Off Grid AIR CONDITIONING In Our Self-Built Home!

  • Published on Sep 17, 2020
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  • Faridat Lawal
    Faridat Lawal Year ago +122

    Seeing the cut outs from what the shipping containers originally looked like, made me nostalgic. You guys have come a long way and have done a great job. Can't wait to see you officially start living in it

  • dcoch
    dcoch Year ago +48

    The coolest part about all of this is when your kids and grandkids sit and watch how their family roots began to grow. You guys are awesome.

  • William Simmons
    William Simmons Year ago +144

    Some people think this is a container home channel. To me, it's a family and relationship channel. It's like they're teaching us how to human, lol!

  • Robert Beining
    Robert Beining Year ago +78

    Definitely, the coolest house on the block. Glad to see Spencer smiling and cracking jokes. You folks must be exhausted. Keep rockin . . . your house is amazing.

  • Aziz Teh
    Aziz Teh Year ago +41

    The husband is knowledgable, hardworking and multi-talented supported by a good wife.

  • Brad Barnett
    Brad Barnett Year ago +184

    It's a joy to watch the progress and see your house and child grow with every episode.🤗

  • O Lufad
    O Lufad Year ago +47

    Now this is a home with a solid foundation built on trust, love and happiness....magical

    • no name, I don't have no name.
      no name, I don't have no name. Year ago

      Nothing majical when you save an polish yourself for the right life not constant confusion an manipulation to self shock. Learn move on an plan for this then it wont be magical then plans in life.

    • Ifediba Alachebe
      Ifediba Alachebe Year ago +1

      I totally agree with you on that.

    • CpnStbn12
      CpnStbn12 Year ago +2

      It’s probably mostly genuine but they edit out any arguments they have. If they never fight they must be the first couple in human existence who always get along . I don’t buy it.

  • P Jones
    P Jones Year ago +2

    Cute channel. Love the little family. They are making memories that will last forever and teaching that baby how to be real. So many children are being lost who have no clue of the value of their hard work and relationships. Thanks guys! And great job the house is awesome!

  • Ed Bloom
    Ed Bloom Year ago +41

    If you have determined where the inside units are going to be located, consider hanging the needed drywall now and use them to be comfortable. Those inside bits are easy to take back down when you are ready to finish all the drywall and paint.

    • Deborah Banks
      Deborah Banks Year ago +1

      I think both are the hardest working couple on utube.

    • tuli h
      tuli h Year ago

      Wanted to say the same thing👍

  • Darlene Tate
    Darlene Tate Year ago +467

    I believe that your husband is the hardest working man in all of TheXvid!

    • Jha Abaño
      Jha Abaño 11 months ago +1

      You're right he is indeed hardest working man.

    • Godfrey Huruva
      Godfrey Huruva Year ago +1

      Both of them are good this is real life Couple s Goals

    • Twenty One
      Twenty One Year ago +2

      He is, but she does put her fair share of hard work into what they do.

    • Shane Keith
      Shane Keith Year ago

      You’ve obviously never heard of Ryan’s World...

    • Angela G
      Angela G Year ago


  • J baldwin
    J baldwin Year ago +2

    Your videos are an oasis in a vast dry land of confusion and chaos. So calming and peaceful. I cannot wait to hear Beau speaking and watching her tear around the house. You guys are amazing! Life will always be full of "pickles". The joy is overcoming them as you two have shown time after time. Praying for your success and safety daily.

  • ST1FFY -
    ST1FFY - Year ago +27

    I’ll tell you what that guy knows how to look after his family didn’t know how to do any Manuel work and now look there new house looks beautiful I’ll take my hat off to that guy he’s done amazing and he’ll be an amazing dad keep up the good work

  • Tech Guy
    Tech Guy Year ago +12

    Man, I totally relate. Been building our 3000 sq-ft barndominium for a few years now, still not done (living in a 5th wheel). Built the barn from the ground up. Had some help from family along the way. Electrical, plumbing, water, HVAC...the whole nine yards. Researched my way through it all. Had a baby during it. Worked a day job (still) during it. Wife doesn’t have the skill to help, but takes good care of my son. Some days are very long. Glad I came across your channel. Best of luck to you all. Take care of that little girl. Such a blessing from God.

