A BRAND NEW DINOSAUR GAME! PLAY AS THE T.REX! | Dinosaurs: Prehistoric Survivors Gameplay

  • Published on May 19, 2018
  • There's a brand new dinosaur game out that's a little like Saurian but with some pretty cool new ideas. It's very early access, but it's worth keeping an eye on... plus you get to play as the Tyrannosaurus Rex! OooOoOoOoo
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    A BRAND NEW DINOSAUR GAME! PLAY AS THE T.REX! | Dinosaurs: Prehistoric Survivors Gameplay
    Grow, Adapt, Survive! Dinosaurs Prehistoric Survivors lets you play as a dinosaur from juvenile to adult in a dynamically populated open world environment.
    No swearing, family friendly commentary.
    For Adventure!
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  • Captain Quyết
    Captain Quyết Month ago

    i always playing dinosaur games multiplayer Dinosaurgame.io at school!

  • Mesozoic Studios
    Mesozoic Studios Month ago

    10:29 Triceratops horridus is actually my favourite dinosaur.
    Yours too!

  • Mesozoic Studios
    Mesozoic Studios Month ago

    According to the restorations, they look accurate, I love it!

  • Raptorfeather Vids
    Raptorfeather Vids 4 months ago

    Lol some of their designs look like saurian's

  • Megalasaurian Xlavia
    Megalasaurian Xlavia 7 months ago

    I feel like this is saurian but you dont play as the decotaraptor

  • DinoZ
    DinoZ 8 months ago

    And one other thing of you say it’s like Saurian. That’s like saying Saurian copied the isle

  • DinoZ
    DinoZ 8 months ago

    It’s not a copy of Saurian. It’s has elements that are different. 1- it has RPG style in game: gain experience and upgrade your stamina and hunger...etc. 2- it’s going to have a free Mode were you’ll get to play all the creatures in game expect fish and reptiles 3- I look forward to this game

  • gillette
    gillette 8 months ago

    Flowers existed 30 millions years before dinosaurs went extinct.

  • Red Comet
    Red Comet 9 months ago +1

    Its like a lower quality version of The Isle.

  • james standsupfallsdown

    reminds me of the early days of the stomping lands

  • v Seeda
    v Seeda 9 months ago

    The baby trex looks like a Lego trex

  • Chris Ausbrooks
    Chris Ausbrooks 9 months ago


  • Toad
    Toad 9 months ago

    Saurian and the isle just might be my 2 favorite dino games.

  • Sierra Glassman
    Sierra Glassman 9 months ago +2

    Their models are very similar to Saurians

  • Snowy Collar
    Snowy Collar 9 months ago

    EVERYBODY... I forgot the lyrics

  • Deform 2018
    Deform 2018 9 months ago

    Reminds me a bit of Archetek Project (misspelled).

  • XSlothLifeX425 X
    XSlothLifeX425 X 9 months ago

    Aww Theirs a baby trex 4:21 that run tho

  • Kanto Originals
    Kanto Originals 9 months ago

    The Isle looks much more promising than this to be fair.

  • CornBeanSoup
    CornBeanSoup 9 months ago +1

    “Oh shut up”
    Why is that so funny to me? 😂

  • Tristun Alekzander
    Tristun Alekzander 9 months ago

    This is not a game because it's not fun. Walk around, kill a shitty A.I., repeat... how fun. You may as well be playing with dinosaur toys.

  • Lauren Quinn
    Lauren Quinn 9 months ago

    It's like The Isle as well

  • Roger
    Roger 9 months ago

    Is this on what consol or light device, sorry im sorta stupis

    • Roger
      Roger 9 months ago


  • Trippy Beach420
    Trippy Beach420 9 months ago

    Cough Cough.
    Arks better

  • Spattered
    Spattered 9 months ago +1

    This looks and plays stupid tbh

  • Godzilla
    Godzilla 9 months ago

    I wouldn't want to play this game, mostly because the tyrannosaurus is SO slow.
    Hey, I've got The Isle, guys. Personally, I don't need any saurian knockoff with some dumb generic mobile game title, "Dinosaurs: Prehistoric Survivors". Really, the name is the only thing that bothers me and that I have against.
    Other than how bloody slow the tyrannosaurus is.

