How to get the CINEMATIC LOOK in Premiere Pro

  • Published on Mar 25, 2018
  • In this video I teach you my workflow for getting the cinematic look in Adobe Premiere Pro.
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    How to get the cinematic look to your footage? In this video you can follow my full workflow on color grading with my LUTs, adding film grain and make your footage simply look great in Adobe Premiere Pro. I took some shots on our hike to the Genuveva Caves in Germany with the Canon 5D Mark IV + Sigma 35mm 1.4 Art. It wasn’t enough for a whole Vlog so we’re doing this Color Grading tutorial real quick!
    Reel Smart Motion Blur Plugin for Premiere Pro/After Effects
    GRAINZILLA Film Grain:


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  • Anoop Al
    Anoop Al 10 hours ago

    Oh you have your preset. and this video is all about how to apply that.....Wondebar asswipe!

  • Mojtaba Baratpour

    name music ????!

  • Alex May
    Alex May 3 days ago

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  • John Dillon
    John Dillon 3 days ago

    Great tutorial. Thanks for posting.

  • Jack Fruit
    Jack Fruit 3 days ago

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  • nickmain542
    nickmain542 3 days ago

    my clips are a purple and green not the original please help this is before i put the lut on

    JAIME 4 days ago +1

    harsh crowd mate. these hostile mother phukers are so lame. Love what you do. Love it!

  • Lui_76
    Lui_76 5 days ago

    how much did you pay for the bespoke firewood on the bespoke backpack?

  • Yumna ZS
    Yumna ZS 5 days ago

    how to look cinematic with my fking LUTs

  • WanHeda
    WanHeda 5 days ago

    DARK :O

  • Fatih Setyawan
    Fatih Setyawan 6 days ago

    hi, my christian from indonesia, i am a videography maker of cinematic videos for weddings, i want to get to know you more and learn a lot about cinematic, may i ask whatsapp number..? Thank You

  • Oleksandr Romancha
    Oleksandr Romancha 7 days ago

    Your footage looks great. Can I use your lut for FCX?

    LESTER SANDOVAL 7 days ago


  • Дмитрий Карагеур

    I got stuck on your video ... it’s amazing
    What camera and lens did you use to shoot ?

  • Kaiser
    Kaiser 8 days ago +1

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  • Alan Noble
    Alan Noble 10 days ago +3

    I'm going to judge from the comments that this video is not worth watching.

  • Terenti Bittner
    Terenti Bittner 12 days ago


  • 1K Trouble
    1K Trouble 14 days ago

    Ayy Yoo what kinda camera you have?

  • Elite
    Elite 18 days ago

    Nobody wont buy it.

  • Ralf
    Ralf 20 days ago

    First, nice Video.
    I have a question about the music "Charlie Cunningham - Answers" you used in the film. What have I to do to use such a song in my yt videos (I'm from germany)?

  • naga niam
    naga niam 28 days ago

    So you are using only your mouse for editing lol .Another fail editor youtuber, you don't know basic things and you want to show your knowledge. LUT saler for little kids.

  • irvan diyahya
    irvan diyahya Month ago +1

    gut gut

  • Spanish 646
    Spanish 646 Month ago

    Nobody commenting on the fact that he put an adjustment layer in his project and DIDN'T EVEN USE IT.

  • Haddy the Creator
    Haddy the Creator Month ago +3

    u made a video showing how you use your plugin to get the cinematic look.... ok so how do we do it without your plugin? lol- why dont you give us a reason to buy your luts and show us how much time they will save us instead of wasting our time with videos like this :P

  • Thirstypioneer
    Thirstypioneer Month ago

    Simply great!

  • Preston Doan
    Preston Doan Month ago +3

    Do you need a good camera? Or will this automatically make any video godly? (Planning for a school project.)

    • Jadendaslayer YT
      Jadendaslayer YT Month ago

      Depends on your footage. The colors may change but if you have a 144p camera then it will still look like crap. It'll probably look better but you should at least have some ok looking raw footage.

  • ghost dost
    ghost dost Month ago +1

    any soution to make cinematuc video in android

    TXC VLOGS Month ago

    Ôi việt nam 🇻🇳 the

  • Erwin Jae
    Erwin Jae Month ago

    Totally helpful video! Learned so much, anyone cares to visit my channel? I'm trying to make cinematics like this

  • Lequient Bethel
    Lequient Bethel Month ago

    what lut do you use fro this video? i like the color grading

  • Matthew Policarpio
    Matthew Policarpio Month ago

    Thanks! I'm starting to learn on how to use premiere pro. You can check some of my old videos and lets help each other :)

    AMINE VLOGS Month ago

    what is the type of camera

  • Bike Wolf
    Bike Wolf Month ago +1

    Now my 15 minute video renders for 3½ hours 😂

  • Chillout music
    Chillout music Month ago


  • HN1276 Hoàng Phi Hiệp

    Nice video!

