Conservative Reporters Get Shafted by the Pulitzer Committee - The Opposition w/ Jordan Klepper

  • Published on Apr 18, 2018
  • Josh Sharp and Aaron Jackson honor the conservative reporters who were overlooked for a Pulitzer Prize, including Tucker Carlson for shining a light on the oppression of men.

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  • Research0digo
    Research0digo 4 months ago

    @6:02 - whoever that is with the long hair - there were NO KIDS KILLED at Sandy Hook or Parkland. Look at the example of the shooting at the elderly people's home... for some strange reason a guy in a black SUV decides to pull into a parking lot and shoot several elder citizens. - Instantly the cops are right behind him - and they shot him in his vehicle.
    You people better wake up and smell the coffee!

  • Research0digo
    Research0digo 4 months ago

    Poor Alex... what is everybody so enchanted with, by bashing Alex Jones, what do they gain, honestly? Before he started losing it, he was a giant.
    When he was just a kid fresh out of high school he would show up at the exclusive kind of events, get right in the bad guy's face(s), and ask serious questions.
    And the way Stephen Colbert put his stuff out there on The Late Show - haranguing Jones for 10 minutes straight, really poor taste. You don't pick on people about a divorce on an international TV show.
    Please, leave that for the tabloids.

  • bearjew
    bearjew 7 months ago

    I can't believe anybody could watch more than 40 seconds of that. How are these drooling morons on TV?

  • anita clarke
    anita clarke 10 months ago

    Mr fixer !

  • anita clarke
    anita clarke 10 months ago


  • Jaguar Rose
    Jaguar Rose 11 months ago

    Josh & Aaron are hilarious! Love their segments.

  • Shakthi Dhasan
    Shakthi Dhasan 11 months ago

    Fucker Carlson

  • Jirachi TeamInstinct
    Jirachi TeamInstinct 11 months ago

    God forbid Hannity went into the children’s bedroom of that house 😂😂😂

  • Physics Lover
    Physics Lover 11 months ago +1

    Sean hannity fucked a house..😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ro G
    Ro G 11 months ago

    2:14 - I'll never be able to go bowling again without thinking about Hannity's balls now.

  • sondrajean955
    sondrajean955 Year ago

    The problem is that the "Keg-Headed" Hannity didn't use his $36M income to buy real estate....that punk hypocrite used GOVERNMENT LOANS!!! WHEN will this scum-lord be investigated by the Office of the Inspector General at HUD (@hudoig). This low-life vulture scooped up foreclosure properties while he was railing at the Obama Administration for the many foreclosures that occurred after the crash. This man is absolute 2nd generation American trash, just like his buddy, 45.

  • zvxcvxcz
    zvxcvxcz Year ago +1

    Well.... maybe Hannity will get it next year for his interview of Giuliani....

  • Kudos
    Kudos Year ago +1

    I love these two boys. Their expressions is hilarious.

  • Valhalla
    Valhalla Year ago +1

    Tucker Carlson has resting intellectual bankruptcy face.

  • phoebephoebo .sydney

    Property porn at its best.

  • Jahangir T
    Jahangir T Year ago +3

    Only just discovered The Opposition.. reminds me of Colbert Report. Loveit !

  • Beard Bro
    Beard Bro Year ago +1

    Fake news!

  • pixel girl
    pixel girl Year ago

    De Nederlandse taal is inderdaad volledig verzonnen, net als Klingon of C++.

  • Electronic Wave TV

    Bah, I'd love these guys if the dude on the left didn't remind me so much of this annoying spaz I know. Need to work on my cognitive biases. Dreadful thing to have.

