these outtakes. David Earl is the best. I'm literally crying my eyes out with laughter.

  • Ritch80
    Ritch80 4 months ago +11

    I laughed so I hard I nearly wet myself, and cried so much during this show. It's so unfortunate how much bad press it got due to Gervais portraying Derek. If only people watched it, they would see how amazing it was. I was having a crap day and put this on, now I feel so much better. Thanks Ricky!

    • DangerDan
      DangerDan 21 hour ago

      @josey wales Probably because he's playing a mentally hanicapped person without actually being one or something. People get mad over stuff like that even though it's stupid.

    • josey wales
      josey wales 3 months ago

      Bad press because of Ricky? Why on earth?

    • Dale Brown
      Dale Brown 3 months ago

      I am crying with laughter over the outtakes, and i watched the show, and it was fantastic

  • Love From Above
    Love From Above 2 years ago +1

    I love this show. I’ve watched these bloopers a thousand times and it never stops being funny. Such a great pick me up.

  • Wong fei hung
    Wong fei hung 3 years ago +2

    Once a year I get drunk and watch Derek outtakes and it saves my life :)

  • Jill M Izzo
    Jill M Izzo 4 years ago +1

    I just love Ricky. I know I would not be able to keep a straight face if I had to work with him. He has the BEST laugh ever!

  • Carlos 500
    Carlos 500 6 years ago +122

    David Earl is one funny man... slightly troubled but funny :)

  • drfloyd9000
    drfloyd9000 7 years ago +4

    Thank you for this. I've been feeling a bit down and this came along at just the right time. Brilliant.

  • Yerdywobble
    Yerdywobble 2 months ago +1

    Just imagine going to work and laughing all day. Working with this lot has to be best job in the world. Just brilliant!

  • NasdaqPapi
    NasdaqPapi 5 years ago +202

    "still dabbling in homosexuality?"
    "on and off mate. got to haven't you"
    " you haven't got to"
    "....you've changed"
    That might be one of the funniest things I've seen in a while. Man. That made me cry LOL.

    • LH
      LH 8 months ago

      @B UF - And possibly alluding to some kind of homosexual exploration between them, for extra taboo humour value.

    • B UF
      B UF 11 months ago

      @Rdinhoo it’s just dramatically showing how weird the two brothers are.

    • Rdinhoo
      Rdinhoo Year ago

      The only one I didnt really get. :(

  • Greg
    Greg 9 months ago +1

    Never gets old. I watch these at least once a day. Love it.

  • Daniel Leonard
    Daniel Leonard Year ago +4

    I love how Ricky says to the actors to be proffesional but laughs in every scene.

  • david john robert
    david john robert 7 years ago +5

    I bloody love the outtakes from Derek watch them every week Kev is amazing so funny lol

  • Xxxsorrow
    Xxxsorrow 4 years ago +2

    This video and the previous one have to be the funniest bloopers I've seen. I haven't laughed like this in a while.

  • Love From Above
    Love From Above 2 years ago +5

    I love love this show. One of my faves. The outtakes are even better.

  • happy madison
    happy madison Year ago +2

    Absolutely love how Ricky is always saying be professional, yet he's the one always breaking into laughs 😂😂😂

  • subterreanhighrise
    subterreanhighrise 4 years ago +2

    The outtakes of the caravan scene alone made me laugh more than entire seasons of other "comedy" series

  • Welsh Gold Ferret
    Welsh Gold Ferret 4 years ago +1

    These lot have to be some of the funniest people I've seen, I would love to hang out with them for the day!

  • Mr Veritas
    Mr Veritas 2 years ago +1

    Watching these outtakes made me watch this great series once again. Great piece of work this was Mr Gervais. Thank you.

  • Stuart Tufft
    Stuart Tufft 2 months ago

    The joy that these outtakes bring me is immense. It's like a reliable 'make me laugh' button I can revisit at any time.

  • Mrmusikman 82
    Mrmusikman 82 2 years ago +2

    Love it when Derek eats the pickled onion all weird then spits up. Hilarious!!! 😅😂🤣

  • Amanda LeTendre
    Amanda LeTendre 6 years ago +3

    I've watched this more than a few times. It makes the day better with these laughs.

  • Ned Orton
    Ned Orton 2 years ago +2

    Great show. And thank you, I needed the laugh today.

  • Mr BitoSQL
    Mr BitoSQL 4 months ago +1

    Everything you create is solid gold. Supporting actors are amazing too. What a team.

  • Lee Van Cleef
    Lee Van Cleef 8 months ago +1

    I must have watched this clip 10 times and it’s still so freaking funny. If only I got to laugh at work as much as them

  • Kareem C
    Kareem C 2 years ago +1

    Every few months I come back to watch these. And it’s always still just as funny

  • Yvonne Robb
    Yvonne Robb 4 months ago +1

    Absolute comedy genius 😂

  • Liz
    Liz 2 years ago +1

    Ricky's laugh is contagious 🤣

  • Shaun Grainger
    Shaun Grainger 3 years ago +1

    Kev is surely one of the most underrated comedy characters in history

  • Chad Nathan Marks
    Chad Nathan Marks 9 months ago +1

    The two brothers really need their own spin off show, Ricky make it happen

  • Maria F.
    Maria F. 6 months ago +2

    Just honestly brilliant! Imagine writing a show so funny everyone barely can get through filming it - genious and hilarious!

