Letting the Person in Front of Me DECIDE What We EAT in a TANK!

  • Published on May 12, 2019
  • Tank you for watching me eat food in a huge tank!
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Comments • 440

  • Kenneth Bowry
    Kenneth Bowry 23 days ago

    That's not aTank it`s an SPG But never mind still good well done.

  • Dangerdave21 Dumb
    Dangerdave21 Dumb Month ago

    If you done this in America you might want more democracy than you do in Britain.

  • private192 _
    private192 _ Month ago

    What tank is This?

  • Khaidar Amir
    Khaidar Amir Month ago

    There's no more active rules in UK

  • Louis Dee
    Louis Dee Month ago

    FPS Russia did it better

  • Dan Baker
    Dan Baker Month ago

    Love the idea but if you haven't served our country it can be disrespectful to wear a uniform just be carefully with what you wear

  • James
    James Month ago

    Thats not a tanks its a SPG!

  • thijn mentairder
    thijn mentairder Month ago


  • Laurentiu Anton
    Laurentiu Anton Month ago

    thats an spg...

  • Pujan Shah
    Pujan Shah Month ago +1

    What a dumb fuck just for views just dumb

  • Latvian Mapper
    Latvian Mapper Month ago

    It isnt a tank its a SPG

  • chilly- pandax
    chilly- pandax Month ago +4

    Later in morgz channel: RIDING AN TANK IN LONDON

  • Jonathan Wee
    Jonathan Wee Month ago

    Fucking weirdo talking so obnoxiously. Go back to Africa cunt

    GAMEPLAY TIME Month ago

    Englands favourite portuguese restraunt in south africa😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • GameTaku
    GameTaku Month ago

    Why u didn't bought your own tank

  • Capped Pluto
    Capped Pluto Month ago


  • The Histoadian
    The Histoadian Month ago +2

    Uh... That isnt a tank its a self-propelled gun.

    FELIX Month ago +1

    You're not only driving a tank but ALSO letting the person IN FRONT OF YOU decide what you eat for 24 HOURS STRAIGHT? Thats to much for me to handle

  • Ferret Nation
    Ferret Nation Month ago +1

    You should probably take of those camos

  • Gily Rookie art
    Gily Rookie art Month ago

    Josh should pull his pants up

  • abcd abcd
    abcd abcd Month ago

    Is it Fv215b?

    KING SWIFT Month ago +1

    Big mac £5.44!!!!!
    New Zealand Big mac $10.50 😭

  • Gentle Cooldog
    Gentle Cooldog Month ago

    "haha high five guys"
    Guy: "I dont give a fu- "

  • Celtic_Wolf
    Celtic_Wolf Month ago

    Only in fucking england 😂

  • the memunist
    the memunist Month ago +2

    SMH my head, it's a SPG. Not a tank

    • account meme
      account meme Month ago

      I'd like to see all these people who only care about having "Swag" or being "hot" in ww2 or the vietnam war.

    • account meme
      account meme Month ago

      lol of course they think its a tank, what can you expect from people who only care about trends and their social life. Like they only care about the present and think the past is just a meme

  • J Stak
    J Stak Month ago

    4:17 i can feel that 😂

  • Lucian
    Lucian Month ago

    just not a tank tho is it

  • Guy Manson
    Guy Manson Month ago

    I wanna get a tank, or at least some kind of armoured vehicle as my first car lol

  • madran hull
    madran hull Month ago

    The worker obviously made up the big Mac thing you can see by his grin after 😂

  • jackzter04 x saintz

    Wrong 5hats a tank destroyer not a tank

  • Alize
    Alize Month ago

    finally something unique

  • Alize
    Alize Month ago


  • iiZyphx
    iiZyphx Month ago

    6:31 this man looks like Isaac Butterfield

  • Benpitt
    Benpitt Month ago

    Eat or Tankaway?

