Strange answers to the psychopath test | Jon Ronson

  • Published on Aug 15, 2012
  • Is there a definitive line that divides crazy from sane? With a hair-raising delivery, Jon Ronson, author of The Psychopath Test, illuminates the gray areas between the two. (With live-mixed sound by Julian Treasure and animation by Evan Grant.)
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Comments • 15 123

  • Dg Sfg
    Dg Sfg 2 hours ago

    The audio is so bad

  • Boss Cuchilain
    Boss Cuchilain 7 hours ago

    Why does he keep saying psychopathy? Isnt he talking about sociopaths?

  • Clay Bradford
    Clay Bradford 8 hours ago

    Waste of time

  • Krushim
    Krushim 9 hours ago

    Very misleading title. No strange answers are ever given.

  • Critical Mass
    Critical Mass 10 hours ago

    its just evolution

  • Trystelune
    Trystelune 14 hours ago

    Anyone talking with this voice should never be allowed to talk to a crowd .

  • Jack Navarro
    Jack Navarro 14 hours ago

    So basically Teenager

  • LucisFerre1
    LucisFerre1 15 hours ago

    Capitalism is bettering yourself by providing to others what they need or want for a reasonable price. Capitalism is win-win, not "ruthless". Cruelty free products (where no bunny eyes are harmed), is capitalism, because it's padering to the wants and desires of potential customers. "Organic" is capitalism. Recycling is capitalism.
    Businesses thinking of new ways to "repurpose" supplies more efficiently (for profits) was born from capitalism. Business efficiency reduces waste and "saves the planet". What he's talking about is corporatism. And, does he think that more totalitarian socio-economic systems don't reward glibness, charm and ruthlessness? Leftist bias, and dare I say ignorance, poisons everything.

  • Moonwired
    Moonwired Day ago

    Those sounds are so annoying

  • freeedish
    freeedish Day ago

    Social workers in this country behave just like poorly educated, ignorant journalists with middling IQs. UK social workers are a national embarrassment, they are a scandal. They lie, exaggerate, manipulate evidence and create extreme personalities out of parents and children, rather than focussing on the positives and the everyday normal traits of their, so called, 'service users' A.K.A: victims. The system in this country is a paranoid, hysterical joke and is unfit for purpose. No one wins, everybody loses.

  • me Zhuo
    me Zhuo Day ago

    Whats the music that starts playing at the end around 17:00

  • Hamedeh S
    Hamedeh S Day ago +2

    The music in the background is totally distracting and useless

  • Rudolph Drasler
    Rudolph Drasler Day ago

    I learned about bees being trained for bomb sniffing in my sensation and perception psychology class as an undergrad. I am actually annoyed that they used a legitimate fact against him.

  • tolfan
    tolfan Day ago

    I'm a single father 18 years of family court custody and support money to separate courts. Chatted a lot out in the hall I seem to be the kind of person people like to chat to. The stories I've heard and the complaints the system really can turn things upside down and turn anything around to be bad. Honest hard-working fathers are the scum of the earth because they couldn't make their relationships work felons are innocent until proven guilty single fathers are guilty of everything until proven innocent.

  • Goatboy9099
    Goatboy9099 Day ago +2

    Took ten minutes before he launched into a load of SJW millennial crap I cannot listen too

  • John Richardson
    John Richardson 2 days ago

    sometimes it drives me crazy when I listen to these talks and the end seems anticlimactic

  • Nick Smith
    Nick Smith 2 days ago

    I wouldn't have gone either...

  • Dianne Conner
    Dianne Conner 2 days ago

    Am I psychopathic to be really bothered that he spelt psychopathic wrong at 15:58?

  • silentthriller
    silentthriller 2 days ago

    I wonder if watching an ungodly amount of hours of TheXvid qualifies.

  • Guinevere Schuck
    Guinevere Schuck 2 days ago

    It's hard to go to a psychiatrist as you're going to leave a trace

    • Jens Olesen
      Jens Olesen Day ago

      What do you mean? That if you run into psychological problems later and your therapist can see that you've been treated by a psychiatrist prior he will assume something?

  • Darla Knoblauch
    Darla Knoblauch 2 days ago

    you have to be a genius in order to be labeled... a certified mad man

  • Mai Mariarti
    Mai Mariarti 2 days ago

    I wonder if he feels the same now, that a psychopath is the US president!