  • Ike_ Nike
    Ike_ Nike 9 months ago +1

    So this is like a saurian game for low pc specs heh.

  • UnicornSpirit
    UnicornSpirit 9 months ago

    What is it called again?

  • CosplayCore
    CosplayCore 9 months ago

    Looks interesting... May try it when development is a little further along (I love nesting, so I'm addicted to Isle).

  • Eminor
    Eminor 9 months ago +2

    Pretty sure grass and that kind of flowers didn't exist yet when dinos were around and t-rex had the biggest bite on the market; the environment and tiny Rex head look a bit weird to me.

  • Josheon Zyskowski
    Josheon Zyskowski 9 months ago

    More of this

  • Stripe Rainbow
    Stripe Rainbow 10 months ago

    NO DO NOT GO NEAR THE OTHER REX they are canibalistic

  • Mutiny Designs
    Mutiny Designs 10 months ago

    That moment when he learned to sqwak, then did it like 11 times in a row, gratz u got a new sub lol

  • Michelle Benavides
    Michelle Benavides 10 months ago

    saurian with a new cartoonish look cool

  • Noah
    Noah 10 months ago

    Why do people believe that the trex was covered in feathers

  • Desdemona
    Desdemona 10 months ago +2

    Pretty much a bad stolen piece of Saurian

  • Monster Pickle
    Monster Pickle 10 months ago

    Even for alpha

  • Monster Pickle
    Monster Pickle 10 months ago

    That game is trash.

  • Joshua Gonzalez
    Joshua Gonzalez 10 months ago


  • Oozaru85
    Oozaru85 10 months ago

    I'm so fed up with those early access dinosaur survival games... Most of them will never be finished anyway. Also, why is it always dinosaurs? Why not prehistoric memmals like saber cats, mammoths, giant sloths, and other creatures from that time period?

  • Cartoon Central
    Cartoon Central 10 months ago +1

    they just... they ripped off the isle?

    VIPERTRON CHAOS 10 months ago

    Can u play multiplayer for this game?

  • Minh Duy Chu
    Minh Duy Chu 10 months ago

    can you play as the Trike

  • Dominator12568
    Dominator12568 10 months ago

    I feel like you would like The Isle. Good videos though!!

  • galaxiesaver
    galaxiesaver 10 months ago

    Flowers and grass in the Mesozoic? Not sure about that.

  • Pesky
    Pesky 10 months ago

    *o h b o y a n o t h e r i s l e r i p o f f*

  • JoJoestar
    JoJoestar 10 months ago

    This game looks interesting

  • Charles Smith
    Charles Smith 10 months ago +1

    So this guy is bestest slut hahaha

  • Ahmed G.
    Ahmed G. 10 months ago +1

    Not my TRex

    HAK-DOS 10 months ago

    I am not happy about the fact that there is grass-

  • Nicholas Mihalko
    Nicholas Mihalko 10 months ago +2

    oh wow, a half ass version of saurion...boring.

  • Beau Fryer
    Beau Fryer 10 months ago

    For a game that’s trying to portray accuracy I’m surprised that there’s grass all over the shop considering that grass didn’t evolve well after the death of the dinosaurs.

  • Spideyfan53
    Spideyfan53 10 months ago


  • Somespartan
    Somespartan 10 months ago

    This comment is pointless, move along with your day.

  • Shadowofdakness Infurnus
    Shadowofdakness Infurnus 10 months ago

    I'll just play " *Era of Terror* " or *Ino Sorna* on ROBLOX

  • MikeZomb04
    MikeZomb04 10 months ago +1

    cheap The Isle Copy.

  • Ornat
    Ornat 10 months ago

    Where is it ??