  • RydFree
    RydFree Year ago +7

    The three separate AC units is smart . If one ever has trouble you still have air in the house . They do great .

  • ShortsFail
    ShortsFail Year ago +7

    How did you get so good at editing and making it emotional? Love your content and one day I hope to be as bad ass as you guys

  • Peggy Shipp
    Peggy Shipp Year ago

    Y'all are truly amazing. It is so great to see the work y'all have accomplished on your home. It is absolutely beautiful. It blows my mind to know you haven't done anything like this before. God bless y'all.

  • Marquita Waters
    Marquita Waters Year ago +2

    I think you're going to have to move those pieces of the container to another location, possibly inside the shed. The pieces on the side of the shed may blow down in the wind and in storms. So, I recommend putting them inside the shed and lay them down on the floor in an area you're not using. Just a thought... I am glad you got your air conditioning units. It can be so hot and humid in Texas. Everything looks beautiful. I'm so happy for you both!!!

    • Jim Walsh
      Jim Walsh Year ago +1

      Never lay them down, snakes will love them.
      Just secure the sheets with strong wire or straps attached to the shed.

  • Jai Sheha
    Jai Sheha Year ago

    It's coming along nicely! So proud of the work you guys are doing! It's amazing

  • LeoAZ
    LeoAZ Year ago +26

    Spencer you're such a stud, I'm so impressed with your can do attitude. I've been in construction for 40 yrs and you are awesome with what you both have accomplished. Love following your progress on you tube and keep on rocking on. Oh the little one is getting so big!!!!!

  • RangsDigital HD
    RangsDigital HD Year ago +1

    Perhaps it might be a good idea to place rubber grommets between the concrete slabs and the outdoor unit to minimise vibration from the compressor. Just a thought, you guys are awesome.

  • Jason Matthews
    Jason Matthews Year ago

    Haven't seen you guys in a few weeks. Good too see you're all still doing good. You guys are always so innovative! Kudos on being the ultimate life hackers.

  • Bobby Campbell
    Bobby Campbell Year ago

    Have thoroughly enjoyed watching you both work so hard together yet so happy with what you've accomished. Can't wait for the next video.

  • Jackie Rahali
    Jackie Rahali Year ago +3

    I think you are both wonderful. Like you I can't wait until the next phase of your magnificent project starts. Your little girl is growing so fast it won't be long until she insists on helping you. That will be interesting. Lots of love and good luck from UK.❤

  • Lucy L
    Lucy L Year ago +29

    LOVE your videos!! As a native Texan, I wouldn’t store the pieces of metal leaning against the barn. As mentioned below, during high storm winds (and tornadoes), the metal can be if lifted, fly around and become very sharp and dangerous giant knives. Might consider aging on the ground and weighted down. Too, the plants by your barn were Pokeberry plants/weeds.

  • Ricky
    Ricky Year ago

    I've watch you build this home for yourselves from day one an have to say i have a massive amount of respect for both of you....
    All the hard work will be worth it an Spencer just think there will be a day where you can just relax on the deck with a nice cold beer...
    Massive respect guy's for doing something outside the box. Respect from New Zealand

  • Maurice Hatzke
    Maurice Hatzke Year ago +2

    You guys are great I would love to take on a container home myself. “H” shaped with a sloped roof with a garage with a sun room leading out to a patio room.

  • Janet McGarry
    Janet McGarry Year ago

    Beau is the double of her Dad, she is adorable, and I'm loving how IO has fitted into the family so well, thankyou for sharing these amazing videos xx

  • Jerry De Mas
    Jerry De Mas Year ago +2

    It would b advisable to install the outside units North side and maybe on the East side to keep them out of the sun as much as possible. Good advise for the next house.

