• Published on May 24, 2019
  • If Ole Gunnar Solskjaer doesn’t sign his top targets for Manchester United this summer, who could his surprise signings be for Man United. The likes of Leicester City’s Harry Maguire, Tottenham Hotspur’s Toby Alderweireld, PSG’s Thomas Meunier, Barcleona’s Ivan Rakitic, PSG’s Adrien Rabiot, Atletico Madrid’s Thomas Partey and Ajax’s Hakim Ziyech have all been linked. Let’s take a look at the signings Solskjaer could make for United if his prime targets don’t work out this summer.
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  • UnitedPeoplesTV
    UnitedPeoplesTV  3 months ago +39

    Who would be your backup signings to Man United's top targets this summer? Comment below. Think it is any of these players mentioned? Let me know 👇

    • renaldo kristyawan
      renaldo kristyawan 3 months ago

      Declan Rice from West Ham.

    • Nana Agyemang
      Nana Agyemang 3 months ago

      Samuel Chukwueze❤❤ over Sancho

    • graceland10
      graceland10 3 months ago

      martin odegaard

    • lee mercer
      lee mercer 3 months ago

      The fact you just said wan bassak is a better alternative then Thomas m from PSG shows you don’t watch football ! 🥴

    • Scott Kelly
      Scott Kelly 3 months ago

      Manolas from roma

  • azyh
    azyh 2 months ago

    kostas manolas is a very good alternative to koulibaly, 31 million release clause

  • Murphy moe
    Murphy moe 3 months ago

    Have we got scouts? If we do what do they do cos It's been ages since I heard they made a stride forward

  • Red Devil
    Red Devil 3 months ago

    Let's see what he gonna do next season

    CASH FRICA 3 months ago

    Get dumfries from packing, konate or alderwiered from rb Leipzig, better defenders and cheaper

    CASH FRICA 3 months ago

    Get dumfries from packing, konate or alderwiered from rb Leipzig, better defenders and cheaper

  • Alex Lillie
    Alex Lillie 3 months ago

    Haller and Bruno fernandes are also linked

  • eric Derek
    eric Derek 3 months ago

    We haven't had anyone yet for God sake woodward is a clown

  • Murphy moe
    Murphy moe 3 months ago

    If It's true Ole has good players in mind But we need a good striker

    THE PRO GAMER SQUAD 3 months ago +1

    That’s my United Dream Team:
    Goalkepper - David De Gea
    Left Back - Luke Shaw
    Centre Back - Kalidou Koulibaly - 90 Million
    Centre Back - Milan Škriniar - 60 Million
    Right Back - Aaron Wan Bissaka - 45 Million
    Centre Defensive Midfielder - Ruben Neves - 50 Million
    Centre Midfielder - Paul Pogba
    Centre Midfielder - Saul - 60 Million
    Left Winger - Marcus Rashford
    Central Forward - Joao Felix - 70 Million
    Right Winger - Jadon Sancho - 85 Million

  • Kenpachi Nacho
    Kenpachi Nacho 3 months ago

    I’m a man utd n inter fan. Mauro would be great as a epl player but could struggle like morata. Plus his ego is cheeks and the problem is his wife/agent. They speak to much. Bs. So it would be another pogba. But who knows tbh.

  • Lord Runar
    Lord Runar 3 months ago

    The team need several players that can lead the team I think.

    WAGABONO DANIEL 3 months ago

    Let's wait and see, what next, but such signing would be a good one...

  • christopher lalmuanpuia

    players to buy without hesitation
    1. Alderweireld
    2. Munier
    3. Bale
    4. Rabiot
    5. Daniel james
    6. Partey
    Players to sell without hesitation
    1. Rashford
    2. Lingard
    3. Pogba
    4. De Gea

    • christopher lalmuanpuia
      christopher lalmuanpuia 3 months ago

      @YoungCharlie i know de gea used to be the best in the world, but dont you see he lack fitness, and Rashford, 😂😂 i dont know how to say abt him, he is the most overrated player in PL, if you think he is one of our best player, it means you dont know football much.
      Romero is a good one i ll tell you, if you can sell de gea you know how much he will cost, with that we can buy exact player we need, keeper is not what we needed most.

    • YoungCharlie
      YoungCharlie 3 months ago

      De Gea and rashford, what are you on mate? 2 of our current best players. Bad judgement.

  • daniel mbwambo
    daniel mbwambo 3 months ago

    Richarlison is a perfect striker for united to buy, he is cheap and can score shots and headers as well as he is fast and skillful. Sell Pogba, smalling, jones, young, lingard, buy Maguire (CB), Ricardo Pereira(leicester), Neves, Joao felix, Ziyech and Partey

  • John Landin
    John Landin 3 months ago

    Why is no one talking about Bruno Fernandes from sporting anymore?