  • Achillotyrannus
    Achillotyrannus 10 months ago

    Basically if roblox dinosaur simulator was just better from the start, and I roblox era of terror had AI dinosaurs. That's what I see. But I think if steam was working for me I would get this game due to how it pays attention to those little details never explored in other games. Like the toxicity of carcasses, the population of animals in the region, and how AI herbivores that are either passive, or run away(comparison to roblox dinosaur simulator since npc's just attack you even if you are just passing by, as well as maiasaura npc's having a very broken hitbox where you can only bite them on there upper body portion which is where it can attack, being it headbutts at a suprising cooldown rate.) However the only problem I have with the game is that 1: the t.rex seems really slow. 2: the lack of flexibility in the dinosaurs. For example, a triceratops's specialized neck bone is sometimes reffered to as " the closest thing to a perfected sphere in nature" but bestinslot managed to kill it easily. At one point he got very close to the trike's head yet it could get him. If that happened in real life bestinslot's rex would have been impaled before it made the kill. Also the rex is really slow even though it does catch up to the chilesaurus, the chase seems a lot slower than it would be in real life, in which the t.rex would likely outrun it's prey since it was adapted to chasing it. Then again just my own opinion, don't want to make this the patch note of the game. It's just my opinion and all in all I think with a little support this game could succeed.

  • Sargent Pencil Shavings
    Sargent Pencil Shavings 10 months ago +1

    Speaking of Early Access dinosaur games, did you hear about the Archotek Project's revival?

    • Sargent Pencil Shavings
      Sargent Pencil Shavings 10 months ago

      Well, what more info is needed? They started working on the game again after months of silence.

  • logan pennell
    logan pennell 10 months ago +1

    The water effect is from saurian

  • The Wolf of Comedy
    The Wolf of Comedy 10 months ago +5

    Shameless Saurian ripoff, not interested

    • Icy Pawz
      Icy Pawz 10 months ago +2

      The Wolf of Comedy I agree. It's totally a Saurian rip-off

  • Rider 227
    Rider 227 10 months ago

    Congrats you beautiful beautiful sloth on 500k subs

  • Dinosaur Dolan
    Dinosaur Dolan 10 months ago

    I got this game 2 days ago, it’s pretty good, no saurian though

  • Luigi Funtime
    Luigi Funtime 10 months ago +4

    I bought this game because saurian wouldn't work on my laptop. Get this game if you have a weak computer or laptop.

  • Bryce Dunn
    Bryce Dunn 10 months ago

    That's the biggest seagull I've ever seen

  • The Dishonored Coward
    The Dishonored Coward 10 months ago

    Oh cool, a new dinosaur game :)

  • Bryce McKenzie
    Bryce McKenzie 10 months ago +7

    A new game with Baby Rexs. I can get on board with that.

    • Godzilla
      Godzilla 9 months ago

      Grammar police here.
      It's not "Rexs", It's Rexes.

  • featheredgodzilla2018 rebooted channel

    Is this game free

  • Jonathan Derryl Kartjito
    Jonathan Derryl Kartjito 10 months ago +6

    The environment alone looks much better than the brown sandy terrain of Saurian (with it being scientifically accurate to the Hell Creek during the Cretaceous)...
    With that said, I doubt the developers of this game bring even half as much as scientific rigour the Saurian devs put into their game.
    Always great to have more dinosaur games though!

    • Tyrannosaurus rex
      Tyrannosaurus rex 9 months ago +2

      Jonathan Derryl except the grass,that is inaccurate

  • featheredgodzilla2018 rebooted channel

    Killer baby rex

  • El Blaise
    El Blaise 10 months ago

    The early returns are promising and it helps I can play as a rex out the gate.

  • Zero Barge
    Zero Barge 10 months ago +3

    I'm not saying this is a bad game, but I'm tired of early access dinosaur games. People need to make more triple A dinosaur games.

  • The Great Wolf
    The Great Wolf 10 months ago +2

    *_It's a hybrid of Saurian and Archotek Project!_*

    I probably misspelled the last one...

  • Riley White
    Riley White 10 months ago

    Congrats on 500k!!!!

  • CyborgParrot
    CyborgParrot 10 months ago

    This looks better than The Isle.

    • CyborgParrot
      CyborgParrot 10 months ago

      The Isle is a goddamn mess of a Early Access Game, just look at any of the Reviews on the Steam Page and you'll see why.

    • Sargent Pencil Shavings
      Sargent Pencil Shavings 10 months ago

      How? The Isle has extremely detailed textures, a beautiful skybox and gorgeous map design, not to mention the tedious work put into the dinosaurs and their animations.