  • Dick
    Dick Year ago

    This weekend I looked back at some of the first of your videos I watched when I discovered your channel. I believe the first I watched was where you were installing the floor joists between the two containers. The progress that you two have made since then is astonishing. Very much enjoy seeing the new videos as you move ahead.

  • Daniel Borisov
    Daniel Borisov Year ago +2

    This has already been commented but posting here so you hopefully see it. I recommend that you mount the external AC units on rubber mounts that dampen vibrations between the units and the floor. You would be surprised how much vibration an 18000BTU unit can produce, let alone 3. Do you need to raise them higher off the ground in case of heavy rain or snow? Not sure where the house is in the US but where I am from in Europe, solar panels produce about 20% of their rated power output during the winter when it's -22 degrees Celsius outside - for comparrison. Whatever your situation, I hope you have factored in the winter drop off in your solar power output. Love your videos, wishing you all the best!

  • Adam Savino
    Adam Savino Year ago +1

    You can put up diy sprayfoam(home depot) where the indoor mini split units go and a square of drywall behind them from stud to stud then hang the cassette. That way you have AC before you have to drywall and mud the whole house. This will help with your mud drying as well when you get to that point. Also the cassettes come off easily for when you foam the house/paint etc.

  • Hannah Batten
    Hannah Batten Year ago

    So glad I came across your channel 😊 I'm really enjoying getting to see the house slowly come together ❤

  • Joe
    Joe Year ago +12

    You both are adorable and so much fun to watch on this journey.Wish you great success now and in the future.👍

  • Misti Hoskins
    Misti Hoskins Year ago

    I really enjoy seeing what new mini project each video brings. That is real life. The stuff you don't plan for. Thanks for sharing your journey with us.

  • Mike Renner
    Mike Renner Year ago

    Great choice on the mini split. They work very well with solar. You will have complete control on your power usage and stay comfortable. I thought the smallest unit is a 9K and I did not know they made a 6K unit.

    LAWN PROBIZ Year ago +1

    You do such a great job on your videos. People do not realize the work and set up for each shot and then putting it all together to make the story. They are great living a great life and being together is something that can't be bought. Keep up the great work.

  • Charlotte Jordan
    Charlotte Jordan Year ago

    Thank you, for making COVID19 quarantine, spring and summer 2020 a whole lot better to handle! Adore you guys! Looking forward to Fall and Winter interior construction! 💦☔❄

  • Ana Crespo
    Ana Crespo Year ago +16

    Thank you for including us on the adventures of building a home and a family. I love to hear the happy heart of your baby. God bless and keep safe.

  • petetb2001
    petetb2001 Year ago

    You guys are incredible! What an amazing journey! Love your channel. Inspiring !!!! God bless your family!!!

  • Kerry Harding
    Kerry Harding Year ago

    You have a beautiful vibe to your vlogs. I feel you regarding projects going down a rabbit hole, it knocks the enthusiasm out of you until you regroup and except what needs to be done doesn’t it? The ac split system will be a blessing. It’s lovely to see a couple work so well together with respect. Love your little one and pups too💓

  • Alina D
    Alina D Year ago +1

    1st you two are great! 2nd that beautiful little " mimosa" tree is actually classified as a weed, it's from China and lives only 20 years with shallow roots that tend to destroy foundations if they get under a building. So careful where you plant it

  • Marilou Sopocado
    Marilou Sopocado Year ago

    what a life! nice house, fresh environment, so peaceful. I believe you two complete each other...inspiring ..building a family incl your own house..congratulations!!!

