Simon Attempts To Woo Carli | The Inbetweeners

  • Published on Jul 17, 2019
  • Will is hard at work revising and Simon tries to put the moves on Carli.
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Comments • 195

  • Maxwell Clarke
    Maxwell Clarke 14 days ago

    1:22 why does Simon have a pogo stick??

  • Ayato Sakamaki
    Ayato Sakamaki 15 days ago

    L o o k s i m o n I t o l d y o u-

  • Arash Agz
    Arash Agz 17 days ago

    Carli is the BITCH that we have ALL dealt with in the past, the pretty one that teases you and plays with your emotion, the one that pretends to be a nice girl where in reality deep inside she's a manipulative liar!

  • Not Comfy
    Not Comfy 17 days ago

    this is so funny on 1.75 speed lol

  • Hizro
    Hizro 20 days ago +2

    Make a compilation of simon saying “course”

  • KoasterKing 205
    KoasterKing 205 20 days ago +2

    0:03 That Infamous Frisbee...!

  • Josh Lunt
    Josh Lunt 24 days ago

    Poor Simon :(

  • D665
    D665 25 days ago

    Don’t sit down! Lol classic

  • Loonytunes 96
    Loonytunes 96 Month ago +1

    Just gonna say now I think it's an instant turn off to treat your mother like that. This was the worst thing about Simon in the whole series.

  • Pepsi Lovin' Asian Janitor

    Carli is a cunt

  • Rip XXX
    Rip XXX Month ago

    If you look at this your james charles fucked you mum or dad

  • Rip XXX
    Rip XXX Month ago

    *no mum I had a bath yesterday *
    What I would of said *nigga you mothafuckin wanker shut the fuck I had a bath yesterday

    • Rip XXX
      Rip XXX Month ago

      Oh yea shut the fuck up not shut the fuck

    • Rip XXX
      Rip XXX Month ago

      Soz about the *n* word

  • Atrex 789
    Atrex 789 Month ago

    I'd hate fuck Carli

  • Unhappy Attendant Ughh


  • Simon Cooper
    Simon Cooper Month ago +2

    "He's a stupid lanky twat isn't he"

  • Rohan 777
    Rohan 777 Month ago +1

    “DoNt SiT dOwN”

  • ironically finished

    for this i now know what woohoo means in sims.

  • farminglad 21
    farminglad 21 Month ago +1

    It took simon 3 seasons and 1 movie to figure out carly dosent love him
    (This was edited)

  • Rip XXX
    Rip XXX Month ago

    Im watching the inbetweeners series 3 Im up to the fashion show

  • say it how it is
    say it how it is Month ago +1

    God I miss this program

  • Noelio Emerald-Isle

    Carli........just another using bitch with selective hearing

  • dale 8754
    dale 8754 Month ago +1

    hope they do more of these inbetweeners

  • DashCam UK
    DashCam UK Month ago

    Carly wants to revise but not ram something up her gash and spray it about in his duvet.. Simon is therefore sad

  • Rama Dryb
    Rama Dryb Month ago

    It is funny how will was proper stressed about simon going over to his house

  • Asteroid Arts
    Asteroid Arts Month ago +1

    Watch, as the male tries to mate with the female...

  • Emperor Reign
    Emperor Reign Month ago +3

    We all have at least one using bitch like Carli in our lives 🙄🙄unfortunately we’re not all as lucky as Simon to land a sweet, charming and beautiful girl in Lucy (in the first movie at least) immediately after finally throwing away a Carli 😂😂

  • Rowan Matthias
    Rowan Matthias Month ago

    Simon is a mood

  • sidney Grosshar
    sidney Grosshar Month ago +2

    Girls only do Alph males. They break their rules to do Alphas. They give rules to betas.

    • brwhizz 30
      brwhizz 30 27 days ago

      Right, so the only men that have ever successfully reproduced or have even had sex are ‘alpha males’. Regular men never get married or have babies.

    • igorz
      igorz Month ago

      If only you could see how dumb and pathetic you sound

  • Katie-Jo Blyth
    Katie-Jo Blyth Month ago +2

    *i get second hand embarrassment from watching these clips*

  • Ana Jacket Off
    Ana Jacket Off Month ago +1

    He’s a stupid lanky twat isn’t he

  • Matt and Ro
    Matt and Ro Month ago +3

    Mum forcefully baths me aswell unfortunately

  • Adam Higginson
    Adam Higginson Month ago

    Carli doesn't get wave cut platforms, think jay was right in saying she is a retard in episode 1

  • Jack Morris
    Jack Morris Month ago +4

    I’ve just realised that Simon has the same bed frame as me

    • Matt and Ro
      Matt and Ro Month ago

      @JH211309 Nah dude the metal clangs add some extra rhythm to it

    • JH211309
      JH211309 Month ago

      Nightmare to shag on those frames, wooden all the way 👌🤣

    • Matt and Ro
      Matt and Ro Month ago

      It's your claim to fame dude, Milk it while you have the chance!

