• Published on Dec 13, 2019
  • Links golf medal round, the guys are on their Portugal golf holiday at Palmares Golf Course and they have decided a medal round is the best way to tackle this golf course.Top links golf courses are tough enough at the best of times but with strong winds this is a true links golf course test. Portugal golf has some of the best golf holidays you can ask for with a variety of golf courses to play. Enjoy this links golf stroke play vlog from the guys latest golf trip.
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Comments • 75

  • grahamts36
    grahamts36 Month ago

    Zmedal play is stable Ford so you would both have three points after two holes depending on h/c

  • Jacob Erwin
    Jacob Erwin Month ago +1

    no one caught the knuckle ball at 16:10?

  • Quett Lai
    Quett Lai Month ago

    What's medals?

  • Todd Bassett
    Todd Bassett Month ago

    I am loving the medal play! Please do more.....thanks much for the awesome content!

  • James Gooding
    James Gooding Month ago

    THat drive on the second hole needs a 18+ rating that was pure filth

  • Andrew Keightley
    Andrew Keightley Month ago

    They have to suffer in medals so we do to love it. Give the people what they want Mark, seeing you and Lockey suffer. 🤣 Lockey is basically doing what we all do in a monthly medal scrambling like a trooper🔥🔥🐯

  • lambrettabad
    lambrettabad Month ago

    Unrelated topic....... who won the trip to Dubai? I hope it wasn’t just a ploy to get mygolftravel through GDPR!

  • hudsonrilke
    hudsonrilke Month ago

    hey, no asking what club he used before hittin yours guys :)

  • James Allen
    James Allen Month ago

    Was soooooo disappointed in that course when I played it really overrated

  • Mark Preston
    Mark Preston Month ago

    Sheez, I'm glad that's not my weekly medal course 😕

  • Michael Abraham
    Michael Abraham Month ago

    Where has Rory been

  • Paul Houghton
    Paul Houghton Month ago

    Those greens look scary, lovely location. Coaches is putting is very impressive these days!

  • notformebeaky
    notformebeaky Month ago

    I think people are too frightened of the word "links" when it comes to golf.
    In some ways Links courses are significantly easier than other types of course.
    First of all they tend to have very few trees, secondly they tend to have fairways which run adjacent to others, so no real punishment for wayward shots.
    Also, if you miss the green, you can often putt from a good distance off the green.
    Yes, the weather can be challenging, but in general I would say that Links courses are very straight forward, don't require a great deal of course management compared with a tight heathland course and because many are very old, they are easier to overcome with modern equipment, for example The Old Course at St. Andrews is a very easy course.

  • Prima Facie
    Prima Facie Month ago

    Ha I hear the sound of a true rescue club being used in the rough at 2.30

  • Jedidiah West
    Jedidiah West Month ago

    I can’t get any of my friends to play match play. They feel as if they have a better chance of me blowing up on one hole than they would playing well enough to win a few more holes than me. But they usually lose lol

  • zdaniele
    zdaniele Month ago

    Should be more Medal rounds learn how to play the game⛳️

  • Richard James
    Richard James Month ago

    always love the on course vids especially the match ups and medal play is a great leveller - looking forward to the next set!

  • Matthew Croad
    Matthew Croad Month ago

    I don't play too many medals as its too stressful. Could be the reason why so many of us play so defensively.

  • Alan Waterworth
    Alan Waterworth Month ago +1

    "they have to suffer medals, they want us to suffer them too!".. Yep, that´s what medal is about...

  • JimmyJimmy
    JimmyJimmy Month ago

    Crossfield that drive on the second is one of your best. Epic swing

  • Ben Swanton
    Ben Swanton Month ago

    “Stableford ...?!” 🤣🤣🤣 #CoachKnowsBest

  • Callum O'Reilly
    Callum O'Reilly Month ago

    Evening chaps. A long one but I hope you read it. I haven't swang a golf club since July. I played football for my village team and catastrophically shattered my Tibia and Fibula in my right leg. It's now close to Xmas and it's still not healing and I need another operation in January to hopefully coax it to heal. Every single evening I watch your content and when I'm bored during the day I'll go back and watch a funny vlog from years gone by. Cornwall pipe was today's. Matt's the same age as me Mark (isn't) 😂 you boys keep my chin up when it could so easily drop and stay very down. My goal, after my second operation in January is to get healed and actually play a round of golf once again. I'll be starting again basically as a new golfer so all your coaching content will surely help as it always has. Keep doing what you are doing. You guys are awesome. Much appreciated, from a long time huge fan (ex forces) Callum 👍

  • Michael Heathfield
    Michael Heathfield Month ago

    How much do I have to donate to charity to get one of those puttouts behind you Matt?

  • Mange Larsson
    Mange Larsson Month ago

    Love you Lovely Boys!

  • Martin hadleigh
    Martin hadleigh Month ago

    Beautiful location, but quite testing conditions! Great entertainment as usual 👍👌🏌🏻‍♂️🏌🏻‍♂️ 🏅 ⛳️

  • Andrew J Gordon
    Andrew J Gordon Month ago

    Lockey's putt on the 1st was insane, brilliant fun with the both of you offering a way out of the game before even finishing the 1st 😂. Then Locks on the 2nd just a briĺliant well played par.?..cough?.
    Mark its a wonder you stayed brilliant course i remember you playing it with Rory, it looks even better now. Already looking forward to the next episode guys..thank you..

  • Eric Beauregard
    Eric Beauregard Month ago

    2:28 Patrick Reed playing on the next hole

  • Terry Wright
    Terry Wright Month ago

    Medal is a true test of your handicap

  • John Magnell
    John Magnell Month ago

    I’m sorry. I’m going to be awful... Coach needs to work on his course management. Ex. On par threes. Use enough club, the same for approach shots. He seems to expect the “perfect “ hit every time. And pls: use a tee peg. It’s an advantage. Stop trying to hit your driver both ways. Choose a shape and stick with it. Always. Etc etc. Sorry, sorry I suspect I will be bawled at for trying to be an expert when I’m not. I suck at golf and I know it.

