Jordan Schlansky Lectures Conan About Coffee In Naples - CONAN on TBS

  • Published on Apr 14, 2018
  • Conan drinks too much coffee and Jordan makes his mustachioed soap opera debut in "Un posto al sole."
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 2 470

  • Medina Medina
    Medina Medina 2 hours ago

    Hes great white borther

  • Thatsalotta Nuts
    Thatsalotta Nuts 3 hours ago

    Now I know what Spongebob meant when he said that he didn’t speak Italian

  • Jnn F
    Jnn F 3 hours ago

    Finally a Jordan video. I needed this !

  • africanmynthon
    africanmynthon 3 hours ago

    2:30 So that makes it the second time Conan licked Jordan's forehead. Will there be a third???

  • Dio Brando
    Dio Brando 4 hours ago

    Espresso actually does mean express activity - source I’m italian.

  • Bee Deal
    Bee Deal 4 hours ago

    Jordan with the wig and mustache reminds me of high school Ross from friends.

  • C05MIC infinity
    C05MIC infinity 7 hours ago

    don't know if this is staged but totally disrespectful if it's not. kinda like jake paul in Japan but that's just my thoughts with the whole coffee act couldn't tell if he's interpreter was offended or playing along.

  • Rabies Babies
    Rabies Babies 7 hours ago

    This is the guy who goes to a 3rd world country raped by Hillary Clinton and spends a years salary to stay in a resort 50 miles away from the main city away from the slums.
    Conan the cuck fart.

  • daniel KHOO
    daniel KHOO 8 hours ago

    ignorante LMAO

  • Lina Wong
    Lina Wong 10 hours ago

    Lmao I love this man so much.

  • Kevlar Pfam
    Kevlar Pfam 10 hours ago

    Lol this has to be their best bit

  • Hazyj peepme
    Hazyj peepme 10 hours ago

    Sanduskys out? Good for him he knew how to motivate a player.

  • marcs
    marcs 11 hours ago

    0:26 Jordan is right, it's called espresso because of its fast preparation, also, you speak good Italian, go Jordan. Ignoranti are the Conan staff.

  • Dark 9cat
    Dark 9cat 11 hours ago

    i like this channel, conan really funny

  • Antonella Beretta
    Antonella Beretta 12 hours ago

    “IGNORANTE!!!” 😂🤣😂🤣

  • ripdajacker23
    ripdajacker23 13 hours ago

    Conan after espresso is a giant toddler after candy

  • AW AV
    AW AV 15 hours ago

    Hahaha...Jordan looks like John Oats !!

  • Michael Silva
    Michael Silva 16 hours ago

    The cameo with Jordan in the soap at the end of this was great. Made me crack up laughing.

  • Cancun771
    Cancun771 17 hours ago

    Probably the 2.000th nerd to point it out but Schlansky also used the singular when it should have been the plural 'espressi' etc.

  • Harri v'Jah
    Harri v'Jah 17 hours ago +1

    4:05 that back and forth was perfect ...oh sorry *Perfetto!*

  • Edmund Mondo
    Edmund Mondo 19 hours ago +1

    Actually, The words express, expres and espresso each have several meanings in English, French and Italian. The first meaning is to do with the idea of "expressing" or squeezing the flavour from the coffee using the pressure of the steam. The second meaning is to do with speed, as in a train.
    They're both right.

  • Hibernation
    Hibernation 20 hours ago

    I NEVER laughed so hard to a TheXvid video in my life.

  • StarBassPrincess
    StarBassPrincess 21 hour ago

    5:21 REC's new news reporter :D

  • Swiss Gamerz Channel
    Swiss Gamerz Channel 22 hours ago

    Did he really appear on this soap opera in Italy ?

  • victoria beguet day
    victoria beguet day 23 hours ago

    the waiter's face when conan says zucca lol

  • Anna Nguyen
    Anna Nguyen 23 hours ago

    the man who gave conan the coffee and free stuff was awesome

  • TheJCJexe
    TheJCJexe Day ago

    IGNORANTE! lol

  • Squanto
    Squanto Day ago

    I'm still fn dying from when he licked him!!!! Ahahahahahaha

  • RMG pattern Making16

    very good system

  • James Medina
    James Medina Day ago

    sippin a coffee now...infused with thc. cheers!