  • Fi B
    Fi B 3 months ago

    Jones, Smalling, Young. Change that. Get rid of them. Absolute disasters for defence. Get running defenders, hungry players/defenders who WANT to play for the badge. Wingers who have the legs to run the wing and make the crosses. Speed and attack with a decent defence is all we need. I think it speaks volumes about some kind of football nepotism going on in the squad regarding signing smalling and jones into new contracts. The only reason they are still there is because they are part of the English squad.

  • MusicEchosTheWorld
    MusicEchosTheWorld 3 months ago

    I'm not sure how available Leon Goretzka is but he would be an amazing Mata replacement and would complement Pogba or even do a good job replacing him too.

  • Lupus1444
    Lupus1444 3 months ago

    Oh no...please not again lol;Koulibaly is not for sale;forget it!

  • Batara Chanel
    Batara Chanel 3 months ago

    Give translate to indo

  • Nisha Ray
    Nisha Ray 3 months ago

    Greenwood needs time dude. Don't burn him out by the time he reaches 20 bruv.

  • Yazid Aji
    Yazid Aji 3 months ago

    CB options:
    Alderweireld - good, experienced, PL-proven, cheap, however, we would only get the best of him for atleast 2 years.
    Maguire - good, PL-proven, comfortable with the ball, although think he'll choose City over us. but who knows... I'd prefer Maguire over Alderweireld.

    RB options: Any day I'd take Meunier. He was class during the World Cup. Any RB would be better than Ashley Young...

    Mid options: Tielemans, Ndidi, Partey, Rabiot would all improve us and help free up Pogba. I wouldnt mind Rabiot's attitude as what ppl been saying... we had Rooney and Keane who had attitude problems when they first came in. its that fire inside we want to help the team.
    Ziyech - I love him! He is absolutely a bargain if we get him. He would be Herrera replacement, box-to-box. can score, defend well.

    Forward options:
    Icardi - same as Rabiot, i'd take him as he has that fire inside. if Ole can turn that fire positively, we'd have our next Wayne Rooney.
    Griezmann - unpopular choice, but if we were to get him, I think he may turn out good. He'd love the number 7 shirt, Beckham was his idol, he'd play very well with Pogba, and he can bring in that bit of swagger to our attacking line. French connexion would be strong with PP and Tony. Only concern is how would Ole control his major ego problems.

  • wang jason
    wang jason 3 months ago

    No Icardi because his behavior

  • Adeel Tariq
    Adeel Tariq 3 months ago

    It would bee amazing if we buy De Light and kick out Jones and Rojo!
    De Light and Lindelof will be a great pair while Smelling and Tuanzebe as backup!
    RB should be Wan-Bissaka and RW should be Daniel James.
    Rashford as LW (I don´t think he will become a great CF).
    We need to buy one CM as well.
    Include Chong and Gomez (too early for Greenwood)
    Kick out Jones, Rojo, Darmian and Sanches.
    I will be very happy with that in this window. Sign the players and play for the 4th or 3rd position.
    Next year buy one CF, one RW, one LW and one ST - Upgrade Greenwood and Garner - Sell Lukaku, Martial, Young, Smalling, Preira and Lingard.

  • Bran the Broker
    Bran the Broker 3 months ago

    If Maguire played for a foreign team and had a foreign name everyone would be demanding him.
    In the air he is the best in europe, strong as anyone, good on the ball and a decent age

  • Trevor Thomas
    Trevor Thomas 3 months ago

    Ole will deliver

  • Aiman Buqhari
    Aiman Buqhari 3 months ago

    Felix and fernandes from portugal?

  • Jack Gallagher
    Jack Gallagher 3 months ago

    Great vid thanks

  • Max Sundkvist
    Max Sundkvist 3 months ago

    I think Icardi, Meunier, Alderweireld and Ziyech would be great! But i want AWB more than Meunier🔱👹

  • Santo Frank
    Santo Frank 3 months ago

    Ziyech can be a Salah for united if we get him in the team next season.

  • Eliseos Lagjis
    Eliseos Lagjis 3 months ago

    Manolas is a very good alternative

  • renaldo kristyawan
    renaldo kristyawan 3 months ago

    I think MU should sign : GK : Chilessen / Der Stegen; RB : Benjamin Pavard; Midfield : Ozil / Rodriguez; FW : Paulo Dybala.

  • renaldo kristyawan
    renaldo kristyawan 3 months ago

    Benjamin Pavard would be good I think. And James Rodriguez.

    • Minh Tú
      Minh Tú 3 months ago

      Benjamin Pavard will join Bayern Munich

  • renaldo kristyawan
    renaldo kristyawan 3 months ago

    I think mesut ozil would be good signing. Although he got bad seasons in Arsenal lately. And don't forget Paulo Dybala from Juventus. Goalkeeper maybe Navas would be good.

  • Torgeir Lognvik
    Torgeir Lognvik 3 months ago

    Neves would be a great signing! Would like to sign Martin Ødegård, but Solskjær and Norwegian signings failed miserably at Cardiff...

  • Andrew Last
    Andrew Last 3 months ago

    It would be easier to name the players not linked to United!