  • Mark J.
    Mark J. Year ago

    love it

  • Edward Coda
    Edward Coda Year ago

    So I guess satire about the opposition is now the only Opposition permitted. I'm sorry I was intrigued by the possibility of a critical voice in broadcasting. I will now fall back in line like a good soldier. #Laughing #I #Promise

  • K W
    K W Year ago +2

    I died on the hannity buying a lot of houses wink wink gaaaah

  • Jasc Video Rambles
    Jasc Video Rambles Year ago +2

    Josh and Aaron parts would be even funnier if they acted as if they were Closeted gays trying to act as masculine heterosexuals and occasionally let their gayness slip

  • Darius Manson
    Darius Manson Year ago

    Wow, what masculine men.

  • Stephen Bracco
    Stephen Bracco Year ago

    "Conservative intellectual". Hilarious phrase.

  • Greg Roy
    Greg Roy Year ago

    But the Clinton's kill people! #MeToo

  • theivory1
    theivory1 Year ago

    F'n moonbats have now ruined Comedy Central. Great.

  • Mikkel Højen
    Mikkel Højen Year ago +1

    Men are being oppressed in our society. Acknowledge it and then the two sides can work together towards a solution to both male and female issues. All too often are mens' issues being swept under the rug, or even ridiculed. Just acknowledge them and move on towards a solution and stop ridiculing it. All too often are men being shut down on a topic because of their gender. I'm not saying it happens in the political sphere, but it is in almost every liberal institution and from those we will get our democracy.

  • Valeria De Jeronimo

    Colbert was so funny when he started...this guy is going no where.

  • senselocke
    senselocke Year ago

    "I only asked for attorney-client privilege from the attorney I wasn't a client of" ~Sean "The Thumb" Hannity

  • Chris Plakos
    Chris Plakos Year ago

    While I very much enjoyed this segment and all of Josh and Aaron's bits I felt as a though this particular video was lacking in the colbert report style satire and was more just direct criticism.

  • Hammer Head
    Hammer Head Year ago


  • Morty Tashman
    Morty Tashman Year ago

    You got it all wrong, Jordy. Han The Man was corndoggin' his soul mate, Bill O'Reilly, Brokeback Mountain style on the side, and got caught cheating on his main squeeze, the Trumpster. It's common knowledge at Fox, but they are trying to bury the story because Spanky is "apoplectic" over the betrayal. Stay tuned to Fox...

  • clara skovronsky
    clara skovronsky Year ago +1

    Why is sharpe’s neck so LONGGGGGGGG

  • crstf
    crstf Year ago

    Pulitzers used to go to war zone reporters and other brave journalists who risk their lifes ... now its sexual assault and russian hacking ... society is going down a very wrong path.

  • Xander M
    Xander M Year ago +1

    This show is getting better and better

  • Doug Bleach
    Doug Bleach Year ago

    So "The Opposition" is basically satire of conservative news shows? Wow only 13 years after the Colbert report already did it first. I know that show is off the air now but you guys are doing what he did only 100 times more over the top. Its just obvious that you are mocking conservatives, which, to me, undercuts what you are trying to pull off. Colbert was more subtle about it and that made you question if he was serious or not about what he was saying. No I am not a republican and no I am not trying to downplay you guys at all, but this was the first time I saw your show and that was my impression.

  • salg
    salg Year ago

    What has a conservative ever done for humanity? Can't think of one thing?

  • Jim Fortune
    Jim Fortune Year ago

    Sean Hannity, $36,000,000.00. Things are really fucked up.

  • Ro G
    Ro G Year ago +6

    Fox News is fair and balanced like Nazis are tolerant.

  • Ocean Lore
    Ocean Lore Year ago

    😂😂😂😂 hannity fcd a 🏠

  • Patrick Richardson

    Expansion PC funeral absolutely pro probably not.

  • jenbdiamond
    jenbdiamond Year ago +1

    I still want to know who Sean Hannity slept with.

