The controversial F1 legend that nearly missed making history

  • Published on Jul 14, 2019
  • Back in 2009, Formula 1 experienced something of a revolution in its competitive order, which sparked off a chain of events that led directly to the grand prix scene of '19. And it largely centered around one team and one car, with one key innovation.
    In this exclusive video, the full history of the Brawn GP 001 is explained - complete with footage and images from the time, as well as dedicated in-depth 3D modelling to demonstrate the car's aerodynamic strengths.
    This the full story of Brawn GP.
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  • Christian
    Christian 6 days ago

    It was the fake green alloys that made them win.

  • ArnavG Plays
    ArnavG Plays 11 days ago

    Ross Brawn should head the FIA. We wouldn’t have problems with top teams not agreeing to the rules.

  • Happy 2020 from The Mr. Pete Channel!

    FIA rule makers seem fragile.

  • CrankyYankeeF1
    CrankyYankeeF1 Month ago

    The fact that you have someone to do your after effects like this yet still choose to have three people sit and do taking head interviews half the time is beyond bizarre. Toss some of that creative execution my way I’ll show you how to use it

  • Sunki HD
    Sunki HD Month ago

    0:10 Ferrari and McLaren? And what’s up with Red Bull?

  • Terry Low
    Terry Low Month ago +1

    brawn gp aka the Leicester City of F1

  • a smell of petroleum pervades throughout

    you need deep pockets for the Brawn model. 1:8 scale €7,190.00

  • Bughatii Lovren
    Bughatii Lovren Month ago

    Ross Brawn is a legend. He also made Ferrari

  • Darren Kastl
    Darren Kastl Month ago

    It's all Bolderdash I tell you!

  • Alex Rodriguez
    Alex Rodriguez Month ago

    in Ross Brawn we trust

  • Keat Mun Leong
    Keat Mun Leong Month ago

    How about a special on the Singapore Grand Prix?

  • TheRealD4VID
    TheRealD4VID Month ago +1

    Honda sells team to Brawn for £1. A year later he sells 75% stake to Mercedes. Hmm. I wonder how many one pounds were exchanged this time...

  • Phantom_Dweeb706 BRUH

    That thing felt like it could destroy the 2021 cars already

  • Tom Tim
    Tom Tim Month ago +1

    Brawn looks like he suffers from Down syndrome.....

  • KooperSpeederYT
    KooperSpeederYT Month ago

    ...And make that 6.

  • Sub Zero
    Sub Zero Month ago

    Brawn Mercedes ............ Yeah car but.......... ahem....
    * *24 Months more ADVANCED than the other teams*

    >>> Legend your ass.....i say.

  • Wez Ross
    Wez Ross 2 months ago

    Did I just hear "no one could have predicted the 2008 financial crisis"??
    No one except like 10 plus highly regarded economists. No one except them lot.

  • dezpotizmOFheaven
    dezpotizmOFheaven 2 months ago

    Today Mercedes own 6 constructer and driver champion titles in a row.
    And rule changes, aiming on the power unit, that were supposed to be made for 2021 were canceled, because the mosz dominant team does not want these changes.
    Back in the 2000's, when Ferrari were dominating, the rules were changes with the aim to eliminate Ferrari's advantage(s).
    So sad what happened to Formula 1 and the FIA...

  • -RagingPotato-
    -RagingPotato- 2 months ago +7

    Mercedes did exactly what honda/Brawn GP did, focus on the upcoming rule changes. And dominance was the result.

    • Meerkat More
      Meerkat More 12 days ago

      Mercedes was always smart and thinking ahead. When you're already good to go for a race as soon as you get there, it makes the stuff you can't plan for a lot easier to deal with. Mercedes, unlike many teams these days, knows the true power of information. They know that every tiny little bit of data you can gather is vital, whether it be on your car or an opponent

    • FutureF123
      FutureF123 18 days ago

      All of the current Mercedes dominance is due to Ross Brawn. The foundation that he built starting in 2008 at Brackley was a major long term investment as he knew the V6 hybrids were coming. Mercedes has nothing until the hybrid era and it’s all thanks to Brawn

    • Takumi Fujiwara
      Takumi Fujiwara 26 days ago

      Er no. Mercedes was the only one who knew about the V6 Turbo regulation coming years prior unlike the rest of the field.

  • Hap Kebap
    Hap Kebap 2 months ago

    So basically honda did al the research and they didnt know if they put it together they would have such a good car.

  • Reese _
    Reese _ 2 months ago


  • Wolfgang Wyk
    Wolfgang Wyk 2 months ago

    There is a Reason He is Sir Ross Brawn

  • DocWolph
    DocWolph 2 months ago

    Dave Gurney would be proud.

  • Pepão 2
    Pepão 2 2 months ago

    Projeto da Honda, Ross Brawn pegou tudo pronto

  • Mellysia
    Mellysia 2 months ago

    Now 6 time World drivers and constructors champion behind Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas.

  • mrmuranga
    mrmuranga 2 months ago

    Amazing history..thanks

  • Michael Miller
    Michael Miller 2 months ago +1

    Ferrari's position on everything: "If we didn't think of it it should be illegal because we're Ferrari and you're not."
    Fuck Ferrari.

  • TommyTarkov
    TommyTarkov 2 months ago

    Mr.Brawn WOOPED them buds.

  • zeus lim
    zeus lim 2 months ago

    My favourite team lol.

  • David Foster
    David Foster 3 months ago

    Quite an insight and thank you very much for compiling & uploading this video!
    No mention made of the “wheel discs”??
    Did they make any difference?

