The controversial F1 legend that nearly missed making history

  • Published on Jul 14, 2019
  • Back in 2009, Formula 1 experienced something of a revolution in its competitive order, which sparked off a chain of events that led directly to the grand prix scene of '19. And it largely centered around one team and one car, with one key innovation.
    In this exclusive video, the full history of the Brawn GP 001 is explained - complete with footage and images from the time, as well as dedicated in-depth 3D modelling to demonstrate the car's aerodynamic strengths.
    This the full story of Brawn GP.
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  • Karl S.
    Karl S. 3 days ago

    Whaaaaat ???
    Williams and Toyota had a DD from the first Race ?
    Im not sure about that. As far as i know RedBull and BMW Sauber was the only Teams beside Brawn, who had an similar DD.
    Williams and Toyota was nowhere in 2009.

  • ElTurbinado
    ElTurbinado 4 days ago

    So this was awesome, until that ridiculous babe in the center at 8:06 made me completely forget what the video was about.

  • menon koonjul
    menon koonjul 4 days ago

    Schumacher developed the Team for Mercedes for what it is today, just as he did with the Ferrari F1.

  • Hugo Stiglitz
    Hugo Stiglitz 5 days ago

    Not controversial, just BETTER. Brawn rules. Fuck Red Bull.

  • CrazyLizard!!!
    CrazyLizard!!! 7 days ago

    Ferrari don't like losing. Brawn just decided to do something about losing rather than just sit down and sulk

  • Not Sosig Ramsey
    Not Sosig Ramsey 8 days ago

    almost every car in 2009 had that Really ugly Raised nose
    Brawn didn’t have that
    that is why they where world champions :)

  • Snotty Scotty
    Snotty Scotty 10 days ago

    Toyota didn't win because Truli was lazy and asleep at the wheel.

  • K D
    K D 11 days ago

    This was a ploy to prevent Lewis from winning in 2009 until the finalised regulation change of 2010 were sought.

  • Anruimentair
    Anruimentair 12 days ago

    If Ross Brawn didnt buy Honda Mercedes wouldnt be dominating now...

    • Karl S.
      Karl S. 3 days ago +1

      Well... than Mercedes would stay with McLaren, and McLaren Mercedes would be still dominant.
      And maybe after Ron Dennis leave, Mercedes would buy McLaren.

  • Fernando Cavalli
    Fernando Cavalli 13 days ago +3

    Excellent approach and nice use of graphics.
    You sir just earned a new subscriber.

  • VH DM
    VH DM 13 days ago +11

    Jenson Button: used 3 chassis for whole season
    Pierre Gasly: destroyed 3 chassis before half season

  • Andrew Norris
    Andrew Norris 14 days ago

    Honda should know not to pull out during bad times and stay with the UK for longer. The same lesson applies today with Brexit.

    • Piotrek
      Piotrek 13 days ago

      Thanks, but - no. I have seen hundreds of hondas over the years, I owned 9 of them (got 3 atm). They were from all over the world - Japan, US and UK as well. And those assembled in UK are so far the worst cars I've seen. Not even talking about design, but jumping into US/Jap assembled Hondas I felt safe and praised. Getting into UK produced cars, I was just thinking - ok, what will fell off this time?
      It's a great news for me that they pull out of UK, despite I live in Britain. The new trade agreement with EU means they can produce better cars in Japan and sell them for the same price in Europe. So ultimately, I can get better car for the same price.
      And those couple thousands jobs lost in UK? Well... Though. They can all change their qualifications and find job elsewhere. Nobody promised those guys to have a same job for 30 years...

  • Vignesh Balasubramaniam

    Honda is the best!!!

  • Music Islife
    Music Islife 14 days ago

    Very informative and well produced. Cheers :)

  • Lenny Marcus
    Lenny Marcus 14 days ago

    March the sick-th?

  • The LION King
    The LION King 15 days ago

    Ferrari should have and must now watch Brawn and his moves closely to understand the mindset of him in regulations and find a way to improve its cars instead of complaining about it or just telling us after every race that “we got a great package and we are still learning and figuring out the flaws to be improved🤦🏻‍♂️” they will even say that after 21 races too...!!! Ferrari is failing not because of their race team, its because of what they couldn’t achieve by listening to people who actually knows about the thing!!! Typical Italians. Being a fan of Ferrari is extremely frustrating that they haven’t won a single race this season!!!🙈

  • Hello Lemons
    Hello Lemons 15 days ago +2

    Why are we even surprised? It's Ross Brawn we're talking about.