  • Geoff Bray
    Geoff Bray Month ago

    Love it boys, I prefer medal.

  • Matt Chiles
    Matt Chiles Month ago

    Dread to think what I would score on there 😭

  • Steven Kerr
    Steven Kerr Month ago

    That par 3 was brutal man

  • Erik Segelbranth
    Erik Segelbranth Month ago

    Love the tracers on the par 3 😍

  • Rob Biles
    Rob Biles Month ago

    Medal in the wind. Should be easy for a couple of Pro's.

  • Solomon Li
    Solomon Li Month ago

    Beautiful... simply beautiful! Love it!!!

  • Chris
    Chris Month ago

    Seems that missing the greens/shots on the right side is important here, and I didn't feel that much thought was going into that.

  • Mal Ovens
    Mal Ovens Month ago

    Love this stuff, well done Boys

  • Beau Allen
    Beau Allen Month ago

    240 par 3s are somewhat ridiculous for the average golfer #shothole

  • Bradley Phelps
    Bradley Phelps Month ago

    Coach needs that wedge 1 degree upright

  • Peter Armstrong
    Peter Armstrong Month ago

    Incredible camera work!

  • dave palmerton
    dave palmerton Month ago

    That's a brutal par 3.

  • Ken Kilgore
    Ken Kilgore Month ago

    Wow that wind. Reminds me of the Scotland coast

  • Chris
    Chris Month ago

    Why is Rory doing his own your golf travel VLOGS now?

    • agfi88
      agfi88 Month ago +1

      Probably had enough of being the brunt of the dad jokes from crossy

  • mike Davies
    mike Davies Month ago

    Rorys making par on the first 😉😉#rayontour

  • Keith Finley
    Keith Finley Month ago

    In all our years together, I can't remember Coach rolling it better

  • Gavin Williams
    Gavin Williams Month ago +1

    Love the vlogs but hate you zooming inti each others earhole instead of following the ball. I love. Every vid

  • Jason Suter
    Jason Suter Month ago +1

    Watching this ive done 2 bags of prawnies wheres yours matt😉😋

  • Robin C
    Robin C Month ago

    One of my favourite courses in Portugal...this and West Cliffs...doesn't get better !!

  • John Sadler
    John Sadler Month ago +1

    Hey guys .. would be helpful (selfishly for me) to analyse and explain how Coach goes from a pull hook to hitting it straight right. I ask because it's my golf on a bad day :-). Not playing enough myself but trying to take the big left out of my game

  • Justin Ives
    Justin Ives Month ago +1

    Stress golf

  • david groom
    david groom Month ago

    Links my arse!!!!!

  • Thomas O'Sullivan
    Thomas O'Sullivan Month ago +1

    Those greens! Can I chuck some clubs and put in a laser level. Got to see more medal from you boys if nothing more than to hear you complain about putting out 😂🤣

  • Barry Vigus
    Barry Vigus Month ago +1

    Magic !

  • don stage
    don stage Month ago

    Lol you call that wind. Here in the desert we call that a breeze.

  • don stage
    don stage Month ago +1

    When people hit into you. Pick the ball up and pocket it. IF they ask if you picked up their ball? You answer I picked up A BALL but it can't be yours as it was right here by us and you would never hit a ball up here by us.

  • Andrew Maerz
    Andrew Maerz Month ago

    What shoe's are you wearing in this video Mark?

  • Don Addyman
    Don Addyman Month ago

    Ringing the bell, giving 👍's up! And what do I get? Yet another evening of 🦡's 🐦's 🦆's & G8 Golf!

  • AlexNblue
    AlexNblue Month ago

    Par on the second hole is expert level scab golf! #army

  • Christopher Vazquez
    Christopher Vazquez Month ago +2

    Love seeing the boys struggle a little...human after all!

  • stephen pettitt
    stephen pettitt Month ago +1

    Medal was a brave call

    • stephen pettitt
      stephen pettitt Month ago

      Tyler Campbell I would 100% recommend getting lessons, doesn’t have to be loads just enough to get you going in the right direction. Try and find someone who can recommend you a good golf pro

    • Tyler Campbell
      Tyler Campbell Month ago

      @stephen pettitt appreciate it! I'm thinking about taking a gold lesson before I get going, assuming that I'm doing a good amount of things wrong with my swing, might try to get that down before I develop too many bad habits

    • stephen pettitt
      stephen pettitt Month ago

      Tyler Campbell excellent I hope you enjoy it. Golfs a great game, there’s so many levels to it and you can find elation and misery at every level. All the best

    • Tyler Campbell
      Tyler Campbell Month ago

      @stephen pettitt gotcha! Never heard it called that before! I just got my first set of clubs last months and looking forward to getting into golf, played a few times in high school, but that's about it

    • stephen pettitt
      stephen pettitt Month ago +1

      Tyler Campbell it’s basically competition strokeplay (no gimmies) I guess the name comes from the fact that most golf clubs will run strokeplay competitions where the player with the lowest gross or net score over 18 holes receives a medal 🏅. It’s the same format they generally play every week on the pga tour. The fear factor with it is that you have to complete every hole regardless of how badly you play it so 1 bad hole could completely ruin your round and that could be the 1st, the 18th or any hole in between.
      Doesn’t sound so bad a format for pro’s to play but in this instance the conditions are tough and it’s a course they don’t know with very quick slopey greens, one or both of them could shoot a high score which would probably result in people in the comments questioning their pro status