  • MistaChow
    MistaChow 3 months ago

    Make that 6

  • Raphael Kostas
    Raphael Kostas 3 months ago +1

    00:34 the tyre is rotating on the rim

    • Nyxx x
      Nyxx x Month ago

      No it's not, that's a rim cover look at the bottom of the cover you can see the rim behind it

  • Amaroq Starwind
    Amaroq Starwind 3 months ago +1

    I think the FIA needs to stop listening to Ferrari.

  • Declan Russell
    Declan Russell 3 months ago

    That's just ferrari. They are that crap that they have to get things that are better than them banned just to stay alive

  • Nick Sweden
    Nick Sweden 3 months ago

    10 years today

  • Insprill
    Insprill 3 months ago

    9:27 **6 lol

  • Chalky
    Chalky 3 months ago

    I'd like to hope the 2021 regulation changes will allow something like this to happen again, but with the top teams having too much say in vetoing changes it's unlikely tbe changes will benefit anyone but them.

  • Aniket K
    Aniket K 3 months ago +2

    9:32 ... 6 .. ya! .. amazing for Mercedes & boring for viewers!

  • nobody cares 123
    nobody cares 123 3 months ago

    You talk about Mercedes being dominant but do they have a 100% championship win rate
    Didn't think so

  • Press Start
    Press Start 3 months ago +1

    My favourite f1 car and Livery

  • Chang Ye
    Chang Ye 3 months ago +2

    Honestly one of the Sexiest F1 cars in history.

  • Shayyan Khan
    Shayyan Khan 3 months ago

    Make that 6 titles in a row

  • ost1234
    ost1234 3 months ago +1

    9:09 forgot to mention that it was problably the most expensive f1 car ever

  • Free Citizen
    Free Citizen 3 months ago

    That is Mr Brown for you.

  • Matt Fairfield
    Matt Fairfield 3 months ago

    You look exactly like the WTF1 guy. Lol I like you more though so well done xD

  • American Truck Simulator y mas

    Rosa Brawn the smartest person in the World, such a legend

  • Chris Tanada
    Chris Tanada 3 months ago

    think of it from 2009 to 2019. 11 seasons, brawn/mercs have dominated 7 seasons and only redbull have won the other 4 seasons. mercedes engines have also won a title 8 out of the last 12 seasons(i know ferrari was the constructors champions in 08 but lewis won a drivers title so that counts as he used a merc engine)

  • Martin Bendixen
    Martin Bendixen 3 months ago

    Wonderful video and fantastic technical insight! Thank You!

  • Mauro De Simone
    Mauro De Simone 3 months ago

    Ok now I know this channel is bullshit. The sole reason why Brawn gp's car was better than anyone else was because the "improvements" they had were because of a loophole in the rules that Brawn knew and withheld.

    I NEVER understood though why everyone loved it.

    But to proove my point, comes the fact that we never saw the Brawn gp car or the team ever again. That is because they knew they had nothing else but that cheating they did that one year.

  • Brigante Antiitalia
    Brigante Antiitalia 3 months ago

    BRAWN GP è tutto regolare. ferrari ha comprato tutte gare truccate come rubentus, vergognaccia !!!! ferrari è sempre antisportivo dal 1950.

  • Edward Byard
    Edward Byard 4 months ago

    Say thanks to the Super Aguri team who did a considerable amount of the aero work on what became the BGP001. Not a lot of people know that Pete McCool and his team in Leafield developed the double diffuser idea, before Nick Fry got Super Aguri binned. The guys at Honda saw the potential of the idea and literally took the computers and files from Super Aguri.

  • Louis Woodward
    Louis Woodward 4 months ago

    can we just have a moment to respect the fact that Button drove and entire f1 season, winning 6 races without breaking anything.

  • trya mukna
    trya mukna 4 months ago

    I was in Melbourne for their first race. The car was plain white on the first day, no sponsor then. No one thought they would end up winning the race. simply amazing....

  • T Someone
    T Someone 4 months ago

    F1.... The sport of politics..... U can do what you want with the rules the owner of f1 approves.... And yes it is run by 1 person that is why is called f1......

  • Erik Wong
    Erik Wong 4 months ago +1

    Honda folded with a straight flush.

  • Nick Hill
    Nick Hill 4 months ago

    Incredible story, great job telling it. To hear most people tell it, the 2009 WDC should have gone to the double diffuser itself - Jenson gets shamefully little credit for some brilliant driving. And, as the video does a great job portraying, Brawn weren't the only ones running the double diffuser and that car was quick for other factors too. As fans, a part of is wants it to be all about the driver hero but, in F1, a lot of it comes down to tech and luck. Jenson made the most of his luck during the first half of 09 and came away with the title...just as legit as any other WDC in my book.

  • Lucas Rodrigues
    Lucas Rodrigues 4 months ago

    The fastest lap of 2009 Pre Season is from Rubens Barrichello with 1:18.926, only beated by Kimi Räikkönen in 2017 Pre Season with 1:18.634. I love this car, my favorite!

  • Abhulimhen Peter Odianose

    Brawn GP became Mercedes Petronas F1 Team.. How cool is that? Nice

  • joe coquerre
    joe coquerre 4 months ago

    That car almost killed MASSA for revenge, against Ferrari"s bad blood, towards her father Ross......!!!

  • Orion Parish
    Orion Parish 4 months ago

    Of course the real problem teams had with Brawn was that it was kicking all of their asses and they didn't have anything to stop them.
    Red Bull tried to make 2009's season more fun late, but it was too late I feel. But it was a fun season to watch.