  • msdogooder
    msdogooder Day ago

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  • Jess
    Jess Day ago

    Conan, you bring me joy

  • Marmda Sun
    Marmda Sun Day ago

    That coffee high is real

  • Cesar Garcia
    Cesar Garcia Day ago

    Conan is getting super annoying. Let Jordan be free. Don't cage him. Don't try to control him.

  • Vale Violet
    Vale Violet Day ago

    O my God😂😂😂😂 "Un posto al sole"!? I watch it every evening!!! 😂😂😂😂

  • Brandon Mclain
    Brandon Mclain Day ago

    He needs a polite slap to the throat. Such a pretentious D'bag.

  • howlswithwolves
    howlswithwolves Day ago

    1:19 I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream.

  • Gamekiller Productions

    Now I just want a bunch of different soap operas to have random Conan and Jordan in it lol

  • zecarioca2
    zecarioca2 Day ago

    Omg I love this so
    Much. Bahahahaha

  • Idtelos
    Idtelos Day ago

    Conan on Coffee = Robin Williams on a normal day. lol

  • Kushal Nitnaware


  • Infamos Wordz
    Infamos Wordz Day ago

    Conan and Jordan are freaking hilarious as a comedy team! Like a 2018 odd couple. They feed to do a movie with Jim Carey, Dwayne Johnson, Key & Peele, Dave Chappelle, Katt Williams, ice cube, and Kevin Hart. Why these specific actors you ask??? Well , simply because this my random comment readers is a comment from some TheXvid viewer that's why.

  • Hannah Meaker
    Hannah Meaker Day ago

    Conan opera album featuring jordan schlansky on celo coming soon in winter 2018

  • DarkstarDarth
    DarkstarDarth Day ago

    Conan on crack and Jordan had

  • Jacob Quincy
    Jacob Quincy Day ago

    Love the look on Jordan's face when Conan is acting like an absolute fool

  • Raghav Gupta
    Raghav Gupta Day ago

    Time to visit INDIA 😀

    FEBRIZIOtv Day ago +1

    This is almost as offensive as Logan Paul in Japan

    • Edgar R
      Edgar R Day ago

      FEBRIZIOtv yea because Conan went to find dead bodies than posted all over TheXvid lol

  • Alex Silverstein
    Alex Silverstein Day ago +1

    Conan looks like a freak with all his plastic surgery, makeup, and hair dye. People are going to say it's show business but the dude has 3 Emmy's on 25 nominations. A good portion of this has gotta be vanity.

  • Jorge Saenz
    Jorge Saenz Day ago


  • Enrique Trejo
    Enrique Trejo Day ago

    Best remote of the Italian trip.

  • F AT
    F AT Day ago +1

    I want it f**king hot

  • Yasmine Ghweir
    Yasmine Ghweir Day ago

    Im watching this ar 1am and cant laugh cause everyone's asleep. GAHHHHH--

  • Yasmine Ghweir
    Yasmine Ghweir Day ago


  • allenreyQ
    allenreyQ Day ago

    Jordan with a mustache looks like Carrie Brownstein in that cacao bit from portlandia

  • Träffÿ TM
    Träffÿ TM Day ago


  • JR sandoval
    JR sandoval Day ago

    i love Conan he is the best late night tv guy ever, how can people thumb down this vid? i wonder why they thumbs down??

  • Mo Khayat
    Mo Khayat Day ago

    So Good!

  • Dan Crossley
    Dan Crossley Day ago

    Vlad had a divorce because of The American Republican Party.

  • john rambo
    john rambo 2 days ago

    Chandler: Shut up shut up shut up..... Remember someone....

  • Jaybriel Akoi
    Jaybriel Akoi 2 days ago

    Conan is insanely tall.

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    Mojar Tv7 2 days ago

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    Mojar Tv7 2 days ago

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  • videopaenguin
    videopaenguin 2 days ago

    IGNORANTE! ahahahahahah!