  • Mark Paczkowski
    Mark Paczkowski Year ago +8

    Sean Hannity: i didn’t have much of a relationship with Cohen #JusttheTip

  • Nicholas Barrett
    Nicholas Barrett Year ago

    Men really are the most depressed group in America. When you make jokes like that you alienate them and they change the channel. I hate Fox News, but Fox News will never make fun of white men for suffering, so don't be surprised when you find out your satire is only reaching like-minded liberals and is making no difference to the political landscape

  • Novad selir
    Novad selir Year ago

    Prostitutes, piss, and playboy

  • bakaXY
    bakaXY Year ago +1

    3:38 caption should have read "hot, butt humble" for these two - just to stay in character xD

  • Fifthelement203
    Fifthelement203 Year ago

    The answer sir is yes. Ur asshole is more tolerant than this country

  • Jurasta Kaune
    Jurasta Kaune Year ago

    "Journalistic awards, just like facts, data and rigour investigative research, has a clear liberal bias"
    Ah, pupil of Colbert Report 😊😉

  • SpeedTech Inc.
    SpeedTech Inc. Year ago

    Aaron and Josh sucks I wish Jordan had better correspondence

  • Rayan Douni
    Rayan Douni Year ago

    Show would be better if you drop these 2

  • Jean Roch
    Jean Roch Year ago +1

    36 million... That's it, I'm changing jobs. I'd like to lie to suckers too. I'd even do it for 20 million.

  • Raging werewolf dude

    OOORRRRR, He had an affair with a stripper from BEEF

  • Kellen Rist
    Kellen Rist Year ago +4


  • Dustin Burnett
    Dustin Burnett Year ago +1

    Hannity is an opinion is at least clear about that. and he should be treated as such.

  • Margot Levey
    Margot Levey Year ago +4

    This show is getting funnier lol, guess learning curve?

  • joel repp
    joel repp Year ago +1

    Hannity has no record telling lies, we should totally believe him. Fox News’ culture has never had sexual misbehavior as a backbone tenet. Sad.

  • Hans Gopherfish
    Hans Gopherfish Year ago +2

    They cancelled The Nightly Show for this?!?!?!?

  • WarriorOfEden3033
    WarriorOfEden3033 Year ago +1

    Men are a minority in the US

  • Peter Hruska
    Peter Hruska Year ago +19

    could Jordan get his own TheXvid Channel please

    • terrorblades
      terrorblades Year ago

      Peter Hruska please yes, i never subscribe to the larger channels. Just get flooded by shit i dont eant to see

  • Truth Light
    Truth Light Year ago +3

    Sarcasm so thick I need a great sword 🤺 lol you an your team are killing it.

  • ynot ftw
    ynot ftw Year ago +5

    Sean Hannity is down with OPP. Other people's property

  • Ivan Arnaudov
    Ivan Arnaudov Year ago +3

    Sean Hannity f***ed a house that WASN'T HIS.

  • Rolex Swiss trained

    Two dudes ruined it. No guest next time lol

    • Kit Palmer
      Kit Palmer Year ago +1

      the nba goat rolex323 you must be new to the show, they're permanent correspondents.

  • Tycho Azrephet
    Tycho Azrephet Year ago +24

    It's kinda difficult for conservatives to qualify for awards like the Pulitzer, considering their conduct and behavior is the source of the deplorable scandals that decent human beings can then report on and bring to public eye. Giving a conservative a Pulitzer would be like awarding a mosquito a prize for research on the Zika virus.

    • Karmic
      Karmic Year ago

      MOTat18 Name one left wing news network that isn’t a pile of shit. And I mean seriously, not one of the shitty networks you idiots always watch for confirmation bias and your daily Trump derangement syndrome jerk off session, since we’re operating on assumptions in this conversation. I’ll wait.

    • MOTat18
      MOTat18 Year ago +4

      @Karmic lol, defensive much? What do you Republicans do that deserves accolades? Calling Pullizters "SJW" awards just exposes your indoctrination into the stupid Republican echo chamber. Does Hannity deserve an award for being Trump's but boy? Does Tucker Carlson deserve an award for his constipated fake-outrage? All Republicans do is complain about "leftist this" and "leftist that" with a few conspiracy theories sprinkled in. You don't break any worthwhile news, you just comment on it while putting your biased spin on it. It's difficult to find a diamond in the pile of shit that is Fox News.

