• Published on Nov 27, 2019
  • Thursday 7pm #Followthedrip
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  • Tom S
    Tom S 26 days ago

    Nina with the straight cordial

  • Grey Goose
    Grey Goose Month ago +1

    Don’t wear those boot cuts man they swallow your kicks

  • Shajid Miah
    Shajid Miah Month ago

    tag a friend cos nines is back again

  • Dippy Dupdup
    Dippy Dupdup Month ago

    You can do it nines do this mainstream thing you’ll love you life and appreciate everyday you live 🌍

  • Ben Rivers
    Ben Rivers Month ago


  • Free Youngboy
    Free Youngboy Month ago

    Is this his new jawn?

  • Eadrict A
    Eadrict A Month ago

    fire g

    EAR ART Month ago

    Sipping on that moringa

  • Vm888
    Vm888 Month ago

    Church Road NW stand up

  • Ryft Fuzions
    Ryft Fuzions Month ago


  • Areeb mxhmood
    Areeb mxhmood Month ago

    where it at broooooo

  • Yellow King
    Yellow King Month ago

    IT'S 07:01PM FAM

  • Abu B
    Abu B Month ago

    I got way too much pride

  • Abu B
    Abu B Month ago


  • Saqib Imran
    Saqib Imran Month ago +7

    Nines x Fredo (coz nines and fredo now follow each other on insta)

  • Shakz1up
    Shakz1up Month ago +1

    Sounding like Nina with the Nina is Back.!

  • KI Ho
    KI Ho Month ago

    The man's back Nina with the Nina can I see the scarface big man

    • What’s Pappin
      What’s Pappin 28 days ago

      KI Ho look at the bottom it says may be got stabbed in June

    • KI Ho
      KI Ho 28 days ago

      @What’s Pappin seen

    • What’s Pappin
      What’s Pappin 28 days ago

      KI Ho this video was recorded before he got stabbed so it would be impossible to see the scar in this vid

  • legoyoda27
    legoyoda27 Month ago +1

    Where the Tory x Nines tune at tho? 👀

  • legoyoda27
    legoyoda27 Month ago +1


  • J M
    J M Month ago

    early christmas present?

  • Joshua Watson
    Joshua Watson Month ago

    Mad guy them 15 seconds got me gassed

  • zaid madani
    zaid madani Month ago +1

    Nines > fredo

  • Bxcsss
    Bxcsss Month ago

    Nina wid the ninaaaa

  • E91
    E91 Month ago


  • K
    K Month ago +1

    Ice city going platinum baby

  • Jessie James
    Jessie James Month ago

    Has he got a scar from his stabbing that time?

    • KnightLife
      KnightLife Month ago

      yes, look at his cheek in his video pride

  • itsalllk
    itsalllk Month ago

    ICB 🔥

  • Ryno
    Ryno Month ago


  • CarpFishingTips
    CarpFishingTips Month ago

    He’s back

  • Merkules_OG PSN
    Merkules_OG PSN Month ago

    I’m glad your back bro, nines ya a don. Keep up with the good tracks my brudda

  • GdenBeats
    GdenBeats Month ago +1

    Comeback 👑 let’s goo

  • chris cox
    chris cox Month ago

    much love from Washington state usa!!

  • Liam Cook
    Liam Cook Month ago


  • paddybangers
    paddybangers Month ago

    Gotta link up with mowgli on this one bro

  • Baydoe
    Baydoe Month ago

    Comeback Roadman

  • Vuuts
    Vuuts Month ago +1


  • Tarek Drief
    Tarek Drief Month ago +1

    🙌 Peace and prosper

  • Kool Gamez
    Kool Gamez Month ago +1

    Church Road

  • Sultan
    Sultan Month ago +1

    Man like! Glad you are well!

  • R D
    R D Month ago +23

    I ain’t broke but I miss Cash. 3 Cash. Rip Zino. Rip Stylie. Nina the goat of the rap scene is back.

    • Garvey Watson
      Garvey Watson Month ago

      R.I.P Zino...R.I.P Stylie...

    • DeViouS z
      DeViouS z Month ago

      R D far from a goat nines wasn’t there when it started off

  • Crimescene NN16
    Crimescene NN16 Month ago +2

    Crime 2 da scene

  • Lex Ogieoba
    Lex Ogieoba Month ago +1


  • 36 Freeze
    36 Freeze Month ago +1

    *Welcome back akh* 👊

  • jabz bandz
    jabz bandz Month ago +39

    good to see u back nina. ur mad underated. people don't know what their missing out on. all ur albums r classics. hope XL raise the money for promotion on u so we can see u at a higher level.

    • connor henderson
      connor henderson Month ago

      Dyl.n yes I know mate this guy is going on like nines is a nobody

    • Dylan
      Dylan Month ago

      connor henderson he’s always been top in the uk along with skrapz

    • connor henderson
      connor henderson Month ago +1

      The video hit 1 million in two days think he is know 😂😂

    • Dylan
      Dylan Month ago

      everybody knows nines he’s a top uk rapper. all the others are little kids beefing about who makes more than £20 a day

    • jabz bandz
      jabz bandz Month ago +6

      qwertyvypez yh they do but there's still alot of people who are rap fans that ain't heard dem

  • Tyrese Edwards
    Tyrese Edwards Month ago +1

    Nina wid the nina

  • Fed Med
    Fed Med Month ago +4

    🔥🔥🔥♟️🌶️ Fans from Zimbabwe 🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼💯💯

  • Dw Dw
    Dw Dw Month ago

    So he Neva got stabbed in the face?????

  • shaunnysosa08
    shaunnysosa08 Month ago

    My fucking guy Nina 🤞🏾 finally some real shit...no more of that drill bullshit

  • Samir Ahmed
    Samir Ahmed Month ago +1

    Yoooooooo mad

  • Tommy Reusse
    Tommy Reusse Month ago +1

    yessss welcome back Nina

  • Tayyab Yaqub
    Tayyab Yaqub Month ago +1


  • N J
    N J Month ago +1

    Im dancing already 🤣

  • l
    l Month ago +5

    Jheeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzz what I've been waiting for November's nearly over what going on Haha

  • ali abdi
    ali abdi Month ago +1

    this is soon be 100k + views

  • amz ace
    amz ace Month ago

    Nina with the fukin nina is backkkkkkkkj

  • Tam Khan
    Tam Khan Month ago +4

    Nines Raaamiya Karla

  • Vijay Sharma
    Vijay Sharma Month ago +2


  • Tyler St hill
    Tyler St hill Month ago +2

    The king is back

  • hasaandoo
    hasaandoo Month ago

    Heeeeeee backkkkkkkkkkkkkk Nina with the Nina

  • Saarah A
    Saarah A Month ago +3

    Imani 😍😍