Symbiosis | Reef

  • Published on Feb 27, 2008
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    Shot using Gates underwater housings -
    Footage ©Scubazoo . To license any of this footage please contact
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Comments • 8

  • 4humanewildlife
    4humanewildlife 13 years ago

    Very high quality film work. Stunning.
    The subject natter is great too. Amazing how animals rely on each other. I think there is a lesson there for humans. Great work! Great Org.

  • Paul Barbier
    Paul Barbier 13 years ago

    These animals definitely developed these mutually advantageous relationships...unless you believe god did it all. Nature is definitely flippin' awesome!

  • Andrew Taylor
    Andrew Taylor 13 years ago

    You are incorrect that they "developed" symbiotic relationships. They have always been this way.

  • SZtv
    SZtv  9 years ago

    @Michael Johnston the music was composed by Brollyman - a very talented musician who composes for TV.

  • Eulogy
    Eulogy 12 years ago

    LOL that turtle was in heaven

  • Kendall Alberti
    Kendall Alberti 12 years ago

    an example a commensalism

  • Michael Johnston
    Michael Johnston 9 years ago

    what song is this @ 3:05

  • Ryan Duckering
    Ryan Duckering 9 years ago

    Wonderful examples, except people think im watching softcore porn due to the music..