    • The Broke Traveller
      The Broke Traveller Year ago +1

      right wingers are dumb....that's why they don't achieve anything.....with talent!

    • Karmic
      Karmic Year ago

      Tycho Azrephet It’s actually hard for conservatives to qualify for SJW awards when the political bias deters them from getting there. Pretty ridiculous for you to demonize right wingers. The lack of self-awareness is baffling

    • Karmic
      Karmic Year ago

      Tycho Azrephet Because Harvey Weinstein is so conservative, huh? Absolute nonsense is the type of crap I see in leftist echo chambers like CC. It’s people on the left being exposed for atrocities constantly in all aspects and you’re evading the truth by accusing conservatives of it.

  • Jim Dear
    Jim Dear Year ago

    why are these two like the only reporters they seem to have? Stewart had a whole host of reporters to mix it up and give different styles. Also that light skinned black guy they have do in the field stuff is much funnier.

  • Eric Burkheimer
    Eric Burkheimer Year ago +2

    😆😆😆 I can't believe the crowd didn't get the first joke about Cohen appearing in court to do what lawyers do best "defend themselves."

  • freedom1234573
    freedom1234573 Year ago +1

    these 2 are great!

  • Slim is chillin
    Slim is chillin Year ago +39

    This show dares to get conservatives to like gay dudes. Very ambitious

    • xxGodx
      xxGodx Year ago +5

      No it doesn't...

  • purplefireweed
    purplefireweed Year ago +5

    In fine form, guys! Nailed it.

  • Gabriele Ronnweber
    Gabriele Ronnweber Year ago +7

    Those two are always great!!

  • MGod 7
    MGod 7 Year ago +1

    I need that shirt.

  • growlinghands
    growlinghands Year ago +4

    @4:38 " my book. And my book is a feeling." I'm using this and I'm a librarian.
    Newt Gingrich agrees feelings are more important, especially when it comes to crime stats:

  • Riek R
    Riek R Year ago

    Those two guys fuck up this show Jordan. Smh

  • Nathan Fielure
    Nathan Fielure Year ago

    Where can I legally fuck a mistress?

    MAD WORLD Year ago +7

    A client list of whopping ..........,(counting ...Counting counting ) ...3 Clients !!!!!! Hahahahaa

  • Blair Bramlett
    Blair Bramlett Year ago

    Aaron needs to leave the left, his hairflip works best on the right.

  • TkiMick
    TkiMick Year ago

    Sorry but i always stop the video whenever these 2 come on.
    Tim and Kobi are much more hilarious imo.

  • Josy Naemi Köhler
    Josy Naemi Köhler Year ago +121

    He was not my attorney. I just asked him in legal questions, and claimed attorney-client privilege. Hannity is seemingly Schrödinger's client: He is Cohen's client, and at the same time he isn't. :P

    • Josy Naemi Köhler
      Josy Naemi Köhler Year ago +3

      Probably the reason, why Cohen is his attorney...

    • X Million
      X Million Year ago +7

      Josy- LOLOL Ewww, I don't want to imagine what he's doing in there with that cat though.

    • Justagamer
      Justagamer Year ago +11

      We must open the box, collapse the wave function and observe the results. There will probably be a dead cat in there with Hannity though.

    • In truth we trust
      In truth we trust Year ago +4

      Josy Naemi Köhler_ Should we open the box and find out ?

  • Tsuka 2104
    Tsuka 2104 Year ago +63

    Hannity makes $36m and the working class think he and Trump are their guys and see the world like they do... surrounded by bills and backbreaking work.

    • X Million
      X Million Year ago +4

      No wonder he was pushing so hard for that tax cut!

  • Dave H.
    Dave H. Year ago +67

    I'm starting to lose respect for pornstars and playboy models.

    • Tansy Woods
      Tansy Woods Year ago

      Opinunate ted She's a darn good sport.
      She was really good on SNL.

