5FDP - DAY 8 - New Record in the making - 2019 Sessions

  • Published on Jun 12, 2019
  • Recording sessions are going great. So far we tracked 7-8 songs - Ivan started dropping vocals on some of them ✊💥 This 💩 already sounds insane ✊💥 Good times ✊💥
    Also - if you have more questions you can keep posting them below 👇👇 We’ll keep answering some of these in the upcoming videos 👊💥
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  • Tammie A
    Tammie A Month ago

    Saw you guys last week in Columbus Ohio at Nationwide Arena for the first time! Awesome show!

  • Robin Hutchins
    Robin Hutchins 2 months ago

    Knoxville Tn Nov 29 can't wait my top 10 list check list

  • vbird123
    vbird123 3 months ago


  • Cloud Chaser
    Cloud Chaser 5 months ago

    Zoltan has cameras in his shoes. Lol.

  • tammy deetz
    tammy deetz 5 months ago


  • Tiffany Suttle-Thrower
    Tiffany Suttle-Thrower 6 months ago

    Looks like they are having fun..

  • B.A.M.F.
    B.A.M.F. 6 months ago

    I'm so stoked for some new FFDP! \m/\m/

  • Jessica Maggard
    Jessica Maggard 7 months ago

    I love 5FDP

  • Tracye Metcalf
    Tracye Metcalf 7 months ago

    Can I tell u something u said I should die humm .I am angel so maybe u should die.ive went threw Therpy cause of u telling me I should die I'm a angel ill see and u are not about shit.and how could a band say that about anyone and not be in trouble. So cute but so mean and stupid..mama Tracye Devon

  • Justus_
    Justus_ 7 months ago

    Which song is playing around 2 minutes? Sounds so cool!

  • Luis Padilla
    Luis Padilla 7 months ago

    Release the single!!!!

  • Latasha Woodral
    Latasha Woodral 7 months ago

    🤘🤘🤘❤️❤️❤️ saw y’all 4 times ! Took my niece for her first concert!

  • Marcos Nan
    Marcos Nan 7 months ago

    Lol the beggining is so MTV 90s that it instantly made me feel rrally happy

  • Quantam Kid24
    Quantam Kid24 7 months ago

    Hopefully its better than the last one. I really disliked it

  • Jessie Fore
    Jessie Fore 7 months ago

    Best band in the fucking world

  • Stephen Winkler
    Stephen Winkler 7 months ago


  • AlonelySkyDragon
    AlonelySkyDragon 7 months ago


  • Clifford Amey
    Clifford Amey 7 months ago

    That dude will regret that face tattoo in 20 years. Kiss have been doing that stage lift thing for years it's nothing new.

  • Paul Knowles
    Paul Knowles 7 months ago

    Featuring captain Davey Jones on bass 😎

  • BIG Stan
    BIG Stan 7 months ago

    Song on 2:01

  • J J
    J J 7 months ago

    FFDP = Nickelback + Godsmack + Hinder

  • M Patterson
    M Patterson 7 months ago +1

    This band is awesome they are an have been a life saver for me an don't even know it. There music has helped me in so many ways there is a song for every situation the ups the downs an in between. I'm currently living in my vehicle with my girl (she listens to country but turned her on to FFDP an her playlist has quite a few of there songs now) but we know it's only temporary cause there lyrics say it best when I can't find the words to say (or how I feel) be it good or bad. YOU GUYS ROCK AN KICK A$$ HANDS DOWN MY FAVORITE BAND KEEP THE METAL GOING can't wait for the new album bet I love every song on it as I love all the others. FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ken Mahrle
    Ken Mahrle 7 months ago

    Omg it's leaked everyone!
    Oh sorry, I was talking about my sink

  • Shane Fowler
    Shane Fowler 7 months ago

    Damn them face tattoos suck!!

  • Mountain man life
    Mountain man life 7 months ago

    Haha that pedestal Jason uses is dumb. Why do bands think they need that crap to get the crowds attention??? I like the band but hate these dramatic stage additions. Slipknot, Motley crew etc. keep it down to level people!😂

  • Cabledude 329
    Cabledude 329 7 months ago +1

    When can we expect the new album and early teaser song releases? And keep up the amazing work!

  • Eric Pena
    Eric Pena 7 months ago

    I hope this album is actually good this time around.

  • Stefano Dal Vecchio
    Stefano Dal Vecchio 7 months ago

    Yeah! Can't wait 🤘

  • Big Beef89
    Big Beef89 7 months ago

    What happened to Jeremy Spencer? Something with back surgery ?

    • Chris Scott
      Chris Scott 7 months ago

      He retired from band and became a police officer.

