Strange answers to the psychopath test | Jon Ronson

  • Published on Aug 15, 2012
  • Is there a definitive line that divides crazy from sane? With a hair-raising delivery, Jon Ronson, author of The Psychopath Test, illuminates the gray areas between the two. (With live-mixed sound by Julian Treasure and animation by Evan Grant.)
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Comments • 19 238

  • MrGerdbrecht
    MrGerdbrecht 2 hours ago

    By the videos list Trump is a psychopath, king of kapitalism.

  • Leslie Nicole Johnson
    Leslie Nicole Johnson 5 hours ago

    So you’re telling me you researched a guy and then didn’t speak to him because he said he wasn’t insane but you thought he was insane so considering that you think he’s insane then he’s insane even if he’s telling the truth. And then you went to a psychiatrist to diagnosis people who have no history of psychiatric health and started to make normal behavior of self care and self love become apart of what is considered sociopathic and psychotic. So you can take everything that the person worked for if they were ceos because you didn’t like the way they liked themselves or had money because you were jealous. And then you went on an expedition where you diagnosed a person who was fixing the problem in the capital society to better that society and wrote a book. So psychiatrists can scam people into thinking that they are actually crazy when it’s actually the psychiatrists who are actually insane but are saying that other people are insane. So you let the guy out but he went back to jail for just a month because someone was paid to attack the guy and put him back in jail. And when he gets out he wants to thank you by buying you a drink. But then at the end of the day you didn’t go because you come up with the conclusion that he wasn’t insane but he’s insane because he’s a psychopath which is considered normal by human behavior but because he went back to jail it concluded that he is really mentally insane and that he needs to go to a permanent psychiatric ward. When in fact it just concluded that you manipulated him into thinking that he was insane by diagnosing him with a diagnosis that was based on normal human behaviors. So you’re basically sayin that because you didn’t like him that you went through all that trouble to kill him but not kill him but you’ve could’ve just paid someone to kill him in the first place without leaving a trail? Idk sounds likes someone’s dumb. So basically in the end what becomes of the police officers or federal government officers who are trained to think in the span of their criminals mindset?

  • Joshua Bailey
    Joshua Bailey 5 hours ago

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  • Paula Bear
    Paula Bear 11 hours ago

    Love what Lily Tomlin’s “bag lady” says... “What is reality really, but a collective hunch”. Sooo- what is your normal?

  • Hazel Cohen
    Hazel Cohen 15 hours ago

    FRACAS ~ a noisy argument or fight:
    -He was injured in a Saturday-night fracas outside a disco.
    The prime minister has joined the fracas over the proposed changes.

  • Tom Alvim
    Tom Alvim 18 hours ago

    One of the best TED Talks I've ever heard!

  • Albert Nygren
    Albert Nygren 18 hours ago

    I worked as a Registered nurse on the inpatient psychiatric units of 2 hospitals for 20 years. The DSM is a good and needed manual. Those who poke fun at it don't know what they are talking about.

  • jeff atomos
    jeff atomos 22 hours ago

    We are all psychopaths when we need to be.

  • Pamela Varas
    Pamela Varas Day ago

    was Tony a slender man? meaning the impulse to kill? or hear him? let him in? is outside? the predator, the children abuser

  • Football 365
    Football 365 Day ago +2

    After the second time watching, I finally get why he didn’t go to the bar.

    • Hermione xo
      Hermione xo 3 hours ago

      Why? Because he didn’t want to meet with a psychopath?

  • Sivart3
    Sivart3 Day ago

    So why exactly didn’t he go to the bar?

  • Flash HarelKrash

    The music gets so annoying

  • A B
    A B Day ago

    You were afraid of your own creation!! You told him what “statistically” was and tony believed it!!

  • robert stewart
    robert stewart Day ago

    Please, give him a southern accent and you would all think this is bullshit

  • Hortense Weinblatt

    Skip ahead to 12:21

  • The Backroom
    The Backroom Day ago

    i like his t shirt, funny with that shirt and the name Tony

  • Jack Hunt
    Jack Hunt 2 days ago

    "what he is, is a psychopath" _cue ominous pipe organ_
    . (also)
    Tony was Danny Torrence's imaginary friend in "The Shining" -- this guy's wearing an Overlook Hotel shirt

  • Ianis Caratti
    Ianis Caratti 2 days ago

    he sayed: I would like to buy you a drink
    and I didn't go...
    what would you have gone?

    get that free drink for sure

  • Anastasia Ozerova
    Anastasia Ozerova 2 days ago

    I don't know why I was expecting some guy to say he hallucinates blue kettles with yellow dots every night at 3:00 am but this was pretty entertaining

  • fastrivers
    fastrivers 2 days ago

    Click-bait warning: The speech is a disguise for a liberal message attacking capitalism.