  • SB 50cal
    SB 50cal Month ago +29

    Is her name actually 'Carli'...? God I like her even less now.

    • Googenhime Sup
      Googenhime Sup 27 days ago +1

      SB 50cal jay-kwel-in

    • SB 50cal
      SB 50cal Month ago +9

      @Aaron yeah, cheers A-a-ron...

    • Aaron
      Aaron Month ago +2

      It should be Carly

  • Sas Sav
    Sas Sav Month ago +8

    “What subjects do you do?”
    “What now?”
    I die every time

  • PacyYT
    PacyYT Month ago

    You really are milking it now

    • Matt and Ro
      Matt and Ro Month ago

      I think thats the idea behind the channel

  • hip2thabone
    hip2thabone Month ago

    Simon: "What is all this shit?😀
    Will: "It ain't shit!"😂

  • Anonymous Nate
    Anonymous Nate Month ago

    "He's a stupid lanky twat isn't he". Oh Simon always saying the wrong thing reminds so much of my teen days.

  • Kakarot
    Kakarot Month ago +2

    Neil can talk but Simon can't 😂

  • Feel My Mitchell
    Feel My Mitchell Month ago


  • Aleph Null
    Aleph Null Month ago +15

    Carli's surname sounds like tomato and she's got the personality of one too

  • Kostany
    Kostany Month ago +1

    2:35 sigh oml

  • Mohammed Hussain
    Mohammed Hussain Month ago +1

    I like these sagas.......

  • Carlmaster96
    Carlmaster96 Month ago +1

    Carley's FIT!

  • Viision
    Viision Month ago

    Is this a new series of something?

  • a banana
    a banana Month ago +19

    when he puts on the music and acts like he is all into it had me cringing badly. god i love this show

  • 0
    0 Month ago

    too be fair will was right. even when she went back to her boyfriend he still loved her what a fucking ass hole.

    ICLUTCHI ILiamI Month ago +25

    Simon: whats this shit
    Will: its not shit
    also Will: I thought it was a fart sir, i thought it was safe

  • BB1349
    BB1349 Month ago +10

    Simon was 17 and he had a pogo stick in his bedroom

  • Peter Ly
    Peter Ly Month ago +205

    Carli is a horrible character. Goes to Simon's house to revise, shares a kiss with him and then says "I'm back with Tom". Despicable!

    • Loonytunes 96
      Loonytunes 96 7 days ago

      @Cruz Yeah on the party boat, she didn't give a shit that he chose Lucy over her and left. Shows her depth- barely ankle deep lmao

    • Cruz
      Cruz 24 days ago +4

      That’s why I think the movie is a great closer to the series. Simon finally gets over Carli and really shows how terrible she is.

    • Gaming To The Max
      Gaming To The Max 29 days ago +9

      As bad as she is, Simon is a complete sap so he brings it on himself.

    • juan diez
      juan diez Month ago +9

      Carlisle is a slag

  • Ben Wyatt
    Ben Wyatt Month ago

    This shows how amazing the Inbetweeners was written… Every video has people simply quoting lines word for word in the comments and they still all get at least 100 likes.

    • Ben Wyatt
      Ben Wyatt Month ago

      True… but those lines still make me laugh each time I read

    • Gentleman Gamer
      Gentleman Gamer Month ago

      It's super irritating

  • Sassy Dino
    Sassy Dino Month ago +2

    This is honestly painful to watch

  • ElliotTA
    ElliotTA Month ago

    Say hello to your mum for me

  • Callum Hand
    Callum Hand Month ago +2

    isnt it spelt 'carly' not 'carli' like in the title?

