Worst Halloween Candy Taste Test (Day 1)

  • Published on Oct 29, 2018
  • Which Halloween candy is the worst of the worst? We're kicking off our 3-day long tournament to find out. GMM #1410
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Comments • 21 946

  • Trinity Lazy wolfy
    Trinity Lazy wolfy 14 hours ago

    You guys should have done razzles

  • KOJO Sledgehammer
    KOJO Sledgehammer 15 hours ago

    Why was whoppers there in the first place

  • Anastasia Miroshnichenko

    "dAdDiEs" "that's appropriate"

  • Analise Smith
    Analise Smith Day ago

    I eat dots

  • Onion Bae1000
    Onion Bae1000 Day ago

    I love raisnettes and whoppers!

  • Anna Thorpe
    Anna Thorpe Day ago +1

    Why r people hating on nick-l-nips they are dope. Butterscotch are good too, MOST OF THESE CANDIES ARE AWESOME

  • Deadpool 124800
    Deadpool 124800 Day ago

    Are you hi dots are so good

  • Frosted Skies
    Frosted Skies 2 days ago

    I loved those atomic fireballs when I was a kid, hah

  • Ally Bull
    Ally Bull 2 days ago

    I used to love nik-l-nips when I had braces😅

  • julien stokley
    julien stokley 2 days ago +1

    I'm 9 And That Is Huge

  • Joy Fry
    Joy Fry 2 days ago

    Whoppers are so nasty 🤢

  • honor quint
    honor quint 3 days ago

    The whoppers are the kings of crunchy candy *Fight me*

  • SerialKillerSweet
    SerialKillerSweet 3 days ago +2

    Dots, niklnips,atomic fire balls, all good I feel offended. 😭😭

    Whoppers and Butterscotch aren’t that bad either.

  • Sheamus201
    Sheamus201 4 days ago

    Dots are good too

  • Sheamus201
    Sheamus201 4 days ago

    Whoppers are amazing i cant believe its even here in this video maltesers are better but still and atomic fireballs are amazing too

  • Celenia Rivera
    Celenia Rivera 4 days ago

    I love spicy candy

  • Brendan Cassel
    Brendan Cassel 4 days ago

    I love licorice.

  • Guy Boi
    Guy Boi 5 days ago

    Who else watched it when it wasn’t even Halloween.

  • Siena Schettino
    Siena Schettino 6 days ago +2

    I love nicklnips

  • Dr Despacito
    Dr Despacito 6 days ago


  • Caden Knutson
    Caden Knutson 7 days ago

    I love dots

  • Andrew Ettenger
    Andrew Ettenger 7 days ago

    I love whoppers

  • Terence Scanlon
    Terence Scanlon 7 days ago +1

    I love dot's!

  • Damian Oso
    Damian Oso 8 days ago

    Nikl nips are so good

  • Adamaster
    Adamaster 8 days ago

    I love dots

  • Keara Ellis-Betts
    Keara Ellis-Betts 8 days ago +1

    *Wait... are whoppers and Maltesers the same thing?* 😂

  • Ruby Howard
    Ruby Howard 10 days ago

    I love whoppers and hot tamales

  • TheSpawnOfYouTube
    TheSpawnOfYouTube 10 days ago

    I used to eat the wax that those wax bottles are made of 😂😂

  • the perfect speed finder

    I have a good idea,every halloween you put one of these buckets in the show

  • Tuffsmoygles
    Tuffsmoygles 10 days ago

    Dots and butterscotch is awesome.

  • Jordan Spencer
    Jordan Spencer 11 days ago +2

    If they still made the vanilla and strawberry milkshake whoppers id still eat them.

  • Dr steve brule
    Dr steve brule 11 days ago

    U guys have sen-sen anywhere besides canada? Those are the worst. That and thrills gum

  • Official Beyblader
    Official Beyblader 11 days ago

    I love raisinets and good and plenty

  • Edvin Sandström
    Edvin Sandström 11 days ago

    In sweden we do eat liqurish but in iceland they eat more

  • Suzy Ng
    Suzy Ng 12 days ago

    I loved butterscotch.....

  • Jaymes Nevis
    Jaymes Nevis 12 days ago

    Dots are bad and you should feel bad!

  • Candy Man
    Candy Man 12 days ago +1

    Raisinets are my favorite

  • Layten Kaid Williams
    Layten Kaid Williams 12 days ago +3

    I freaking love rasinetts😂

  • Λυris
    Λυris 12 days ago

    ASMR shouldn't exist...

  • can we get 10,000 crocs

    i loveeeeeee whoppers 😂

  • Tyler Kennedy
    Tyler Kennedy 13 days ago

    It’s the journey that makes it count. It’s freaking Candy

  • Owl Payson
    Owl Payson 13 days ago

    Pro whopper and licorice

    • Owl Payson
      Owl Payson 13 days ago

      Why are any of them up there

      Okay, I actually don’t mind because people can like what they want

    • Owl Payson
      Owl Payson 13 days ago

      Along with dots, wax drinks, candy corn........
      But mainly the first two

  • CM99501
    CM99501 13 days ago +11

    Butterscotch isn't bad, but its always the "old person" candy.

  • BALD
    BALD 13 days ago

    Hot tamales are 🔥

  • Wwitkovsky
    Wwitkovsky 13 days ago

    I love dots!

  • Gracie smith
    Gracie smith 13 days ago

    i love atomic fireballs but maybe it’s just me

  • TMuSiC
    TMuSiC 13 days ago

    Rasinets are good imo.

  • friend ships
    friend ships 13 days ago +1

    That's sad I actually like nik o nips

  • hellodon
    hellodon 13 days ago

    Why is RHETT never in the description? It’s always LINK in the description. It’s just not fair.

