Minecraft Realms Comes To Pocket Edition & Windows 10!

  • Published on Jun 12, 2016
  • Try Realms today for free! aka.ms/realmsinfo
    Minecraft Realms for Pocket Edition and Windows 10 Edition: Beta lets you and your friends access your own world wherever there's a wifi connection. It's always online and only those you invite can join. You don't even need to be playing on the same type of device! Thanks to Xbox Live, players can join your world and earn achievements on iOS and Android devices, Windows 10 machines or even Gear VR.
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  • account
    account Year ago +485

    I remember seeing this trailer and immediately searching "How to get realms for free"

  • Ablyithyneldycorgenalpolypiperlamide

    "No downtime"
    *creates realm*
    5 minutes later: "Minecraft Realms is currently down due to maintenance. Expect the service to be back shortly"

    • JQQ
      JQQ 4 months ago +1

      What'd you expect for a 5 year old trailer for realms?

    • Sun [CZ-SK]
      Sun [CZ-SK] 5 months ago +1

      Yes lol

  • Maverick
    Maverick 3 years ago +1748

    love how they don't mention that it costs money until the end lol

    • Argy News
      Argy News 3 months ago

      @Jesse Konijnenberg oh you poor poor brain see they are a mega corporation consisting of many companies and billions of dollars and own there own server hubs around the world host realms is barely a dent in there pockets it’s all about them making money that’s why Java players hate bedrock pretty only due to the market place

    • Sun [CZ-SK]
      Sun [CZ-SK] 5 months ago

      Marketing tactic 🤑💲💰

    • Absolutely
      Absolutely 5 months ago


    • Astra
      Astra 5 months ago

      they said "subscription" with evolve moneys

    • Dragondarkness2011
      Dragondarkness2011 7 months ago


  • Hetzer Hasser
    Hetzer Hasser 2 years ago +86

    The feature is amazing. However, it's a bit too expensive for what it is. It's around 7 euro pe month (it's a reoccuring payment, as you are basically paying for a Mojang server to keep your data up and online constantly) and I do not know if it's worth it, unless if maybe you are a community influencer (big youtuber or creator) Otherwise, there really isn't much purpouse for me (for example) to pay for this service, when I'll probably pe playing with one friend at the most.

    • Staringcorgi6
      Staringcorgi6 Month ago

      I would rather just host a server with software if you have the hardware and ram if you have a lot of ram there is no need for this unless you want to play the maps

    • Sun [CZ-SK]
      Sun [CZ-SK] 5 months ago

      @Heath Mitchell yes

    • Robbe
      Robbe 6 months ago +1

      I just invite friend when i'm on the world so no costs and no traps

    • Tareon Griffin
      Tareon Griffin 11 months ago +1


    • Halo HL
      Halo HL Year ago +1

      TheXvid Noob

  • broski
    broski 2 years ago +148

    I like how they don’t talk about the subscriptions.

    • Dreamer Clumsy
      Dreamer Clumsy 6 months ago


    • Slide
      Slide 6 months ago


    • Bow
      Bow 11 months ago +1

      @Gerard C *most* you’re watching TheXvid right now, it has a subscription service, and it’s free.

    • Gerard C
      Gerard C Year ago +9

      It just takes a single realm subscription
      Well most subscriptions cost money right? Kinda expected it.

  • Astral Paper Bag
    Astral Paper Bag 9 months ago +32

    Trailer: harmony and peace
    Reality: destruction and death

    • CallMeAvery
      CallMeAvery 5 months ago

      for my realm its a mixture of both, im trying to incorporate story into my survival builds

    • Dumb Bol
      Dumb Bol 5 months ago

      Tnts and crystals go boom boom
      Lavacasts on ya base cry 'bout it

  • DIY Planes
    DIY Planes Year ago +86

    0:08 but the difference-

    • Jaytv25 channel
      Jaytv25 channel Month ago

      I just realized I made my reply before I made any videos

    • Very real human
      Very real human 2 months ago

      @Leshon The dash means that the “IS THAT THE TREE IS HALF CHOPPED” part is interrupting the original sentence

