I Made SIDEMEN FC in Football Manager 2019 and this happened...

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  • Nick Hewitt
    Nick Hewitt 4 days ago +1

    Do a series of this

  • Rhys Simper
    Rhys Simper 2 months ago


  • Alen Džananović
    Alen Džananović 2 months ago

    I have a challenge for you, reverse top 5 leagues (🇩🇪, 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿, 🇪🇸, 🇮🇹 and 🇫🇷) players from best club move to the worst club, example Real Madrid is predicted 1. move their players to the 20.club in spain for example Eibar, so you should swap every top division clubs players in this order 1. goes to 20.
    2.goes to 19. 3. Goes to 18 and so on, and ofcpurse players from 20.club goes to 1. And so on.
    Ant then try to test who will become champion, finances and all the other things should stay original so we can see if for example real madrid could win the league with garbage players an players they buyed, and how much money will they spend and 2. Can team from the bottom of the league become champions with best players and for how much will they sell players aka Messi, Suarez etc.
    This could also be intesresting in the Europa League and Champions league too, cause we could see winners from for example, 🇵🇱 , 🇷🇺 , 🇭🇷 , 🇳🇱 and so on.
    Please try this i would like too see the outcome from this experiment but i am sure a lot of other people here would like to see that

  • laurits bech
    laurits bech 3 months ago

    8:47 As a fellow Bech I'm offended at how he said "beach" he actually got it right the first time with the pronunciation ''beck" yes I am danish and yes brøndby is a danish club so I should know

  • Kate Eaton
    Kate Eaton 5 months ago

    Why is harry the key player

  • James Branigan
    James Branigan 7 months ago

    Tottenham will still be the only non league side to win the FA Cup

  • Dan Barraclough
    Dan Barraclough 7 months ago

    How did you get this done

  • Ronnie Hardy
    Ronnie Hardy 7 months ago

    Continue it

  • Salvatore Vulcano
    Salvatore Vulcano 7 months ago

    A non league team expecting to reach 3rd round of FA cup😂😂mad ting

  • Mauro Goncalves
    Mauro Goncalves 7 months ago


  • Troy Sander
    Troy Sander 7 months ago

    please post the workshop link!

  • GhostDcuo
    GhostDcuo 8 months ago

    are you areiously that tarded you have to do "and this happened" so fking lame

  • Ibrahim Khalid
    Ibrahim Khalid 9 months ago

    Can you not go on holiday manage sdmn fc

  • Jayden Armstrong
    Jayden Armstrong 9 months ago

    can we takeover this save?

  • Ian Stange
    Ian Stange 9 months ago

    To be fair, that first match was against a first division team in Denmark.

  • Kid Marley
    Kid Marley 10 months ago

    Change staff responsibilities if you want to quick pick

  • Josh Sayers
    Josh Sayers 10 months ago

    One season per video, do the transfer windows then sim the season playing cup finals etc

  • Therealgaz619
    Therealgaz619 10 months ago

    Put the sidemen as 16 year olds in their favourite teams (e.g. JJ at Arsenal) then sim for 15 years and see who had the best career

  • August1230 Ps4
    August1230 Ps4 10 months ago +1

    When you are from Denmark and hear How he says the Brøndby players name😂

    Chris BROTHERTON 11 months ago

    You know I worked 2 jobs, 7 days a week for the first 3 years of my first sons life, thankfully I am in a better position for both my boys now... It makes me angry that your upload content is as shit and repetitive as this and your probably a lot richer than me. I don't really have a point with this comment but you do prove that there is such a thing as a successful loser, well done you.

  • Jay Collings
    Jay Collings 11 months ago

    Click here


  • The Owli
    The Owli 11 months ago

    I'm thinking of doing a sidemen career mode on fifa but it's a pain making all of them. I wish you could download custom players

  • Harley HD
    Harley HD Year ago

    Does he keep saying I don’t want to sign any Donny

  • Masked Boardgamers


  • Jamie Marsh
    Jamie Marsh Year ago

    Maybe do a month or two per episode?

  • Scentlessgrape
    Scentlessgrape Year ago


  • Julie Thomas
    Julie Thomas Year ago

    Josh,Please do a football manager series with millwall and don't sim any games just watch them and try and stream it

  • Michelle Bult
    Michelle Bult Year ago

    When your a qpr fan and apparently you want Jj

  • TheTwoGamers
    TheTwoGamers Year ago

    You arent able to quick pick because you have no automatic tactic/squad selection saved.

  • TheTwoGamers
    TheTwoGamers Year ago

    You can set staff responsibilities under the staff section, you can choose who you want to handle contract renewals, run youth training, select the squad when you're on holiday, buy and sell players, etc.

  • AJ G
    AJ G Year ago

    Woking should be first. Come on you cards!!

  • CMMODz
    CMMODz Year ago

    You should post the database this looks fun

  • Bertram Egeberg Larsen

    Is it posible to dowload the mod?