  • Sagasol
    Sagasol 10 months ago +16

    I really do like the idea of the ecosystem changing as you age, and as you said, the toxicity thing with the carcasses.

  • ivan great
    ivan great 10 months ago +1

    utahraptor didn't even live in hell creek

    • Archen Duke
      Archen Duke 9 months ago +1

      And who said this is based in Hell creek as Saurian?

  • edna sazon
    edna sazon 10 months ago +1

    Hay bro happy 500 thousand sub

  • Belinda Burley
    Belinda Burley 10 months ago

    Yay, new dinosaur game! I so want this game! Id buy it now so the developers can progress with it. I'm grateful that you shown us what the game is like first, BIS, thanks for that. Cant wait to try the game out.

  • Dinop The Dino
    Dinop The Dino 10 months ago +1

    Thought it was saurian when i saw the thumbnail!!!

  • Perternurdurn
    Perternurdurn 10 months ago +7

    This game doesn't seem unique enough to survive. It could potentially make it as a niche game if they expand the RPG elements further.

  • AddM
    AddM 10 months ago

    You should totally play LoZ BoTW

  • Nomadic Gamer
    Nomadic Gamer 10 months ago

    This game doesn't have much to do and neither does Saurian. Hmm.

    • Nomadic Gamer
      Nomadic Gamer 10 months ago

      Still doesn't negate the fact that there's not much to do. Same with the Isle.

    • Mutiny Designs
      Mutiny Designs 10 months ago

      last I checked Saurian had like 6-7 developers, and making games isn't exactly a quick process.

  • Awesome Dakka
    Awesome Dakka 10 months ago

    Not buying this right now as it looks just a bit too basic for my liking currently (Early Access is a bitch like that), but I'm definitely gonna keep it on my radar. Just added it to my wishlist so I'm looking forward to this potentially becoming a competitor to Saurian. Also, more dinosaur games is always nice.

  • LordTrilobite
    LordTrilobite 10 months ago +9

    Utahraptor never met T.rex. That's Early Cretaceous.

    • Archen Duke
      Archen Duke 9 months ago

      it may pass on the same universe of D:apha since is from the samer creators and even the map seems to be the same so it may feature many specimens from all periods

    • Tyrannosaurus rex
      Tyrannosaurus rex 9 months ago


    • JoJoestar
      JoJoestar 10 months ago +1

      LordTrilobite same with chilesaurus

  • im snek
    im snek 10 months ago +12

    Yay two accurate games now

    • The Dutchinator
      The Dutchinator 9 months ago

      Coalescence the Isle is not realistic

    • im snek
      im snek 9 months ago

      Coalescence for now...

    • Coalescence
      Coalescence 9 months ago +1

      The Isle is still the best

    • im snek
      im snek 10 months ago +1

      Gandalf the Tsaagan make that three

    • DANCER9op
      DANCER9op 10 months ago +2

      yea, but Saurian has a better aim.
      the puns, I must be terminated.

  • Baragon301
    Baragon301 10 months ago

    Are you going to play more of that nature documentary game? Just curious

  • Megasupreme
    Megasupreme 10 months ago +2

    The bubbles that appear when the camera goes under water are the exact same as Saurian's.

  • Gavincie
    Gavincie 10 months ago +6

    This looks pretty trash, not going to lie

  • JurassicJuan
    JurassicJuan 10 months ago

    Another dinosaur sim!? These are getting boring and repetetive.

  • Lord Floyd
    Lord Floyd 10 months ago +15

    I think "Early Access" is putting it mildly..

    • CuddlytheCuttlefish
      CuddlytheCuttlefish 10 months ago +2

      @AlphaCommander 42 I like how no one ever talks about how bad the isle was when it first came out .

    • Dieter Gaudlitz
      Dieter Gaudlitz 10 months ago +2

      There are many working basic mechanics and so far only one major programming error. I've seen worse

  • Calm Spirit dood
    Calm Spirit dood 10 months ago

    Will dis be in multiplayer?