  • American School of Hypnosis

    I've been watching you two right from the beginning when you first pulled those containers onto the property. I'm so proud of the progress you've made and how your family is growing and advancing in life. I'm in my 60's and you make me wish I was young again to do what you're doing. You helped me to realize that you're never to old to start something new and I'm starting my dream by learning how to build boats. I just finished a sailing, catamaran canoe, and am now building a deep sea fishing boat and when that's done I'll build by dream Yacht. Hopefully, someday we'll meet when i do the great loop and you can all come with me for a ocean cruising vacation. Thanks for all you do and keep it up!

  • Prophessor
    Prophessor Year ago

    You guys are doing a great job. My recommendation is to add rubber vibration reduction pads between the AC compressor unit and the base in order to reduce the impact of the vibration on the unit and the concrete base.

  • MsBehaviour
    MsBehaviour Year ago

    I'm so excited for you guys, you've come so far!! I'm curious how many rooms you're planning the house on being because I just keep thinking about if you end up having another baby! 😆

  • Military Bottom Line

    You do great editing. Y'all are killing it in every category!

  • janette Bergollo
    janette Bergollo Year ago +1

    The house is coming out so good. You guys are awesome. I'm rooting for you and Spencer. ❤❤🙏

  • Claire Papadatos
    Claire Papadatos Year ago

    Absolutely brilliant, my dears!
    You really have the 'slowly but surely sussed out' attitude!
    All love and best wishes to you 3!
    Claire, Sally the older Goldie (🤞 after a mega operation at nearly 13!), and Lucy the cat!

  • Zain Vincent
    Zain Vincent Year ago

    Been supporting this channel from for more than a year now & watching their videos is very inspirational that what this couple has achieved overall over the past years

  • Dawn Barse
    Dawn Barse Year ago +1

    Thank you for all the great video's love watching y'all build your house. Beau sounds so cute in the background lol Take care and god bless!!

  • Muaz Othman
    Muaz Othman Year ago +87

    What i love about her is that she is literarly super busy with her house work but still produces these episodes just for us! Thank you for your effort

    • VCGTdunker
      VCGTdunker Year ago +1

      @Chris M has that happened with these off grid couples on youtube? They all seem to still be going. They will probably keep starting new projects.

    • Chris M
      Chris M Year ago +2

      It's a vicious circle. The videos pay for the house but the videos slow down the build of the house. Once the house is finished the income dries up and reality kicks in.

    • Judge J.
      Judge J. Year ago +5

      @kimosabbe50 it literally is!! 🙂

    • kimosabbe50
      kimosabbe50 Year ago +15

      It IS a source of income you know.

  • Jeffrey Watson
    Jeffrey Watson Year ago

    It has been amazing watching your journey. Very good HVAC choice. Just a thought, have you thought about an alternative energy source for the stretches of cloudy days that can sometimes be pretty long. I am sure you have a powered generator of some kind, but take a good look at a wind turbine. It can assist your solar, as it will generate power at night. Great job, really. God bless and keep you.

  • Ingrid Dammert
    Ingrid Dammert Year ago

    I've been following you from the very beginning, not missing one episode and I'm so excited for when it's all done and furnished, it's going to be an Exciting day to celebrate with all your followers 👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Balance Health Solutions YT

    Very inspiring keep up the great work! I really am enjoying watching this process so thank you for sharing!

  • London Davis
    London Davis Year ago

    Great channel and content. One of my new favorites. Other TheXvid channels could learn a lot from the editing, drone footage, music. My only critique is leveling the audio. It can go from a 10 for music to a 3 for dialogue. Suggest subtitles when needed. Beautiful build. Thanks!!!

  • Wayne Campbell
    Wayne Campbell Year ago +55

    As I was watching this, I realized I had never heard you say anything about Spencer's grandfather having ever come to see the house. Has he been there in the time that you've been working on this to see your progress? Perhaps you should do a video of your grandfather coming to see the house.

