Star Wars or Star Trek Character? w/ Simon Pegg

  • Published on Aug 19, 2019
  • Simon Pegg not only plays Scotty in the 'Star Trek' universe and Unkar Plutt in the 'Star Wars' universe, he's also a mega-fan of both series. We test his knowledge by having him pick dozens of obscure characters' names out of a bucket and tell us whether they're from 'Star Trek' or 'Star Wars.'
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Comments • 205

  • Anjelique Alexander

    "We all know Greedo!"

  • Charlotte D
    Charlotte D 7 days ago +1

    Lol this isn't even a guessing game for him, all answers come with the back story too 😅

  • Ronnie DiMaio
    Ronnie DiMaio 10 days ago

    Simon's hair is immaculate

  • Dalia Sánchez
    Dalia Sánchez 13 days ago


  • tong tong
    tong tong 19 days ago +1

    Van Gogh or Simon Pegg play Star Wars or Star Trek

  • Edward Bruce-Radcliffe
    Edward Bruce-Radcliffe 21 day ago +5

    This was too easy for Peg, he is a HUGE fan of both franchises.

  • T Mo T
    T Mo T 22 days ago

    Wow deep SW knowledge.

  • Devin Graves
    Devin Graves 23 days ago

    Oof I got all of these right...

  • enzoli23
    enzoli23 23 days ago

    It would've been more interesting with someone who's not a FUCKING MASTER of the topic.

  • Avetor UAC
    Avetor UAC 23 days ago

    Like me to GEEK)&im care(^_^) who wot say) about me

  • Chris M
    Chris M 23 days ago

    Simon Pegg looks more like Sir Alec Guinness every day, it’s a little peculiar but amazing

  • Barnaby
    Barnaby 23 days ago

    Thank God they stopped making those nihilistic parodies of Star Trek, his clownish performance of Scotty got old really fast.

  • Linda Sullivan
    Linda Sullivan 24 days ago +2

    Like Star Wars, but love love love Star Trek!!! Great job on the answers.

  • Ian Rastall
    Ian Rastall 24 days ago


  • mrdjpaulus
    mrdjpaulus 24 days ago


  • Josefiina Josefiina
    Josefiina Josefiina 24 days ago


  • Patrizia N. Mohr
    Patrizia N. Mohr 25 days ago

    He did this so well I thought I moght have misunderstood the game: that they gave him funny names and he had to invent characters on the spot.

  • Nicolas Winter
    Nicolas Winter 25 days ago

    0:02 General Kenobi!

  • Luis Lopez
    Luis Lopez 25 days ago +1

    can't stop thinking on what an amazing jedi master he will make!

  • LordKellthe1st
    LordKellthe1st 25 days ago

    Captain Nero got a bit annoyed :D

  • Kiersten Tharp
    Kiersten Tharp 25 days ago

    Talk nerdy to me.

  • 10p6
    10p6 25 days ago

    Was that a hospital? Looked like he could get Oxygen and stuff from the wall.

  • C. Wildeman
    C. Wildeman 25 days ago

    What kind if bullshit questions are those? Simon Pegg is a dude who knows his stuff; you gotta challenge the man a little more than "which franchise is Greedo from?"

  • とれびあーん
    とれびあーん 25 days ago

    you are Benji !!

  • In~Joy Unlimited
    In~Joy Unlimited 26 days ago

    That was too easy.....

  • Olivier Wang
    Olivier Wang 26 days ago

    I got everything right because I know everything about star wars but nothing about star trek so it was quite easy XD

  • Death watch
    Death watch 26 days ago

    Don't worry Simon you're no more sadder than those Cosplayers or whatever they call themselves.

  • soth1 sol
    soth1 sol 26 days ago

    star skewered

  • Mercedes Ritter
    Mercedes Ritter 26 days ago

    Simon I am a huge fan 🤟😜⚡️ I will give “The boys” a chance now, just because I know your in it!

  • Weronika Czachor
    Weronika Czachor 26 days ago

    I’m here just to say that he looks like Van Gogh

  • Khalid Kashogi
    Khalid Kashogi 26 days ago

    hahaha, 'the other ones' hahaha

  • Lia A. Eastwood
    Lia A. Eastwood 26 days ago +1

    Now we're talking nerdism... ♥☺ I am proud to be born on the very same day as this bloke! :)

  • emercycrite
    emercycrite 26 days ago +1

    Just when you thought you couldn't love Simon Pegg any more. And bonus points for the groovy shirt and suit.