  • Alexander Hannig
    Alexander Hannig 15 days ago

    This Car was a real Ingenieur-Masterpiece Car

  • Keat Mun Leong
    Keat Mun Leong 16 days ago

    Genesis of the Singapore Grand Prix?

  • Sterling Crockett
    Sterling Crockett 16 days ago

    Ferrari has never tolerated cheating of any sort, unless they are the ones getting away with it. I loved watching Brawn GP run roughshod over Ferrari that year, just as I'm laughing myself silly watching Ferrari torpedo any chance of winning the 2019 championship. Every year the team keeps making it so easy for me to keep disliking them.

  • ben6993
    ben6993 16 days ago

    Couple of other bits of info if anyones interested.
    Mercedes and Ferrari offered to supply an engine to Brawn GP, seeing the struggles they were in. The team went with Mercedes because the factory was close by and the engine fitted better
    One of the proposed names for the team was "pure racing"
    The reason Brawn GP didn't perform as well in the second half of the season was due to their lack of budget. They couldn't afford to develop the car during the year which is why they couldn't keep the advantage up.
    Another reason was Jenson was under so much pressure, the championship was his to lose, a situation he never imagined himself in.
    When Jenson drove the car (for the first time I believe) he didn't like how it drove. Unbeknownst to him he had set the 2nd quickest time.
    The gearbox sat 10-12mm higher than the Honda one, which had an effect on the car's handling.
    A lot of money was thrown at the car and considering they only had 3 chassis and a limited budget its amazing they won both titles. Had they had the funds to carry on development they would've captured the title a lot sooner in my opinion. One of my favourite liveries.

  • Luka Nyan
    Luka Nyan 16 days ago

    How to make that cool shoot? 1:50

  • ivan gillette
    ivan gillette 17 days ago

    How to win at f1: get brawn or newey. Maybe infinite money....

  • shogrran
    shogrran 17 days ago

    Ooooh. Newbie here. So is this (partially) why mercedes is so dominant now?

  • Aнастасия Романовой

    Ross Brawn was always the F1 Mastermind..

  • Guem Takenouchi
    Guem Takenouchi 18 days ago

    Rubens Barrichello is the man!

  • sniffitick
    sniffitick 18 days ago +1

    batteling with ferrari and mclaren redbull was accualy second but nice vid

  • Dan Ked
    Dan Ked 19 days ago +2

    Don't ever say England and put a ring around ireland

    • göktuğ özturan
      göktuğ özturan 17 days ago

      You guys scotland and wales are joke how england dominated you guys that your primary language has become english

    • göktuğ özturan
      göktuğ özturan 17 days ago

      Sucks to be a worse country and you primary language is ENGLISH

  • Foxtrot6624
    Foxtrot6624 19 days ago

    I really want to love Mercedes but god, Hamilton is such a knob jockey

  • vinnyvasquez
    vinnyvasquez 20 days ago +1

    "Loved the world over", quite the opposite i recall. They exploited a loophole in the rules and competitors weren't able to replicate in time. Hardly a rags to riches story like is portrayed here. It was a bullshit season won by a freaky body part, a boil on F1's history that should of been lanced at the beginning. .

  • bot. koalay
    bot. koalay 20 days ago +2

    engineers just doing engineer things thats all it is

  • Arya Dwitama
    Arya Dwitama 21 day ago

    "3 weeks before race of the season..." Look like brawn wait until honda develope the 2009 spec then buy the team immediately

  • Attilio De Moliner
    Attilio De Moliner 21 day ago

    too many idiotic comments so I wont say a thing

  • Mr Chainanimal
    Mr Chainanimal 24 days ago +1

    I've always been fascinated by the success of Ross with Brawn GP. This car must have been light years ahead of competition, when somebody like Button could win a race with it, let alone the championship. Great vid!

