Justin Gaethje vs Cowboy Cerrone (full fight replay) | UFC Vancouver

  • Published on Sep 15, 2019
  • In a fight which promised to be good, the 'Highlight' Justin Gaethje met the always game Donald 'Cowboy' Cerrone in the main event of #UFCVancouver.
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Comments • 506

  • Jamie Byfield
    Jamie Byfield 20 days ago

    If Dr Phil spent 10 year in jail

  • FeralPyg
    FeralPyg 25 days ago

    Gaethje behaved like a gentleman.

  • Crystal Francis
    Crystal Francis 29 days ago +1

    Whenever someone fights Tony Ferguson they are not the same anymore

  • Hubert Cumberdale
    Hubert Cumberdale Month ago

    Skip the first 2½ mins

  • mark Jones
    mark Jones Month ago

    Omg!over two minutes of introduction BT the compare!!! Wtf!!!

  • Il be waiting Hahaha

    I’m glad cerrone got whooped ! Sporting that pedos tash he deserved it

  • Yalondi Supherfon
    Yalondi Supherfon Month ago

    Cowboy needs to hang up the gloves he looks alot older and slower

  • Munir Ahmed
    Munir Ahmed Month ago

    cowboy with that tash looking for a part in 'brokeback mountain '

  • Paddington Snare
    Paddington Snare Month ago

    Cowboys a champ, veteran status.. Tough opposition though! what a beast

  • raymond sweeney
    raymond sweeney Month ago

    JUSTIN GAETHJE v palamino . for those who want see glimpse's of justin doing a bit of wrestling . first round, and khabib in the crowd watching , at 4.22 and 10 45 !

  • Philip Lennox
    Philip Lennox Month ago

    Baaaaaaaadddddd refereeing

  • Gavin Mitchell
    Gavin Mitchell Month ago

    Cowboys kryptonite Boxing heavy fighters always mostly loses to people with good hands.

  • The Gypsy King
    The Gypsy King Month ago +1

    Cowboy looked like could been brain damaged he needs to call it a day now he’s a legend

  • sukisuzuki10
    sukisuzuki10 Month ago

    Wasn’t a late stoppage at all, I don’t think Cowboys heart was in it either

  • Steven Karley
    Steven Karley Month ago

    Getting slower now what a fighter warrior to many hard battle's.

  • Duff
    Duff Month ago

    Cowboy be like "dude stop him from punching me I'm out tf"

  • Duarte Nunes
    Duarte Nunes Month ago

    Cowboy loves to fight, that is clear. But he should not be allowed to any longer. Love the guy, but he should stop.

  • William Magill
    William Magill Month ago

    Justin V Dustin

  • billy Red
    billy Red Month ago

    Shut up

  • Nick Price
    Nick Price Month ago

    Donald needs to shave that stupid stash beard thing 😂

  • deeshmond
    deeshmond Month ago +1

    Trevor Wittman (Gaethje’s coach) icing/consoling Cowboy after the fight. What a guy.

  • Typical Gamer
    Typical Gamer Month ago +1

    Was DC doing the commentary?

  • Daniel Lovatt
    Daniel Lovatt Month ago +1

    Yeah that’s great , killing it with there uploads, bet they’ve got more staff to do so now there charging PPV for most main UFC cards. Great work BT.

  • Ben wishton
    Ben wishton Month ago +2

    Cowboy please retire now dude.

  • Luke Vickers
    Luke Vickers Month ago +1

    Was cowboys nose properly healed after the Ferguson fight? Looks like it was bothering him the moment he got caught. Kept touching it ect.. I know everyone loves to watch cowboy fight and much as he loves to fight. But dana white needs to protect his athletes sometimes from themselves. Cowboys fought more than anyone this year and his body should have a proper rest

  • MrDRUFC1
    MrDRUFC1 Month ago +1

    People telling Cowboy to retire solely because he's never gonna get the belt clearly don't understand he obviously isn't bothered about being champ. What man would fight 7 times a year if they were planning to be the champ. He loves fighting so let the man fight dammit. He's old school and it's ironically a breath of fresh air in the UFC

  • Billy Oxby
    Billy Oxby Month ago +1

    Who else thinks the UFC should replace Bruce Buffer with Mike Tyson???