  • FG Studios
    FG Studios Year ago

    do more

  • Gijs W
    Gijs W Year ago

    Lol when the assistent manager played Vuj in goal and on field

  • Qusai Rababah
    Qusai Rababah Year ago +1

    You should add a women team with all the sidemen girlfriends and other girlfriends

  • Bill Oddy
    Bill Oddy Year ago

    7:23 LMAO Harry got booked! 😂

  • Dave Brawl Stars
    Dave Brawl Stars Year ago +2

    16:04 that's my birthday!!!!!

  • znog znop
    znog znop Year ago

    Imagine Sidemen FC in fifa 20

  • UDT
    UDT Year ago

    I think if the Sidemen went pro with some TheXvid all stars they could do bits you know

  • Jack Sousdi
    Jack Sousdi Year ago

    do a serie please

  • ismail bg
    ismail bg Year ago +1


  • Takács Zalán

    I started this video in 2018 and I finished it in 2019 ( I live in Central Europe GMC +1) HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE!!!

  • Paul Maloney
    Paul Maloney Year ago

    Sim 5 years

  • Scooter Coreyomg
    Scooter Coreyomg Year ago

    Make Fifa 19 career mode with Millwall

  • James Official
    James Official Year ago

    Bolton finished 9th 😂, anyways I love watching these videos, Josh your doing great! Keep these vids up, great Ideas! Id like to see how far sidemen fc can get!

  • Ryne A
    Ryne A Year ago +1

    I love this game!!

  • Lyffe
    Lyffe Year ago

    Can we somehow Get sidemen ingame? Woud love to try this out!

  • Okaysdmnedits
    Okaysdmnedits Year ago

    My dad was thinking of getting this game, and then he mentioned this video.

  • Ceph Sherry
    Ceph Sherry Year ago

    yes make it to the premier ship

  • Aksel Musse
    Aksel Musse Year ago +2

    Big ups Brøndby IF💙💛💙💛

  • David Quinzin
    David Quinzin Year ago

    Sim for five years with progress then start a series to win the premier league no matter which league you find yourself in after the 5 years.

  • RandomGamer_ 27
    RandomGamer_ 27 Year ago

    Watch Lullojo he’s great he’s called Kev he’s amazing and a good fm content creator

  • Axel Bjerre Rye
    Axel Bjerre Rye Year ago

    that was the exact same way Spencer created Hashtag United, and look them today, just saying

  • Levi Wuyts
    Levi Wuyts Year ago

    do another one please realy loved it

  • mason _boyhipe
    mason _boyhipe Year ago +1

    Sooo amazing

  • UpwindThree 078
    UpwindThree 078 Year ago

    Please do a series on a real team!

  • nooneknowsyou
    nooneknowsyou Year ago

    these are sick
    you should do a season a episode but then show games vs top teams in the league

  • Sam Sung
    Sam Sung Year ago

    We want Vik We want Vik

  • BinkEscabar
    BinkEscabar Year ago

    Make this a series

  • Thomas Emery
    Thomas Emery Year ago

    Come on you cards!!!!!!! (Woking fc!!!!!)

  • Alex Lawrence
    Alex Lawrence Year ago

    Josh I think that you should find the worst team in England and try to take them to the champions league final. I think this would be a hard challenge but very fun to watch

  • Julius Zondag
    Julius Zondag Year ago

    I prefer simple sim for x amounts of years videos as this is all a bit pointless but... not a bad video!

  • Lee
    Lee Year ago

    You put a yellow box over the inbox so we wouldn't see you have 100s of stuff to read in the inbox it didn't work

  • Joshua Johnson
    Joshua Johnson Year ago

    This should be a series

  • Thuan Vo
    Thuan Vo Year ago

    what happend to chrismd

  • jordan compton
    jordan compton Year ago

    You can hire a director of football, then go to the staff section and you can set them to handle all incoming transfers, this means they will go out and sign players and sort their contracts

  • Corey Miller
    Corey Miller Year ago

    Where is Manny

  • Luke Noble
    Luke Noble Year ago

    This series is sick pls keep doing it

  • Oussama Drihem
    Oussama Drihem Year ago

    We want to watch the games

  • Devon Hook
    Devon Hook Year ago

    Best vid

  • EthanFM
    EthanFM Year ago +1

    how do iget it

  • Liam King
    Liam King Year ago

    This was painful to watch

  • Ben Simpson
    Ben Simpson Year ago

    I love these vids

  • Hugh Gongora
    Hugh Gongora Year ago

    Can you please show us all the games

  • Joseph Irawan
    Joseph Irawan Year ago

    Are you the man who got 75k dollars from mrbeast

  • Myst
    Myst Year ago

    Under The Radar team?

  • Not David Witkowski

    Yeehhh, I want more!!!

  • Goldylocks307
    Goldylocks307 Year ago

    You can go to schedule and then calender and you can pick a specific date to come back from vacation i.e. january transfer window end of season pivotal games

  • Rizahri
    Rizahri Year ago

    vikk should just get 1 in every note