    • Zotan Inoron
      Zotan Inoron Year ago +6

      I appreciate that you are not communicating in a native language, Couro Athie. And I respect the effort for the conversation. However, this poses a dilemma. It makes it difficult to determine whether the overt contradictions in your response is due to a communication barrier that filters out a certain degree of nuance or that you are unable to perceive the contradictory ideas you expressed.
      You may not have explicitly expressed looking down upon them. But your language is easily perceived as doing just that. Saying that these women "instill injustice towards women" is expressing the thought that what they do is shameful and harmful. That is precisely looking down on them.
      In English, to not have respect for someone is not generally perceived as having 'neutral' regard. As, customarily, a basic amount of respect. So to not have respect comes across as synonymous as disrespect.
      No, the naked human body is not inherently degrading. That takes some mechanism of shame. Such as religion. Some even find nudity liberating, freeing. You're making your judgments through the prism of your religion and culture. I understand you probably will not change your mind on these things. But you must understand that others will not necessarily share you perspective. And while you probably believe your religion is correct. Much of the world will not.
      By making woman's hair overtly sexualized that it must be hidden except in the presence of one's family lest it invoke thoughts of lust in others is basically the definition of fetishization. To be clear, I did not intend to imply that only Muslims were guilty of such fetishization. I just thought it was an example relevant to your experiences. Christians have been equally as guilty of what I would consider absurdity. There was a time in the U.S. that a woman having a dress that would expose her ankles was considered deeply immodest. And the female ankle was excessively fetishized.
      From my perspective. Making the claim that porn is dirty is attempting to bring shame and guilt to random people. I am uncertain what you mean by zina (ahh basically a catchall of various improper sexual acts like sodomy). Problem with that is it covers a broad arrange of activities that your religion seeks to demonize. And while I might agree bestiality and rape are horrendous acts, and that adultery is wrong, shaming people for just having consensual sex without a marriage bond is just judgmental and preachy in the worst way.

    • Couro Athie
      Couro Athie Year ago

      i never said i looked down on them, i neither respect them nor disrespect them; to be honest i don't really care about them, they don't really help society; they help instill injustice towards women, and take away the pride and value for women, plus they have men waste their money on them,
      also i don't really judge people's bodies but having a lack of clothes no matter what body type is uncomforting and pretty degrading, and it's not really my business what individuals do, but pornstars and playboys are out in public, which brings the risk of kids having a chance of having their purity takenaway
      also i wouldn't really call it a fetishization of women's hair to wear a hijab, even Mary, mother of Jesus (saw) wore a hijab (of sorts) before Islam came around; also Muslims don't seek to shame and guilt random people, as par our religion dirty things like porn and zina are bad, just as they are in many other religions as well
      (pardon any incorrect spelling, English is a third language)

  • orangensaft0
    orangensaft0 Year ago +4

    I'm not from America, I don't get it, in what world are republicans the opposition? Republicans have the president, senate and congress right? Maybe the opposition to the liberal indoctrination by comedy central, cnn, hbo etc

    • orangensaft0
      orangensaft0 Year ago

      Maui Randall That is completely false and proves my point about indoctrination. You propably based that on the stat that something like 80% say they want some gun control regulation. The problem with that is that when you ask them about a specific policy you won't get 51% for any policy. Hell, I would even risk to say that most democrats would be for republican policies on abortion if they would actually read them instead of just reading a biased article on them and they wouldn't know it's comming from republicans. Reality check - every european country has more strict abortion laws than what republicans want to pass. I guess liberal atheists in europe are more extreme than the evil christian republicans

    • Maui Randall
      Maui Randall Year ago +3

      Conservatives are the opposition to What policies most Americans want

    • orangensaft0
      orangensaft0 Year ago

      JR S I would just like to add that it wasn't always like that. Before Bill Clinton's tellecomunications act there were 50+ media companies, now there are 5. Radio? Just 3. On the TV 4/5 are liberal, on the radio 3/3 are conservative. I don't think you can find a single liberal am speaker in the nation. It's not just conservative-theorists right-wingers, there are liberals who recognize that like ring of fire or jimmy dore (whose youtube channels id recommend you)

  • Michael Adhi Nugroho
    Michael Adhi Nugroho Year ago +19

    Aaron and Josh bit is killer.