  • M Junebug
    M Junebug 26 days ago

    Simon Pegg is a nerd. Love that!

  • Ace Spacey
    Ace Spacey 26 days ago

    Anyone here love both franchises

  • *marni*
    *marni* 26 days ago

    I liked him in Shaun of the dead

  • Nolwen Yamm
    Nolwen Yamm 26 days ago


  • JR jonathan799
    JR jonathan799 26 days ago

    Help me be a TheXvidr that's my dream I alredy have a acound

  • Lizzam Abdul Latiff
    Lizzam Abdul Latiff 26 days ago

    Wait, Pegg can speak Huttese? why didn't he answer all these in Huttese for Star Wars, and Klingon for Star Trek?

  • Joshua Cohen
    Joshua Cohen 26 days ago

    They should of asked him where Scotty belonged to.

  • SquaredSpekz - Connor Ellis

    This is basic bitch stuff for Pegg. What a terrible quiz

  • 83Jude
    83Jude 26 days ago

    He's indeed proven what he's always said about his nerdism!

  • Paperaeroplanegirl
    Paperaeroplanegirl 26 days ago

    Nailed it!

  • TruePerception
    TruePerception 27 days ago

    I knew them all, except Sarek. Admittedly, I'm not a big Star Trek fan.

    • Person 123
      Person 123 26 days ago

      How did you know some of those random Admirals but not Sarek?
      That seems weird lol

  • Organon
    Organon 27 days ago

    Han shot Greedo.

  • Benjamin Merrill
    Benjamin Merrill 27 days ago

    Too easy

  • LilRed Kvas
    LilRed Kvas 27 days ago

    Simon Pegg is so HOT!

  • Albert A Heiserer
    Albert A Heiserer 27 days ago +2

    Amazing! Love Simon Pegg... Shaun of the Dead, Paul, Hot Fuzz. Fantastic!!!!

  • catherine walls
    catherine walls 27 days ago

    I got 7 wrong

  • Hingle McCringleberry
    Hingle McCringleberry 27 days ago

    The force is strong with this one.

  • Daniel Aiz
    Daniel Aiz 27 days ago

    Holy shit he’s good with names

  • black_ Mariee
    black_ Mariee 27 days ago

    A very good video

  • The Movie Planet
    The Movie Planet 27 days ago +3

    Wow those were some really tough, obscure characters they asked him! They should have made it a bit easier for him.

    • Jadeleath
      Jadeleath 25 days ago

      @The Movie Planet Unfortunately via text, tone is difficult to tell. A few of the names were kind of obscure for the casual fan, but then it wouldn't have been a challenge for him.

    • The Movie Planet
      The Movie Planet 25 days ago

      @Jadeleath look up the definition of "sarcasm" please. The characters they asked him about were so obvious it's a wonder they didn't ask him about Luke Skywalker and Spock.

    • Jadeleath
      Jadeleath 25 days ago

      Yet he aced every single one, naming who played them. Perhaps they needed to go harder! Simon knows his stuff, especially having been in both Trek and Wars.

  • bbcseriesfan
    bbcseriesfan 27 days ago +9

    And people say that us Nerds aren't attractive...
    Please Simon, yes, speak more Star Wars/Trek to me.... *-*

  • Jeffrey Birman
    Jeffrey Birman 27 days ago

    While the test was simple I was impressed by his Greedo impression. Quite good!

  • Gaile Boutilier
    Gaile Boutilier 27 days ago +2

    Use clone wars and TNG see how many he gets lol

  • Athraxes
    Athraxes 27 days ago

    Way too easy...

  • kuryamtl
    kuryamtl 27 days ago

    This is like so easy. of course that is because I am a huge geek. Star Trek and Star Wars

  • Valeria Kondrina
    Valeria Kondrina 27 days ago

    Bravo!!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼😍

  • Daniel Araya
    Daniel Araya 27 days ago +2

    Wondering, I Hope and In My Opinion Think that Simon Should Play Q in New James Bond John with Idris Elba.