  • Gwelloboy
    Gwelloboy 25 days ago

    Still don't understand why Ross Brawn hasn't been given a knighthood yet

  • friggincanvee
    friggincanvee 25 days ago

    Can I just say - 5:04 it seems like many Brits struggle to say 'sixth', rather they say 'sickth'. Martin Brundle does it too. Once you hear it...

  • ruedafest
    ruedafest 26 days ago +2

    I finally could understand how dd works. thanks

  • Shtrakimrak
    Shtrakimrak 27 days ago

    2:03 uhm, people kind of did. but nobody believed it could run into the ground.

  • Spicy Chicken Marsala Cucumber Salad w/ Pico

    Say innovative like that one more goddamn time.

  • Trent McGee
    Trent McGee 28 days ago

    Excellent, excellent video. Well done and thank you. 😃

  • Alan Overbeek
    Alan Overbeek Month ago

    Wonderful, this overload of forgotten facts about BrawnGP. It goes from Tyrell to BAR to BrawnGP, which has become now, the seemingly unbeatable Mercedes - AMG Petronas Motorsport team. Beneton Renault is the team which caused my full and since then complete adiction to F1 racing. Would very much like to see all the facts, figures and numbers around this team!!!!

  • Ross Meigh
    Ross Meigh Month ago

    Fascinating, I never knew other teams had the DD too!

  • Roland Oguchukwu
    Roland Oguchukwu Month ago

    I almost left this room. But as a formula 1 fan it's been an interesting video in the end for me, understanding the history of my favorite team in Motorsport AMG big thank u bro...well done 👊🏼👏

  • Srini Krish
    Srini Krish Month ago +1

    Ferrari need a Brit to run the team. The italians are good engineera but not good leaders

  • Cormac McGrath
    Cormac McGrath Month ago

    @3:07, the Republic of Ireland is not in the Uk

  • daniel zaka
    daniel zaka Month ago

    it was politics nothing else and that is the reason brawn was allowed to race with that car. End of story nothing extraordinary

  • Eddie Edmond
    Eddie Edmond Month ago

    Ross Brawn is really The Legend of F1. He created Champion Cars and Championship Pilots. Respect for Brawn

  • Henry Phillips
    Henry Phillips Month ago

    Same chassis all year, no damage! Incredible luck, I mean skill!

  • Igehay Nation
    Igehay Nation Month ago +1

    Honestly Red Bull would have easily won the championship that year had Vettel made lesser mistakes , He threw away so many points

  • Necroticaa
    Necroticaa Month ago

    this is not acurate at all WHATSOEVER... they had to remove the dubble difuser half way cuz it was AGIANST the rules... THEY CHEATED we all know this but u dont mention this one time jenson is a fake champ the world knows this.... stop being a british fanboy...

  • Antony Maussen
    Antony Maussen Month ago

    Observational feedback only - stop shift looking to your left in the videos. Also not sure why every 10 seconds it switches to you talking and waving your hands about - necessary?

  • Dave Saunders
    Dave Saunders Month ago

    F1 sucks now. True story.

  • Cheurtra
    Cheurtra Month ago

    The story of Brawn Gp shows how much honda in F1 is a joke. First, to come in F1 they promessed their board they'll hire a japanese driver. Then they bought BAR and realized they already have two drivers, so they have to create A NEW WHOLE TEAM in a urge just to put Sato in a seat. So that's already a huge waste of money. Then they paid for the whole devellopement of the Brawn GP car, and quited just before finally make their investments profitable. They really built a winning car and leave it under another name. When they quited, they could have offer their F1 engine to the new team, it would have been a fair deal, they just have had to built some more of their V8, BUT THEY PREFERED PAYING FOR THE MERCEDES ! If they had left their engine in it, they could have a little credit in the victories, but they even lose that. I always wonder why McLaren only remembered of their 80s collaboration when signed their deal with them, and totally forget how a disaster Honda in the late years 2000s.

  • KyleP133
    KyleP133 Month ago

    No one could have predicted the 2008 crisis? People were ringing the alarm bells for years... lol.

  • nacs
    nacs Month ago

    Would be good if you would link the sponsor / promo code in the description @Autosport

  • Ste Marwood
    Ste Marwood Month ago

    Next feature: The downfall of Sebastian Vettel.