  • Basic Bunny
    Basic Bunny Year ago +1

    It's funnier now when they let the jokes do the work.

  • Slutty McTits
    Slutty McTits Year ago +2

    I can't stand how Hannity mispronounces Cohen's name. Sean, honey, no matter how hard you try, you can't turn that incompentent "lawyer" into the much-heralded (and much-maligned) Roy Cohn.

  • Pete Gromov
    Pete Gromov Year ago +1

    "Here's the Truth"... =)

  • Sara tú
    Sara tú Year ago +83

    How is uncovering 29 years of sexual abuse and harrassment a left biased topic?

    • Master Adjuster
      Master Adjuster 2 days ago

      Patriarchy is essential to right wing politics.

    • Research0digo
      Research0digo 4 months ago

      he is using satire come onnnnn!

    • idk whateve
      idk whateve Year ago +1

      rape isnt a political issue you deep dumbass

    • 12squared Network
      12squared Network Year ago

      im sure there's rape on the left. why doesn't anybody report on that?

  • rockyman_88
    rockyman_88 Year ago +36

    Trolling level over 9000

  • Kanibar 87
    Kanibar 87 Year ago

    Best spin ever!!

  • Orenthal Simpson
    Orenthal Simpson Year ago

    Check out Jordan klepper on Bert Kreischers podcast "bertcast". Get him on Joe Rogan Experience. OJ 2020!!!💀

  • Squirrel Master
    Squirrel Master Year ago +1

    Dear Jordan,
    Your show is fucking stupid. You know it, too. In your heart. You know you sold out, and now you're nothing more than a race baiting hack who's washed up without ever having been. It's a sad, sad legacy you will leave.

  • Toriqul Islam Shimanto

    Wow..... We got new Fox news title SEAN HANNITY F#@KED HOUSE 🏡 LIVE. ....

  • LoriAnn Grilley-Jamroz


  • Nichole Engel
    Nichole Engel Year ago +110

    Sometimes this show is just so spot on.

  • LoriAnn Grilley-Jamroz


  • Common Sense
    Common Sense Year ago +24

    I love those guys.

  • J T
    J T Year ago +2

    36 million...SO WHAT, I feel sorry for these people.
    The things they say and do to make themselves feel they're better than the rest of us

  • Silvia Martinez
    Silvia Martinez Year ago +53

    Investigaytors. These two are hilarious 🤣🤣

    • Silvia Martinez
      Silvia Martinez Year ago +2

      Kaneng Botsha I do love Jordan, but Aaron and Josh deserve a shoutout, too.

    • Kaneng Botsha
      Kaneng Botsha Year ago

      Silvia Martinez nah the host is more hilarious

    • Eric Burkheimer
      Eric Burkheimer Year ago +6

      Silvia Martinez and fucking gorgeous

  • Michael Dziengel
    Michael Dziengel Year ago

    Wow, nice Garrison Keillor reference. Like Franken, Minnesota eats its own. We're such perverts, and absolutely no one gives a single shit. Who's my senator again, Tina... bobeena?

  • TheBjiii
    TheBjiii Year ago

    Why didnt this tool, cover the memo that proved dnc fbi collusion via text message? Lol oh no Trump might have banged a porn star hahahaha ooh you got him now hahahaha

    • X Million
      X Million Year ago

      BJ- LOL Well, at least of the two of us, my ass believes that facts matter. You're the stupid fucktwat who brings shit up and then back pedals by claiming it's irrelevant only once you've been proved wrong. SMFH

    • X Million
      X Million Year ago

      BJ- Must be due to your head up your ass.