  • Adrian Bartholomew
    Adrian Bartholomew 2 days ago

    Categorization isn't the problem. The problem is stigmatizing those categories. Having psychopathic tendencies isn't in itself an issue - as he mentioned, there's a higher percentage of CEOs and such with psychopathic tendencies, hinting that these personalities are better suited for the job.
    You can be a psychopath, sociopath, or anything else and still be a benefit to society. Or simply not affect society one way or another.
    His perspective is that psychopath = bad, and we shouldn't be so quick to label. I argue that psychopath is just a factual generalization that has no weight whatsoever on morality, and categories are ultimately positive if we lose the stigma, because they allow us shortcuts to understanding and appreciation. It's no different than saying that someone is an emotional or pragmatic person. Neither is an insult, but knowing those things makes it easier for me to understand your perspectives and help us to understand and associate with each other.

  • Geelip M
    Geelip M 2 days ago +1

    I just hope Tony is not watching this video, I honestly feel bad for him...

  • Games Cooky
    Games Cooky 2 days ago

    1 in 100 people can be classified as a psychopath.
    It actually doesn't sound that rare. But people often have this misconception that psychopathic people are serial killers and murderers. The reason for it is because the documentaries and studies you find on psychopathy is being done on those psychopaths that have been caught commiting terrible crimes.
    Psychopathy should not be defined by actions alone. Plenty of non-psychopaths commit murder. Even the checklist seems unreliable. Only an image of the activity in the brain would convince me.

  • Monferno
    Monferno 3 days ago

    If that’s what’s classes you as a psychopath then I’m bloody nut case XD

  • Sebastian Helm
    Sebastian Helm 3 days ago

    someone read foucault

  • TheMozzaok
    TheMozzaok 3 days ago

    That was pitiful. Any prat can seemingly spout any crap at Ted, and I do not know if it is that their standards are dropping, or it is just that I am becoming more hyper-critical, as a response to the extreme touchy feely, moral relativism of the modern world?
    I suppose it could also be diagnosed as "grouchy old bugger" syndrome.

  • XAN
    XAN 3 days ago

    This guy and his dry mouth drives me nuts. He’s smacks constantly. Tells me he’s on medication, himself.

  • wesmatron
    wesmatron 3 days ago

    That was a lot more powerful than I expected

  • Cloxygen
    Cloxygen 3 days ago

    it sounded like he was setting up a joke the whole time... and then it ended

  • Overused Plumbus
    Overused Plumbus 3 days ago +2

    Oh capitalism is crazy, but communism isint, huh.

  • murfbass
    murfbass 3 days ago

    Jon conveniently left out the fact that Psychopathy is NOT in that DSM 5 that he was reading. He mocked the Scientologists but he has about as much grasp on psychiatry as they do. For $500 you can become a Psychopath Spotter which doesn't empower you to make diagnoses because it isn't a diagnosis. Since the Hare Inventory is hardly able to distinguish psychopathy from several other actual disorders, it's difficult to imagine that the $500 course can make you any more accurate. We should be very careful getting our scientific facts from journalists without science backgrounds. The issue he raised about over-diagnosis of childhood bipolar is very complex. It is in regards to a 40 fold increase in diagnoses btw 1994 and 2003. It certainly raises serious questions but it also involves the fact that the actual diagnoses of childhood bipolar wasn't created until inside the parameters of this time frame so no wonder it increased significantly. In fact, it increased to the same prevalence rate as found in adults. Journalism is only as good as the degree to which the journalist tries to inform himself and the degree to which he/she wants to present an objective picture. Ronson fails in at least one if not both of these areas.

  • Janis Hart
    Janis Hart 3 days ago

    I don't get it - who were the 2 bald guys standing in the dark??!!

    • Jane Hobson
      Jane Hobson Day ago

      The sound designer and the video animator - all done live.

  • Keith Ryan
    Keith Ryan 3 days ago

    That background music is making me crazy

  • Asher Rain
    Asher Rain 3 days ago +2

    Did anyone else laugh at the joke about the car and the job? No? Just me? Okay...

  • toinette van schalkwyk

    Absolutely brilliant!

  • 187 Macabee
    187 Macabee 4 days ago

    9:30 he starts telling his communist manifesto out of nowhere

  • Ella Solas
    Ella Solas 4 days ago

    As a psych student I think an important message that a lot of people miss (incl. those psychiatrists diagnosing juveniles for example (but also, don't get me started on psych on the developing vs the developed mind)) is that abnormal psychology, is for the most part not the opposite of normalcy but the extremes of normalcy. So depression for example. If you suffer tragedy, if you have a major letdown in your life, or major stress on you, you will emotionally 'respond' to that, maybe even to the extremes that you would class as depressed by looking through the DSM. However, is that not a normal human reaction? Take away the stress or grief or letdown and you drop a bagel and consider suicide an acceptable response? you go months feeling emptiness, apathy and with disrupted sleep for seemingly no reason? this is not a normal human reaction, it is an extreme of human reactions. Your gf breaking up with you does not depression make, even if some of the symptoms seem the same, the longevity and severity is usually not there, and if it is? maybe you might need to talk to your GP about a psychologist. Generalised anxiety; not ever feeling anxious? yeah you're probably a psychopath. feeling anxious all the time? in a way that not many others do, and that doesn't seem like an appropriate response to your current situation? You might have an anxiety disorder. the 'normal human' lies somewhere in between, and all the abnormal ones are just the outliers and those too many standard deviations away from 'normal'. So yeah, the world exists in the grey area, that's why we don't self-diagnose. It's just how far from the grey area can you go before you need to intervene so that you can function?