    • Aujvix
      Aujvix 7 months ago

      @Leshon ikr they cant even complete their sentence

    • Leshon
      Leshon 7 months ago

      what is the dash after your sentence for, its not quirky or funny

    • Zenx
      Zenx 8 months ago +1


  • Ominous Fade
    Ominous Fade Year ago +39

    Dear Minecraft,
    Thank you.
    Thank you for the friends.
    Thank you for the memories.
    Thank you for the opportunities.
    Thank you for shaping our childhood.
    Without you we never would have made those friends.
    Never would have grown up with such great experiences, memories, and childhood friends.
    Never would have had the deep respect for cherishing what we have while we have it.
    So once again I say, thank you.
    For molding us into the people we are now.
    For giving us a great childhood.
    Full of laughter, crying, raging, and relishing.
    Thank you.
    *Thank you*

    • Maxtoclair
      Maxtoclair 2 months ago

      Childhood'fun check friends no i just lost my friend

    • Ominous Fade
      Ominous Fade Year ago

      @BetoKun thanks mate, I did this so as many people as possible could see it. not for likes or clout.

    • BetoKun
      BetoKun Year ago +1

      No one cares about the comments being a copy. It is true that Minecraft gave us the best childhood we've ever had.

    • Joshua XD
      Joshua XD Year ago +3

      @Ominous Fade bruh

    • Ominous Fade
      Ominous Fade Year ago +1

      Joshua XD yes thank you. it’s because it’s my content. go make your own please :)

  • Check my about page link

    I’m honestly impressed by the time and effort you put into these videos, keep it up💙

  • Ana Lima
    Ana Lima 2 years ago +1

    Parabéns pra quem criou

  • ღPiit Life comescticღ

    I thought it was great for you to announce this game, it's completely wonderful

  • Weegee0DRONZER
    Weegee0DRONZER 2 years ago +413

    hearing alex's voice after years

  • TCraft
    TCraft 11 months ago +1

    Saudades desça época 😢 😔

  • Jhonatan matheus
    Jhonatan matheus Year ago

    Saudades dessa época

  • Breno luis
    Breno luis 3 years ago +1

    Jogo Incrivel 👍

  • Sanker
    Sanker 3 months ago +2

    Still remember when it was called "Pocket" instead of "Bedrock"

    MMK G GAMES 5 years ago +8

    Parabens Mojang Jogo Maravilhoso inclusive no celular e no PC sempre bom!

  • Green 21
    Green 21 3 years ago +693

    The Most Worst Enemy of Minecraft:

  • Adibster
    Adibster 3 years ago +22

    I remember when they added this. I never used my free 15 day trial because I was scared lol. Now I don’t have the game anymore. Somehow I lost it

    • Nein
      Nein Year ago

      TigerPlays oh I didn’t know that my apologies ^^

    • Adibster
      Adibster Year ago

      PeapBoss it changed

    • Nein
      Nein Year ago


  • Su Lopes
    Su Lopes 3 years ago

    Esse Minicraft mudou o mundo,fez pessoas pobres serem ricas gravando vídeos

  • ThisCatLikesCrypto

    It is quite nice how seamlessly realms update

  • FalconRx
    FalconRx 5 years ago +5


  • arthuradm12
    arthuradm12 2 years ago +1

    Muito obrigado mojang

  • ashara adams
    ashara adams 3 years ago +2

    I love how you can play and help other friends

    MLK GAMER 3 years ago

    Quem mais achou top a update na água??

  • Funk eloi
    Funk eloi 2 years ago

    muito bom estou instalando o jogo

  • MichaelzYT
    MichaelzYT 5 years ago +5

    Thank you team mojang for creating minecraft. I hope there's more awesome update. I'm glad you never run out of idea we all are been waiting for minecraft pocket edition 0.16.0. And minecraft 1.11.0

  • S S
    S S Year ago

    I like how they didn’t mention the lag

  • Luis Gustavo Alves de Albuquerque

    Eu prefiro 1000 vezes a versão antiga 1.1.4

  • Andrea Marques
    Andrea Marques 2 years ago

    Tá uma maravilha

  • arthuradm12
    arthuradm12 2 years ago +1

    Muito bom

  • Nutritious Marker
    Nutritious Marker 6 years ago +5

    I love that they have added realms back in, the only downside is the fact that you have to pay in order to play with friends ;(

  • Memebeam
    Memebeam 3 years ago +3

    They didn’t mention it costed real world money, did they?