  • No soul
    No soul 7 months ago +1

    ive watched these over 100 times and still always find it soooooo funny

  • Dominic_WD
    Dominic_WD 2 years ago +2

    When you see the outakes, and the individual lines in isolation, as they were written, it makes you appreciate the writting more. I bet we could have watched all of those moments in the real series with half the laughing

  • Lyndon Brock
    Lyndon Brock Year ago +2

    I just watch these over and over again, Ricky's laugh is amazing.

  • TheCryptonian
    TheCryptonian 2 years ago +26

    Not just saying this, I literally have never laughed so hard or long in my life as I did at that caravan scene.
    I think I've broken a rib!

    • Swanning about
      Swanning about Year ago


    • Simon Hibbert
      Simon Hibbert 2 years ago +2

      So true. I come to this video often so I can my hysterical laughing fit 😂

    • deb
      deb 2 years ago +2

      Ditto lol

  • deb bourke
    deb bourke Year ago +1

    Watch this every other day when i need a belly laugh to start my day....hysterical

  • sleep op
    sleep op 3 months ago +1

    I've seen this easily over 50 times and I laugh everytime

  • rich flynn
    rich flynn 2 years ago +1

    After all this time still the funniest video on here, magic Mr Gervais😂😂

  • Paul J
    Paul J 5 years ago +4

    Greatest outtakes ever, you rock, Ricky!

  • Chris Prentis
    Chris Prentis 6 years ago +14

    Funnier than the series, may face is aching from laughing, Long live Kev.....this is pure genius

  • Toni Fernandez
    Toni Fernandez 3 months ago +1

    I don't think I'll ever get tired of watching this. It always cheers me up no matter what

  • Scott Cadwallader
    Scott Cadwallader 3 years ago

    I watch this over and over...absolute hilarious!

  • quagmire
    quagmire Year ago +11

    I honestly think kev is one of the best characters ever, brilliant acting from David Earl, didn't no him den watched an interview with him and den watched Derek again, what an actor

    • quagmire
      quagmire Year ago

      @gaysy1st are u the grammar police

    • gaysy1st
      gaysy1st Year ago +1

      You don't have to write 'den' when it is 'then'. It doesn't make sense when the rest of your comment's grammar is ok & not slang!

    • Billy
      Billy Year ago +2

      David is the only person who could have played kev

  • Nathan Thwaites
    Nathan Thwaites 6 years ago +121

    The oldies in the background laughing as well is what gets me.

    • gaysy1st
      gaysy1st Year ago

      I thought they looked confused?

  • Tom Walsh
    Tom Walsh 3 years ago +5

    The caravan scene is by far the greatest outakes to have ever graced our screens 😂🤣

  • exhale
    exhale 4 months ago +2

    this blooper reel is legendary, I could watch a movie length of these clips lol imagine the scraps of your film that won't be used being as good of a laugh as the series itself. fucking amazing lol

  • James
    James 2 years ago +3

    The caravan scenes never get old!!

  • Terminally Inquisitive
    Terminally Inquisitive 2 years ago +1

    Guaranteed, no matter how many times I watch this, to make me cry with laughter! I really have no idea how they actually finished filming this series...

  • Charlie Chaz
    Charlie Chaz 2 years ago +4

    Working on a Gervais show must be such a great job and so painfully hysterical.

  • Al
    Al 11 months ago +1

    This has got to be the funniest set of outtakes ever. David Earl is a genius

  • Noxid
    Noxid Year ago +2

    This show was so good!

  • Sharm
    Sharm 7 years ago +336

    *wipes away tears of laughter*

  • Hollie B
    Hollie B 4 years ago

    The caravan scene gets me everytime. Actually this whole video is absolutely hilarious

  • Chris f
    Chris f 7 years ago +6

    I'm sure the actor who plays kev makes things up as he is going a long. It seems to surprise everyone. What an actor

  • Good Golly Miss Holly

    these are actually medicine. However shitty life gets you put these on and everything is fine again. Thank you Ricky and everyone involved because these clips have been essential to my wellbeing for many years.

  • Zach
    Zach 5 years ago +101

    The FDA says that listening to Ricky Gervais laugh for 10 minutes a day can add 5 years to your lifespan.

    • Toni Fernandez
      Toni Fernandez 3 months ago

      love his laugh. He is a genius!

    • itsamenl
      itsamenl Year ago

      It takes 5 years of the lifespan of your ears though.

    • vanf
      vanf Year ago

      I believe it...

    • caroline g
      caroline g Year ago

      Not the way I laugh. 😆

    • Matt Drummond
      Matt Drummond 2 years ago +1

      You joke, but there’s probably an ounce of true in there

  • God of Thunder Designs
    God of Thunder Designs 2 years ago +1

    I’d love to work on one Ricky’s shows, just for laughing all day lol

  • Deborah Timm
    Deborah Timm 19 days ago

    Brilliant comedy and cast! I laughed soo
    much at both series, hope they make
    another 😂