The Secret World of Jeffree Star

  • Published on Jul 31, 2018
    PART 2
    PART 3
    Me & Jeffree’s Video on his channel
    Jeffree’s Makeup
    Jeffree’s New Thirsty palette
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Comments • 152 928

  • poop
    poop 2 years ago +10

    out of all the series shane has done, i think jeffree is the only one that acknowledged andrews presence

  • macey Gansereit
    macey Gansereit Year ago +375

    I miss this era so bad. when we all loved Shane and Jeffree. and all their little cute jokes about Tana. the friendship with James Charles. I related to their sadness and brokeness so much. The body issues. The anxiety and depression. it made me feel not alone. now I feel like it’s all about tik tokers. who i don’t relate to at all. I really miss this.

  • Andi M
    Andi M  +113

    I miss being able to stan Shane and Jeffree so much tbh. They may be Hella problematic but their content was entertaining.

  • Alex
    Alex Year ago +3

    “I think Kanye lives up here”. THIS HAS NEW MEANING 😂😂

  • Sakura's Fish
    Sakura's Fish Year ago +464

    It's weird but Jeffrey's wealth and richness really inspire me. Others make me feel filthy envy but jeff's like ten times richer and full of whimsical possessions but instead of feeling poor it makes me wanna work on myself and be like him

  • xektrix fx
    xektrix fx Year ago +1

    “Switching live with my best friend Trisha Paytas” that didn’t age well 😂

  • That girl you saw In the library

    Shane: 'how much did it cost?'

  • M R
    M R  +221

    Jeffree’s grown so much since this , he seems more calm and less dramatic, love him or hate him he’s a smart businessman!

  • KS
    KS Year ago +2

    Shane needs Actor of the Year award for always acting like he’s poor when his net worth is over 12 million...or should I say was...

  • MorningFaroe
    MorningFaroe Year ago +4

    coming in hot from 2020 to tell ya’ll: this didn’t age well

  • Angel Simpson
    Angel Simpson 2 years ago +63

    The exact moment the energy changed and Jeffree was like "oh okay this is my new best friend" was the moment Shane was like "No that's just what I do" about the icing. That's the beginning of a friendship of a lifetime.

  • Allana Garibay
    Allana Garibay Year ago +442

    Jeffree: never gains weigh

  • Jagen Phillips
    Jagen Phillips 3 years ago +4

    I find people who flaunt money annoying but when Jeffrey does it I'm all over it. He worked his ass off for everything, he wasn't born into it.

  • Lan G
    Lan G Year ago +161

    Shane: why does this taste richer in ur house?!?!

  • James Lee
    James Lee 2 years ago +239

    im a 27 year old straight man and this is the funniest, most entertaining documentary ive ever seen

  • TheGrim_ReaperXX

    Aww I found it so cute that Jeffrey help out his boyfriend’s family when they needed the extra help. It really shows that he doesn’t just fuck around with the money he actually helps people.

  • Donuteater205
    Donuteater205 Year ago +133

    Are we just gonna ignore how Shane was about to literally knock on the door like he was gonna break it

  • Jewelry handcrafted by Sherry LeMeilleur

    I like Nate he seems like he’s very humble and not materialistic at all

  • amy
    amy 2 years ago +3

    it’s crazy to see how much shane and jeffrees friendship has grown tbh

  • Julie Laprade

    This will forever be the most iconic duo and collab on TheXvid! This started a whole new era on TheXvid no matter what happened later on! Love them both!