  • Elias Daniel
    Elias Daniel 3 years ago


  • isabelle Pinheiro

    Muito bom

  • Denice Lima
    Denice Lima 3 years ago

    amei vou baixar ja!

  • jesus mendoza
    jesus mendoza 3 years ago

    Me encantaaaaa amo a Minecraft 💜

    KINGGAMER_PLAYZ 5 months ago

    TheXvid: I'll still recommend this 5 years old trailor bcoz I love MC

  • Melodiya Capero
    Melodiya Capero 8 months ago

    I first I thought it was a different structure and mob, but it was a multiplayer server

  • Alfie Stephens
    Alfie Stephens 4 months ago +1

    Great update but my realm keeps getting blown up so please when someone joins your realm you get a notification on your device

  • electroswingplay
    electroswingplay Year ago

    I miss entering the worlds of my friends and go to the nether and lose the items

  • killyourself
    killyourself Year ago +1

    Miss early bedrock no console players just pocket and windows 10

  • jotape GAME
    jotape GAME 2 years ago +1

    Eu sou brasileiro e eu tou baixando acho que e dahora

  • Webbr17
    Webbr17 2 years ago +1

    Oh man, can't wait!!

  • Raymond red
    Raymond red 2 years ago +1

    this is very fun to play with friends, I wish I have one,.. friend

  • David Bazon
    David Bazon Year ago

    Video: "But the difference is..."
    Me: From Java, the difference is Block Delay, Lag, Redstone Contraptions don't work as they should, and it is just bad.

  • JawXy
    JawXy 29 days ago +2

    So many memories 😢

  • walter
    walter 6 months ago

    The fact that this was the first minecraft trailer I've ever watched

  • The Cube Snowflake
    The Cube Snowflake 2 years ago +6

    0:18 Create for free!
    1:24 start your free 30 day trial

  • Gleice Castro Soares
    Gleice Castro Soares 2 years ago +1

    Ameeei o jogo

  • FazBroGaming 777
    FazBroGaming 777 Year ago +4

    Ahh yes, the good ol days! 🥰

  • Nametag
    Nametag 4 months ago

    Can you make a private server menu and if they create one they will spawn with a code of their game and if they tell what code to other players they can join so no more hackers joining

  • Goku Gamer
    Goku Gamer 4 years ago +65

    Monjang continue assim com o Minecraft PC e Minecraft MCPE eu amo todos os tipos de Minecraft original

  • santiX
    santiX 11 months ago

    Recuerdo que cuando mire el video por primera vez me puse así: mAmA cOmPrAmE lOs ReAlMs

  • Wellington Souza
    Wellington Souza 3 years ago +1

    Eu amo o minecraft pockt editon!

  • ZedKGaming
    ZedKGaming Year ago

    I love how you can play with 10 friends for free on Bedrock without Realms.

    • ZedKGaming
      ZedKGaming 7 months ago

      Yeah, just join a world, or create one, depending on your Multiplayer settings, you have to invite them or join them instantly in the Friends tab. If you need to invite, pause the game, press Invite to game on the right, then select a friend you wanna invite. If you are on Windows 10, you can also invite people through the Xbox Game Bar. Have fun!

    • Snowyempress36🇸🇮
      Snowyempress36🇸🇮 7 months ago

      Well ye but the owner has to stay in the world all the time

    • The dark Master
      The dark Master 10 months ago

      Really how?

  • XD Gaming
    XD Gaming Year ago

    This is why i love minecraft
    Great gameplayy

  • Luiz Games
    Luiz Games 3 years ago

    O meu jogo favorito 😍😍😍😍😍

  • julio free fire
    julio free fire 3 years ago

    Realmente manicraft e muito bom

  • Rosangela Andrade
    Rosangela Andrade 3 years ago

    Eu amor minecraft :)

  • Ernesto Martinez
    Ernesto Martinez Year ago

    They should let you add more then 10 also the realms always get corrupted happened to my last 2 realms i had for years i tried everything to get them back and Microsoft and mojang told me to kick rocks, also easy for anyone to join and hack

  • Epic Gamer 696
    Epic Gamer 696 Year ago

    When minecraft had multiple versions instead of two main ones. I miss the 2016 pe :(