  • T. Va.
    T. Va. 2 days ago

    I cant help but note that he reminds of Benjamin from Lost.

  • Alejandra Salazar Ojeda

    I’m a future psychiatrist and this is just too cool for me

  • Bartłomiej Bugała
    Bartłomiej Bugała 2 days ago

    Capitalism is rewarding psychopaths? Have the author of this statement / read about socialism / communism in its true form / final stages? Only a psychopath would say that capitalism is the most psychopath rewarding ideology. Psychopaths are the leaders of every Communist or socialist regime, all secret police, judges, officials are either psychopaths or plain evil. And the more psychopath you are in communism the more you are worshipped.

  • Dank’ntrans
    Dank’ntrans 2 days ago

    Amazing how the system can just manipulate your actions into justification for taking your entire life away

  • Pat Mullarkey
    Pat Mullarkey 2 days ago

    Hmmmmm..... Zuckerberg?

  • Anthony Kanode
    Anthony Kanode 2 days ago

    Anyone else click on the video because Jon Ronson sounds an awfully a lot like Ron Swanson?

  • James Hunter
    James Hunter 2 days ago

    5.27 I'll come back to that very interesting

  • Davide Dag Cardella
    Davide Dag Cardella 2 days ago +2

    That was an awesome monologue, intriguing, entertaining and well prepared.

  • Thea Audine
    Thea Audine 3 days ago +8

    everyone thought he wasn't a psychopath until he said "you know, everyone is a little psychopathic"

  • Bioshock Bombshell
    Bioshock Bombshell 3 days ago +5

    I have fallen down the rabbit hole and landed in a TED talk lmao

  • naynay sploogle
    naynay sploogle 3 days ago

    "He invited me to the bar and I didn't go; What would you have done" Well if I gotta go over the great pong i'll pass.. if im in the same area sure lets get fcked!

  • Enrico N
    Enrico N 3 days ago +1

    Just great. :)

  • Kitsch
    Kitsch 3 days ago +1

    Anti-climactic. thanks great ted talk.

  • Julz135
    Julz135 3 days ago +1

    That was phenomenal!

  • BabyAngel
    BabyAngel 3 days ago +1

    U make someone insane when there not

  • Nolan Bennett
    Nolan Bennett 3 days ago +3

    I shouldn’t be staying up until ten watching this of all things, yet I’ve watched it the entire way through. I’m gonna stop now that I’m done.

  • Christopher Michaels
    Christopher Michaels 3 days ago +1

    anyone here read The Shing?

    because Tony

    • DachshundsRule
      DachshundsRule 3 days ago

      You mean The Shining? LOL, yeah that's the first thing I thought when he said that--was expecting the bobbing crooked finger!

  • Jonceti
    Jonceti 4 days ago +1

    So, capitalism spawns psychopaths. I'm sure that would never happen in a world run by Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot, Che Guevara ect ect...

    • Henry Spencer
      Henry Spencer 2 days ago

      He said psychopaths spawned capitalism. Specifically, "capitalism is a manifestation of psychopathy". 9:39

    • Kowzorz
      Kowzorz 2 days ago

      It doesn't spawn them. It magnifies them.

  • Frederick Thoms
    Frederick Thoms 4 days ago +1

    Of course Psychiatry and Psychology are Pseudosciences' - any 'Science' where the results are not fundamentally repeatable under controlled conditions is not a 'true' science. An example would be two Psychiatrists, a continent apart, asked to diagnose an individual - the results could and have been wildly different. Claims that these difference arise from experience and training really only highlights that it's not a 'science' - but an opinion.

    • Walpurgisnacht
      Walpurgisnacht 12 hours ago

      I got the same mindset as you but after my curiosity gets me to psychology. i was wrong xD.