  • C. S.
    C. S. 2 days ago


  • kyle magaro
    kyle magaro 2 days ago

    That seems so much cooler than any American coffee place.

  • shannkaray
    shannkaray 2 days ago

    I love the little lady in the red coat.

  • John Tunstall
    John Tunstall 2 days ago

    Hey! Can anybody tell me how to say "I want it f*cking hot" for Italian coffee?

  • FedorMachida Last
    FedorMachida Last 2 days ago

    This was awesome. Thanks Coco and Jordan.

  • Compilation Corner
    Compilation Corner 2 days ago

    I have various tasks and duties.

  • Kristen Koch
    Kristen Koch 2 days ago

    I love it! this is hilarious!

  • robin brobjer
    robin brobjer 2 days ago

    05:30 1939; Benito Mussolini delivers a speech to the Italian people (colorized)

  • iiEmberOtaku •
    iiEmberOtaku • 2 days ago

    How to annoy your friends 101

  • The Banana Melon
    The Banana Melon 2 days ago

    That went full “Eric Andre Show” for a little bit

  • The Banana Melon
    The Banana Melon 2 days ago

    Happy Birthday, Conan! Enjoy it while it lasts, cuz it’s apparently the last day on Earth

  • Naj Nugent
    Naj Nugent 2 days ago

    LMfaoooooo loveeee Conan

  • Max Testi
    Max Testi 2 days ago

    Conan is hilarious 🤣

  • Yael Webber
    Yael Webber 2 days ago

    The Italians are so much fun 😍😍😍

  • Josiah Plummer
    Josiah Plummer 2 days ago

    Conan turned into the Great Cornholio!

  • Veeitnom
    Veeitnom 2 days ago

    funniest one by far LMAO!

  • ChocolateAppleSplit
    ChocolateAppleSplit 2 days ago

    this was painful to watch

  • Ryan Matthew
    Ryan Matthew 2 days ago

    Jordan is in his element man

  • Bob Bush
    Bob Bush 2 days ago

    Conan is off his nut on caffeine!!!!!!!

  • The Therapist Gamer
    The Therapist Gamer 2 days ago


  • johnny cardboard
    johnny cardboard 2 days ago

    pumpkin spice is not the same as pumpkin. it is just the spices, not the vegetable, in the coffee. thank you.

  • Tess BananaParc
    Tess BananaParc 2 days ago

    lots of thumb downs in this vids?

  • fluffynoses
    fluffynoses 2 days ago

    How does Jordan keep a straight face throughout this whole thing lol

  • Mohamed Parham Al Awadhi

    That was hilarious. Who is the guys (Jordan) with him. Was he acting or was he really pissed off?

  • the_Chil1One
    the_Chil1One 2 days ago

    if Conan couldn't appreciate the man's hand movements then there's no hope lol

  • Zach Toman
    Zach Toman 2 days ago

    I really enjoyed the espresso dance.

  • ivan Jimenez
    ivan Jimenez 2 days ago


  • tnx2all
    tnx2all 2 days ago

    he is so WAAAAAAAYYYYYYY better than jkimmelbits!!!

  • Patrick Muiruri
    Patrick Muiruri 2 days ago

    The opera singing part was insanely hilarious!

  • MainManChris
    MainManChris 2 days ago

  • oink goespiggy
    oink goespiggy 2 days ago +1

    I have a feeling Jordan schlansky does not like conan

  • jesscateyeSQUAD
    jesscateyeSQUAD 2 days ago

    So hilarious he was so right about that ice cream statue and i was dying when conan weny robot on caffeine

  • FalcoPelle
    FalcoPelle 2 days ago

    1:08 Javier Bardem is making coffe

  • FalcoPelle
    FalcoPelle 2 days ago

    Schlansky to the cashier: "Buongiorno Signore" but "Signore" is for men, "SignorA" is for women ahah

  • Martin Masevski
    Martin Masevski 2 days ago

    so much cringe

  • Lance Phillips
    Lance Phillips 2 days ago

    Funniest man alive today.