  • Mayuresh Matkar
    Mayuresh Matkar 3 months ago

    Well as griezmann could be leaving atleti for barca, coutinho's time at the camp nou is up. His departure from Barcelona to united would be beneficial for both the parties and possibly the Brazilian could revive his club career again at the old trafford

  • marvin wenn
    marvin wenn 3 months ago

    Why the hell we focused on them no just get rid of jones smalling and young

  • king phoenix
    king phoenix 3 months ago +1

    man u should whatever they can to get these players bcoz the team desperately needs them. we must not forget the one we brew who should come back home @CR7

  • Andrew Webster
    Andrew Webster 3 months ago

    Mesmerized by how many times you blink 🙉

  • Corey Jones
    Corey Jones 3 months ago

    pepe instead of Icardi... rashford main man then rotate between him and pepe need to build younger players rather than getting old expensive players... ziyech would be a great signing for 25mil bargain definatly and get sancho next season or in Jan if he keeps up the form. put most of United budget into De Ligt then build a team around him👌for the future

  • Y AA
    Y AA 3 months ago

    How about a gk. Love how you've done this but I don't know about Harry Maguire I think kouabaly

  • Mr Fish
    Mr Fish 3 months ago

    Ziyech doesnt have a buy clausule.
    Nor did Ajax ever state he will leave this summer. He is allowed to explore options that’s it.

  • Per Ro
    Per Ro 3 months ago

    I think he is going for younger players. Not established stars. There are rumours tat he want to sign Erling Braut Haaland (former leeds and man city player Alfie Haaland's son)form Red Bull Salzburg. He played under Ole in Molde and is 18 years old and is promising. Earlier he has signed Daniel James (21) from Swansea. I have heard that United also have scouted Martin Odegaard (20) in Vitesse/real madrid.

  • TKLAlan
    TKLAlan 3 months ago

    Woodward out

  • Kamogelo Uzimaki
    Kamogelo Uzimaki 3 months ago

    The chances of Hakim coming to United for me slim...he just comes off the back of a solid champions league knockout round and we can't offer that next season. Party looks a proper player

  • Archie Lee
    Archie Lee 3 months ago

    I don’t think united want to bring a whole new team in on one transfer window

  • Ben baller did the chain

    no rakitic pls. its like falcao all over again. barca fans thinks hes god awful we should keep clear too.

  • Ashwin Kumar
    Ashwin Kumar 3 months ago

    I don't see Sancho leaving BVB and neither koulibaly leaving Napoli. Meunier in would be good because as you said we already have a youngster in dalot to develop rather than having 2 "potentials" in dalot and wan bissaka. Rabiot should be a good signing because I don't really see Rakitic leaving Barca either. Icardi a no from me. I'd rather have dybala and reports say dybala isn't going anywhere

  • Phillip Lumsden
    Phillip Lumsden 3 months ago

    hakim ziyech is better than Sancho.

    HIMANSHU BAJAJ 3 months ago

    Milan Skriniar as Centre Back Backup option

  • Zohaib Choudhry
    Zohaib Choudhry 3 months ago +1

    Rb- Ricardo pereira
    Cb- koulibaly/de ligt
    Cm- neves + tielmans
    Cam- ziyech
    Bonus- james/longstaff
    Not sure on RM perhaps James can switch sides.

    • Lupus1444
      Lupus1444 3 months ago

      Forget Koulibaly and won't get them!

  • BiGZ 7
    BiGZ 7 3 months ago

    Our starting 11 next season should be
    Wan bissaka, maguire, De ligt, Shaw
    Pogba. Neves. Rakitic
    Zaha. Rashy. Martial
    I wouldn't get rabiot as his attitude is so bad probably worse than pogba
    Partey would not leave atletico as they have already lost godin and Griezmann.
    Icardis attitude is also crap, his wife is just as bad so that's a no no.

  • Fowzan kilaas Muhumad
    Fowzan kilaas Muhumad 3 months ago

    Ziyech will be a superb singing if we did

  • Wale Shekoni
    Wale Shekoni 3 months ago

    How are we not looking at Kevin Mbabu at RB? He had Ronaldo in his pocket for large parts of their game. Tielemans would be a good successor to Ander Herrera. Ziyech is great cause he just runs a lot and is talented. I'd also take W. Boly at CB, proven in CB not rash in possession, calm in the box, strong in the air and fast paced.

  • Michael Collins
    Michael Collins 3 months ago

    Timo Werner and Sergej milinkovic-savic

  • St. Petersberg
    St. Petersberg 3 months ago

    What do you guys think about Ahmed Hegazi ? The West Bromwich CB , He has been an absolute rock in 2 consecutive seasons and he got much better in the championship , he can be a great back up

  • Ferdian Wisnukendra Mesepy

    This analysis is more likely for me, and also more realistic United player targets.

  • Ghgxc Sycb
    Ghgxc Sycb 3 months ago

    I think all this is bulshit what if this what if that

  • Carl Bredell
    Carl Bredell 3 months ago

    What is your problem with VNL?