      Hardcore sciences as we call are very easy to replicate, very easy to remove the variables that might affect the result. Like cancers can be detected early...but mental illness, it may not be present for now but it might appear somewhere in your lifetime *or* you might already have a mental illness but you don't know that you got one

      But contrary to the stereotype of the public about psychology. we can replicate a lot of phenomena that are kinda stupid but it exist xD. like skinner's box which you can replicate it to humans properly if you very cunning experimenter, or cognitive tradeoff theory (its state that humans traded their short term memory for language. that's why primates have better memory than humans. it was continuously a very successful experiment showing chimps can memorize the pattern for like 0.5 seconds. i'm just waiting for it to become a theory xD). You will know more once you dive deeper to experimental psychology and psychological assessment.

      in terms of mental illness. it is not opinionated rather than it is scientific and we do various of test on the patient (and every after test, they usually ask the patient to comback for a period on time while keeping their records, because it might change after the test)

      For tony's case. i doubt he will stay a very long time in the assylum without regular check ups (psychiatrist do test once in a while to see if there's changes...yah..screaming i dont have psychopathy will not help..because those test do not lie a lot.... so its either the story is made up or tony is really psychopath on paper... gray area in psychology doesnt exist.. either on hard sciences)

  • amber li
    amber li 4 days ago +2

    This was an amazing speech. It was so interesting and captivating. I'm going to read his book now.

  • Tyler McIntosh
    Tyler McIntosh 4 days ago

    SJWs are the poor and lazy psychopaths.

  • Green Bananas
    Green Bananas 4 days ago +1

    Googled Tiptoe through the tulips rapist. Nothing found apart from this video. 100% Psychopath

  • Jesselyn Choo
    Jesselyn Choo 4 days ago +1

    This is the best video I've ever watch on youtube

  • jan g
    jan g 4 days ago +1

    ppl remember that the mad psychos ruling the world they fucken everywhere in government in hospitals in schools in police the most

  • yo daddy
    yo daddy 4 days ago +1

    300+ disorders? Perhaps you and every other Physician is falsely diagnosing people so you can make money? Money is the ultimate

  • Jonnie Five
    Jonnie Five 4 days ago


  • Ayuko
    Ayuko 4 days ago

    Looks like shou tucker

  • Faillord
    Faillord 4 days ago

    Huh. So saxton and grayman are psychopaths.

    ANKITA SINGH 5 days ago

    OK , after watching this video we can know the mental state of JOKER.

  • Already Dead
    Already Dead 5 days ago

    "Capitalism is most ruthless rewards psychopathic behavior"
    Stalin kills 20 million.
    Mao kills 45 million.
    Pol Pot kills 2 million.

  • Steve B
    Steve B 5 days ago

    capitalism rewards providing goods and services. calling it psychopathic is retarded. psychopaths cannot feel empathy they enjoy hurting others. capitalists want everyone to have an equal opportunity, which shows extreme empathy. the people with no empathy are communist/ collectivists. read some history before spouting nonsense.

  • Benyamin Pershin
    Benyamin Pershin 5 days ago +1

    i checked it, and there is no Tony, its all imagination

  • H Max
    H Max 5 days ago

    Communism is no better in terms of the same analysis of capitalism. In communist countries you don't have the luxury of being a psychopath, is not allowed.

  • GatorMacheteJr
    GatorMacheteJr 5 days ago +4

    Only a journalist could lecture on something for 18 minutes without defining it.

    • GatorMacheteJr
      GatorMacheteJr 2 days ago

      @Kowzorz Yes, I'm curious if you can define a psychopath after listening to him.

    • Kowzorz
      Kowzorz 2 days ago

      @GatorMacheteJr So like a list of traits that if you match those traits, it means you're a psychopath?

    • GatorMacheteJr
      GatorMacheteJr 2 days ago

      Based on his lecture, and without looking up anything else, what is a psychopath?

    • Kowzorz
      Kowzorz 2 days ago

      Isn't that the whole point of the lecture?

  • Quentin Daniels
    Quentin Daniels 5 days ago

    So if Capitalism is the equivalent of Psychopathy, then we should all be Communists and everything would be warm and fuzzy just like under Stalin or China...
    Right... the propaganda is rather obvious.

  • Kenna Thompson
    Kenna Thompson 5 days ago

    The men in the background make me feel like their Jon’s puppeteers controlling him and soon Jon will find the psychopaths in the audience and interview them to possibly become the master race

  • Darren Halford
    Darren Halford 5 days ago

    Spelt psychopathic wrong on the graphics at 15.49 mins. Idiots.

  • Filip Nikolic
    Filip Nikolic 5 days ago

    The one thing that scares me is that we live in a world where there are so called normal people and menthaly disordered but how can we be 100% sure that we are right because the word being right is a mirage... we say its no right to kill but animals do kill so they are all m.d. right? Some say we are different from the animals ... what if we are the ones that are not normal and the ones that are not normal are normal...some of use belive in God and the ones that dont belive saying that they are insane and the other way question is how can we be certain that the things that are right ARE exactly right?

  • Karl Friedrich
    Karl Friedrich 5 days ago +2

    What is it with the intrusive background music to an otherwise interesting talk?