Led Zeppelin - Stairway to Heaven Live

  • Published on Jan 26, 2018
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Comments • 20 617

  • Rhett Blackshear
    Rhett Blackshear 12 minutes ago

    Is Jimmy hindrix the best ever or what


    Maravilloso, una exquisita combinación de emociones orquestada por el universo

  • amalia antonopoulou


  • Marisa Berardinelli
    Marisa Berardinelli 2 hours ago

    Whats that bulge about... Its like he wants roscoe to be seen... Could care less mr piggy.....That roscoe has probably been all over the world... Gross..

  • Lunes
    Lunes 4 hours ago

    Era Robert Plant el vocalista ? o era David Coverdale.?

  • Donovan Schachel
    Donovan Schachel 4 hours ago


  • Fabio Moura
    Fabio Moura 4 hours ago

    listen the best of rock in everytime;.

  • Luke Rance
    Luke Rance 10 hours ago

    It's either they traded their souls to the devil or the secret to all of these songs is...drugs.

  • Jeffery Lopez
    Jeffery Lopez 13 hours ago

    All that

  • Walter
    Walter 15 hours ago

    I'm 55 now, and LZ came to Houston in 1977. I was only 13 and my Mother wouldn't let me go. Geez, what a wasted opportunity. Then in 1980, when I was 16, I got my driver's license and I heard driving on my way to high school that John Lennon had died. And I'd never be able to see the Beatles. Shame. Shame.

  • Melford Myrie
    Melford Myrie 15 hours ago +1

    The better blues band that plays rock and roll band bar none

  • Brenda Veronka Morillas Rodriguez

    No entiendo ni mergas pero es la mejor cansion que e escuchado

  • The Chad
    The Chad 20 hours ago

    I’m a heterosexual male but that camel tale got me pregnant

  • Kurt McComas
    Kurt McComas 22 hours ago

    The crowd doesn’t move, because they are in awe. They got the full force of zep to the face, like taking a huge line of pure columbian.

  • Jam Dev
    Jam Dev 22 hours ago

    Man, you can really see his entire cock and balls in those jeans.

  • Landon Weintraub

    Probably an unpopular opinion, but this version of the solo is too busy and aimless for me.

  • amir denjalic
    amir denjalic Day ago

    Muzika mohe mladostimislim da smo imali bolju muziku nego ove d.jiove. ili smo bili mladi i ludi na svoj nacin. Pozdrav za sve rokere

  • matias fajardo
    matias fajardo Day ago


  • Charlotte Hanlon

    Does anyone remember laughter...just give it 2 me...I hope so....god bless led zep xxx

  • Maroni XD
    Maroni XD Day ago

    Idiots: Whos watching 2019?
    People: "complaining but still liking the comment
    Me: Who´s the idiot now xD

  • Gun hun55
    Gun hun55 Day ago

    Why is stairway to heaven banned in all guitar store’s

    • Drich Godoy
      Drich Godoy 9 hours ago

      Gun hun55 bcoz its too awesome

  • Mike Hibbard
    Mike Hibbard Day ago +1

    Greatest Rock of All Time...I've lived during the most amazing 'ROCK' period in History...and for that I'm celestially thankful !!!

  • saurabh gupta
    saurabh gupta Day ago

    This live version is super nostalgic... Reminds everytime the day when I listened this live version very first time

  • Robloxsirendude 2

    I like this

  • uri y
    uri y Day ago

    как поставить 10 лайков?

  • Denish Lego
    Denish Lego 2 days ago

    Wow Jimmy still the guitar solo so aweosme

  • bobbrock
    bobbrock 2 days ago +1

    Simply amazing

  • Takemikazuchi •l
    Takemikazuchi •l 2 days ago

    The forbidden song.

  • Аркадий Седов


  • Scourge NaVi
    Scourge NaVi 2 days ago

    Led Zeppelin - Black Dog
    Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath
    AC-DC - Back in Black
    Queen - March of the Black Queen
    Michael Jackson - Black or White

  • HyeNa _
    HyeNa _ 2 days ago

    Probably those 10k dislikes are guitar store owners.