  • A Peridot
    A Peridot 10 months ago +21

    You are a very slow _Tyrannosaurus rex_ baby... It's thought that they were a lot faster than their adult counterparts and many other animals. You should be the fastest creature in this game.
    Ah, well. This game isn't exactly striving for the best accuracy, so I shouldn't be nitpicking too much. (Still, though.)
    Edit: Wait, it says this on this game's _Steam_ page:
    "The creatures of _Dinosaurs: Prehistoric Survivors_ are modeled based on real-world findings, giving them a sense of realism while also adding educational value to the game."
    If that's the case, why are there dinosaurs from different time periods living alongside each other in this game? Why does the _Utahraptor_ look not much like it's thought to have looked? Why are the animals' speeds incorrect? Why--
    Okay, I give up.

    • A Peridot
      A Peridot 9 months ago +1

      That is true. That doesn't explain, however, the plants and dinosaurs living together from different time periods, or some of the animal designs. Things such as incorrect speeds I'll accept as a product of early access. Life from different eras living alongside each other, on the other hand? That's a different story. It's just extra animating for aspects that aren't supposed to be in the game based on the developers' vision: a _realistic_ dinosaur simulator.

    • Kairon Guadalupe
      Kairon Guadalupe 10 months ago

      Dude it's just an early access maybe they'll fix it In the future.

    • A Peridot
      A Peridot 10 months ago +1

      Thank you. I really want to see a game with realistic combat that's also exciting, so I felt like I should finally get ideas down. I didn't think it'd be in a comment section though, to be honest.
      Eh, better sooner than later.

    • Dieter Gaudlitz
      Dieter Gaudlitz 10 months ago +1

      Wow, you really took your time. I hope the devs read this comment section. There's a fair chance, as BiS is pretty known among dinosaur-game devs.

    • A Peridot
      A Peridot 10 months ago +4

      @ Dieter Gaudlitz
      Yeah, it does a little. As does combat. I understand that it's hard to design a good combat system with such a small team (I don't know how many people are part of the development team; my guess is less than ten) and that many games developed by teams of this size have combat like this game does (just hitting over and over again until opponents drop, vulnerable spots not being taken into account at all), but I don't think it'd be that hard to make it more immersive.
      Here are some ideas that would make combat more exciting and realistic not just for this game, but for any other animal game that has a combat system looking to be realistic, replacing any dinosaur names I wrote with animal names relevant to the games (I'm not going to entirely take into account how easy it is to implement some of these features):