  • Oliver García Rodríguez

    8 days to make 8 songs lol. FFDP I want quality, not quantity. And all of these songs will never be heard live, just like all the albums... You are boring guys, you can do better

  • Shayne High Bear
    Shayne High Bear 7 months ago

    I love ffdp but can we make these videos longer I love watching you guys

  • TheWayOfTheFist5
    TheWayOfTheFist5 7 months ago

    #QandA, i gotta question: what are the styles of metal in the new album?Heavy Metal, Thrash, Groove, Hard Rock. that kind of thing.

  • Drew Brz
    Drew Brz 7 months ago

    Rochester's REAAAAADDDYYY!!

  • uzernamechecksout
    uzernamechecksout 7 months ago

    I know a lot of purists will hate me but FFDP are among my top 10 all time bands with the likes of Slayer, Misery Index and Testament. Hails!

  • Jeff Piggy
    Jeff Piggy 7 months ago

    Made an album with pure heavy brutal hardcore riffs the whole song

  • Benedict Mudd
    Benedict Mudd 7 months ago

    Zoltan is my hero

  • John Kravich
    John Kravich 7 months ago +1


  • paulo alexandre
    paulo alexandre 7 months ago

    Once they don't loose the voice in life concerts. I saw one that the voice was total different from the centre tracks. In this days nobody makes money selling music . But they can make money if they good life. Tool.muse.shinedown they still there when comes to life performance. Banks like asking Alexander and breaking Benjamin are bands that I will not see again. Total live crap. And AA in some songs was lip sync. I always say you the bands. Bring all the effects. Voice tools. Whatever it needs. But Make it sound the same . Best band I ever seen live was span from Norway. They sounded like a record . Perfect. Love 5fdp and I hope the best for them .

  • Big Perm
    Big Perm 7 months ago +12

    Zoltan probably would've named the band RPG. Lol

  • Aetherial02
    Aetherial02 7 months ago

    My favorite album is torn between got your six and war is the answer.
    This new album might change that 😆
    I CAN'T WAIT! 😁😁😁

  • Jared Klock
    Jared Klock 7 months ago

    The lift thing Jason is talking about, they should have 1 on both sides of the stage.

  • tactical stuff Last
    tactical stuff Last 7 months ago

    Can't wait

  • SETHBOB424
    SETHBOB424 7 months ago

    God this band sucks. Crappy radio rock made for white trash military whores. Puke.

  • Donny Mize
    Donny Mize 7 months ago

    Heard I song today I think 5FDP should remake: Juke Box Hero, death punch it and twist it like iTunes hero!! DO IT!!

  • mark o'connor
    mark o'connor 7 months ago

    Phoenix Rising

  • BigEB
    BigEB 7 months ago

    Can you please re-release ‘Succubus’? That’s my favorite song and I can’t find it anywhere. 🤘🏼😈

  • T L
    T L 7 months ago

    Close your eyes and imagine Shrek saying that. For some reason Zoltan sounds like Shrek there.

  • Jason Elliott
    Jason Elliott 7 months ago

    I drive truck and i remember when yall first played on xm radio and ever since ive never been disappointed. 3 concerts and my kids love y'alls music. Keep it up. Love yall. Nc represents

  • daynel bauta
    daynel bauta 7 months ago

    I fuking love his head tattoo

  • Night Shadow
    Night Shadow 7 months ago

    How many songs are planned

  • Kawaii Candi
    Kawaii Candi 7 months ago

    2:23 best part of the video

  • Arttu Paananen
    Arttu Paananen 7 months ago +3

    Jason: "I'm gonna go as high as I can, until I hurt myself"
    Ivan: "I already did that"

  • Tracy M
    Tracy M 7 months ago

    Keep bringing awesome music I love u guys can't wait 😆

  • Nick V
    Nick V 7 months ago

    So whose your next drummer?

  • budlite lime31
    budlite lime31 7 months ago

    So who’s the new drummer since Spencer is gone

  • Brigid Clark
    Brigid Clark 7 months ago

    What kind of metal style is this album going to be Zoltan?

  • ShortbusGangster
    ShortbusGangster 7 months ago

    Can't fucking wait!
    On another note, the In This Moment Five Finger Death Punch collab must be awesome with how quiet they are being about it.

  • PrussianZwei
    PrussianZwei 7 months ago

    Hmmm googled FFPD worst songs and it came up with 0 results. Guess it proves FFDP is amazing and look forward to their next album.

  • Seether99
    Seether99 7 months ago

    Cant f*****g wait for their new album!!!

  • Daniel Schneider
    Daniel Schneider 7 months ago +1

    Thanks for these! I love seeing the progress and the history! Knuckle head for life!