  • Frank Duffy
    Frank Duffy Month ago

    You say you don't know what you're talking about, lol - I could watch you work all day ! I always learn something good that I can use from your videos - thanks Man !

  • Svyatique Fabbri
    Svyatique Fabbri Month ago +1

    That's look great. But at 15:22 have a dirty transition.

  • edit name
    edit name Month ago

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  • Peter hoprayer
    Peter hoprayer Month ago

    nice video so what's the name of the first song

  • Inside out Outside in

    Why did u use an adjustment layer if u are adapting on the separate parts?

  • Gustavo Molina
    Gustavo Molina Month ago

    Most of the work is done by the camera, I think you can not have a cinematic touch without having a good camera.

  • Dipp0x
    Dipp0x 2 months ago

    the video is 16:09 hehehehehhehehe

  • scientist100
    scientist100 2 months ago

    Shaky video, should have done a tutorial on that as well.

  • Paul Mills
    Paul Mills 2 months ago +2

    ahhhh the secret 1440p render for the higher bitrate

  • 21st Brian
    21st Brian 2 months ago

    This is awesome

  • رعود المزن
    رعود المزن 2 months ago

    Adobe Premiere Day for Night

    NOCTURNALLY 2 months ago +1

    Before color grading get a stabilizer of some kind or a stabilized lens...

  • Ehab Alwi
    Ehab Alwi 2 months ago +2

    "How to color grade" uses a lut🤦

  • jfloresdrums
    jfloresdrums 2 months ago +2

    My dreams of starting a Vlog have just been put on hold because I just realized I have so much to learn 😔

    • Allan Carvajal
      Allan Carvajal 2 months ago

      Hey, just start and you will be learning on the way. Improving every day. But don't way till u feel prepare because u will not feel prepare enough never to make the first step.

  • ISO
    ISO 2 months ago

    hy, what is your mac ? Macbook Pro ?

  • Руслан Хаджимурадов

    Which Lens do u use in video?

  • Руслан Хаджимурадов

    Awesome! Which lens do u use?

  • Raygun
    Raygun 2 months ago

    the colour is epic, can't to use it on my video :)

  • cheng yao
    cheng yao 2 months ago

    thanks for sharing!

  • Thommy Turtle
    Thommy Turtle 2 months ago

    Was für böse Sachen machen Leute hier schreiben ... Ich habe gerade meine ersten Schritte in Premiere gemacht und bin so auf Dein Video gekommen. Das Resultat haut mich um. Einfach sensationell ... und der Weg dahin: Scheiß drauf! ;)

  • Ozziy
    Ozziy 2 months ago

    lol halfway into the fcking video he forces us to buy something fck off...

  • Rishabh sharma RS
    Rishabh sharma RS 2 months ago

    Awesome 🔥❤️ colour grading

  • Arthur Lormeau
    Arthur Lormeau 2 months ago +1

    Sorry but I stopped at the "I use 24 fps for my youtube videos", this was really too painfull to hear :'(

    • Arthur Lormeau
      Arthur Lormeau 2 months ago

      ​@Jonathan Hadi Yeah I know that. First : 24 fps is gonna die, we all know that, it's already gone for all the smartphone, internet, and TV worlds. 24 fps is still alive in movie theatre, you are right ; but this will disapear pretty soon, and every "video file" on the planet (cinema, tv, internet : all) will be either PAL (25, 50, 100 fps) or NTSC (30, 60 or 120 fps). Second : what are codecs and frame rate used by youtube ? Have you ever choose your frame rate when you play a video ? No... I don't know what are the frame rate used by youtube (not the frame rate that you choose when you import the video, but the actual frame rate of the video on their server), but i'm pretty sure that it is either 25 fps, or 30 fps, and because youtube is an american company, i think it might be 30 fps. Third : everyone should know that transform a 24 fps movie in 25 or 30 fps movie is not something easy and you have to pitch up the sound, or the image get a bit worse. With all these points, that a lot of people should know, especially when you make "color grade tuto", you easylly gess that 24 fps is a very bad choice (the only case when it might be a good choice is when you KNOW for sure that youre film will be broadcast mainly in movie theatre) ; but mostly, 24 fps is a totally ridiculous choice, when you know that youre video is aimed to be broadcast on youtube. So when i heared "I use 24 fps for my youtube videos", it was like hearing "I use a basketball each time i want to play soccer", it has no sense.

    • Jonathan Hadi
      Jonathan Hadi 2 months ago

      You know what else use 24 fps?
      *absolutely all mainstream movies*

  • Vusale Abdullayeva
    Vusale Abdullayeva 2 months ago +1

    Your Works are amazing really , i loved them good luck 💚🤘