  • MrZeroTerrorRide
    MrZeroTerrorRide 4 days ago +2

    Favorite Ted talk of all time interesting and entertaining.

  • Susan Darby
    Susan Darby 4 days ago

    I don't think it is a gray area at all. Tony was clearly a psychopath. That doesn't mean he will harm anyone, or that he should be locked away forever because of it, but it sounds like the psychologists were right about him.

  • Robin Hannah
    Robin Hannah 4 days ago

    For a journalist, this guy seems to have done little research into actual psychopathy. He gives Robert Hare the scientist only a glancing, and rather dismissive, mention. And sounds like he was likely taken in - by a psychopath. Which is what they do.

    I found this a dumb and unsatisfying TED talk. "Hair-raising delivery?" Hardly. And no, I wouldn't meet up again.

  • jade ward
    jade ward 4 days ago

    Yiks.. Well I guess I'm one crazy was I'm a good person buuuut I have Really dark side id be thrown in a cage😅

  • Brendan Hughes
    Brendan Hughes 4 days ago

    This guy's hilarious, somebody give him a tv show already!

  • ë———ë———ë———ë——— ë———ë———ë———ë———

    Only Psychopaths would not press the like button

  • basil fawlty
    basil fawlty 4 days ago +5

    I think its true that everyone is a bit of a psychopath. Iv'e noticed moments of psychopathy in most of the people I know. Ultimately we live in a world of insane people who believe they are completely sane.

  • Climate C. Heretic
    Climate C. Heretic 4 days ago +8

    Mental disorder #375: Watching TED talks.

  • Chris Rees
    Chris Rees 5 days ago

    Free drink - gotta take it.

  • Pol Mak
    Pol Mak 5 days ago

    Great video

  • Pol Mak
    Pol Mak 5 days ago +2

    To be honest, psychology is such a shaky, subjective, inconsistent “science” that it shouldn’t be even considered a science at all, and in all honesty, I just don’t trust it

    • Pol Mak
      Pol Mak 3 days ago

      Joaquin Casares yeah, any form of skepticism or independent thought makes people a flat earther. Great mindset society has

    • Joaquin Casares
      Joaquin Casares 3 days ago

      Pol Mak shure. Flat earth head

  • Pol Mak
    Pol Mak 5 days ago

    Psychopaths are gay lol

  • Iri日人看还
    Iri日人看还 5 days ago

    Psychopath test:
    Weird and eccentric people: *I'm about to end this man's whole career*

  • Adam
    Adam 5 days ago +11

    Psychopathic behavior is easily learned. Especially when we look towards those types of lifestyles. We're taught to not have feelings and to see things in certain ways. Are we missing that it's almost encouraged?

    • Adam
      Adam 2 days ago +1

      @Scott Steele psychopathy and sociopathy are NOT single behaviors. They dont always act the same or have the same characteristics. The BEHAVIOR isn't what the problem is. It's an expression of the problem. It's easy to learn behavior that would be considered as psychopathic. Sociopathic, too. You are wrong. And narrow. Have a good one.

    • Adam
      Adam 2 days ago +1

      @Scott Steele very, very wrong

    • Adam
      Adam 2 days ago +1

      @Scott Steele YOU are wrong

    • Scott Steele
      Scott Steele 2 days ago

      Your are wrong. Psychopathy is a disorder one is born with. Sociopathy is human behaviour that is learned.

  • CuteBabyChicMom
    CuteBabyChicMom 5 days ago

    Wow! Great speech! I love The Psychopath Test, it is an amazing book!