      1. Keyboard-key-activated Attacks
      Attacks that are used via keyboard keys should include biting, arm swiping, kicking, stomping, head swinging, head-butting/charging, and tail swiping. Any carnivore should be able to bite, though I think an herbivore might grab something in its mouth as well to fling it off of itself if it has the chance (correct me if I'm wrong). Animals that stand on two legs and that have strong and long enough arms should be able to swipe their arms at attackers, with swiping working best for long-armed and medium- to large-clawed carnivores. Any animal should be able to kick (unless its legs are too short and/or aren't strong enough), with kicking working best for medium-sized herbivores and sickle-clawed dromeosaurs (it is thought by some paleontologists that sickle-clawed dromeosaurs (at least certain ones, that is) could strike with their large toe claws as fast as a cat can strike, so perhaps the developers could make it so that sickle-clawed dromeosaurs can strike very fast with their legs). Medium- to large-sized herbivores and carnivores (let me know if other animals could do this as well) should be able to stomp. Animals with armored heads (ceratopsians and pachycephalosaurs, for example) should be able to swing their heads. Animals with armored heads should have a button that lowers their heads so that running into an animal causes the most damage. Animals with armored tails (stegosaurs and some nodosaurs, for example) should be able to swipe their tails.
      2. Non-keyboard-key-activated "Attacks"
      Non-keyboard-key-activated "attacks"--movements that harm but may or may not be done on purpose that aren't used via keyboard keys, that is--should be the crushing of other animals with your weight and tail swiping done by turning. The former would probably be rather hard to implement, as there are many ways an animal could crush another with its weight (by stepping on, sitting on, or lying on it, for example, each of which can be done in various ways (fully or partially; if partially, there are many ways to partially crush something)) and it would require rather advanced hit boxes. The latter, however, I don't think would be as hard to implement. It might not be easy, as it would still require pretty advanced hit boxes, but there are less ways to swipe something with one's tail when turning than to crush something with any part from one's entire body.
      3. System That Detects Which Direction Opponent Is in or Targeting Mode
      Having an attack button for each limb would use an unnecessary amount of keyboard keys, so perhaps there could be a system that detects which direction one's opponent is in when attacking that determines which limb to use for certain attacks. For example, if one wants to kick their opponent, they would press the key that makes their animal kick and whichever leg is closest to their opponent is the leg that kicks out in their direction. Many games have buttons for melee combat that make a limb strike in a certain direction only so that one has to have their opponent in a specific location to get a hit in; a system like this, however, would make it easier for players to hit their opponents and is also realistic. As long as an opponent is in the realistic range of a limb, they can be hit. I say "realistic" because dinosaur limbs can't hit in every direction. A dinosaur's leg, for example, can't hit straight up in the air.
      Alternatively, there could be a targeting system similar to the one _Saurian_ is working on (this may not be a good idea for copyright reasons, but it's a good concept (I doubt the team would sue because the feature isn't actually copyrighted, but they might get a little upset; I'm not sure, though)). There could be a button that would take you into "target mode," two buttons that cycle left and right through different usable appendages, and a button that makes that appendage act (strike, pick up (if arms or mouth selected and if arms or mouth able to pick things up), or eat (if mouth selected)). The button that takes you into target mode could be the "T" key, though the left mouse button makes more sense. The cycling keys could be the left and right arrow keys or two other keys close to each other (or, better yet, the middle mouse wheel), and the action button could be the left mouse button. If the left mouse button is the button that takes you into target mode, the right mouse button could take you out of it. An alternative to the cycling keys is different buttons for each appendage, allowing players to choose which limb they want in combat. This would probably be a better idea. If this path is taken, both arms should be able to be used at once for animals that walk on two legs if they want to strike with both at the same time or if they want to pick something up (if they're able to pick something up, of course; some dinosaurs could, right?), such as an egg.
      I personally prefer the targeting system over the other system. I think I might suggest my ideas for the targeting system to the _Saurian_ team, as some people think the current targeting system is rather buggy. I know the team is working on improving it, but I'll suggest my ideas anyway in case they're still not sure what to do about it (and these other ideas, too).
      4. The "_Dark Souls_" Strategy
      You shouldn't be able to kill a medium-sized to large animal quickly by just attacking below the elbow/knee. You should be able to make them kneel or fall if you try hard enough, though, or make a big enough wound that the animal bleeds out over time. It should be hard to keep attacking a medium-sized to large animal's leg, as they should be able to kick and stomp.
      5. Vulnerable Spots
      The most vulnerable spots to attack should include the eyes, throat, underbelly, and knees. Biting should work well on all of these parts except for the eyes, arm swiping should work well on all of these parts, stomping should work well on all of these parts as long as the stomping animal's opponent is on the ground in a position exposing the desired target (one can't stomp on something if it isn't on the ground), head swinging should work well on all of these parts, charging should work well on all of these parts, and tail swinging should work well on all of these parts.
      6. What It Takes to Die and Kill
      I don't think a single health point count should be what determines whether an animal is alive or not in a game striving to be realistic. I think there should be multiple things that determine an animal's life status:

      - Blood amount (a bar that shows how much blood a player has should be present at least when they are losing or gaining blood; when it gets to a certain point, the player's animal dies);
      - air access (when the player's animal has no access to air (for example, when they are underwater or in another suffocating place), a bar showing how long they have to live before dying of asphyxiation should pop up and stay on screen at least while it is draining or replenishing);
      - whether they are poisoned (there should be a bar that drains for fatal poisons that shows how long the player's animal has to live, but non-fatal poisons should just show their side effects (such as vomiting, fatigue, etc.), not drain points from a player's animal's single health point reserve);
      - whether they are missing vital body parts (if a game wants to include dismemberment and realistic outcomes for missing certain body parts, then decapitation should result in instant death (not _literally_ instant, as the brain keeps functioning for seconds after being severed from the body, but virtually instant; the same goes for some of the following statements); the loss of or impalement of the brain or heart should result in instant death; the loss of any other organ should have a bar that shows how long the player's animal will live without that organ, not taking into account blood loss (the player's animal will most likely die of blood loss first); and the loss of a limb would result in death by blood loss or, if the player's animal's wound(s) heal(s), would hinder their movement, rendering them more likely to predation or accidents (such as falling and not being able to catch themselves));
      - hunger (if a player's animal goes without food for too long, they die; the time an animal can go without food should vary depending on the species);
      - and age (when a player gets to a certain age, they should die; the exact age should be different for each player, but within a time frame depending on the species (for example, humans have an _average_ life expectancy, but it's different for most of them)).