  • Judge J.
    Judge J. Year ago

    You guys...just make me happy 💗
    Blessings to you and your family
    (A dedicated 🇨🇦 fan)

  • Mark Bradley
    Mark Bradley Year ago

    Looking amazing, can't wait to see the inside getting all boxed in

  • Norma Olaguez
    Norma Olaguez Year ago

    You two have manage to grow stronger together while building your dream home and creating a family all at the same time! ♥️💯 Spencer works so hard for his little family and it is so beautiful to watch how amazing you both are🙏🏽 May God continue to bless your lovely journey. Thank you for sharing with us🥺

  • Grams of all Trades
    Grams of all Trades Year ago +1

    Looking great!! Y'all are moving right along... so proud of Y'all

  • Lynnetta Hollomon
    Lynnetta Hollomon Year ago +20

    There is nothing more beautiful than baby noises. Beau is growing so fast. Love you guys.

  • Angela Wilkey
    Angela Wilkey Year ago

    I'm so happy for you guys and all that you created, together. You should do a reality tv show, what it's like to live off the grid, with child. I would watch it.

  • Alma Rebelde
    Alma Rebelde Year ago

    May your life forever be fruitful, full of laughs and more awesome projects that you both take on... regardless of anything be true and be happy...

  • Monkordel Music & Topic

    Wow...from the beginning until now...from scratch to amazing result... inspiring video to start a house too... thanks for sharing

  • Frankie Hudson
    Frankie Hudson Year ago

    This is just beautiful! This is how people are supposed to live! God bless you both!

  • Chuck Lambooy
    Chuck Lambooy Year ago +10

    Happy weekend!! So excited to see the air units going in. Your progress and abilities are amazing

    • Danilo Ebreo
      Danilo Ebreo Year ago

      both of you are incredible ,that is the power of love that manifest in your being,Godbless and thank you for your vlog.

    • Thyda Cooking TV
      Thyda Cooking TV Year ago

      Yeah they’re amazing

  • Melanie Dowell
    Melanie Dowell Year ago +1

    I think it would be really fun if you too had a live Q&A. And I agree with Darlene Spencer you are one hard-working man. I know one thing that Rings true now and forever anyone can build a house but it takes a family to build a home. And I do love how this one is turning out. Much love and God bless to you and your family.

  • pendyala anand
    pendyala anand Year ago +65

    Atleast 75% of the ppl watching this video wish they could go offgrid and live a more meaningful life thriving on passion basic needs. Wish if we only had the courage.....

    • NaturalJoy50
      NaturalJoy50 Year ago +1

      I have the courage! I just need the mate and some more finances.

    • Ge Mum
      Ge Mum Year ago +5

      I have the courage, just not the skill.

  • Abhishek Victor
    Abhishek Victor Year ago +8

    I can't wait to seee the final house fully built and ventilated 🥰🥰

  • Si Lang
    Si Lang Year ago

    Thank you for another really entertaining and inspiring update. I really look forward to seeing your videos.

  • Andreas Messerli
    Andreas Messerli Year ago +49

    Just a small tip. The AC Disconnect box on the outside is secured with nuts and bolts as you showed in the video. Weld the nuts to the metal so that they stay in place. This way you can remove the box and wood without having to destroy again your dry walls if ever have to remove it from the outside. Just sayin now that you have still access to the backside of it. :-)

  • TV antenna
    TV antenna Year ago

    I really enjoy following y'all with your journey❤️,I also love your choice of music.

  • Kossee
    Kossee Year ago

    Definetly install vibration dumping feet for the external units. It s a must ;)

  • Rick Fetz
    Rick Fetz 2 months ago

    Putting a shading structure around the units will also help with your cooling system.

  • Noemi S
    Noemi S Year ago

    Air conditioners going in yet another step accomplished in many steps taken. You guys are awesome. Blessings🙏🏽

  • Norell Weiner
    Norell Weiner Year ago +20

    I love those trees! Used to watch the hummingbirds have a field day with the flowers outside my bedroom window as a child...good memories 😊

  • Chad Pannebecker
    Chad Pannebecker Year ago

    I haven’t watched y’all in a long time. Everything looks wonderful and the little one is getting so big I put the Mr cool mini splits in my home which are DYI the lines come Pre charged and are super easy to install I really love them God Bless see y’all on the next video

  • Crypto Common Sense

    Blows my mind how people can thumbs down these videos... I always enjoy watching these on my 2nd monitor while working. Its nice to see happy people following their dreams in life.

