Worst Halloween Candy Taste Test (Day 1)

  • Published on Oct 29, 2018
  • Which Halloween candy is the worst of the worst? We're kicking off our 3-day long tournament to find out. GMM #1410
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Comments • 22 383

  • Nate Lam
    Nate Lam Day ago

    whoppers are great

  • confetttii
    confetttii 2 days ago

    i actually like raisinets...

  • MR Mcwane
    MR Mcwane 2 days ago

    I like dots

  • Poisonous Weeb
    Poisonous Weeb 2 days ago

    I swear god i would down that bowl of dots in a second

  • PewDiePie4ever
    PewDiePie4ever 2 days ago

    I like rasinettes

  • PewDiePie4ever
    PewDiePie4ever 2 days ago

    I Love Wax Bottles

  • Andres Martinez
    Andres Martinez 3 days ago

    whoppers aregood tho

  • cassie phillips
    cassie phillips 3 days ago

    The whoppers seem like Maltesers and they are honestly the best

  • Carlos S
    Carlos S 3 days ago

    Nik-l-nips are the best wtf

  • Joanna Elizondo
    Joanna Elizondo 3 days ago

    3:50 got em

  • James MinardKing
    James MinardKing 5 days ago

    Waffle House vs IHOP vs Denny’s

  • Gacha Kiki
    Gacha Kiki 5 days ago +1

    Go to Toronto!

  • Lov3 Ston3d
    Lov3 Ston3d 6 days ago

    Personally, I love DOTS.

  • Cassidy Ebersole
    Cassidy Ebersole 6 days ago

    I love raisinets, candy corn and nik-l-nips, and I don’t care what anyone says. Lol

  • Becca Rose
    Becca Rose 6 days ago

    I like Whoppers and Dots.

  • Cheveller72
    Cheveller72 6 days ago

    i love butterscotch

  • Dalai Mami
    Dalai Mami 6 days ago

    I love DOTS

  • Dalai Mami
    Dalai Mami 6 days ago

    Wax bottles were one of my faves as a kid! 🤣

  • Aiden Szmyt
    Aiden Szmyt 7 days ago

    candy corn is horrific. why is it not here

  • Silver Wings19
    Silver Wings19 7 days ago

    I have never had Good and Plenty

  • Oslith
    Oslith 7 days ago

    As someone who will basically eat anything sugary this whole video is conflicting

  • Random Person
    Random Person 7 days ago

    whoppers are amazing

  • _ CJEMM5D _
    _ CJEMM5D _ 8 days ago

    Why are dots on there....

  • Michael Thatcher
    Michael Thatcher 8 days ago

    My mom loves good and plenty.

  • sean66606
    sean66606 8 days ago

    I actually like dots lol. That would’ve been a tough decision for me

  • Infinityy Hiatus
    Infinityy Hiatus 8 days ago +1

    Dots are amazing what are you talking about

  • Cutie The Angel
    Cutie The Angel 9 days ago


  • Bryce
    Bryce 9 days ago

    Some of these are good.

  • TheRunn
    TheRunn 9 days ago

    11:16 i don’t know why but this made me laugh so hard

  • Galactic Speed
    Galactic Speed 10 days ago

    Whoever said that shoppers are bad deserves to be whopped

  • Kathi
    Kathi 10 days ago

    Whoppers taste like old soap

  • Dana Gorham
    Dana Gorham 11 days ago

    Whoppers candies are wonderful!!

  • Lagatomic
    Lagatomic 11 days ago

    do a game test

  • zxitscorbinlul
    zxitscorbinlul 11 days ago

    Dots are flame

  • SinfulSonic
    SinfulSonic 11 days ago +1

    Dots are absolutely amazing lol

  • Pottymouth 1
    Pottymouth 1 12 days ago

    Asmr videos are the stupidest thing ever

  • Vivoxy
    Vivoxy 12 days ago +1

    I like whoppers dots and fireballs.

  • BillyTheHardcoreGamer
    BillyTheHardcoreGamer 12 days ago

    I LOVE Raisinets! Oh my freakin.... ah! Love them! Lol

  • that is InCoRrEcT
    that is InCoRrEcT 12 days ago +2

    “Happy cotton candy day daddies”
    “That’s appropriate”

  • Zodiac Gacha 101
    Zodiac Gacha 101 13 days ago

    Good and plenty is my dads favorite candy

  • Typhloshaun
    Typhloshaun 13 days ago

    Aren't whoppers just malteasers

  • btv
    btv 13 days ago

    Dots... Butterscotch... The NERVE

  • blazevlogs
    blazevlogs 13 days ago

    Nik L Nips are awesome 😫😪

  • Sugondese nuts
    Sugondese nuts 13 days ago

    Just now realized nikl nips are not suppose to be fully eaten..Whoops..

  • SzechuanSophie
    SzechuanSophie 13 days ago

    Someone else’s finger

  • SzechuanSophie
    SzechuanSophie 13 days ago

    One time I was like nine years old i didn’t know u weren’t saposed eat the wax and I ate a whole pack and I threw up

  • Haley Howell
    Haley Howell 13 days ago

    Cool pumpkins

  • Taylor Robinson
    Taylor Robinson 13 days ago

    I love dots

  • Triggerchu Gaming
    Triggerchu Gaming 14 days ago

    Atomic fireballs are amazing

  • ItsDaveMedia
    ItsDaveMedia 14 days ago +1

    Link: It’s like eating a blanket!
    Link: *contemplates all his life choices*

  • Abby Hopper
    Abby Hopper 14 days ago

    Some of these candies were my top favorites😅

  • The Salt Rose
    The Salt Rose 14 days ago

    The sour dots were great but they were discontinued.

  • TTV_crabdaddy_YT
    TTV_crabdaddy_YT 14 days ago +1

    Let me be the hero go to 4:15

  • EmileeJean24
    EmileeJean24 14 days ago

    Maybe this year they will do the "16 best Halloween candies!" That would be fun to see!! 😄😄🎃🎃

  • Jhf 330
    Jhf 330 15 days ago

    I love whoppers

  • Richard Romesburg
    Richard Romesburg 15 days ago +1

    Everyone hates dots I LOVE them

  • Aiden Hofeling
    Aiden Hofeling 15 days ago

    Saying atomic fireballs were made in 1954 that was when Gojira was made

  • A Dude
    A Dude 15 days ago

    I despise Halloween but candy is delicious

  • nerdy fun
    nerdy fun 16 days ago

    Dots are my favorite candy

  • lpsseaturtles
    lpsseaturtles 16 days ago

    I love Whoppers and always will