      These have been my ideas, and I hope at least someone can enjoy them despite this text's length.

  • Dodoraptor and other animals
    Dodoraptor and other animals 10 months ago +34

    So basically Saurian but with a mixture of times and places.
    I’m both interested and questioning...

    • JoJoestar
      JoJoestar 10 months ago

      Dodoraptor and other animals same

  • Mrex1223
    Mrex1223 10 months ago +1

    Honestly saw thumbnail and thought it was Saurian

  • Tritonis
    Tritonis 10 months ago +2

    These fights are so intense xD

  • Josi_ x
    Josi_ x 10 months ago +1

    Is it free?

    • Archen Duke
      Archen Duke 9 months ago +1

      AlphaCommander 42 Its Dinosaurs: A prehistoric adventure

    • Josi_ x
      Josi_ x 10 months ago

      AlphaCommander 42 oh okey ty

  • A Peridot
    A Peridot 10 months ago +12

    BestInSlot, did you read _Saurian_'s newest development log? They're planning on reworking the artificial intelligence system so that animal interactions are more realistic and unpredictable. This is what Henry, one of the game's programmers, said in his section of the log (I made some grammar edits, so that's why it looks a little different from the original if you noticed; I don't think I fixed everything, though (I'm a grammar freak)):

    "In the mad rush to program many different aspects of _Saurian_, my work on A. I. behavior has largely ended up falling to the side. No more! After taking a short sanity break, I'm back to the grindstone and focusing on A. I. again. I'm about to get a lil' nerdy, so for those of you who want the TL;DR: A. I. behavior logic is being largely overhauled with the hope of producing more natural and flexible reactions from all creatures. For those of you who want to get nerdy with me, keep on reading!
    Saurian's A. I. uses Apex's wonderful Utility A. I. asset--though at the moment not to its full potential. Utility A. I. isn't just a flexible asset, but also a relatively unique approach to behavioral architecture. At the moment, the way Saurian's A. I. is designed much more closely resembles traditional behavior trees than true Utility A. I. as envisioned by Apex. The difference between the two, in simplified terms: Behavior trees select behaviors by evaluating boolean conditionals (ex.: "If I'm hungry and if I see an animal under 1.25x my weight, then I hunt it, otherwise choosing another behavior).
    Utility A. I., on the other hand, uses numerical scores assigned to perceived stimuli to choose behaviors (ex.: I could assign a score to being hungry, and a score to an animal as prey based on its mass, then multiply them together and compare to other behavior scores, choosing whichever behavior has the highest score). The advantage of Utility A. I. is that, hypothetically, A. I. behavior selections are much more robust in unpredicted situations in a way that they might not be with behavior trees.
    While it may seem like a subtle difference, it has a potentially huge impact on the way behaviors are designed. Rather than thinking of well-defined combinations of conditions that result in specific behaviors, behavior selection has to be thought of in terms of numerical functions--which is significantly harder to intuitively design the same way (hence the use of behavior-tree-like design up until now). To help with this task, I've written up a crude little tool in Python to help visualize the animal behavior graphs for my first passes at the new scoring functions. [...]
    In addition to giving _Saurian_'s NPCs better behavioral responses, I will be using the opportunity to both optimize the A. I.'s CPU usage using Unity 2018's new job system (potentially allowing for more A. I. on screen) and to refactor the A. I. with multiplayer in mind. Exciting times ahead!"

    • Wolf Shadow
      Wolf Shadow 10 months ago

      A. P. They should fix the game's performance cause even the best computers can hardly run their rubbish

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    DinoBooks 101 10 months ago

    You should have gone into the water.

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    Yes! Go, Gwyneth, DarkSouls your way to victory!
    Also, congratulations on 500K, BIS!

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    Finally 500k congratulations BIS !