  • Debbie Holbrook
    Debbie Holbrook 2 days ago

    Best song in the world.

  • George Kallishis
    George Kallishis 2 days ago

    Master piece my friends

  • Yaretzi Márquez
    Yaretzi Márquez 2 days ago

    Me gusta el pelo de robert plant

  • Dawn Schnack
    Dawn Schnack 2 days ago

    Robert plant drools sexy.
    And his voice ......
    Fuckin hottttt

  • Jeffrey Dabstein
    Jeffrey Dabstein 2 days ago +1

    i want this song to blend with my soul in the afterlife

  • Harvey Underhill
    Harvey Underhill 2 days ago

    One of all times best bands. 70’s

  • John Yohann
    John Yohann 2 days ago

    Strange how when you access the same exact video from a different account name, that some of the commenters are dropped, including your own comments.

  • Louis Turiano
    Louis Turiano 2 days ago +1

    Led Zeppelin stairway to heaven !!!! Lynyrd Skynyrd freebird the greatest guitar solos of all time !!!!

  • Agustin Baltazar
    Agustin Baltazar 2 days ago

    Soy rocker gracias. Dios

  • Cameron White
    Cameron White 2 days ago

    anyone know what concert this was??

  • Александр Голубков

    Классика пока , одно из самых лучших произведений всех времён!!!

  • Arda K
    Arda K 2 days ago +28

    Imagine a world which Robert Plant has not wrote Stairway to Heaven...

    • Dylan Lockhead
      Dylan Lockhead 2 hours ago

      travis lol

    • John Morgan Felix
      John Morgan Felix 17 hours ago

      @JPPage Im fully aware of that. Jimmy wrote the music. Plant wrote the lyrics. Im prety sure thats why there bothe credited. They bothe did a 50...50 Role in the creation of the song.

    • Travis Begaye
      Travis Begaye 17 hours ago

      @Dylan Lockhead yes its a joke. So you can "el oh el"

    • Dylan Lockhead
      Dylan Lockhead 17 hours ago

      Travis bruh I can’t tell if that was a joke AC/DC wrote it if you didn’t know but seriously bro

    • Travis Begaye
      Travis Begaye 19 hours ago

      Instead he wrote highway to hell

  • silverback69000
    silverback69000 3 days ago

    We have 10k fan of kenny west

  • Mahmuang
    Mahmuang 3 days ago +17

    Me making love to my girlfriend with this song on: Darling, I just had a double orgasm.

  • Justin Rentz
    Justin Rentz 3 days ago

    Jimmy Page played pounded on that guitar like it owed him money. In a good way

  • Mario Lstr
    Mario Lstr 3 days ago

    I do not speak English, but for that there is the Google translator, women who speak English who read this beautiful comment, leave me a greeting (convert the greeting to Spanish)

  • Ricky Jayson Guevarra

    Hi random comment reader. Congratulations you just unlock the "God Level Mode".

  • 나병현
    나병현 3 days ago

    그들은 신보다 위대하다!!!

  • The UPCOMING 1.9
    The UPCOMING 1.9 3 days ago

    Нет больше таких талантливых музыкантов

    DANIELE PERINA 3 days ago

    Poesia .

  • Kunal s
    Kunal s 3 days ago +1

    All my pop friends I smoked with and viewed this thought this was a revelation instantly and admitted what the heck they were listening to for years .

  • Kunal s
    Kunal s 3 days ago +1

    I m from India , and this is best of the best from the world . Rock and roll is the mediation for me .

  • vasiliki tzantzaroudi

    Thank you

  • Lidwindis
    Lidwindis 3 days ago +1

    2:22 Robert makes the guitarist miss the note 😂

  • FarFar F
    FarFar F 3 days ago +1

    I know nothing about rock and i don't even like it but maaaaan this song is sth else

  • 순댕이
    순댕이 3 days ago

    학교 다닐때 듣다가
    다시 들어니
    역시 명곡은 명곡이네
    very good~~

  • Levan Karanadze
    Levan Karanadze 3 days ago