  • Matthias Cerebri
    Matthias Cerebri Month ago

    Where can I get that T- Shirt?

  • Corrado VRz
    Corrado VRz Month ago

    That was the last year I watched a F1 race.

  • Bleifuss88
    Bleifuss88 Month ago +2

    Buying a team for one dollar, then selling it for something like 100 million after one year. Ross Brawn even makes Bernie Ecclestone look like an amateur.

  • D Carbs
    D Carbs Month ago +4

    Ferrari basically was Brawn during the Schumacher success years. A genius strategist and technician just proved he didn't need the rest of Ferrari. But Ferrari needed him!

  • UKFella
    UKFella Month ago

    Ross brawn new what he was doing when he made this beast

  • Austin Gleeson
    Austin Gleeson Month ago

    You'd do well to check your UK map...

  • tedtheturbot
    tedtheturbot Month ago

    yeah i didn't think of that...they must have been kicking themselves Honda at the end of the 09 season..

  • MrNursi
    MrNursi Month ago

    Great story, well presented!

  • JEGer
    JEGer Month ago

    Greeaat video!

  • Rhys Benjamin
    Rhys Benjamin Month ago +3

    Rubens did feature in the title fight - he had bad luck at almost every race, but still ran Jenson close!

  • Doughroaster Bushcraft And Survival

    Rory Byrne designed Michaels championship winning cars

  • Abel Israel Cruz Ayuso

    There’s a very important piece of data you forgot. Mercedes’ engine weighed 30 kilos less than the Honda’s. When they realised that, they could use ballast whatever way they wanted to balance the car. Forgetting this is kinda unforgivable...

  • Ry Hartley
    Ry Hartley Month ago

    Ferrari claimed that Brawn was a person of supreme arrogance?? Wow.. Pot calling the kettle black.

  • michael tucker
    michael tucker Month ago

    Brawn GP . I loved that season. The car at stand still was in the regulations. Car under load was apparently out of the regulation range. Bend the rules but dont break them.

  • Luka M.
    Luka M. Month ago

    Stop beeing so naive people. Use some fuQuing brain! Ross Brawn is a political figure. He set up the whole scene with an illegal car (just as the ferrari was back in the days) for the entrence of Mercedes in F1, which obviously would not enter the paddok as Marussia would do, from the back of the grid. Its always business people, but not for you to understand.

  • Mark Mark
    Mark Mark Month ago +3

    Rubens: "They favoured Button"
    Yeah, just like they favoured Schumacher at Ferrari, that's well and fine, maybe true in both cases, but that doesn't explain where all your lack of second places are compared to how many first places Schumy and Button had, including the lack of second places in the WDC when Schumy and Button won their titles.
    The fact is that Schumy and Button worked their asses off testing day in and day out, and you merely turned up when required, and left early.

  • Catcrumbs
    Catcrumbs Month ago

    3:08 Looked at a map recently? It's not 1919 any more.

    • mirfjc
      mirfjc Month ago +1

      In all fairness, the graphics guy seems to have had a wobbly day. The audio says "England", but in apparent uncertainty, everything floating northwest of continental Europe seems to have gained a tint of day-glow. The "UK" even seems to have picked up the Faroe Islands. Panic and a little doubt (possibly suspecting the error as it might have been in the news over the last couple of years?) the graphics guy then seems to have decided to hedge by highlighting in the Irish border - that's something no one will feel offended about, right? Phew, disaster averted! On the other hand, the graphics guy seems to have come down firmly on Japan's side with regards to their post-1945 dispute with Russia over the Kiril islands...

  • Swine Brothers
    Swine Brothers Month ago

    anyone feel weird about thses 2009 flashback/explanation videos? it seems like yesterday for me.

  • mstrbkr
    mstrbkr Month ago

    Ross Brawn actually told the rest of the teams that they could see "issues" with the rules i.e. he was telling them they had found a way to recover much of the downforce that the 2009 rules were meant to remove from the cars. Ferrari were one of the teams that dismissed this warning. Talk about extreme arrogance. Ferrari never changes eh?
    Edit: Oops, commented before watching the whole video. It's in there!