  • MassMediocrity
    MassMediocrity Month ago +1

    Ref. Ref? REF?!

  • Self_made_poet
    Self_made_poet Month ago +1

    Can't lie, when he stopped just go check if the ref would stop the fight. Instantly made me respect the guy! 🔥🔥👊🏿💯 we need more fighters like this

  • MentalMickey
    MentalMickey Month ago +1

    Justin's eyes are dope

  • REDZER_14
    REDZER_14 Month ago

    Fight starts at 2:37

  • The Ajdam
    The Ajdam Month ago

    Cowboy has always been a slow starter but he seemed extra slow here

  • Jamie Perrin
    Jamie Perrin Month ago

    Awful reffing/late stoppage. Cerrone took at least 2 needless punches there.

  • Geromme Talampas
    Geromme Talampas Month ago

    Cowboy is still fighting?

  • Raph Walker
    Raph Walker Month ago

    Cowboy was on a roll until he got to the big leagues of the division.

  • Ryan
    Ryan Month ago

    Love the respect between the two of them

  • donkey face jordan
    donkey face jordan Month ago

    Fairplay .. McGregor would have continue to beat him

  • ChristianD H
    ChristianD H Month ago

    Prob the most cringe fight since cowboy and that Hawaiian
    Also Justin said no one has finished cowboy before. Is he that retarded or something

  • Whiterun Guard
    Whiterun Guard Month ago

    How does that guy not lose his voice when he shouts?

  • Tannery Timber Ltd timber

    justin just send khabib the lion a location

  • Jake Kwan
    Jake Kwan Month ago

    Respect to bt sport for the quick upload but let’s be real, they are reacting to their poor decision making and greed in making events PPV.

  • Eye Native_nerd
    Eye Native_nerd Month ago

    Cowboy tall but fighting short 👀

  • David joaquim
    David joaquim Month ago

    Imagine if one day Bones and DC both do the commentating for fights.🤔

  • j LFC
    j LFC Month ago

    Shocking cerrone performance

  • Louis-Charles Clark

    I love that bt sport does this

  • Louis-Charles Clark

    I love that bt sport does this

  • Mubarak Ibrahim
    Mubarak Ibrahim Month ago

    This fight was rigged , look at how cautious cowboy is.

  • Joe M
    Joe M Month ago


  • Moneyy 1
    Moneyy 1 Month ago

    Cerrone looked like he hasnt fought a day in his life in this one. Time to call it a day.

  • MrDormammu
    MrDormammu Month ago

    wow its not on PPV?

  • Ryan Gavigan
    Ryan Gavigan Month ago +2

    is it just me that's upset that justin gaethje didn't do his cage flip

  • Bilal Qadar
    Bilal Qadar Month ago

    Gaethje beating everyone when he fight khabib he going to get

  • Rach L
    Rach L Month ago

    Cowboy looked skinny and not himself... not the same guy🤔😣💯

  • Step Bar
    Step Bar Month ago

    Cerrone is getting lower and slower.

  • David Gould
    David Gould Month ago

    Love cerrone. Absolute stud but damn...he was gone many punches ago.

  • Michael
    Michael Month ago

    People pay for this and then a day later it comes out

  • A Don
    A Don Month ago

    Referee is terrible why was he hesitating like that. Gaethje didn't wanna keep hitting him, Cerrone was finished.

  • Savage Cabbage
    Savage Cabbage Month ago

    Take nothing away from Gaethje, he is an absolute beast but Cowboy is starting to look really old and slow now... The Ferguson fight he looked the same and Tony didn't even seem to be on his A-Game that night himself but still got the W pretty easy regardless of the cut to Cowboy.

    He should have a couple of big money fights for his retirement fund and call it a day, as much as I hate to say it and I'd hate to see it. I'm worried he will go on for too long though, he always talks about how he burns through his money and that's why he fights so often besides his natural love of fighting.

  • Emilian Florin
    Emilian Florin Month ago

    I hate Conor but I gotta say I think he would maul Gaethje just like he did with Alvarez

  • Rukky Ilyas
    Rukky Ilyas Month ago

    BT coming through with these uploads 🤭👌👏👏👏