  • This Off Grid Life

    Looming good,can't wait to start seeing progress inside!

  • Jam Kamenev
    Jam Kamenev Year ago

    I want more of your inspiring videos. You guys are incredible! 👍

  • warpspeed
    warpspeed Year ago +30

    That barn is a gem! You can turn it into a proper working space: save you from the sun in the summer and from rain in the lots of storage!

  • Kevin Deltano
    Kevin Deltano Year ago

    While watching your AC video I came up with a suggestion. How about putting gravel or stone around the AC units to cut down the dirt and dust that may hurt your units down the road?

  • Karen Pool
    Karen Pool Year ago

    Building something together!awesome couple.i too feel the c hg in the air when fall aporoaches.was glad to hear she does also.

  • Lab Brockington
    Lab Brockington Year ago

    Your almost there so happy for you guys, enjoyed the barnfire. Mommy needs tough hair roots ☺

  • Kenneth Donelson
    Kenneth Donelson Year ago

    Looking at those sheets of cut metal makes me realize how far you guys have come from where you started from. Good job!

  • SouthernWind
    SouthernWind Year ago +11

    I love all 5 of you and amazed how brave (doing this project) both of you!

  • Pat Collins
    Pat Collins Year ago

    I just love your family and always look forward to your next video..just hope when your project is completed and your all moved wont forget your many fans and continue blogging
    . Love you guys💖

  • Kathleen Marshall

    Love watching your home develop! :)

  • Ankit Sati
    Ankit Sati Year ago

    Such a adorable people you two are. ❤💗❤
    So supportive both of you guys.

  • Patty Trollip
    Patty Trollip Year ago +2

    You kids are quite marvelous. May God always bless you abundantly!

  • John Baldwin
    John Baldwin Year ago +22

    You guys have truly inspired me to start on my own house and making it a more efficient home I truly thank you for that and like everyone else I truly can't wait until your beautiful home is done this has been an incredible journey for you and everyone watching I think I know that it has inspired me to do more around my house thank you guys so very much

    SUNLAND Year ago

    Its's coming together slowly but surely, Great work you 2. Everything looks Great!

  • Jeanith Burdine
    Jeanith Burdine Year ago

    I enjoy watching your videos. Y’all are going to make even with the unknown projects! Good luck from Mississippi!

  • Brad Delahaye
    Brad Delahaye Year ago

    Absolutely insane house... Hats off to you.. Would love to build sank like that in the UK 👍👍🔥

  • Patty Marshall
    Patty Marshall Year ago

    Love watching your progress! Congratulations!

  • Bryan Hilton
    Bryan Hilton Year ago

    Great episode... you guys are awesome!!! 2 questions: 1) Why was Bear’s face on the split system unit? It made me laugh! 2) what happened to the room in the barn you fixed up?

  • Van Vann
    Van Vann Year ago

    They are amazing you have to have patience. To be working on a house as long as they have been. They been doing this for over two years.

  • Potatochip blueberry

    I just bing watched all the videos from the very beginning to now. It’s crazy cuz I just found this channel and I’m in love with this idea! It’s amazing!

  • Isaac Juan Oviedo

    Chicos muy bueno les esta quedando la casa , que bueno que tenga el conocimiento y la capacidad para realizar todas las tareas , sigan adelante !!! buena vibra !!!

  • Glimmer Momma
    Glimmer Momma Year ago +13

    Mom ma, she’s growing tooo fast.. bless her heart ❤️ I’m getting so excited for y’all.. lots of love ❤️ and hugs 🤗