    • Epic Gamer 696
      Epic Gamer 696 Year ago

      I knew abou minecraft when i was in kindergaerten back when it started getting popular and ever since then i wanted it. Theirs just a nice sense of independence when their was console edtion,pc,pe,3ds,and windows 10. It just felt like they were their own thing and not them being grouped together to make two big versions like it is now

    • Creativezito
      Creativezito Year ago

      @Epic Gamer 696 i started playing minecraft in 2016 cus my family got internet on that year, and i discovered minecraft from some people on my school, and i download the pe version on some apk i found on the internet, just for test, and oh boy, i miss that year 2016 and 2017, when the pe community was the best, i want really come back

    • Epic Gamer 696
      Epic Gamer 696 Year ago

      I only started playing minecraft wii u edtion in 2019 and it was stuck on tu31 before we had internet

    • Epic Gamer 696
      Epic Gamer 696 Year ago

      I also never got to play it in 2016

    • Creativezito
      Creativezito Year ago

      Same bro :(

  • casey
    casey 9 months ago +9

    who needs realms when there’s literally something called multiplayer?

    • ItsEv
      ItsEv Month ago

      realms are your own private server that only your friends can join. multiplayer has public servers that anyone can join. big difference.

    • Snowyempress36🇸🇮
      Snowyempress36🇸🇮 7 months ago

      @casey its easier to make a realm than a server, also mojang keeps it online for you

    • i do animation
      i do animation 8 months ago

      O ok

    • casey
      casey 8 months ago

      @i do animation if you own a a server in multiplayer you can ban them

    • i do animation
      i do animation 8 months ago +3

      *u cant ban players in multiplayer*

  • Mr eggjr
    Mr eggjr Month ago +1

    Realms is a great way to play with your friends .... now give us your money

  • Î7ĽŽÍN_Ş2
    Î7ĽŽÍN_Ş2 3 years ago

    Muito legal gostei desdo começo

    GUILHERME GAMES 5 years ago +266

    pessoal qaunto mais atualizar melhor fica mojang faça com que as versoes sejam infinitas🖒🖒🖒🖒👌👌👌👌👏👏👏👏

    • Izabella santos
      Izabella santos 4 years ago


    • Ariel Craft
      Ariel Craft 4 years ago +1

      supernoth games eles podiam adicionar tubarões já tenho até aqui na minha imaginação como poderia ser e também os peixes podiam nadar

    • Jorgito Ortiz
      Jorgito Ortiz 4 years ago

      supernoth games 😐😡😡😈😈😈

    • Jorgito Ortiz
      Jorgito Ortiz 4 years ago


  • respeitaSamu
    respeitaSamu 2 years ago +1

    Maneiro maneiro

  • Ahmed Abdulwahed
    Ahmed Abdulwahed Year ago

    When’s realms coming out of PS4. It’s time

  • itz _jebfrige,minecraft,PUBG ,roblox,and more

    Nice theres now realms for 30 day trial...you can create your own server and you will never need apps to find online servers...thanks mojang for your supporting donation thanke you and i hope youre game will be in all gadets forever...thank you😀😀😀

  • Wemboz and Co.
    Wemboz and Co.  Year ago

    the realms menu reminds me of console edition

  • lara
    lara 5 years ago +5

    I wish realms was like this for me but I have a griefer in my realm who griefs me everyday and I can't find out who it is

  • The EE
    The EE 10 months ago

    they should update this after 5 years of the release of this video

  • Maik gameplays
    Maik gameplays 3 years ago

    Minecraft e tudo de bom na minha vida

  • ItzNivaKDev
    ItzNivaKDev Year ago +57

    Remember when this was for free!
    But in 2020, it cost money now....

    • Narno Narno
      Narno Narno 9 months ago

      It was literally never free lol

    • Alexander Jarvis
      Alexander Jarvis 11 months ago

      Corporate greed 101!

    • Doc. Magolor
      Doc. Magolor Year ago +1

      @JxP without that, the development of Java and Bedrock will be reduced.