  • Kathy B
    Kathy B 5 days ago +6

    You can always get access to a psychopath by convincingly appealing to their innate narcissism

    • andiCNH
      andiCNH 3 days ago

      or just... reflecting at ones self.. if you're really *looking* for one

  • eliza washington
    eliza washington 5 days ago

    Me: pauses the psychopath list, worried I'm actually a psychopath
    Also me: "Holy crap, dude is moving to Belgium to split up a marriage over a crush, nvm, I'm good"

  • Starkia Matthews
    Starkia Matthews 5 days ago

    I like to think that I’m tough and all, but in truth I have to run away from shows when characters get into embarrassing moments, or at least cover my ears and pretend it’s not happening, because I feel really embarrassed and bad along with the characters, and when I’m watching shows at least some emotion, I’ll start crying, if it’s a crime show and the criminal has a sob story, I’ll start crying, if somebody is doing bad on a judge show and the judges don’t like them, I’ll start crying. In my family and At my middle school The teachers kind of avoid me or gently remind me if I’m doing something wrong because if I get yelled at, I literally have a breakdown. I get scared of stepping on bugs because I start thinking about how the bug probably have family needs to take care of the family. I’m just a softie. I’m crying thinking about all the things that make me cry.

    Sometimes I think myself a psychopath because I get really first-rate it when my friends cry over stupid things, but that just might be my OCD at work because I often get angry when their things interrupt the way I work, The way my schedule is set out. Like my friend cry over having to wear a dress for a school play, and I was very frustrated at that. But the other half of the time when my best friend is crying because her crush called her ugly, I’ll cry with her.

  • Seander
    Seander 6 days ago

    Loves it.

  • escapee
    escapee 6 days ago +3

    I wish he'd shut up so I could hear the sounds effects better.

  • Time Bandit
    Time Bandit 6 days ago

    No one cares. Why should I?

  • billy john
    billy john 6 days ago

    Sounds to me like the psychopaths are the people that want to keep people in their facility making money even though they aren't sick.

  • Mérédith B.
    Mérédith B. 6 days ago +1

    It was a very entertaining talk, but I find that the way he describes the diagnosis process is somewhat misleading. I'm no psychiatrist, but I do know that checking a couple boxes off a list alone is not a true basis for diagnosing someone with a mental disorder. I'm not saying that misdiagnosis don't happen, only that there are certain informations that we cannot see/know unless we are directly concerned.

    • zinov3
      zinov3 5 days ago

      Also considering that Tony, soon after being let out, kidnapped and murdered his ex wife.. the case FOR psychology is that much stronger..
      I wonder if this man feels bad for helping to get a true psychopath released..

  • Paul Weber
    Paul Weber 6 days ago

    Would have been a good Ted talk. Were it not for the stupid music.

  • UDtheAesir
    UDtheAesir 6 days ago

    Dexter would fit nicely into this.

  • Kanadian Khaos Kween

    Muh capitalism lol

  • The Diaries of Jessie B.


  • LatigidGolana
    LatigidGolana 6 days ago +1

    He thinks Capitalism is rewarding psychopathic behavior?!... Tell that to the millions of people dead due to communism and socialism. Governments/politicians/world leaders are the psychopaths, not your average business person wether a 1%er or not. FFS SMDH. If anything what he is describing is crony capitalism which is not Capitalism at all. Much like nazis aren’t “alt-right” they are alt-left.

    • MoeLester
      MoeLester 4 days ago

      what he is saying is that in capitelism it is in fact easier to gain when you have less empathy. Because most normal people when they see someone underperforming for example would try to push them and help them before firing them because they would feel bad for the person getting fired, but a psychopath would not hesitate in firing this person right on the spot because the psychopath lack empathy. And they are also much better when it comes to business meetings, because they are ready to say anything they can to get their will. And manipulating is in their nature. And these two examples are just a few out of many that makes pyschopathic behavior rewarding in Capitalism.

      So this is not something he "thinks", this is a fact. He is simply bringing it up.

  • eL heFe
    eL heFe 6 days ago

    His name is Jon Ronson. Does that seem made up to anyone else? Fells like that's backwards and it should be Ron Jonson lol.

  • B Kopp
    B Kopp 7 days ago

    This was a great Ted Talk. Very interesting!

  • passtheBuck Canuck
    passtheBuck Canuck 7 days ago

    Can a psychopath feel empathy for anyone in thier life or not possible?

    • Susan Darby
      Susan Darby 4 days ago

      @zinov3 sociopaths can mimic empathy. The real difference between the two is that sociopaths are more spontaneous, do not plan things, and are generally unsuccessful in life. They can also form some attachments to close family. Psychopaths are calculating, cold and premeditative in their actions, cannot form attachments at all, and are usually much more successful in the work life. The psychopath is a CEO or a calculating serial killer who gets away with his crimes for years. The sociopath is the common criminal who will commit many petty crimes and may murder out of anger, but it will be disorganized and he will likely be caught.

    • passtheBuck Canuck
      passtheBuck Canuck 5 days ago +1

      @zinov3 thank you for making me sure I'm neither of

    • zinov3
      zinov3 5 days ago

      Sociopaths and psychopaths dont feel empathy.. but psychopaths can mimic it, whereas sociopaths cannot..