  • Macker
    Macker Month ago +42

    Only realising years later if you look at the back left of Will's bed he bought back the same frisbee that he hit the girl in the wheelchair with😂😂

  • Albi Calderbank
    Albi Calderbank Month ago +3

    “Do you wanna watch a DVD”

  • Madalena Caldas
    Madalena Caldas Month ago

    Carly was always such a cunt

  • JLC
    JLC Month ago +29

    2:35 the way he acts😂😂

  • Emily Cox
    Emily Cox Month ago +3

    You spelt carly wrong

  • Harry Hicks
    Harry Hicks Month ago

    “He’s a stupid lanky twat isn’t he” - Dead 😂

  • Jake Loughnan
    Jake Loughnan Month ago

    He's a stupid lanky twat isn't he

  • Maesterful
    Maesterful Month ago

    I had a bath yesterday!

  • penguin house productions

    Season 4

  • Nono
    Nono Month ago

    Carli is such a twat

  • Instinct
    Instinct Month ago +1

    Will: "Just have a look at this for me, will you, Simon?"
    Simon: "Sure, what is it?"
    Will: "It's my revision schedule." Simon: "What am I looking for?" Will: "Does it say anywhere, "Listen to Simon witter on "about his futile crush on Carli D'Amato"?"
    Simon:" Don't be a dick. We're mates and I wanted you to be the first"
    Will: " Goodbye, Simon!"
    Simon: "I just wanted to talk to you"
    Will: "Goodbye!"
    Simon: "Twat."
    Now that's a true friendship😂

  • Austere Tiger
    Austere Tiger Month ago +21

    I put that Will turn #4 on the top 10 heel turns in history

  • Aryan Singh
    Aryan Singh Month ago +18


  • Lukimus Prime
    Lukimus Prime Month ago +97

    “What subjects do you do?”
    “What, now?”
    “Yes, now!” 😂

    • Russian Bear
      Russian Bear Month ago +3

      Bebb Gaming 'Block'? What is this, America?

    • Bebb Gaming
      Bebb Gaming Month ago +3

      @Lukimus Prime "run around the block or something"

    • Lukimus Prime
      Lukimus Prime Month ago +1

      Bebb Gaming “PE?”

    • Bebb Gaming
      Bebb Gaming Month ago +3

      "Tech & design and PE"

  • Fut Gazza
    Fut Gazza Month ago +171

    *I said no mum I had a bath yesterday*

  • Harry Difelice
    Harry Difelice Month ago +43

    Trust me i've done sociology and that shit has traumatized me forever.

    • Harry Difelice
      Harry Difelice 21 day ago

      @Shah zad yh yh i get you. Just saying.

    • George Connor
      George Connor 22 days ago +1

      JLC mate it’s shit, I’ve got another year of it fml

    • Shah zad
      Shah zad 27 days ago

      @Harry Difelice if it's easy then it ain't valuable. You know what I mean

    • Harry Difelice
      Harry Difelice 28 days ago

      @Shah zad i get what you mean but A levels like that are meant to be proper tough though.

    • a banana
      a banana Month ago

      @Shah zad i took sociology not because i wanted to go somewhere with it but because i had to take at least 3 a levels. anyone who takes sociology at uni could well get out of uni with a degree and hardly any job opportunities.

  • Owais Islam
    Owais Islam Month ago +162

    Simon is sacrificing his education And future for Carly the mad bastard 😂😂

    • Gentleman Gamer
      Gentleman Gamer Month ago +1

      @Jay Jay I wish I had my special someone

    • Jay Jay
      Jay Jay Month ago +4

      I was already in a 3 year relationship by the time I was doing my exams. I used revision as an escape 😂

    • Gentleman Gamer
      Gentleman Gamer Month ago +12

      That's what being horny for a woman does to a man

  • zoorockf1
    zoorockf1 Month ago

    Carli is a fucking manipulative villain in the Inbetweeners series.

  • Mark Blakeley
    Mark Blakeley Month ago

    Carlys such a cunt.

  • Hazza
    Hazza Month ago +28

    Neil must have had the easiest A levels ever. No brain taking two mostlikely BTEC A levels and revising for PE by going for a run. Living the dream

  • Sat Moot
    Sat Moot Month ago +8


    • Bradley Spinks
      Bradley Spinks Month ago +1

      @[RAGE] Leek very true

    • oliver james
      oliver james Month ago +1

      @Sat Moot I'm pretty sure Netflix have WAAAAAAYYYYY bigger budget than E4 mate

    • Sat Moot
      Sat Moot Month ago

      oliver james bro they can make ppl look young trust me , just look at stranger things

    • oliver james
      oliver james Month ago +1

      Unfortunately that won't happen. James Buckley is 31 now

    • oliver james
      oliver james Month ago

      @[RAGE] Leek what?