  • Uli Schmidt
    Uli Schmidt 14 days ago

    I love whoppers

  • Genevieve Wiemer
    Genevieve Wiemer 14 days ago

    I like dots but who likes the orange but if you do thank fine also

  • Steven Olivas
    Steven Olivas 14 days ago

    Whoppers, raisinets, atomic fireballs, and butterscotch is delicious and nobody can tell me otherwise

  • Gamma Cookie
    Gamma Cookie 14 days ago +14

    “Do you like that sound?”

  • Kraneapolus
    Kraneapolus 14 days ago

    If you hate dots, butterscotch, or candycorn then you need to die

  • Chargingbull
    Chargingbull 14 days ago

    I freaking hate whoppers

  • Chargingbull
    Chargingbull 14 days ago

    Rhett:My hair goes up link:my hair goes...up?

  • Ben Miller
    Ben Miller 14 days ago +6

    I just bought some Nik-L-Nips off of Amazon after watching this, I loved them as a kid.

  • Shrimpboi
    Shrimpboi 14 days ago

    Link has a cotton candy randy shirt on

  • Kevlar88
    Kevlar88 14 days ago

    I'm like Rhett, there are few things i dislike.

  • King Peng
    King Peng 14 days ago

    You know why they called good and plenty because they ain't good and it's always plenty of em

  • Albino Cadillac
    Albino Cadillac 15 days ago +1

    I eat Dots
    Dots are delicious
    Change. My. Mind.

  • Joseph Gaffke
    Joseph Gaffke 15 days ago

    i love atomic fireballs

  • Isaiah and Floyd
    Isaiah and Floyd 15 days ago

    whoppers are awesome

  • sawyeryankees Sawyer
    sawyeryankees Sawyer 15 days ago +1

    I love good and plenty

  • Streamer HD
    Streamer HD 15 days ago

    Atomic fireballs are Tasty

  • This name is Already taking

    I’m insulted whoppers are amazing my opinion it’s fine if you don’t like it lol nik l nips are also delicious

  • Bigman Dennis
    Bigman Dennis 16 days ago +1

    Cinerator which is also liquor, is a sweet hot cinnamon whiskey, probably like atomic fireball, that or if ur not into sweet, then get fireball

  • Lizzie Corona
    Lizzie Corona 16 days ago +2

    I personally love dots I feel hurt and I also like the wax bottles

  • NIX
    NIX 16 days ago +1


  • kathy reece
    kathy reece 16 days ago

    Sorry wrong video 🐰😫

  • kathy reece
    kathy reece 16 days ago

    I hate avengers infinity war because it killed off spiderman and that's just wrong 💀😡

    • casey
      casey 16 days ago

      Homecoming sucked

  • Husam Dweik
    Husam Dweik 16 days ago

    good and plenty is hella good

  • NinjAve Animated,Gaming

    Are whoppers just crappy maltesers?

  • Adam Allam
    Adam Allam 16 days ago

    I like all of these candies

  • Kimberly Smith
    Kimberly Smith 16 days ago

    Whoppers are amazing.

  • Lucca Chirico
    Lucca Chirico 16 days ago

    Me to

  • Anders McLennan
    Anders McLennan 17 days ago +1

    Who’s picking these candies? Who doesn’t like dots or butterscotch 😂

  • Uknown Entxty
    Uknown Entxty 17 days ago

    Dots are my good ;-;

    MACHETE GAMER 17 days ago +1

    How can you have whoppers, raisenets, and dots. They are AMAZING

  • snake nolastname
    snake nolastname 17 days ago

    Worst candy lacrisal it only taste good with alcohol

  • Nuder s
    Nuder s 17 days ago +1

    i love whoppers

  • Stacy
    Stacy 17 days ago

    Those...are all of my favorite candies...

  • Gacha_ Girl
    Gacha_ Girl 18 days ago

    I love fire balls.....

    I love all the candy you had.....

  • billy jones
    billy jones 18 days ago +4

    Bro...dots were my whole childhood Halloween, I feel so attacked

  • DameOfTheRose
    DameOfTheRose 18 days ago

    whoppers are great

  • Dolphin Bones
    Dolphin Bones 18 days ago

    Nik-l nips are my favorite candy fight me

  • lilwerdo gamer
    lilwerdo gamer 18 days ago

    Butterscotch is best!

  • lololol lol
    lololol lol 18 days ago

    “Never eat Dots alone...” More like never eat Dots ever

  • EvilLord37
    EvilLord37 18 days ago

    Dots are you kidding me?

  • LeanMrfuzzles
    LeanMrfuzzles 18 days ago

    Dots and candy corn are some of my favorites

    ZEKE TORONYI 18 days ago

    i love lequrice y dont u guys

  • SheppardDeGamer! !
    SheppardDeGamer! ! 18 days ago

    DOTS NASTY!!????

  • Grace Talmadge
    Grace Talmadge 18 days ago

    Why am I the only one who loves Raisinets...? :(

  • Ally Mills
    Ally Mills 19 days ago

    Happy Cotton Candy Day!

  • Dr. potato
    Dr. potato 19 days ago

    Call me insane but I love raisinets and dots

  • Destiny Lynne
    Destiny Lynne 19 days ago

    I actually love whoppers lol

  • Tyler Carlin
    Tyler Carlin 19 days ago

    I like dots and whoppers...

  • Corbin Brooks
    Corbin Brooks 19 days ago

    Queen’s Sweet Meat!

  • Gage - Mobile Gaming
    Gage - Mobile Gaming 19 days ago +7

    Why Whoppers... I love those things...

  • Miranda Ann
    Miranda Ann 19 days ago

    Nik L Nips are my life