  • in the internet
    in the internet Month ago

    This is the last of time in 1/2world war there are a réal man fight with tank but now nerd ugly &gay playing with tank should you respected soldiers dead

  • Lucie Lebourgeois
    Lucie Lebourgeois Month ago

    why am i obsessed with caspar

  • Uzukage 876
    Uzukage 876 Month ago


  • xPRED47OR
    xPRED47OR Month ago +1

    Remember kids, if you want free food at McDonald’s just pull up in a tank

  • Nikolor
    Nikolor Month ago

    *rented the tank*
    "Luckily it's not gonna be too expensive"

  • JayFrmShington
    JayFrmShington Month ago

    Uninjured Veterans be like

  • DmK !!
    DmK !! Month ago +1

    Hi-fi guys :

  • Robertleatfitness
    Robertleatfitness Month ago

    6:34 £6.57 for a salad 😯 can tell this was filmed in London 😂

  • Jon Sm
    Jon Sm Month ago

    so cringe. the number of cringe ways he tried to slip "ive got a tank outside" into any convo

  • Grace X
    Grace X Month ago

    Talk about paying to drive cars into London 😂😌

  • Tanky Franky
    Tanky Franky Month ago

    Oh no...

  • Haider Ali
    Haider Ali Month ago

    RIP to everyone fasting

  • Jarno
    Jarno Month ago

    5:45 “Tank you”

  • Sophia Rausch
    Sophia Rausch Month ago

    You know when Caspar asks "what did the person in front of me because i will have that" the cashier could have just said that they ordered the most expensive thing

  • Sienna Fill
    Sienna Fill Month ago

    how were they allowed to go round London in a tank? x😂

    • RWBimbie
      RWBimbie Month ago

      Why wouldnt they be allowed ?
      As a Texan, it just seems logical that a tank would be driving around
      ... if it coudlnt drive around it would just be an Artillery piece not a Tank

  • Nial Carr
    Nial Carr Month ago

    Scum impersonating a soldier

  • Yehuda Musheyev
    Yehuda Musheyev Month ago +1

    This video is DOPE

  • Gracieslife15
    Gracieslife15 Month ago

    “I got my tank outside”

  • Cameron Tyson
    Cameron Tyson Month ago +1

    should of got a challenger two most up to date tank

  • Layaan Sattar
    Layaan Sattar Month ago +1

    ahahaha caspers laugh tho

  • LegendaryButt
    LegendaryButt Month ago

    Aww you didnt link josh and you didnt say what happened with the resigning dude and his boss

  • D XxKawaiiChanOTPxX D

    OMG guys stop posting hate comments! Literally my fingers are aching liking all of them!!

  • Fraser Lyall
    Fraser Lyall Month ago +3

    “I think they ordered extra hot”
    Box has medium sticker

  • Morgan Green
    Morgan Green Month ago +1

    Only 200k views !?!?!?!?! This should have way more!!

  • Ruby Johns-Galea
    Ruby Johns-Galea Month ago +1

    Mac chicken?? 😂 sorry I’m from Australia is Mc Chicken

  • Bigdamnhero889
    Bigdamnhero889 Month ago

    Nice there is derek Gerard

  • Stefanos Georgiou
    Stefanos Georgiou Month ago +1

    When u realise you go to uni 2 mins walk away from that nandos LOL

  • anushan yoganathan
    anushan yoganathan Month ago


    FREDDIE TRACEY Month ago

    4:41 I know them 🤣

  • Aaron Bester
    Aaron Bester Month ago +1

    Did he say n*gga ? 6:01-6:02

  • XxÑøÅhxX ŴaRd
    XxÑøÅhxX ŴaRd Month ago +1

    Great vid 👍🏻

  • David Levett
    David Levett Month ago

    Who the hello pays 4000 pounds just to ride in a tank for 1 hour

  • Goldxn
    Goldxn Month ago

    Well thats something you don't see everyday.

  • mustang tank
    mustang tank Month ago +2

    Tank you for a good vid

  • Will Scawn
    Will Scawn Month ago


  • Nigeltheblockmaster3

    wheres the credit at buddy?