    •  Ангел
      Ангел Year ago

      @Yasseen Cool i remember when i used to play mcpe, there was a version for realms test and xbox accounts, and realms were totally free

  • Amanda Ribeiro
    Amanda Ribeiro 2 years ago


  • Ana Lima
    Ana Lima 2 years ago

    Ele é maneirooo! Esse ou é massa eu amei

  • Archisman Guchhait
    Archisman Guchhait Year ago +4

    I wish I could do this, but my friends are griefers :(

  • Dorian Noe
    Dorian Noe 2 years ago +1

    La version anterior es muy buena pero mala ala ves al interntar abri el portal al thed no lo en siende agregenlo

  • CringeCap13
    CringeCap13 2 years ago +3

    Don't worry someday I will buy Minecraft and buy a realm 😞 I hope so.m

  • lou
    lou 4 years ago +23

    Or just buy a server... With twice as much ram, and 50 times more customizability.

    • Mr eggjr
      Mr eggjr Month ago

      @GLaDOS bruh just watch the video

    • GLaDOS
      GLaDOS 2 years ago

      @Jackson Wells how do i get a realm

    • Tea Series
      Tea Series 2 years ago

      Jackson Wells *And*, Realms are a lot more accesible and easy to use!

    • Jackson Wells
      Jackson Wells 3 years ago +3

      This is great for console editions of Minecraft which you can’t buy servers for

  • dante"s stuff
    dante"s stuff Year ago

    Minecraft realms shold be free in my opnion
    Becase multiplayer is ones of the most Fun things in Minecraft

  • Júnior Games YT
    Júnior Games YT 4 months ago

    Mano eu assistia muito essa trailer..... Mas n tinha dinheiro pra comprar ;-;

  • ambrosia casaljay
    ambrosia casaljay Year ago +1

    wow this is so amazing

  • Canal VIP
    Canal VIP Year ago +2

    miss you when the realms were free

    • Narno Narno
      Narno Narno 9 months ago

      It was literally never free

    • jOycEe
      jOycEe 11 months ago

      Realm Ad Its free

  • CalendarClan
    CalendarClan Year ago

    rip the simplicity of realms

    BREX MARCO XD 3 years ago

    Me encanta el minecraft :'V

  • Some Body
    Some Body 9 months ago +3

    Oml I'm obsessed with this

  • luis gomes
    luis gomes 4 months ago

    wow that's cool now you can play with friends

  • mr_shy
    mr_shy 3 years ago +301

    Minecraft È Tudo de bom

  • Arcana
    Arcana Year ago +1

    Everything ok, but realm safety is really bad. You can even just use the lately added game test command to destroy the whole world without having to do anything. Even in cheatless survival.

  • Mateo D
    Mateo D 3 months ago

    This was so cool and still is

  • ابوالفضل مجیدزاده

    Can you put the download link? 🙏🏻

  • Ariane Santos
    Ariane Santos 3 years ago

    muito legal

  • Cristiane Oliveira
    Cristiane Oliveira 3 years ago

    muito legal

  • cool gamer0653
    cool gamer0653 Year ago +1

    Lets get them a diamond play button

  • Roldjan Client Ylanan
    Roldjan Client Ylanan 9 months ago +1

    Is there a link on the play store?

  • Aidxnxx
    Aidxnxx 11 months ago

    Thanks for making me pay 100 dollars a year on top of my subscriptions to just play online

    • Narno Narno
      Narno Narno 9 months ago

      ​@Aidxnxx Understandable. But still, there is no way that they could offer this service for free without going bankrupt.

    • Aidxnxx
      Aidxnxx 9 months ago

      @Narno Narno I play on console currently since I’m in the middle of getting a pc

    • Narno Narno
      Narno Narno 9 months ago

      Do you even understand how a server works and why they cant dish this out for free? Plus, you can play online. Just invite people to your world or join someone elses.

  • العاب اندروايد

    l love minecraft 💕

  • TraceguyRune
    TraceguyRune 2 years ago +5

    "No downtime". Yeah, except if there is server maintenance. I love Realms, and currently a subscriber, but $100 a year is kind of excessive. It should be half that.

  • Sr. Spooky
    Sr. Spooky 2 years ago +5

    Does anyone know the soundtrack it plays? Do you know where I can find it?

    • Drew DoneWell
      Drew DoneWell 11 months ago

      @AnzoAnz lol R.I.P 💀😭

    • AnzoAnz
      AnzoAnz 11 months ago +1

      Nope but seriously 1 year and no one replied about it xD